Tarasha Season 2 Episode 40


Hello sir!’ a middle aged short Doctor approached the old couples sitting at the reception. They seemed lost and more worried than what their problem was, they also looked unkempt and weak themselves.

‘Who are the parents of that girl?’ the middle aged doctor stopped in front of them, staring in confusion at the four of them. He had come to tell them the money required for treatment and also ask again what happened to the patient as he and the nurses noticed that her body, especially her thighs and chest had marks and her underwear were also torn badly which was a sign of attempted rape. It was clear that the cloth the patient put on to the place was just changed after the attempted rape, it looked like a security official’s uniform for a male.

‘Actually, none of us are her parents,’ Mr Bello was the one who spoke up. The Doctor stared at them more, already expecting the answer. ‘We don’t know her,’ Mr Bello added, confirming his observation.

‘Have you been treating her?’ Mr Bello asked while the doctor was still thinking of what next to ask.

‘Err… I’m sorry, weren’t you the ones who brought the young lady here now.’

‘No, we didn’t bring her here.’ Mr Bello said slowly with his voice sounding shaky. The doctor was more confused. ‘We were brought here with her.’

‘Ermm… I don’t… Hello please,’ the doctor beckoned on a nurse who was about to leave the reception through an entrance leading inside.

‘Yes sir,’ she answered courteously and walked to meet him as he approached.

‘Ermm… Nurse, which of them claimed to be the father of that girl?’ the doctor asked, nodding slightly towards them.

‘The man seated on the first seat. They came with another girl,’ the nurse replied.

‘I don’t think these people are okay,’ The doctor flashed a look towards the couples. Mr Bello had already gotten up from his seat.

The nurse sighed, also looking towards them. ‘They claimed to be coming from home but they look so dirty,’ she remarked.

‘The scars on…’ the doctor had to stop talking when he realized the man was coming towards them.

‘Let’s explain ourselves to you doctor, you’ll need to help us reach the police immediately.’ he continued as the doctor and nurse stared at him with rapt attention. Cole’s father had also joined them and the women were looking from where they were seated. ‘We are victims of kidnap and we just escaped today, that lady that brought us here helped us out of the place. She also brought the bleeding girl from the same building and asked me to act as her father until she leaves.’

The two listeners had their lips sealed for some minutes, they had to take sometime to comprehend what they just heard.

‘You mean you people were kidnapped?’ the doctor asked, now running his eyes from the man’s head to toe as if to confirm his words by it.

‘Yes, the girl that drove us here helped us.’

‘Nurse, please call the police right away,’ the doctor ordered the nurse and she left immediately. He turned back to the man, ‘Are you sure of what you’re talking about?’ Mr Bello nodded affirmatively. ‘And where is the lady that brought you here?’

‘She allowed us to ensure she leaves first before telling you this, she does not want to get into trouble with the police.’ Mr Bello answered.

‘But you should have raised an alarm, she might be a dangerous fellow.’

‘I couldn’t do that, she helped us.’ Mr Bello insisted, getting a supportive nod from Cole’s father.

‘Please, do have your seats now. I’ll have to talk to the head Doctor about this and you people would also need a check up,’ the doctor said turning towards the reception desk where two nurses were seated and staring at them intently with sleepy eyes.

‘The rapid response squad is here already,’ the young doctor who had been treating Stephanie said approaching the reception.

‘You called them?’ the other doctor turned to ask.

‘Yes, I noticed something wrong about them and I asked nurse Titi to call the police.’ the young doctor replied.


Tarasha stopped the bus briefly at the spot where her car was still parked. She came out of the bus and looked towards the warehouse gate. There were no signs of panic seen from outside but she could picture in her mind the panic behind the walls.

She turned to the boot of the bus and took out her backpack with the other bag she had transferred into it from her car.

She hurried back to the front of the bus and entered in through the driver’s side, she dropped the bags on the seat beside her and closed the door. She then opened the backpack first, she took out the pistol she had hidden in it. She took out another short gun and a long one from the second bag and began to fill them with bullets.

After three minutes of filling to her satisfaction, she kept the guns on the chair and brought out a tablet device from the backpack. She turned on the screen and clicked on the menu bar, then she selected icon for surveillance. A blank screen appeared, few seconds later a rolling sign appeared and disappeared immediately. Then a multiple video selection interface appeared, showing the several parts of the warehouse she had placed cameras.


Don answered the call heaving a deep sigh as he did, finally hoping he could get instructions to take him out of his confusion. ‘Boss…’ he said into the phone. At the same time, there was a loud bang heard from inside the compound.


‘Don, my phone got spoilt. What’s the update now?’ Rex asked immediately after hearing Don’s voice. He had transferred the sim card from the phone he destroyed due to his anger into another phone.

There was no response heard for some seconds, then he heard Don’s voice sounded. ‘What the f**k is that? Go check it now!’ he could hear Don screaming and he knew it wasn’t to him.

‘What’s happening?’ he quickly asked.

‘There was a noise from the compound, I don’t know what it was.’ Don’s shaky voice showed that he was on a very fast motion.

‘Damn it! I should have warned you earlier if the cellphone didn’t get spoilt. I know she’ll still be around that place. How about the hostages? You should do everything to keep them from her,’ Rex ordered in a strong tone, running his hand into his hair gently as he drew in a deep breath.

Rex could notice the hesitation in Don’s voice as he stammered his first set of words before being able to communicate fluently. ‘We can’t find any…’ The line went dead.

Rex took the phone off his ears slowly, he felt so defeated but maintained his calmness, refusing to get worked up like he did when Don told him about the attack. Tarasha was winning him slowly and he had now been quick to notice it. Even as he wasn’t sure she was aware of his presence, he believed some of her actions were directed towards weakening the master planner of the game, that is , the person who strategized and ordered all Don and his men were playing out. Never in his years as an assassins’ assassin has anyone been able to frustrate him enough and get down to control his emotion of anger like she did. Also he had never missed his first chance of killing them, that was why he was highly sought for. But Tarasha had made him fail the first time when the guy with the vehicle showed up to help her unexpectedly.

Few minutes of thinking while trying to change his phone had enabled him to fix his mind in the normal pattern. Like the mindless person he was built to be, he wasn’t going to be moved by any news anymore.

He walked to the wall and turned off the room’s light from the switch. He was able to trace his way back to the chair without struggles even in the darkness as his mind had already captured the positions of everything in the room. He sat on his chair to meditate for some minutes. Tarasha had won this first game, it was time for him to come up with a new strategy, one he would personally monitor and ensure the success. He knew there was very little he could do to help Don and the team Don had gathered, he counted them as lost already, he had to start up with his new strategy so fast.

Another thought struck his mind after few seconds of deep thinking, there could still be something to do about Don and his team. He took out his phone and dialed Stainless’s number.

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Having already seen Don and his men’s movements in the facility, Tarasha drove to the warehouse in the bus. Her speed was constant after the U-turn until she got some few metres closer to the gate. She changed the gear and turned the wheel in direction of the gate.

She caught unawares the two men with Aisha in the main compound who had given up on trying to revive the first guy she sedated. They were still in the same position behind the parked vehicle they occupied when she viewed them in her device. She would have driven straight to them and crush them if not for Aisha who laid down there. She swerved the bus towards the right side into the space between the side of the security building and the main house of the security building.

She released one shot each immediately to the men before they could make any reasonable movement. She didn’t wait to park properly before she opened the door and jumped out of the bus. Without turning off the engine and closing back the door, she strapped the backpack to her back and she proceeded towards the parking space at the left of the building.

One of the men she shot was not completely dead yet. She walked fast towards him and finished him with a butt of her gun.

She turned back immediately in order to move Aisha’s body to safety but she met a surprise. Aisha had risen up already.

‘Boss!’ Aisha stared at her boss’ face in unbelief and extreme joy.

‘You’re awake,’ Tarasha said flatly without making any expression on her face. She turned back and looked towards the building at the back, she could hear sounds of movement already but she could not see because the walls of the main building covered the main entrance to the building behind. ‘Here, have it.’ Tarasha tossed a gun she picked from one of the dead men to Aisha.

She rose up to her feet and took out a device from the outer pocket of her backpack and tossed it too to Aisha. It was the same device she had given to Stephanie earlier. ‘Stay and watch the gate, you know what to do with the buttons, send me a message.’ She said without looking back and began to proceed to the back leaning her body closely to the cars to protect herself in case anyone shows up from the back suddenly.

One of Don’s men showed from behind the main building just as she got to the front of the Jeep, she sent a bullet into his chest before he could even raise his gun at her. Another guy came shooting sporadically but she was on the floor rolling forward and before he could direct his gun towards her, she had a bullet into his belly.

She sprang up to a squatting position after rolling close to the wall at the left side of the building. She could now see the entrance of the smaller building from where she was. Just as she rose up to her feet, a figure appeared at the entrance with a gun in his right hand and was making a call with the other hand. She directed her shot to his chest region immediately but he was lucky to have seen her at the same time, he was also fast enough to hide behind the wall and run back into the building.

Tarasha ran to the edge left wall of the main building where she could see the entrance of the smaller building from. From her calculation, it was only one person left for her to kill, she had seen five conscious people in her bug streaming and killed four already. She guessed the last person to be Don, she had not seen his face well as he backed the bug all through the few minutes she watched. She exchanged the gun in her hand with another in her side pocket, it had more bullets in it, in case another person who did not stay in the area covered by the bug was around.


Don had a pistol in his right hand and his phone to his ear on the left, still talking with Rex as he walked out through the door. ‘We can’t find any… F**k it!’ the phone fell off his hand as he scrambled back in on seeing a gun pointed towards his side and a bullet following it. He hadn’t seen the shooter’s face properly but he recognized the figure. It was Samantha. He rushed back to the place where he was previously questioning the sedated guy to pick an extra gun. He ensured there were bullets in it before he made his way back.

He stopped at the wall beside the door and peeped out carefully before stepping out to the corridor. He leaned on the wall and raised his gun in anticipation as he dragged his back against the wall to the edge of the wall. He peeped and couldn’t find Tarasha where he had seen her before. He drew back and looked around again to see if he’ll get signs that she had passed to the other side of the building but didn’t. He shot towards the wall twice and there was still no movement.

He needed to call Stainless and Stone to inform them of the development. He could see the phone that fell from his hand to the ground beneath the pavement, it wasn’t far but it would require him to step down from the corridor thereby leaving the wall which was his cover and exposing himself to a gunshot. He sniffed in and shook his head as he thought of the possibility of his success in picking the phone. He finally decided not to try it yet as it could be the mistake that would cause him his life.

‘Don Daniel,’ he was startled at the call of his name. His eyes danced to and fro, searching everywhere and even the ceiling to know if the voice came from there. ‘I know you’re behind the wall there and you can hear me. Both of us could decide to stay behind walls all day, I think it’ll we better if we come out to face each other.”

Don was now sure about the direction from which the voice came now and he was careful not to poke out his head beyond the wall even as he tried to peep. ‘F*** you! Who the hell do you think you are?’ he shouted out in anger.

‘Hey! This is no time to ask unnecessary questions, it’s better we come out of hiding and settle the matter face.’ Tarasha replied him in a loud voice but still calmly.

‘Definitely, I’m gonna kill you today. It’s better you say your last prayers now,’ Don said. He came out briefly and began to fire shots to the wall where her voice was coming from.

Even though she was still behind the wall, she had to bend down to avoid the effect of the bullet on building. She didn’t peep as his shots became continuous but she could calculate the next step he was going to take.

Don decided to end it once and for all, even if his life was going to be taken, it wasn’t going to end without him giving Tarasha a good fight. He stepped down from the balcony carefully, he picked his phone and began to move towards the direction of the voice, shooting anytime he felt or noticed a shadow behind the wall.

To be continued