Tarasha Season 2 Episode 225


‘Hold on boss,’ Tarasha heard Tomi say to her as she got close to the stairs. ‘Hide under the staircase, there are four men coming towards your direction from the stairs.’

Tarasha quickly moved under the staircase like she was instructed and watched as the men walked past. The lock of all exits and entrances in the facility had caused panic in the hotel and had resulted to the hotel management making an announcement for all users who are in their rooms to remain there and that walking around should be miminzed until the situation was resolved.

‘Can I step out now?’ she asked.

‘Yes boss.’

She stepped out and hurried up the stairs.

‘Some other three men are coming from in your direction,’ Tomi said as Tarasha got to the landing before the continuation of the stairs.

‘How close are they to the stairs?’ Tarasha paused on the landing.

‘Very close,’ Tomi replied.

Tarasha continued on her way up. The men appeared at the beginning of the stairs and waited there instead of moving down. They held their guns tight in readiness to shoot,it had been like that with every lady they met on their way. The Samantha Osman they knew was a lady so it made them suspicious of every woman, especially those that were caught roaming about when the order to minimize movements had been given.

Tarasha looked up, she could see the men observing her already. The man at the back of the other two was seen talking into a device, she knew he was probably giving her description to someone else.

‘Young lady, where are you going to?’ one of the three men asked her as she got close to them.

‘Where else? To my room,’ she replied them. She placed her hand on the handrail as she stared into the eyes of the questioner.

‘Where’s your access card?’ the man asked, wanting to check her room number on it.

‘My husband is in the room, it’s not locked.’ Tarasha replied.

Her response got them more doubtful, they looked at her and wondered if she could really be married.

‘Is your room on this floor?’

‘No, the next floor.’

‘Take out your phone and call your husband, tell him to come meet you here.’ the man replied intelligently.

Tarasha tried to conceal a smile. She dipped her hand into her pocket and took out her phone. The man directly in front of her watched carefully and stared at the screen of her phone as she began to type in a number.

‘You don’t…’ the man tried to question why she didn’t have her husband’s number saved on the phone when he got a headbutt straight to his face. His head flung backwards and he hit the back of his head against the nose of the man behind. Before the man beside could shoot with his gun, Tarasha already sent him a kick in his belly and his shot went wild as he crashed into the ground with his bum hitting the floor.

As she dipped her hand into her jacket inner pocket to pick out her gun, she placed a hand on the handrail and leaped, stamping her foot in the chests of the standing two men. She landed quickly and fired a quick shot at the man who fell to the ground first before firing the others.

‘Tara, I just located where Madam Henrietta and Chief Gab is, in one of the unused rooms on the thirtieth floor.’ Cole’s voice sounded in her earpiece.

‘What floor is this?’ Tarasha asked as she hurried on.

‘Twenty fourth floor,’ Tomi answered her.

She climbed onto the stairs which led to the next floor. She got to the midway landing when she heard Tomi’s voice again.

Following Tomi’s tip, he took out another gun with the other hand and pointed both straightwards. Some men rushed into the stairway and she fired quick shots at them as she hurried up the remaining steps.


‘Madam, can we get a room at least while you fix your security breach?’ Dave walked to the reception desk to complain again. He had already gotten into the hotel with Lizzy and Inspector Dakolo and was trying to pay for two rooms when the announcement was made for movements to be restricted.

‘Sir, our men are still trying to fix the breach in security, please be patient with us, just a few minutes and they’ll get it done.’ the woman behind the desk replied him. She had gotten up from her seat some minutes ago to find out what was wrong from her colleagues.

‘You’ve said that twice now, and I understand you perfectly well. What we just want is that you allocate our rooms to us, so that we can go in and get settled, we traveled a long distance and what we need now is rest.’ Dave said. He took a glance back at Dakolo and Lizzy sitting some distance behind and saw them also staring in his direction.

‘Sir,’ a man who seemed to be a top official of the hotel joined the receptionist to explain the issue to Dave. ‘This is more than what you think, what we’re having is like a total disruption in our system. Something is wrong with our control system and we can not allocate any room right now, new access cards to open the doors can not be issued because the system would not allow for it to be activated.’

‘And what could be the cause of that?’ Dave questioned the man, he turned back briefly and signalled for Inspector Dakolo and Lizzy to join him.

‘I can’t tell, all I know is that our personnels are trying to fix the problem already.’ the man replied. He was quiet for a moment, expecting a reply from Dave but he saw Dave staring back at the people approaching. ‘Sir, you cannot also go out of the facility right now. The security issue is as serious as that,’ the man explained to Dave, thinking he was calling on his partners for them to leave. ‘All our doors, the exits and entrances are also affected. None are working.’

Dave waited for Dakolo and Lizzy to get closer to him before turning back to the man. ‘I can tell that a specialist is tampering with your system, that’s why we are here.’

The man stared at his face, wondering what he was talking about.

Dave took out his ID card and displayed to the man, he also signalled for Dakolo and Lizzy to show him their ID cards. ‘We need somewhere enclosed to work from, you need give us access to an already opened room.’

‘Sir… I don’t know what you are talking about but I can’t do that on my own. I have to take you to the manager first,’ the man replied.

‘Where is your manager?’

‘The assistant to the manager should be close to the twentieth floor now, he’s on his way down here. The elevators are not working and that’s why it’s taking him time to get here and address everybody waiting.’ the man replied.

‘We can’t wait for him, it’s going to take a whole lot of time.’ Dakolo said and proceeded towards the staircase immediately.

‘Sir… Our men are already trying to…’ the man followed, trying to prevent him.

Dave and Lizzy also followed Dakolo. Dave pulled the man back while Lizzy and Dakolo continued.

‘If you should stop us, Samantha Osman could bring down this whole building in five minutes,’ Dave said to him in a low but threatening tone. His words seemed to have some effect on the man. ‘You need to show us a room now, where we can set up our system and help you fight them. Then you explain to the manager when he gets here.’


‘Where’s that from?’ Carl stopped and asked the man walking behind him as they heard sounds of the gunshots.

‘I think it’s from upper floors,’ the man confirmed Carl’s thoughts.

‘Put a call through to the other men and tell them the direction to go,’ Carl said as he proceeded towards the stairs. He stopped when the phone in his pocket began to ring. He took it out and answered, ‘Eric, are you back in?’

‘No man, nobody is allowed into the hotel. They say they’re having a security breach,’ Eric answered him.

‘There’s truly a security breach, an announcement was made to all users inside, Rex or Samantha Osman must be doing something in the control room.’


‘Boss, Rex just joined the company of Elvis Richards and his son.’ Tarasha heard Cole say to her. She was now on the twenty sixth floor.

‘And where are they now?’ Tarasha asked.

‘Still on the thirty first floor, they waited there until Rex joined them and it looks like he is having a discussion with them.’ Cole replied.

‘How many of them are with the Chief?’

‘Inspector James, Rex and…’ Cole voice faded away.

‘And who?’

‘And his PA,’ Cole replied slowly. ‘ But they just got more company, four other men just joined them.’

Tarasha heaved a sigh. She would have loved to go straight to where Elvis Richards was and execute him right there but she knew it would be stupid for her to go face Rex alone when he was with five other men. She had to wait for a time that Elvis Richards would be far away from Rex or find a way to make it happen.

‘Boss, what do you want to do? They’re close to the right side stairs and I think they would want to take that way.’ Cole spoke again after a moment of silence.

‘I can’t meet them the way they are, we need to cause a distraction to make them go separate ways.’ Tarasha replied.

‘Uhmn….Boss… I think we have a distraction already,’ Cole said. ‘A distraction for us.’

‘What’s that?’

‘I just found where they kept Chief Gab and Madam Henrietta,’ Cole said. ‘In one of the empty rooms on the thirtieth floor, the doctor and Nicholas was kept in a room at the floor above but Nicholas has just been brought out by one of the four men with Rex.’

There was silence for a moment.

‘Boss, the rooms where they are are on the left side, your side.’

Tarasha remained silent, with her back leaning tightly against the wall and her head tilted upwards as she stared at the ceiling. She really wanted to go straight to where Madam Henrietta was but she thought it could be a trap and also thought it would be dangerous, being that she had no where to keep them safe even if she got them away from the room they were kept in.

‘Where’s Henry?’ Tarasha asked.

‘I watched the bug recording a minute ago, he was with Matthew and left for here. He’s stuck outside the building now, due to the access denial set up here and he’s got someone with him.’

‘Who’s with him?’

‘One of those men that we clashed with at Ayobo,’ Cole replied.

Tarasha remembered instantly and she also concluded immediately that it was those men who have been disturbing Henry and also sending spam messages to her but she still did not understand fully who the men were.

‘The other one that fought I and Nicholas is in this building already, but it’s surprising that he and his men are fighting against Rex’s men.’ Cole added while Tarasha was still thinking.

‘Okay, let Henry come in.’ Tarasha said.

‘Huh? Boss, I should open access?’


‘But what if Elvis Richards gets out?’

‘You don’t have to open it for a long time,’ Tarasha answered. ‘Make a call to Henry, tell him you would let him gain access into the building, open the access and close it immediately he gets in.’

‘The other guy is going to come in with him,’ Cole said.

‘I know,’ Tarasha replied. ‘I need Henry to get Madam Henrietta, Chief Gab and the probably the Doctor out. So you give information to Henry on where they are, also give him information on where I am.’


‘Yeah, that would make the guy with him leave him. Henry would come for Chief Gab and Madam Henrietta while the guy comes for me.’

‘Boss, are you sure this would work? Would Henry get them out like you think? Remember he was mad at us,’ Cole said.

‘Henry has a feeble mind, he was mad at us and not with Chief Gab and Madam Henrietta, he’s going to get them out safely, he wouldn’t want anything to happen to them.’

‘Rex and Chief Elvis is now moving, they are coming down the stairs right way.’

‘I think that gives me some time to get to the thirtieth floor.’

‘Uhmn…’ Cole was about saying something else but Tomi cut in.

‘Another group is moving in the direction of Rex and his men, I don’t recognize them.’ Tomi said.

‘That should be the group of the men who’s got Henry,’ Cole put in. ‘I’m dialing Henry now, I’ll be offline for some seconds to talk to him,’ Cole notified them before his connection to them went off.

Tarasha was about walking up the stairs again when Tomi’s voice sounded. She leaned back against the wall.

‘Boss, I’m getting confused, I just located another group of people there in the building.’

‘Which other group?’

‘I can see Inspector Dakolo, he’s on the fourth floor now, but he has that Bi*tch Patricia with him,’ Tomi said. ‘He also has one other man with him.’

‘Patricia, are you talking about Cole’s girlfriend?’ Tarasha asked, wondering if Cole had been stupid to allow Patricia track him again.

‘Yes Boss, she’s got a SSS tag and she’s about putting on a face mask.’

‘Huh!’ Tarasha let out a breath. She now understood that Patricia was a NIS secret agent trying to get to her through Cole.

‘But Boss, I’m seeing Agent Dave James also with them.’

‘Dave James? That’s not possible,’ Tarasha shone her eyes.

‘He is the one and he just put on the NIS mask.’

Tarasha wondered for a moment but for lack of time, she decided not to waste time on the legal officers. If Dave was there, then it meant the Doctor did not wipe off his memory like he should. It meant the Doctor had decueved her and given Dave another liquid. She proceeded onto the stairs, deciding to solve Dave’s matter later.

‘Three men coming towards you boss,’ Tomi notified her quickly.

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Six Minutes Later

‘Wow wow wow! See who we’ve got here,’ Rex said with an evil tone as he saw Carl down the stairs. He had just climbed the first step from the midway landing when he saw Carl leading a team of men approaching the stairs. Elvis Richards was right behind him and James Elvis was behind his father.

Carl stepped back slowly, making his men also step back. They had their guns raised and pointed at Rex and his men. The four men behind Rex also had their guns raised and pointed at Carl and his men.

‘Young Tiger, you really do have a lot more to learn.’ Rex said as he approached the last step. ‘So would you let us go or die while trying to kill us?’

Carl remained silent. He wasn’t going to allow Rex weaken his mind with words. He realized that he and Eric had made a mistake of not killing Rex when they had the opportunity. They had thought it was mere solidarity to a clan member but they never knew that they would be against the same clan member months after. As at then their only assignment was to kill Samantha Osman but now, they also had to kill Elvis Richards who Rex was protecting.

‘I’m not here against you.’ Carl said

‘Who sent you?’ Rex asked him.

‘It’s not your business,’ Carl replied.

Rex nodded in agreement, it wasn’t his business.

‘Yeah, it’s not my business. It’s only sad that you can’t operate here at the same time I am and you can’t have what I protect.’

‘I won’t step out for you until I get that man behind you,’ Carl asked.

Elvis Richards stepped back on seeing Carl refer to him. James stepped forward, taking out his gun and shielding his father with his body.

Elvis Richards chuckled. The men behind him were holding up their guns and the men behind Carl were also doing the same.

‘I’ll beat you up in three minutes, if I don’t I’ll let you take him. If I do, I’ll kill you.’ Rex offered.

Elvis Richards widened his eyes, wondering if Rex was doing the right thing. James also tapped Rex on the shoulder but Rex shook his hand off and gave them a reassuring glance.

The offer seemed tempting to Carl, he knew it was possible for Rex to beat him in a hand battle but it could never happen in three minutes.

‘Deal,’ Carl agreed. What he didn’t realize was that he might never get the opportunity to stop the fight when it was up to three minutes and he wasn’t defeated yet.


‘Boss, they’re in.’ Cole resumed. ‘Henry came in with the guy and two police officers also entered before I could lock the access. The gunshot sounds have attracted police officers to this area.’

He had just switched on his connection but was yet to locate Tarasha on the screen. He didn’t get a reply from her but could only hear sounds like groans and yells, he could tell that Tarasha was busy at that moment, kicking the butts of some people.

‘Cole, I’m on the twenty eighth floor now, check if I’m still on the right direction.’ Tarasha’s voice sounded to him.

Cole quickly tapped the buttons on the device and located her on the floor she was in. She was close to the staircase and he could see lifeless bodies of men around.

‘Yes, boss, one more floor to pass through.’ Cole replied her.

‘Okay, check the number of men surrounding where they are.’ Tarasha said to him. He could see her in the live footage, loading her guns. ‘And then, send this location to Henry, tell him I’m on the twenty eighth floor waiting for him.’

‘Okay boss,’ Cole replied and began to act on the instructions immediately.

‘Boss, they’re in a room on the seventh floor,’ He heard Tomi say. ‘I can’t see what they’re doing there.’

‘We need to find out somehow or stop whatever they’re doing,’ Tarasha replied him. ‘Find the room number and send to Cole.’

‘Tarasha,’ Cole called. ‘Six men are around that area and they are without guns, only knives and machetes.’

‘Is Chief Gab and Madam Henrietta still in the same room?’ Tarasha asked as she began to climb up the stairs again.

‘Yes, they are.’ Cole replied. He had the footage on the screen and he could see Chief Gab and Madam Henrietta having a discussion even as they were tied to the seat. It seemed to be a serious one as Madam Henrietta had tears in her eyes.

He clicked a button on the flat screened device and swiped a red icon. A message displayed on the screen before him, ‘searching for item’. Cole left that position while the system was searching and walked away from the middle to the left side, he had sent the footage of Tarasha loading her gun to that side. He extracted it into a device and then sent through a messaging app to Henry. ‘Tarasha is here on the twenty eighth floor but she wants you to help Chief Gab and Madam Henrietta who are on the thirtieth floor,’ he added a few texts to the message.

He returned back to the middle and the search command he gave was completed. There was a red warning signal blinking and it showed that a dangerous device had been detected. Cole zoomed the video to check what it was. He recognized it as an explosive device, he turned the angle of the camera to make it show other sides of the device. There was a small one squared centimetre screen at the other side but Cole could not find where the button or trigger for the explosive was. He zoomed it again and checked the label on the device, he memorized the name and quickly walked to the next seat to check what kind of device it was. He typed the name into a search box and clicked enter. It took less than four seconds for the search to be completed and it displayed ‘Explosive JGA, lead activation required’.

He wondered for a while what it could mean and suddenly realized that a gunshot beside the explosive could trigger the explosion. He returned to his previous seat to check where Tarasha was now.

‘Boss, do not use your guns anymore,’ he said in a serious warning tone as he located her. She was already on the thirtieth floor and was walking in the direction he described to her.

He saw her stop to listen to him, she looked around and then leaned her back against the wall.

‘What do you mean?’

‘There’s a bomb in the room and it’ll go off at the smell of the bullets, it’s lead triggered.’ Cole explained.


‘Thank you Cole,’ Tarasha replied. She released a deep breath wondering how it would have been if she had caused the deaths of her parents by herself. She now understood why the men there had no guns with them but only knives and machetes.

She uncocked her guns and kept them before proceeding. Just as she turned into the area, she saw two men standing in front of the doors at either sides and they also saw her too.

They proceeded towards her immediately with the knives in their hands. The first man tried to stab her in the chest but she swerved to the side sharply and grabbed him by the wrist, she dragged his hand up above his head and then sent a kick with her knee to his chest. The other one also tried to stab her but she bent her head and punched him with both fists in the belly. The first one still had his knife in the hand and tried to stab again. This time she dodged and moved to the other side and then grabbed him by his wrist and elbow, she twisted his hand to the back and then moved him close to the wall, she stamped her feet on his back slamming his face to the wall.

She dodged another stab attempt and pushed the second man against one at the wall. She stepped back and waited for some minutes before she leaped and kicked the two men on their chests.

Two other men rushed out from the rooms behind as she landed on the ground. She pulled out her belt and straightened it, it stretched out rigidly. She pressed a button on the handle of the weapon and items like spikes prod out of the weapon across the whole area.

She turned and saw one of the new men already rushing towards her. She stepped on the back of the man on the floor and then lifted herself with the wall and wiped the man on his neck, before the second man could reach him, the rod hit him at the side of his head close to his eyes.


The men all watched as Rex slammed Carl’s back for the last time on the ground, he then pulled a knife and inserted it into the assassin’s neck. Rex got up after cleaning his blood stained hands on Carl’s clothes. He stared at the men who came with Carl, they were still holding their guns up. It had taken him more than three minutes to kill Carl, but he had dominated the fight from the beginning.

He made a gesture at Carl’s men with his head. ‘Is there anyone of you who still wants to try?’ he asked, challenging them to a fight.

None of them responded. Instead they moved to one side of the hallway, showing that they had given them a chance to pass.

Rex turned back however and went in direction of the stairs which led to the lower floor.

Elvis Richards followed him immediately and his men also followed slowly, not turning back immediately as they still kept an eye on the gun holding men.

James was the last to follow and just as he disappeared into the staircase. Carl’s men rushed to Carl to check if he was still alive, letting off their defence. They were caught by surprise as Rex returned to the scene and fired four quick shots, one at each of them.

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