Tarasha Season 2 Episode 48


It seemed her sleep was going to continue peacefully until she heard a little sound at the gate from her sleep. Her eyes popped open immediately and she sat up at once, she stopped moving and waited to hear the sound again. She did and knew at once that someone was trying to open the gate carefully.


8 minutes ago

‘This is the place boss,’ Don said to Rex, showing the gate to him with his eyes movement.

Rex stared at the device in his hands for a second and then stared back towards the gate. He bit his lips slightly and brushed his eyelids with a finger. ‘We can’t be sure if she’s in or not,’ he said as he pulled out a face mask from his bag. ‘Do you know if there are cameras around the place?’ he asked Don.

‘There used to be cameras there before they left, I don’t know if the cameras are still present.’

‘Okay, you have to do something to check.’ Rex said, pulling out a tiny device from his bag. ‘Find a way to attach this to the back of the gate, so that we can monitor what’s happening inside,’ he said as he handed the device to Don.


‘Get up girl,’ Tarasha ordered as she entered into the room with the schoolbag strapped tightly to her back. She had a device which looked like a gamepad in her hands, it had a screen in the middle and the buttons by both sides.

‘Get up ,’ she said again with a stronger command tone as she bent beside the bed where Aisha was sleeping in. She drew out the black bag which had the weapons in it and unzipped it quickly. ‘We’ve got intruders outside,’ without looking up, she said to Aisha who was still stretching and rubbing her eyes with the back of her palms.

‘Intruders?’ Aisha asked as she sprang up to her feet.

‘Get up and band your hair, ‘ Tarasha said to her, done with her selection of guns and now selecting grenades.

‘What’s the plan now?’ Aisha asked as she bundled her hair and held them together with a rubber band.

‘Select two revolvers for yourself,’ Tarasha said, rising up to her feet. She turned to the wardrobe and pulled out a black jacket. She turned back, took the two revolvers and inserted them into the pockets of her bum shorts.

Aisha rose up after taking the guns but she had a difficulty in keeping them as she only had on a mini skirt and a top with pockets.

‘Change into a trouser that has big enough pockets for those guns’ Tarasha said on seeing Aisha’s dilemma after putting on her own white jacket. She adjusted her bag and picked the gamepad-like device she had dropped on the bed. The dashboard of the opened app displayed an option of several live videos. She selected one and it zoomed in. ‘It looks like these guys have planted something around,’ she said to Aisha. ‘They’re still in their vehicles instead of coming to attack,’ she looked away from the screen and stared blankly at the ceiling for a few seconds. ‘We need to move out of here as soon as possible, I’m guessing they are from a secret government agency that located us somehow.’ she looked again to the screen. ‘But how do we find a way?’


**City Gate Hospital**

The nurse quietly arranged the spatula, the ampoule, a nylon of cotton wool and a syringe on the tray. She left it on the table and walked to the other side of the lab to pick a napkin to dry her hand. Another nurse walked into the lab as she returned to the tray. She picked up the tray and proceeded towards the door while the nurse who had just entered proceeded towards her.

‘Nurse, let me help you with this. The senior doctor has been looking everywhere for you,’ the new nurse stopped in front of the nurse with the tray obstructing her passage.

The nurse frowned and stepped back refusing her colleague’s offer to help with the tray. ‘Why would he be looking for me?’ she questioned.

‘Ermm… I think it’s connected to the monthly reports,’ the nurse replied.

The frown on her face further deepened. ‘But it’s not the end of the month yet,’ she retorted.

‘He wants to see you, or do you want me to tell him that you’re not willing to come?’ the nurse said in a rather threatening manner.

‘No, of course I’ll go.’ the nurse gave in to the threat and quickly handed over the tray. ‘Please take it to Stephanie William’s ward, the doctor will come and meet you there.’

‘Okay,’ she replied as she took the tray.

Both nurses stood still, staring at each other for about thirty seconds waiting for the first person to leave.

‘The senior doctor is waiting for you,’ the one now with the tray quickly reminded the other.

‘Okay,’ she mumbled as she hurried away.

The one with the tray turned and watched her colleague hurry out, then she dropped the tray on a table beside her. Somebody else walked in – a man – and hurried towards her. He took out another ampoule from his pocket as he approached her.

‘Are you sure this is not going to backfire?’ the nurse asked him in an unsure tone.

‘Trust me babe,’ he said and flashed a smile at her before exchanging his ampoule with the one in the tray. ‘You’ll be glad you did this,’ he added, dropping the original ampoule into his pocket.

‘I hope so,’ she heaved a sigh and picked up the tray from the table. ‘Where’s the white coat I gave you?’

‘I dropped it where you asked me to,’ he replied.

‘Okay,’ she said as they both got to the door. The man opened it and allowed her out first before stepping out. ‘Please, make sure you don’t do more than anything you discussed with me,’ the nurse said to him in a pleading voice.

‘Don’t worry dear, I have everything in control.’ he said and planted a kiss on her left cheek. She smiled and they both turned to the opposite directions and walked away.


‘I didn’t see anything in the compound,’ Don spoke aloud to Rex’s listening ears. ‘There is no car or vehicle inside or even any other sign that there are people inside the building.’

Rex looked up briefly at the sound of his words but returned his focus to the device in his hands almost immediately. ‘Are you saying she’s not in?’

‘The tracker still reads this location, it could only mean that they had been here and the clothes Aisha wore were taken off here. Maybe we would have met them if we came earlier’ Don replied in a sad and disappointed tone.

There was about two minutes silence.

‘There are three working cameras in front of the building, and one attached to the dish elevated above the roof, I’m not sure if they are turned on anyway,’ Rex said, showing a zoom view of his screenshot to Don. ‘Maybe they left already like you suggested but the best way to find out is to go in there and confirm,’ Rex said. He dropped the device on his lap and adjusted his face mask. He then picked two revolvers by the seat sides and filled in the first with a cartridge, the second was filled too and a suppressor was taken out from the same place behind the seat.

‘How do we it boss?’ Don asked, following Rex’s example by filling his gun too.

‘If she’s inside, she would have heard you when she climbed the gate. If she was watching at that time, she would have seen you fix the bug. But even if she didn’t see the bug, if she heard the noise you made with the gate, she would have seen us with the camera attached to the dish. Now, it’s time to go in before she gets fully prepared for us. You go in first with Stone and the other guy, launch an attack into the house immediately. I’ll be right behind you guys but will be slow because I’ll hide from the cameras’ view so as to catch her by unawares.’


‘Boss, Don is on his way here with some boys.’ Aisha said to Tarasha who was trying to force open a door. Aisha was now holding the device while Tarasha was trying to make a way for them to escape without going through the front gate.

‘Don?’ Tarasha stopped and turned. ‘Don again? What does he want?’ she asked rhetorically as she looked into the device in Aisha’s hand but it only showed the two vehicles Tarasha had seen monitoring before.

‘They left the car already,’ Aisha tried to explain.

Tarasha squinted briefly as she took time to observe the two cars again. She had noticed two people in both cars before but now there was no one in the two cars.

‘Move the analog to make the camera follow their movement,’ she said to Aisha. Aisha responded but couldn’t control it properly. Tarasha dropped the metal in her hand and took the device from Aisha’s hand.

In less than ten seconds, the view had located Don and the two men following behind him, very close to the gate. They got to the gate and Don looked around carefully, then he took out a metal and opened the locked gate carefully, making minimal noise (the same that had been loud enough to wake Tarasha).

‘Don has to die today after leading us to where he kept Cole,’ she said as she handed back the device to Aisha and took out the revolvers from her pocket. She was glad now that she knew Don was the one coming, it would make her job of finding Cole easier. She began to walk out of the corridor.

She stopped suddenly on the way as a thought struck her mind. She then bent and placed a knee to the ground. She unstrapped the bag and placed it on the ground before her. Then she took out a small box of makeup kits. She opened it and closed it back again almost immediately. She had thought of disguising her face before, for the street cameras not to capture her real identity in case her fight with Don took them out of the compound but then making up will take more time than she had to spare. She returned the box into the bag and took out a black mask.

‘Boss,’ Tarasha paused as she heard Aisha called her. ‘It looks like I noticed a shadow,’ Aisha spoke on.

Tarasha turned her neck and flashed a furious look at her, sure that Aisha’s inability to use the control was making her view the wrong thing.

‘The shadow is far behind, disappearing and reappearing.’ Aisha added as Tarasha rose up to her feet. Her eyes had not met with the furious gaze Tarasha gave her when she spoke last else she would have stopped at that.

Tarasha got to her feet and walked away without replying Aisha because to her, no sense was being made.


**Asokoro, Abuja**

In the Vice President’s living room, four men were seated and involved in a serious talk. The Vice President himself was present, with the Inspector General of police, The National Intelligence Service Chief Officer and Agent Tim.

‘Sir… I do not really understand the reason behind the commissioner’s distortion of the news.’ The NIS officer complained.

‘But you do understand that there has to be distortion of facts for us to work sometimes, don’t you?’ Chief Rikau replied him.

‘Yes, I do.’

‘That’s the most important thing, I think we should just conclude this once and for all,’ Chief Rikau exclaimed and looked towards the Vice President.

‘Chief, so what do you say?’ The Vice President spoke, his question was directed to the NIS officer.

‘Sir, like you know, this is against the ethics of the job and it would even sound strange when I call the guys to extract any information from them.’ the NIS officer replied.

‘But you’re their boss, they should listen to you.’ Chief Elvis returned.

‘Yes, I am but ordering them just like that won’t work.’

‘It seems you don’t understand me,’ Chief Elvis adjusted his seating position with his support stick. ‘What we want to do is help each other, if we can exchange information between the agencies. It will enhance the work.’

‘Sir, you know it is wrong to exchange information. We are an arm of the DSS that operates secretly and our operations and information about our activities should not get out. Even I, the chief Agent do not have right to information except I’m a direct member of the team handling it. Sir, it’ll be difficult to convince the agents.’

‘Hmm… Okay,’ Chief Elvis took out something from the file on the armrest of his chair. He handed it over to the bodyguard standing behind him and the bodyguard took it to the NIS man.

The NIS officer’s eyes widened as he saw the amount written on the cheque. Chief Elvis and Rikau smiled on seeing the effect it had on him.

‘I’m ready to treat your guys nicely if they also cooperate with us.’

To be continued