Tarasha Season 2 Episode 211


Henry inhaled deeply. His stare lingered on her face for a while and he wondered if she could be deceiving him. He licked his lips slowly and closed his eyes as he inhaled again. He decided not to ask about about the occurence any longer.

‘I need to meet the doctor and collect the drugs from him,’ he said as he got up from the seat.

‘He’d bring it in,’ she answered him, wondering why he needed to get up. ‘You should take some rest after taking the drugs and not go back to the control room for now.’

‘I know,’ Henry replied her but continued towards the door stubbornly. He stopped as he touched the knob and turned back. ‘I need to go back even if it’s for a minute, the application recorded some calls already this morning.’

‘Oh!’ She frowned her face. ‘Is the application not user friendly, I could help you monitor it instead.’

Henry raised a brow. ‘It’s user friendly but I still think you should come with me right away, I’d show you what you need to know.’

Ten Minutes after Henry took the drugs the doctor gave to him, he sat in front of the main computer in the control room and Tarasha was sitting behind him. He had his right hand on the mouse as he explained the use of the software to Tarasha.

The software had already taken records of six calls and a text message. Henry took some few minutes to explain the use of the software to her before they proceeded to listen to the recorded calls

The first call was from Agent James to the Vice President and the record was for twenty seconds. Henry played and they listened to it together. They heard James asking his father if he was still home and what his plans for the day were. The Vice President’s reply was that he had no plans for the day except for the interrogative session he was scheduled to attend. The Vice President also complained to his son that the President, the senate and some prominent citizens were intensifying the pressure on him to resign from office.

James reply to his father’s complain of pressure was what caught Tarasha and Henry’s attention more. They had to replay the audio twice again. James had said to his father in an assuring tone not to sucuumb to the pressure that all will be over by the next day. It got Tarasha and Henry thinking and they wondered what plan James had for his father that made him sound so sure that his father would stop facing the pressure from the next day.

‘Have you been monitoring James?’ she stopped to ask Henry.

‘Kind of, but not fully.’ Henry replied in a stressed tone. He was feeling weak but unwilling to leave the control room yet, so he put up a fake strong expression.

‘Do you think he’s trying to kill someone for his father?’

‘Well, I don’t know. But what if he’s trying to kill, are we gonna stop him?’

‘No, of course not. We’ll only capture him do and show it to the whole world after.’

‘Sounds like a nice plan,’ Henry chuckled. He clicked on play for the second audio. It was a call from James to an unknown number which was however revealed by the application. Henry copied the revealed number and minimized the software, he opened the real caller software and pasted it into a dialog box and pressed the enter button. He switched back to the previous software and continued to listen to the new audio.

‘Hello Mr Fidelis, Agent James on the line,’ James voice sounded first.

‘Agent James, I was about calling you.’ the call receiver replied.

‘Do you have all the documents set already,’ James’ voice sounded again.

‘Yea, I do. It’s only left for him to input his new signature,’ the voice replied.

‘Okay, I’ll call him to send his signature now and send it to you as soon as I get it.’

The audio ended and Henry switched to the real caller application. It had already finished processing and had the details of the user with the phone number displayed.

Name: Fidelis Omayin

Sex : Male

Date Of Birth: 29-06-1983

Marital Status: Married to Jenifer Omayin

Home Address: 34, Obalow, Kuje, Abuja.

Office Address: Block 54, Jewel Road Gwagalda, Abuja.

Occupation : Immigrations Officer

Place Of Employment: Nigerian Immigrations Service

‘Hey! I think this man is trying to flee,’ Tarasha raised her voice as it suddenly occured to her.

Henry turned to look at her face. ‘I think so too, he’s trying to get a new identity and leave the country.’

‘Lets check the next recorded file.’

Henry switched back to the application and played the next audio. The call was from Agent James to the Vice President again.

‘Dad, I already asked you to chose a new signature. Pleasd sign it on a plain sheet, take a shot and send it to me on whatsapp.’

‘Okay, I’ll do that right away.’

The call ended with that.

‘Can this application read their Whatsapp messages?’

‘No Tara, it’s quite difficult to gain access to Whatsapp messages as a third party. It would take a longer time for me to build something that can access user’s messages and they have enough competent employees that’ll probably detect the bug early and block it.’

‘Okay, let’s just go through the rest of the calls for now.’ Tarasha said.

Henry felt some more heaviness in his head as he turned his face from Tarasha back to the computer. He tried to hide his facial expressin from her but she took note of it.

‘I think you gotta rest now,’ she said as she got up from her feet and placed her hands on his shoulder. ‘I’ll continue with this and you’d catch up when you’re better.

He hesitated for a while before he picked his phone and stood up. She sat on the seat he got up from and watched as he walked out of the control room.


Henry had just stepped out of the control room when his phone vibrated. He looked at the screen to see what notification it was, it was a text message. He sighed as he already guessed the source of the text message. He swiped down the notification bar and saw another message challenging him about the safety of his mother.



Rex flashed a quick look around the airport after he took his last step down the plane. He began to proceed with the other passengers slowly, taking note of everything around him. He believed it was possible the Vice President had other motives for asking him to be in Abuja and he wasn’t ready to give any chance for himself to be deceived.

His phone beeped as he stepped into the hall. He dipped his hand into his pocket and took out his phone without bothering to stop. He unlocked it and opened the new text message. The address for him to meet Agent James had been sent. He read through the message twice and tried to see if he had been to the location before.

Another message popped in just as he exited the messaging app. This time it was a text message from his subscription to the Youngicee News Portal.

‘Breaking News: Inspector General Rikau to Undergo Surgery tomorrow.’

He was about to exit again when another message entered.

‘Breaking News: Vice President Invited Publicly by EFCC amidst pressure to resign.’

He locked his phone and returned it into his pocket immediately. He hastened his steps after getting out of the building. He proceeded towards the car park and soon located the vehicle waiting for him.



Three people were seated in Chief Gabriel’s living room; he, his wife and Chief Nonso. They appeared to be in a joyous mood, each one had a pack of juice and glass cup in front. They were watching a comedy program on TV and were discussing about it. After the program ended, Mrs Gabriel got up and took an empty plate into the kitchen.

Chief Gab picked up the remote control and reduced the volume of the television, he shifted to the edge of the three seater sofa towards Chief Nonso.

‘Chief Nonso, so tell me what plans you have for the moment?’

‘I think I told you most of them already,’ Chief Nonso replied. ‘I’ve not made any changes.’

‘So you still insist on not contesting even after Elvis Richards is totally out?’ Chief Gab questioned.

‘I’m not pulling out because of Elvis Richards, I’m just being careful and strategic. If you carefully observe the situation, you will realize that my chances of winning the election this year are very slim. The best thing to do is to wait and contest in the next one.’

‘Well, I respect your choice and I can’t force anything on you.’ Chief Gabriel said. He shifted back towards the stool where his cup of juice was and picked the cup. ‘But what do you think about Samantha Osman’s job?’ he asked after taking a sip. ‘I think she has done better than we expected.’

‘I love the way she did not need to kill the Vice President but made sure he faces disgrace, I think that’s a crueller punishment than death.’

‘He still needs to die however,’ Chief Gab said. ‘The Elvis Richards I know is a stubborn one and does not give up easily, if we don’t silence him totally, he can spring up again at any time.’

‘Maybe you should remind Samantha that you need him totally dead,’ Chief Nonso suggested.

‘I don’t think she has forgotten that, I emphasized it the last time we met.’ Chief Gab replied.

‘I believe what she’s doing is weakening him first, she’d definitely bring him down.’

Chief Gab was yet to reply when he received text message on his phone. ‘Talk of the devil,’ he said to Chief Gab with a grin as he showed him the screen. ‘She just sent me a text message,’ he added as he opened the message. ‘She wants us to meet today, let me call her to find out when we should meet.’

Chief Gab dialled the number and placed it close to his ear. ‘Hello Tarasha,’ he said into the phone.

‘Chief Gab, good afternoon. Get dressed, I’m on my way to your apartment.’

‘Huh? You’re on your way here? I just got your text message,’ Chief Gab replied with surprise in his tone.

‘Yeah, I’ll be there in the next twenty minutes, get dressed.’ she replied.

‘Where am I going to? Where are you taking me to?’ he asked.

‘Stay relaxed man, we just need somewhere good to talk out of the usual environment.’

‘Okay, I’m waiting for you.’

Chief Gab took the phone off his ear slowly. He wondered why she wanted to take him out before they talked but there was something about Tarasha’s voice that sounded so different and made him feel unafraid about going somewhere out of his comfort zone with her.

‘What did she say?’ Chief Nonso who had been waiting for a feedback asked impatiently.

Chief Gab looked at his face and saw the eager look on his face. He didn’t feel like telling the man what Tarasha had just told him but their promise not to hide things from each other made him speak.

‘She asked me to dress up, she’s coming to pick me and we are going out to have a discussion.’

‘Where’s she taking you to?’

‘I don’t know, I didn’t ask but she says somewhere out of the usual environment.’

‘What does she mean by that?’

‘Well, I don’t know. I think she just wants to take me out from a place I’m used to.’

‘Hmm,’ Chief Nonso shook his head in a suspicious manner.

Chief Gab inhaled and exhaled noisily. Then he got up from his seat and picked the keys to his room from the centre table.

‘Let me go freshen up before she gets here,’ he said to Chief Nonso.

‘What? You’re really going with her?’ Chief Nonso raised his brows surprisingly at him.

‘Yea, do I have a choice?’ he blinked and proceeded towards the door.

‘Can’t you tell her to choose a known location?’

Chief Gab stopped at entrance of the hallway, ‘I told you I don’t have a choice, do you think we can stop her if she wants to do anything bad to us?’

Chief Gab’s words instantly brought something to Chief Nonso’s rememberance. He got up from his seat and walked slowly towards Chief Gab.

‘You once said we’d eliminate her after she finishes this mission, do you still have a plan for that?’

‘No,’ he shook his head. ‘Not yet but it won’t be difficult to get a plan. Even though she’s efficient in her job, she’s young and do not have the experience we have. We’d definitely defeat her with the wisdom of the elderly.’

Chief Nonso stared at Gab’s face for a while. Defeating Tarasha seemed impossible to him but he had learnt to trust Chief Gab, he believed Chief Gab would get it done just as he said.

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52 minutes later.

‘Where are we going to?’ Chief Gab asked for the umpteenth time. They had been driving in the car for about thirty minutes and Tarasha had not mentioned any word to him apart from her greetings which she did before he entered the vehicle.

For some reasons, Chief Gab wasn’t scared even with Tarasha’s silence. She didn’t look to him like someone who had come to hurt him.

Tarasha kept glancing at his face every time he asked a question but refused to reply him. She had made up her mind not to say anything to him until she got back to the base with him. She herself did not completely understand why she was bringing him with her. She told herself that it was to confirm if he was really her father like her mother said but deep down inside she knew she was lying to herself but refused to acknowledge. She was bringing him with her because she was afraid. She couldn’t point to what she was really afraid of but all on her mind was to get the man to safety first. She believed Rex must have discovered that she didn’t kill Madam Henrietta but took her out alive and Rex would have began to make investigations on why she was so important to be rescued. She didn’t want to take any chances.

They drove into the new base fifteen minutes after and Tarasha finally spoke to him after halting the car in the park.

‘We are here now, we’d talk about everything we need to talk about.’ She said to him as she opened the door and stepped out. He also stepped out and followed after her as she led him into the main building.

She took note of a vehicle in the car park as she walked towards the building and deduced that Cole was back.

Cole was the first person she met in the living room. He was carrying his laptop in his hands as he proceeded to a sofa.

‘Welcome boss,’ Cole greeted as he spotted Tarasha. He smiled as he spotted Chief Gab behind Tarasha but did not say any word to the man.

‘Cole, how did it go?’

‘It went well, they agreed to follow all my instructions and yours too.’

‘Nice to hear that,’ Tarasha replied. She led Chief Gab on into the hallway and into an unoccupied room where there were only few furnitures. ‘You can take your seat,’ she said pointing a sofa to the man.

Chief Gab silently obeyed even though he had several awakward thoughts running through his mind. He couldn’t come up with a clear reason why Tarasha could have brought him to where seemed as their operation base, he knew she was up to something but whatever she was up to seemed weird to him.

She dragged a plastic chair to his front and sat on it. She took a moment to stare into his eyes and read the expression on his face. She however felt no connection to the man her mother called her father, or maybe it was just because she was already expecting too much.

Chief Gab knew it was time for them to discuss but the long stare Tarasha made into his eyes made him more confused.

‘Chief Gabriel Oluwamurewa,’ she called softly, staring into his eyes. He stared back at her. It was the first time she called his full name. ‘What do you know about me?’

Chief Gab squinted at her. ‘What do I know about you? I know you are Tarasha and you are from the Nefary Clan.’

‘What do you know about my past? What do you know about my origin?’

Chief Gab began to sweat. He knew she was Nigerian and one of the kids that must have been taken out of the country during the Boko Haram Insurgency period. He was scared that she’s about to connect him to the insurgency in the past and bring out his faults.

‘I… don’t know what you’re talking about,’ he stammered.

‘You were one of the men that worked with the terrorist group to transport young kids out of the country to the Nefary clan, I’m sure you know what I’m talking about.’

‘Yes…I know, I always thought you were one of those kids. I truly regret all that we did in those days, I wished I was never part of them.’

Tarasha was silent for a while.

‘How many children did you have in the past before you married your new wife?’

‘Only three kids and they were all murdered by Elvis Richards men with my wife.’

‘You had no other child out of wedlock?’

He stopped to think and shook his head. ‘No, I had no child with any other woman apart from my late wife.’

‘Think well Chief, think.’

Chief Gab was puzzled. He searched his brain for a while but couldn’t remember anything.

‘I had no other child,’ he answered.

‘You had no other child with another woman which you rejected?’

‘No,’ he denied.

‘And you never molested any woman?’

‘No, I never did.’ he replied, raising his voice out of fear.

Tarasha was beginning to get angry. She got up from the chair and kicked it away.

‘Gabriel Oluwamurewa,’ she called out fiercely. ‘You worked as a lecturer in a reputable University in the country, did you ever molest any lady and deny her pregnancy?’

Chief Gab was now trembling all over. He regretted not listening to Chief Nonso’s advice not to go with her.

He closed his eyes and thought deeply. He was able to locate the incident she was referring to in his memory. His vibration increased out of his feeling of guilt.

‘You molested a teenager and refused to take responsibility,’ she barked at him.

He shook his head in fear, he was sweating all over and almost peeing in his boxers.

‘I…did…not,’ he denied.

To be continued