Tarasha Season 2 Episode 35


Tarasha could see fear written all over the girl’s face as the girl withdrew fearfully from her and drew close to the opposite wall. Tarasha ignored for a moment and proceeded back to close the door. She took off her backpack to take out more bullets for her revolver.

Stephanie vibrated in fear as she saw the strange lady filling up the bullets into the revolver. She had pulled up her pant and was trying to cover her breasts with the bra Ojo had violently cut off. The lady finished filling the bullets into the gun and looked up, their eyes met.

Stephanie cringed as Tarasha proceeded towards her with the revolver after strapping the backpack. Tarasha noticed her fear and paused, she tried to put on a friendly face but failed at the attempt. She was still bitter about what almost occurred and was terribly mad at ‘Rikau’ even though she had already killed him.

She took more steps forward and stopped in front of Stephanie. She bent on a knee and touched Stephanie on the shoulder, ‘I’m not going to hurt you, what did you do to that… that Rikau and why are you here?’

Stephanie still continued to vibrate in fear as Tarasha touched her, she glanced at the dead body of Ojo on hearing Tarasha’s question and assumed she knew him very well to refer to him as ‘Real cow’. Tarasha’s accent had made her hear ‘Real cow’ instead of ‘Rikau’.

She was yet to answer Tarasha’s question when they began to hear voices coming towards them, this time more than four men’s voices were heard.


The guy leading stopped at the door and knocked softly, he paused and waited for a reply from Ojo, there was total silence. He knocked again after a few seconds and there was no reply. Shortman stepped forward and knocked the door louder but there was still no reply. Then Shortman opened the door slowly and peeped in before taking a step in.

‘Damn it! She has killed capon,’ Shortman cursed as he rushed in and took out his gun.

‘What the bleep!’ the other guys rushed in too and stared at the corpse of their Capon.

‘She must have gone this way,’ Shortman said, pointing at the second door in the room which led to a smaller room. He jumped over the corpse and walked into the room pointing his gun round while the other guys brought out guns from the bag which the newly arrived guys brought with them and wanted to offload, they joined in the search for Stephanie.


**5 minutes later**

‘They’re going to find us here,’ Stephanie said in a shaky voice as Tarasha dragged her by the hand into a spacious toilet. Stephanie’s clothes had already turned rags as a result of Ojo’s violent harassment but Tarasha was thinking of a replacement for her.

Tarasha ignored her remark and picked out the vibrating phone from her pocket. She stared at the screen, Aisha was calling. She placed her finger on the green icon without swiping , still thinking of what reply to give. Aisha must have gotten to the Bolevian Garden with the guys she went with and would be expecting a call from Henry.

She finally swiped to answer the call. ‘I’ll call you in few minutes time,’ she spoke immediately and ended the call without giving Aisha an opportunity to talk

‘What are you doing?’ Stephanie asked fearfully as she watched Tarasha keep the phone into her pocket and turned to lock the toilet door. ‘We can’t hide here.’

‘I’m not hiding here with you, I’m hiding you here,’ Tarasha corrected, giving her a stern look. ‘Now tell me, where is Don?’

‘Don, who is Don? I don’t know anybody like that,’ Stephanie replied.

Tarasha sighed and hissed lightly, ‘Sorry, I ought to have asked what you doing here first? You don’t look like someone who works with this people,’

‘I was kidnapped by a cult group in the school,’ Stephanie replied shakily.

‘So you don’t know anything about them?’

Stephanie shook her head in silence, indicating she knew nothing.

‘Did you see anyone else that was kidnapped too? A young lady and a guy or old couples,’ Tarasha pushed further.

‘No, I’ve not seen anyone else.’ She replied, shaking her head with her lips folded in to buttress her point.

Tarasha paused for some seconds to take out her phone, it was ringing again. She stared at the caller’s ID and returned her stare to Stephanie’s face. Both of them began to speak simultaneously.

‘Oh! Continue,’ Tarasha said with a straight face while Stephanie smiled lightly.

‘I overheard them talking earlier today, they said something like moving a person I think was kidnapped out of this place to confuse somebody, they mentioned Samantha,’ Stephanie said.

‘I don’t understand you,’ a confused look appeared on Tarasha’s face.

‘I didn’t hear more than that,’ Stephanie said.

Tarasha looked away to her phone, it was ringing again, she silenced it and turned back to Stephanie. ‘Do you have any idea of the number of men present here?’

‘I don’t see them, my eyes are always covered when I’m taken out of the room I’m locked in. But with my calculations based on the noises I hear when I’m taken out of the room, there should be more than ten of them.’

‘Okay,’ Tarasha turned sideway and dialed back Aisha’s number.

Stephanie stared intently at her face, wondering who she was. She didn’t look like one of the cultist, neither did she look like one of the abduction victims who had mistakenly escaped. Stephanie could notice the thick layer of makeup on Tarasha’s face and wondered if police women or other security agencies used makeups when invading a place like this, it made her discard the option that Tarasha could be a security officer.

‘Henry is on his way there, he just got to Bevo hotels now, be patient.’ Tarasha said immediately the call was answered, hoping that would be able to keep Aisha and those she went with there a little longer.

‘Okay,’ Aisha’s reply came almost in whispers. She spoke up again after some seconds of silence. Tarasha was able to deduce that a silent message must have been passed to her during the seconds of silence. ‘Please tell him to call me, so I can communicate where I’m hiding to him. I’m scared I may be discovered here soon.’

‘I’ll tell him to reach you as soon as I get in touch with him.’


‘Are you sure she’s not playing a game with us?’ Don asked in a harsh tone, staring fiercely at Aisha who was seated opposite him at the table. They were at the Bolevian extension outside the main parlour of the clubhouse, they had been forced to settle at a table and order for drinks so as to be allowed to wait there as loitering was not allowed in the Bolevian facility.

Aisha stared back at Don without replying, better put, words refused to come out of her mouth even though she tried to talk. Don had listened to the whole conversation through the loud speakers as his usual manner was. He had been getting frustrated when Tarasha at first did not pick the calls and was already pacing behind his seat, until she called back and he sat to listen to listen.

The darkness of the garden at night had added to his frustration but he just consoled himself with the fact that Henry would be spotted easily when he gets to the garden even if his face wasn’t seen clearly, as anyone was barely seen there at night even though the place is brightly lit.

The Bolevian club house, bar and restaurant was mostly used during the night time of the day while the pool, garden and kiddies’ facility were busy only during the day.

When Tarasha did not pick at the first and second call Aisha made, Aisha already knew Tarasha was up to something else. Tarasha’s workphone was always in her pocket whenever there was a job going on and she couldn’t have missed more than two calls which she did. Aisha was confused and scared at the same time. She was confused because she was sure Tarasha was playing a sort of game with them and she was scared at the thought of the possibility of Tarasha having already discovered that she was working with Don. She fidgeted on her seat as a picture of Tarasha’s fiery eyes flashed through her mind. An idea came to her.

‘Don, I’ll like to ease myself please,’ she said, faking on a smile.

Don took his eyes slowly away from the ground which he was staring at and squinted at her suspiciously.

‘I have to go please, my bladder is full and I may just do it on this seat if you don’t allow me go.’ Aisha added, sensing that he might decline her request

‘I’ll follow you there myself,’ Don said. He brought out a pistol to her view to warn her silently, careful enough not to allow other people seated around see the gun.

‘Okay,’ Aisha said with a forced smile and got up from her seat. She pushed the chair backwards with her legs to enable her step away from behind the table. Don put the gun into his pocket and got up after her. He placed his eyes on her, at the same time signaling to the boys he came with to be watchful until he returns.

Aisha reached for the phone she had dropped on the table and finally stepped away from the table. Her eyes met with Don’s as she looked up, he had a questioning look on, demanding for an explanation for the phone she picked.

‘Samantha or Henry might call,’ Aisha explained with another fake smile. Don’s face remained frowned but he nodded in approval and watched as she began to walk towards the DJ spot before following closely. They passed through the midst of people dancing and Aisha approached a bar girl to ask where the rest room was.

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Tarasha had loaded more guns and tucked them into the pockets by her side and one in the pocket attached to her shoe. Stephanie was still watching her in awe with her mouth ajar, she finally summoned the courage to speak up.

‘Who are you?’ she asked with stammering lips.

Tarasha looked up briefly at her face, and turned back to fasten her waist belt properly. ‘I don’t think you want to know that,’ she said after she was done with the belt.

‘I want to,’ Stephanie insisted.

‘My name is Tarasha…’ she spoke out too quickly before she realized. She stared at the girl’s face in confusion, wondering what had made her voice out without thinking.

‘Natasha or Natashay?’ Stephanie questioned. She did not hear the name clearly.

‘Natashay,’ Tarasha replied quickly, glad that she wasn’t properly heard.

‘That’s strange, I’ve only heard of Natasha, never heard some called Natashay…’

‘Shhh…’ Tarasha hushed her, placing a finger on her lips as she placed her ears close to the door to listen.

‘Have you found any sign of her at all?’ Shortman asked as he entered into another large room which had about four doors leading to other places. He was talking to the guy who led them to the room where they found Ojo dead. They had been searching for almost ten minutes without finding Stephanie.

‘No, I’ve not even found any clue to know where she passed.’ the other guy replied.

‘How she no go leave any trace na, she no be ordinary girl? We suppose don see one sign of where she pass,’ Shortman voiced out his frustration in pidgin English.

‘I’m very sure she could not have left, she must be hiding somewhere in this building.’

‘Has anybody checked through there?’ Shortman pointed to the door directly opposite where he entered from.

‘That’s where I’m coming from,’ the other replied.

‘Okay, it means we have to go here and here.’ Shortman said, pointing to the doors at the left and right sides.

‘That place is a toilet,’ the other guy said, pointing to his right.

‘A toilet?’ Shortman said in low tones, squinting suspiciously as he took quick glances to the door, the other guy’s face and the door again. ‘Don’t tell me you’ve not been checking toilets, she could just be there.’ Shortman continued in low tones, proceeding slowly and cautiously towards the door with his gun raised and pointed at the door.

‘That toilet is always locked because only Capon’s commanders uses it,’ the other guy said, trying to warn Shortman not to waste his time as the door would be locked.

‘Shut up, look at the handle.’ Shortman said in whispers, flashing a serious look at him. He pointed towards the door handle which had been destroyed, that was when the other guy noticed. He joined Shortman in proceeding towards the place, his gun also raised in anticipation.


‘Are you going in with me?’ Aisha stopped as she opened the door and Don tried to follow her in.

‘Yes,’ Don replied firmly. ‘Is there anything you want to do there that I’ve not seen before?’

‘No, but it’ll be embarrassing to the other ladies we may meet there or that comes in to meet you.’ Aisha answered.

Don seemed to think for a while, he placed a stern look at Aisha’s face and communicated a serious warning to her with his look. ‘Don’t try to play fast, if you’re not out in one minute, I’ll be in to get you.’

Aisha widened her eyes at him and exclaimed, ‘One minute? I’m a lady for goodness sake.’

‘One minute, and it starts now.’ Don repeated firmly and glanced at his wristwatch. Aisha sighed and rushed in.

Don stepped back from the entrance and folded his arms with his legs slightly apart. ‘Oops!’ he exclaimed as he remembered that he didn’t collect the phone from her. She must have hidden it from his eyesight to make him forget. He kept glancing at his wristwatch from time to time and got himself prepared to go in when it was fifty five seconds and she wasn’t out yet.

4…3…2…1. He bumped into a lady at the entrance as he tried to rush in and the bag in the woman’s hand fell off with the contents scattering all over the floor.

‘Damn! What are you doing?’ the woman cursed as she tried to bend to pick her bag, one could tell from the sound of her voice that she was drink. It was very difficult for her to squat straight as her tight mini skirt would not allow her coupled with her druken state. She placed a knee to the ground, blocking the road partially. She was about to start picking the contents of the bag when she noticed that Don was still standing in front of her. ‘Why are you watching? Aren’t you supposed to help me pick up these things?’ she slammed angrily.

‘Please woman, I’m in a hurry. Leave the road, I have to go in.’ Don said, trying to pass by and walk in.

She rose up and he almost collided into her again, ‘Are you sick? Can’t you see this is for ladies?’

Don was infuriated but there was nothing he could do as the lady’s loud voice was already attracting attention from onlookers. He was confused on what to do but then Aisha’s appearance from behind saved him from more embarrassment.

‘What’s happening here?” Aisha said with a crooked but hidden smile as she pushed the lady blocking the way slightly away.

‘F**k you,’ Don slammed angrily at her and turned. ‘Let’s go,’ he turned and dragged her by the hand as marched her furiously away, leaving the onlookers to wonder what kind of drama was going on.

‘Where’s the phone?’ Don demanded immediately they turned out of the scene.

‘Here, no calls yet.’ Aisha said as she took out the phone from her pocket and stretched it forth to him.

Don snatched it from her and hurriedly opened the call register, he found no record of any call made. He navigated to the messaging app and checked to see if she had sent any message but found none.

Aisha smiled in her heart as she watched him eye her wickedly. Having discovered that Tarasha might be playing a game with them, she decided to sell him out in order to avoid Tarasha’s wrath. She had planned with the lady who Don bumped into to keep Don busy until she was done and luckily for her, the lady being drunk accepted without questioning. She then sent text messages to Tarasha, telling her the whole truth and also her suspicions of Cole being moved to some other place, she also was warned Tarasha against replying the messages. She deleted the messages after being sure they had delivered and went out to relieve the tension that was being created outside.

Don was still burning with fury about the embarrassment Aisha had made him face and the delay in the arrival of Henry as they got back to the DJ area and were proceeding to their table. The phone in his pocket rang just some few centimetres to the dance space, he took it out and checked the caller, it was Rex.

‘Hello boss,’ he answered and spoke calmly, trying to hide the anger in his voice.

‘What the heck are you doing Dan?’ Rex fired angrily. ‘The b***h you thought you tamed has just sent a text message revealing all your plans to her boss.’

Don froze in anger, his mouth was left widely agape as he slowly turned his face to Aisha. Aisha who was now in front turned to see why he stopped. The look on his face said it all, she knew he had discovered her and before he could make any move, she decided it was best she ran.

To be continued