Tarasha Season 2 Episode 34


After speaking with Aisha on phone, Tarasha had continued to watch the gate in order to observe the movements occurring. Things remained the same for fifteen minutes until Tarasha saw the gate been opened slowly. Soon, it opened wide enough for a vehicle to pass through and she spotted a vehicle driving out of the place. She could not see those in the vehicle from her distance but she was very sure that it was a response to the call. The vehicle drove out of the gate and took the left direction. Tarasha decided to make a call to Aisha’s in order to ascertain if Aisha was in the car. She dialed the number and Aisha answered almost immediately.

‘Boss,’ Aisha’s voice sounded low.

‘How are you Aisha?’ she asked, trying to buy time as she unlocked the tablet device placed on her laps.

‘I’m trying to be fine.’

‘What do you mean by trying to be fine?’

‘My parents have gone through a lot already and have still not been set free by them yet…’ Aisha began in a pitiful voice but stopped abruptly.

Tarasha noticed from the way Aisha stopped that someone with her must have issued a warning to make her stop. The tracker application was now running on the tablet device and already locating the point from which the call was been received from. ‘Henry is on his way to Bolevian garden now, you should call me when you’re there,’ Tarasha said. A street map appeared on the screen of the tablet and a green moving dot was seen.

‘Okay boss,’ Aisha replied.

Tarasha ended the call and minimized the app running on the tablet device, she was now sure that Aisha was in the car that was driven out of the compound.

She took off the seatbelt and tossed the tablet device to the backseat. She took out two guns from behind the driver’s seat and stepped out of the car. The first gun was a machinery loaded with tranquilizing pins which made no sound when shot while the other was normal revolver loaded with bullets. She put the guns into the pockets of her trousers and closed the front door. She opened the door to the backseat and took out a backpack. She then began to proceed carefully towards the gate, she crossed the first carriageway and then the second.

As she got to the gate, she looked back to the distance her car was parked and then looked around carefully before peeping through the space at her right hand side of the gate. She couldn’t get a proper view of the compound well but could only see a little part of the entrance. She stepped back and looked around briefly again, the few passers-by seemed to be rushing to their homes and took no interest in what she was doing.

She walked to the other end of the gate to peep through the space between the wall and the gate end. She got a view of three men dragging along with them a blindfolded girl whose mouth was also covered with large plaster. They were laughing aloud at her as she cried while they dragged her towards the door, soon they were out of range of vision again.

Tarasha paused to listen for sometime and heard no sound coming from inside. Since she could not see or tell what was going on inside , she decided to follow a careful guesswork. She took out something from the outer pocket of her backpack, she separated a one-eared earpiece from it and attached the other magnetic device to the gate. Then, she returned to the other side which had the smaller opening for entrance with legs. She pushed the door and it opened easily to her surprise. She pushed it gently forward and took a step in.

She took a brief pause of two seconds to view the whole place before she stepped in completely and closed the door gently. She quickly hid herself under the shadow of the small building close to the gate, it looked more like a gateman’s or security room. She stood in the small space between the gateman’s house and the fence.

The compound of the building was well lit and she could be easily spotted by anyone in the building through the windows or through the cameras in the compound.

She removed the backpack from her back and squatted, she brought out a device which had the shape of a cuboid, surface area of about a hundred square centimetres and placed it on the floor. She opened the device and in it was something wired like an explosive material, she turned on a metre box which read zero minutes and zero seconds, then she picked out a small black switch which had the shape of a matches box from the cuboid.

She closed the device and wore her backpack, then she moved the device back to the end of the wall of the gateman’s building. Instead of walking back to the entrance of the security building, she passed the space at the back between it and fence of the whole compound, she proceeded carefully towards the main building.

A guy came out of the building as she got few centimetres close to the main entrance, he was about to raise an alarm but she quickly silenced him with a tranquilizing pin from the gun in her left pocket, only allowing him to mention a word. She ran with light steps to him and searched his body carefully.

___Same time, Inside the building___

‘Shey all the other guys apart from the ones wey follow Don Dan and the ones wey dey back don go Villa for school abi?’ Ojo asked the two guys standing behind the blindfolded girl’s chair.

Ojo had been forced to make out time to conclude Stephanie’s case as the news of her abduction had spread round town and he had gotten wind that the police were already tracing the crime to his gang. He had to finish her up quickly, so as to erase every other possible evidence against himself and his gang. Therefore, he chose the night to finish up what he had started and take Stephanie’s life once and for all.

‘Yes, but we should have three people join the three of us here soon. They were already on their way the last time we spoke,’ One of the guys replied.

‘Okay, you two can now return to your positions, make sure Saadu mans the gate properly tonight, Don Dan would not like to meet the place empty when he comes. If I don’t call you when I’m done bl**ping this girl, come when you hear gunshots.’ Ojo said. They exchanged brief glances amongst themselves and quietly left their boss in the room.

Ojo rose up from his chair after they had gone, he moved closer to Stephanie and took off her blindfold and the thick plaster on her lips.

She stared at him palely, her slow and weak breathing was the only noise that could be heard in the room. Then she dropped her head and stared down.

‘Won’t you talk? I thought you were always bold,’ Ojo taunted. Stephanie raised her head and stared at him briefly before staring down again. ‘Oh! I’m sorry I’ve not been able to attend to you since they took you, I’ve been quite busy. Have the boys not been treating you well?’ he asked, trying to feign concern but his voice still depicted mockery.

She didn’t look at him this time nor did she reply. He placed two fingers of his right hand below her jaw and raised up her head with it.

‘Are you dumb?’ he asked and bent forward, looking straight into her eyes as he brought his head closer to her face.

He already felt victorious on seeing her look pale and weak, he only had to finish the job by sleeping with her and ending her life afterwards. They had never met face to face before, they had only spoken on phone and seen each other from afar but he had seen several of her pictures and videos, she was looking very different from what he used to see.

He knew his boys must have maltreated her physically but he had warned them not to molest her as he wanted to be the first to penetrate into her. He had heard tales of her being a virgin, that was when he made promises to his juniors in the cult and leaders of other cults that he was going to molest her badly before killing her.

Though she didn’t look appealing to him now like she used to in the pictures and videos, he still had it in mind to molest her in other to fulfill his promise.

‘Did my boys maltreat you so bad?’ he asked again with his face still close to hers but she still gave no reply nor did she show signs she was going to.

He brushed his lips against hers and bit her lower lip, that was when she responded by landing him a slap on his face and spitting into his eyes. He stepped back angrily, feeling irritated as he wiped off his face. He turned his face and shone his eyes at her like an angry lion, then he charged towards her and landed her a blow on the face which made her scream and fall off the chair.

‘You b***h, you think you can say nonsense about us in school and get away with it right,’ he cursed as he knelt beside her and turned her body upwards, he began to tear off her clothes.

She struggled and screamed out with the whole of her strength in resistance but her struggle did not help matters and Ojo continued to dish her blows occasionally which made her weaker.

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The first room Tarasha entered from the entrance was a wide one, it had no furniture in it. There were bottles of alcohol scattered at a corner of the room and pieces of cigarettes laying carelessly on the floor. From the structural design of the building, Tarasha could tell it was formerly used as a factory. There were two opened doors before her leading to two separate places from the room, the door at the opposite wall led into another room while the door at the right side of the room led into a corridor.

She proceeded towards the door leading into the corridor but she heard voices approaching from that direction as she almost stepped out. She quickly turned and entered through the door which led into the other room, walking on the tip of her toes to lessen the noise.

‘I swear na Ojo go bl**p that girl till she die, he don tey wey him near any woman.’ one of the guys was talking aloud as they passed. ‘Na why him wait till now wey everybody don comot for here.’

‘Nothing concern me with wetin hin go do with the girl, make him just do fast make we know wetin we go do with her body, night don reach already.’ the other guy replied as they approached the exit.

The first guy suddenly stopped and turned, he looked towards the opened door of the room where Tarasha had entered into. He seemed to notice something and began to proceed towards the door.

‘Wetin you dey find?’ his partner asked.

He continued walking till he got to the front of the door, he stopped and squatted to pick something on the floor.

‘I lost my memory card somewhere here yesterday,’ he finally replied as he rose up and tossed away the tiny substance he had picked from the floor.

‘You don see am?’

‘No,’ he replied as he walked back towards his partner.


Tarasha came out from behind the thick wooden door where she had hidden and stared at them as they walked out through the main entrance. She could still hear their voices outside in the corridor. She hoped they’ll go wherever they wanted to without turning to the right side of the building where she had placed the body of the guy she silenced.

There was another door leading to the corridor from the new room she was, she closed the door which she entered in from and proceeded out through the other one.

She tried to make meaning out of the conversation of the guys she heard as as walked slowly through the corridor. It took her some seconds to process what she heard them say as she was still not used to communicating in pidgin English.

For a moment, she totally forgot her real purpose of coming to the place as it dawned on her that the girl she had seen them drag in was going to be molested. She froze, pictures of Rikau’s hands on her small body flashed back through her mind, she could feel the pains again of how he thrust in so heartlessly that day and how worthless she felt after it all happened.

The screams of a lady brought her back to life, she sprung into action immediately and charged towards the direction of the scream.

She had to go through another wide room which led into another corridor before she located the room where the screams were coming from. She kicked the door open and entered. Welcoming her was Ojo’s black behind, he had pulled his pants halfway and had torn his victims trousers off. He was holding her two hands down with one of his hands while he tried to tear off his victims panties with his right hand. His victim’s movement was very weak, so her resistance was little.

Unluckily for Ojo, what Tarasha saw wasn’t another man trying to molest another lady, who she saw trying to do the ungodly act was Rikau.

‘What the heck are you do…’ Ojo was saying without turning back, he thought it was one of his boys who had entered. He couldn’t finish talking because the wooden chair he was previously seated on was shattered on his head by Tarasha.


The gate is opened and we didn’t find Usman there,’ a short guy who had just newly arrived with two others said as they shook hands with the two guys they met at the balcony. They had a big bag with them.

‘He just went out of this place now, maybe he’s doing something in the compound.’ one of the two guys around before answered him, glancing at the gate as he did.

‘Where’s Capon? I need to see him now,’ the short guy asked. He was the leader of the other two who just arrived with him.

‘Capon is with the girl, I think he doesn’t want to be disturbed now.’

‘But I have an important information to give to him,’ the short guy argued.

‘Hmm… Well, you may try your luck. Just knock on the door if he has not started banging the girl yet, if he has, it’s better you don’t knock at all.’

‘You have to take me where he is, I don’t have time to start searching around,’ the short guy said firmly.

‘Tee Black can take you there,’ he tried to push it to the other silent one.

‘No, Tee Black will take these guys to offload the weapons in their bags.’ the short guy insisted.

‘Okay,’ he agreed after heaving a sigh.

‘Where’s the weapon store?’ the short guy asked the silent one.

‘It’s inside too, we all have to go inside.’

‘Okay, let’s go.’ shortman replied and the five of them all entered into the cult house again. They continued walking in silence, taking the same direction. Soon they began to hear the cry of the girl trying to resist Ojo.


Tarasha took out the pistol and fired every part of Ojo’s body until she exhausted all the bullets. She had used six bullets on him alone, contrary to her normal strategy of one bullet for one person. To her, Rikau deserved more than six bullets in his brain. Her anger seemed to fizzle out after she ended the shooting and she took a second to look at the girl who would have been a victim of rape if not for her arrival.


‘He’s still be busy with the girl,’ the guy previously replying to Shortman said.

Suddenly, the girl’s cry stopped and seconds after, they heard gunshots in a quick succession. They paused and looked at each others’ faces in surprise.

‘Is he that angry with her?’ Shortman asked no one in particular, with a confused look on his face.

‘No, he was planning to bang her mercilessly like he promised.’ the other man replied, also looking confused. ‘She might have done something that got him very angry,’ he added and shrugged.

The guys stared at each other in silence again before they continued walking, this time, faster and all of them to the direction of the room where Ojo was left.

To be continued