Tarasha Season 2 Episode 219


She walked through the first VIP coach and into the second. She met the occupants in the first section of the second coach. She looked well but didn’t find what she was searching for. She continued but not until she got to the last room on the VIP coach did she find who she was expecting, Rex. He stood at the exit with his hands behind him and back turned to her.

He turned around slowly and confidently with a mean look on his face.

‘Samantha Osman, our meeting this time is inevitable, I hope we can settle this once and for all.’

‘I do hope we do, we’ve made mistakes of capturing each other and letting the victim go, but only one should leave here alive today.’ Tarasha replied.

‘That’s my girl,’ Rex replied with a crooked smile and tightened his fist slowly.

Tarasha tightened her fist too and she kept her gaze on his face, she noticed it was a bit oily. It showed that Rex had not just been waiting for her, he had been busy with something.

‘Why did you make the train stop moving?’ Rex asked as they began to move closer to each other slowly, ready for the fight.

Tarasha raised her brows. She wondered if the question was a sincere one or if he was just playing mind games with her. As they got closer to each other, she remembered that Henry would be waiting for her order to take his next step. She pressed a button on the wristwatch on her wrist to give Henry the signal.

Rex saw her gesture and she also knew he saw her and knew what it meant. Rex wasn’t however not bothered about whatever signal she had sent, he had everything covered and was sure of victory.


Henry sat in the seat impatiently. It was the seat for one of the Vice President team men who had gotten up. He was disguised now and unrecognizable. He had his device in his hand and looked at it from time to time as if he was expecting a notification. At the same time, he looked around and took note of everyone moving from one part of the train to another.

The train had stopped now and a lot of people were up on their feet, peeping out through the window, wondering and discussing why the train could have stopped. Henry remained sitting even though still alert.

A beep on his device caught his attention. He swiped down the notification bar and saw the message.

‘IG Rikau asks for opportunity to talk to young ones as he prepares for his death.’

He cleared off the notification at once and looked up again. He felt a vibration on his wrist, he glanced at the wristwatch, he could see the red blinking light. That signal was from Tarasha and it meant that she was now with Rex, he had the responsibility of locating Chief Elvis Richards on the train.


Cole kept on stealing glances at Nicholas as they drove back to the base. Nicholas demeanor had changed when he started looking at his phone before they changed into a new vehicle to return to the base with. He had asked twice if there was a problem and Nicholas had replied that there was none.

Nicholas had his device held firmly in his hands. He didn’t believe he was going to make such a quick turn around about a decision he made less than three hours ago. He had decided to support Tarasha against Rex secretly just before they dropped off Tarasha and Henry at the train station but his decision had changed quickly when he entered back into the car and picked his device. A new message from Rex had entered and it carried a strong warning for him.

‘I see you’ve changed your mind about providing me information, this is just to remind you that your mother and your son are in no way safe,’ the message read and a video was attached to it. He downloaded the clip and played it only to see his mother and son tied in a room with their eyes blindfolded, a man with a shining machete was sitting on a seat in the same room and looking straight to the camera. He had exited the messaging app and called his mother’s phone number for it to be answered by a strange male’s voice who claimed to be the man with the machete and promised to bring down the heads of his family once given the orders.

‘Why are you doing this, there’s no information I have that I haven’t given you.’ Nicholas quickly returned to the messaging app and sent a reply to Rex.

‘Is she on the train now?’

‘Yes she is,’ Nicholas had no other choice than to admit.

‘What’s her plan?’

‘She did not disclose it to any of us.’

‘I need you to send me the address to your operation base where the rest members of your team are presently,’ another message came in from Rex.

It took Nicholas some time to reply. He at first closed the chat until he got another message from Rex.

‘You’re wasting time an endangering the lives of your mother and son.’

Nicholas typed in the address slowly and sent. He kept a sad face from that moment until Cole received a call from Tarasha and he told him that she had instructed that they go back to the base and move out everyone else from the place.

‘Hey Nicholas,’ Cole called to him, his phone was ringing and he needed help to answer the call as his hands were busy on the steering wheel. ‘Help me answer the call.’

Nicholas picked the phone and answered the call, Tomi was on line. He placed it on loud speaker.

‘Hey Cole,’ Mr Matthew sounded instead of Tomi’s.

‘Matthew, speak up, I’m all ears.’

‘We’ve got the new apartment ready, you all can come now.’

‘Alright, I’m still twenty minutes away from the base. We should get to the new place in another sixty minutes,’ Cole replied.

Nicholas felt some relief knowing that they were about to move to a new place but his tension soon returned when he realized that Rex would think he had backstabbed him by letting them know he (Rex) now knew their location.

Five minutes after the call, Cole pulled over to a curb beside the road. Nicholas stared at him wondering what the reason for the halt was.

Cole picked his phone and unlocked it, he switched to the notepad application and copied out an address. He pasted it into the map application and clicked on get direction.

‘Here,’ he handed the phone over to Nicholas. ‘Copy this location to your phone,’ he said as Nicholas took the phone.

Nicholas turned on the screen of the device and transferred the location.

‘I’ll drop you off here, you’d find your way to the base from here. You take the Doctor, Madam Henrietta and our hostage to the location sent to your device.’

‘But…why are you not coming with me?’ Nicholas asked.

‘I’ve got a different assignment from the boss and I’ve got to go now,’ Cole replied him.

‘Okay,’. Nicholas replied. He took off his seatbelt and opened the door. He placed a foot outside and was about to stand up when he felt a grip on his elbow. He turned around to see Cole holding him back with a warning stare on his face.

‘Don’t mess things up,’ Cole said in a serious tone and released his hand.

Without replying, Nicholas stepped out of the car and closed the door. He straightened his clothes and dipped his phone into his pocket before he walked away.


Madam Henrietta was sitting quietly in her room, unable to sleep or even take her breakfast. She had been waiting for more than two hours and strange thoughts had been coming to her mind. It felt as Tara was no longer going to return home, she had left for good and they no longer would be seeing each other.

The fear was so strong in her heart that she began to pray and intercede for get daughter after so many years of never praying up to thirty seconds.

Her food was on the stool beside her bed but she couldn’t eat it. The strange feeling that she was about to lose something she just found kept her feeling so uncomfortable.

After taking his breakfast, the doctor had placed his forehead on the dining table and slept off. His mind was greatly troubled but he knew there was no solution to the deed that had been done. The only thing that could help the situation was for Samantha to achieve her aims before Dave regains enough speed and intelligence to stop her. He was sure Dave was very conscious of his real identity wherever he was. The antidote to the liquid which was supposed to wipe off his memory had been used to half and he was sure none other person that Stephanie would have used it on him.

He suddenly rose up from his sleep and looked around. He was sweating severely all over his body and his heart was pumping so fast. His nightmare had returned, the nightmare he used to have before Tarasha kidnapped him from his home. He saw the masked man again, with a gun and this time the bullet went straight to his chest.

His phone began to ring and he picked it up quickly. He looked at the screen, Cole was calling again.

‘Hello Doc,’ Cole’s voice came through.

‘He…llo Cole,’ the doctor answered with a shaky voice.

‘Is everything alright?’

‘Yes, there’s no problem.’ the doctor replied.

‘Nicholas would be there to take you all out in the next fifteen minutes, tell Madam Henrietta, you both have ten minutes to get ready and wait outside for him.’


‘Yeah, you get dressed, pick all you need to pick and wait at the balcony.’

‘But what about the lab equipment and tools?’

‘We’d move them later,’ Cole replied.

‘How do we get to the balcony?’ the doctor asked as he got up from the dining seat. He stepped out of the dining area and glanced at the wall clock.

‘Get into the control from and unlock the doors, you’d find the door lock device at the left wall side and the laser activator at the right wall side. Now listen carefully Doc, those devices are invisible to the physical eyes until you do the right thing. You go straight to the center of the walls and tap twice with a finger, the device’s screen will pop up and request for pass codes. The code for the door lock is 9879554 and the laser deactivation code is 789755. Just go on there right away, I’ll send you the same instructions in text.’

Madam Henrietta was startled by the knock on the door. Her heart skipped a beat and she stared at there for a while. Whenever the door was knocked, it either meant Samantha was there or she had sent someone to get her.

‘You may come in,’ she answered with stammering lips.

The door opened and the doctor took step in. “Madam, you have to get dressed up and take what you need to take from here, we’re leaving this place in the next five minutes.’ he said briefly and turned to leave.

‘Wait! Where are we going to?’ she jumped up.

‘I got a call from Samantha, one of the boys is coming to pick us.’ the doctor replied. He decided to use Samantha’s name to make her respond quickly.


Rex’s fist smashed the window glass as Tarasha dodged his blow swiftly. She turned to his back but he quickly turned to meet her sending a blow. He stopped her fists with his, but she had also sent a kick with her knee to his belly almost at the same time. It hit him and made him jerk up and his bum touch the window slightly. She tried to follow up with a blow to smash his face into the already broken glass but he was quick to recover from the impact of her kick and grabbed her wrist. He tried to twist it as he moved to the other side but she was able to wriggle it free from him and sent him a jab in the belly as she turned immediately.

There was a brief pause and it gave both parties some time to readjust themselves. The fight was still fresh and both parties still looked neat and unruffled. Even the room still looked so arranged.

Rex ended the break as he rushed to her with a kick from his left leg but she saw it coming and bent her head to dodge it. She then attempted to hit his leg which was still in the air but didn’t know he placed a double kick. As she launched her right leg, he turned swiftly and wiped her off her feet with his right leg.

Unluckily for Tarasha, she fell and her head hit the side of the reclining chair. She held her head for a second and then rolled away quickly to the middle of the room. Rex followed quickly and tried to stamp his feet on her face but she held him by the ankle before he could get close to her face and pulled his leg wide, making him lose balance. He tried to stable himself by putting his second leg at the side she pulled the other but she rolled quickly to his back and kicked him behind the waist with the soles of her foot. He fell forward and almost hit his head on the wall but his palms landed on the wall first and he used it to thrust himself back to his feet.

She had already gotten up before he turned back. He could see from the expression on her face that the pain from head strike was still being felt. He moved towards her slowly and she also moved slowly towards him. He tried using the same tactic he used with the kick but this time with blows.

He launched a blow to her face and she quickly stopped it and at the same time sent her feet into his belly before his other fist could reach her. She followed him immediately and sent another kick to his belly and to his chest after each other, making him hit his back against the wall. She leaped and directed a kick to smash his face against the wall but he was quick to dodge by swerving to the right. However she used her toes to hit the wall instead and lift where she made a sharp turn to his direction and sent him a kick with the sole of her foot on his head and another kick in his chest. He staggered back and this time landed his bum on the small refrigerator working at the corner in a sitting position. He raised his head and saw Tarasha coming to him, he rolled away and Tarasha’s feet hit the wall and the top edge of the refrigerator instead of his belly which she was targeting.

She turned quickly and rushed to him with a kick but he managed to dodge and grab her leg. He pushed her back and she landed on the refrigerator just like he did. He rushed to her and tried to push his onto her belly but she was quick to sit up and held his foot. He pushed further until her back hit the wall but she continued to resist him. He sent a quick blow to smash her face to the wall but she dodged and his fist hit the wall. He lost balance and she pushed him away quickly. He staggered backwards but managed to stay on his feet.

She got up from the refrigerator quickly and adjusted her trouser comfortably. She looked at Rex straight in the face, he was also staring at her. He stepped back to the window and pulled out the empty curtain hanger at the top of the window. He held the 1.5 metres long steel stick in his right hand and rubbed it with his left hand.

She stepped away from the corner of the room where she was and quickly pulled out her belt, she held the buckle in her palm and flipped it. straightened immediately but was not as long as the one in Rex’s hand.

He let out an evil smile before rushing towards her to make the first strike towards the side of her neck. She blocked it with hers straightened in her left hand. The strikes and blocks without touching the body continued for about a minute with them circling the room until Rex tried to hit her on the forehead and she blocked with her weapon. She pushed a kick into his belly and as he staggered back, she followed up and wiped him with the metal strongly at the side of his head. He staggered back weakly and she got the opportunity to whip him another on his shoulder.

She tried to whip him a third time but he lifted his head quickly and hit her weapon with his. He stepped back hurriedly to the door and rested his back on it, trying to buy himself some seconds enough to ease of the pain he was feeling.

She hurried towards him but stopped before getting to him as she heard a voice sound in her. ‘Huh?’ she responded.

‘Elvis Richards is no longer on the train,’ Henry repeated again.

Her eyes shone wide open at Rex and he was also staring at her, wondering why she stopped. At that same moment, she noticed that the train had begun to move again.

‘Damn it! What stupid game are you playing with me?’ she asked in an angry tone as she stepped closer to him.

She struck her weapon but he blocked it with his and made a strike which she blocked. They continued to strike and block for a minute but none touched the opponent.

They separated for some seconds to give each other some space. Rex could see from her changed demeanour that she was angry and it got him angrier too, he had been fighting with her with the mindset of fighting a woman and that was why she got the opportunity to get some hits on him. He needed to make her know that he was a Tiger and a senior one at that.

‘I don’t play small games you f***** wh*re, this is real life and you’ve just been fooled big time cause Elvis Richards is no longer on this train.’ he said to increase her anger.

His words really got her mad and she charged towards him immediately. She struck once, he blocked it, struck again, got blocked and targeted his rod the third time with a speed he didn’t expect. With hers held with her two hands, she hit the rod just above his grip and it flung away from his hand.

He stared at her blankly after watching the rod hang on the broken glass of the window. She didn’t give him time to make any move as she strike the rod towards his forehead which he blocked with his hand, she struck the second time and he gripped it in his palm. It got stuck between the both of them.

Their eyes met and locked even as they pulled the metal between each other. Rex was unwilling to let her have it and she was not ready to let it go. She twisted the rod, making Rex bend over but he still not release it. She kicked him in the belly with her knee but he still did not release instead and he rose up swiftly and twisted the rod making her turn with it. He pushed his feet into her belly and she fell back leaving the weapon in his hands.

He stared for a moment at the weapon in his hand before flinging it away, then go marched quickly towards her.


The Doctor brisk walk behind madam Henrietta looked funny because of his old age. Nicholas had just come into the building and had asked them to go quickly into the white Mercedes bus parked in the compound while he went inside to get the hostage.

The doctor had a small bag in his hand while the woman had a bigger one, they got to the bus and put their bags into the already opened boot. The Doctor proceeded straight into the bus and made himself comfortable on the soft leather seat behind the front seat while Madam Henrietta waited at the entrance of the bus.

They were will waiting for Nicholas to come out with Chief Gab when a sound at the gate caught their attention. It opened and some men dressed in all black entered, three at first together and then more following after each other slowly.

Nicholas hurried the man out after cuffing his hands behind. He stopped as he got to the balcony of the building. He saw men in black, he knew at once that they were from Rex. The man in the picture with his mother was also dressed like the men.

He didn’t know what they were there for since Rex knew that Tarasha was somewhere else but he knew there was nothing he could do about them. The security inputs and lasers in place around the house had been put off to enable him take the people out successfully.

He took out his phone carefully and held it in his right hand, he dialed Cole’s number secretly.

to be continued