Tarasha Season 2 Episode 208



‘Good afternoon young lady, what can we do for you?’ the policeman at the desk asked the young lady who approached him.

‘Good afternoon sir, I’m Stephanie and I’m here to see Madam Henrietta Williams.’ the young lady behind the desk asked.

The officer seemed shocked at her response. He squinted and pulled his head back to stare at the young lady’s face very well.

‘You’re Stephanie George?’ the officer finally asked. Her face looked a bit different from her normal look as she had an usual eyebrows drawn and was dressed in a different way from her usual mode of dressing. She had a long scarf covering her head and ears, she also wore a long skirt.

‘Yes, I want to see my mother who is in your custody.’ Stephanie replied.

‘Okay…’ the officer replied with a suspicious look on his face. He got up from his seat and stretched his hand toward the landline.

Stephanie watched him as he punched some buttons on the device and put the receiver on his ear. The device refused to connect, there was a total loss of signal.

‘Don’t trouble yourself with that, just bring her out for me to see.’ Stephanie sounded like she knew his device wasn’t going to connect.

The man stared at her face for a while, then he turned towards the officers walking through the reception and others at the other areas of the reception, he beckoned on a senior officer.

‘Agent Waziri, sir we have a situation here.’

Agent Waziri who was discussing something else with another officer before turned and glanced at the officer behind the desk.

‘I’ll join you in a minute’ he replied.

‘You don’t need to involve so many people, you’re only wasting time that way.’ Stephanie whispered to him.

The officer looked at her angrily but had no words to say. She raised her hand and glanced at her wristwatch.

‘The communication lines are opened for the next five minutes, you can make your call now.’

The man stared at her face intently at the sound of her words, his anger was gradually turning into fear. He reached for the receiver and dialed the number. It began to ring. Agent Waziri however got to the desk before the person he was calling could pick up.

‘What’s the matter officer?’ Agent Waziri enquired.

The officer dropped the receiver slowly, without taking his gaze off Stephanie’s face. Agent Waziri also turned his gaze to Stephanie, he turned it back to the officer when he started speaking.

‘Sir, this lady here is Stephanie George and she asked to see Madam Henrietta Williams.’

There was a shocked expression on Agent Waziri’s face as he turned his gaze to Stephanie’s face. She was also staring at him.

‘How did you know Madam Henrietta is here?’ he asked in a furious but low voice. Only he and some few officers knew when Agent Tim brought the woman there and they had been instructed to keep it secret.

Stephanie smiled. ‘Samantha Osman told me.’

Agent Waziri’s eyes balls almost popped out at the sound of the name.

‘Samantha Osman…’ he muttered and moved closer to Stephanie. He held her by the wrist and tried to pull her away from earshot.

Stephanie resisted. ‘You’re wasting time, she is here with me and waiting for you to bring out my mother.’

Agent Waziri pulled out his gun immediately and grabbed Stephanie firmly. ‘Officer, call the gate immediately and order them to lock all exits and entrances.’

The officer at the desk picked the device and dialled the men in charge of the entrances immediately.

‘Tell me exactly where she is,’ Agent Waziri shouted at Stephanie. He released her hand and pointed his gun at her as he took out a phone from his pocket. He dialed a number and placed it close to his ears.

‘Sir, there’s an emergency, I’ve ordered for all the exits and entrances to be locked. We have Stephanie George here and she claims Samantha Osman is here with her.’ he said to the receiver of his call and waited to hear the response before ending the call.

‘Be on guard everyone, we’ve got an intruder in the building.’ the Inspector announced aloud to every officer around. He turned back to the officer behind the desk, ‘Sound the alarm to every section and let them know that we have a dangerous intruder.’ After that he motioned Stephanie and directed her towards the hallway which led into the inner section of the building. He followed vigilantly behind her with his gun.

Outside the buildings of the police commands were several officers in the compound, at their different positions. The announcement about the intruder had just been made and they had all gotten up and were looking around and inspecting people especially the sellers and other non officers who had been allowed into the compound for different reasons.

An officer standing down the balcony of the main building was the first to drop dead at the sound of a gunshot. The other officers looked around in panic and tried to locate the direction from where the gunshot came but more of them began to drop one after the other to the ground.

‘There is a sniper in one of the storey buildings at the other side of the road,’ one of the officers hiding behind the fence of the compound said to another. He took out a phone to make a call.

‘We would have to open up the gates and send men to those buildings,’ the other officer replied him.

‘I’m trying to reach the control room now,’ the first officer said, a furious look on his face as he dialled the control room number the second time. ‘The network is so poor.’

The other officer also took out his own phone. ‘You can use my phone,’ he offered.

He adjusted the position of his long gun to the left side as he handed the phone to his colleague with his right hand.

The officer took the phone and dialed the control room number into the dial pad. He clicked the green button and put the phone close to his ear. ‘Damn it! It’s not connecting here too.’

The Agent continued to prod Stephanie through the hallway with the gun in his hand, two other officers had joined him and they were leading her to the DPO’s office. There were several doors connecting other rooms to the hallway and different officers stepped out from there with their guns from time to time, they proceeded in opposite direction to Agent Waziri and the three.

Agent Waziri stepped to the front when they got to the DPO’s office. He pressed the bell and waited for a response, he did it for a second time after thirty seconds. They waited about a minute and didn’t get any response. Agent Waziri turned the knob of the door and barged in hoping to apologize to the DPO when he gets in.

They were surprised at the scene they met. A lady dressed in police uniform was seated on the table behind the DPO who was kneeling in front of her with his hands in the air. The DPO’s face was already bruised and his nose was bleeding, the lady behind him had the tip of her gun touching his head. She had her leg on the visitor’s seat which had been pushed aside for her to sit at the middle of the table.

The three officers stepped in and all pointed their guns at her, still making sure Stephanie was right beside them.

‘No long talks, all you need to do is bring out Madam Henrietta and your boss would be free,’ Tarasha said to them in a confident tone. She looked at each of the men’s faces and saw that they were staring at their DPO to permit them to bring the woman. She cocked the gun.

‘Brin… Bring..her… immediately,’ the man stammered in fear.

The three officers were reluctant at first but had no choice than to yield. The one beside Stephanie turned to step out of the room.

‘You have five minutes, you’d meet him dead if you stay longer than that.’ Tarasha warned before he stepped out. The officer increased his speed and they could hear him running through the hallway.

‘Gentle men, put down your guns, don’t you think you’re scaring the young lady beside you?’ Tarasha said mockingly while they waited for the officer and Madam Henrietta. The men reluctantly lowered their guns as they saw her moving her finger close to the trigger but made sure they kept an eye on Stephanie to watch her moves.

The Inspector returned four minutes later with Madam Henrietta. She was surprised to see Stephanie in the DPO’s office. Stephanie on the other hand was happy to see her and was full of smiles.

The officer who brought her in however made sure they did not come close enough to each other.

‘I’m going with her,’ Tarasha said as she stepped down from the table, with her gun still pointed at the man’s head.

‘No, you’re not,’ Agent Waziri replied her. He moved closer to Madam Henrietta and placed his gun at the side of her head.

Tarasha chuckled. She pulled a bag at the other end of the DPO’s table closer to her and pulled the zip open with her left hand.

‘You must think I give a f*** about that woman beside you,’ Tarasha said with a non-chalant attitude. ‘I only need to get her body out of here,’ she added and pointed her gun at Madam Henrietta immediately firing a shot into her body. The woman fell down lifelessly.

Stephanie was shocked beyond words and could not control herself, she ran to the spot the woman was dropped and turned her upward. She began to cry as she saw the blood on the woman’s cloth.

The officers were also shocked at her action, they were unable to stop her from killing the woman and she still had their boss close to her and easy to kill.

‘So, you still want your boss dead?’ she asked as she pressed her pistol against the DPO’s forehead.

They all dropped their guns to the ground.

She took out an armless jacket from the bag on the table and unzipped it. ‘You have to put this on,’ she said as she helped him put on the jackets one side at a time. ‘Get up,’ she said after he was done putting in the jackets. ‘Zip it up,’ she ordered and he complied. The inspectors watched silently, wondering what she was doing. She took out a small rectangular device from the bag and turned to the other side of the DPO. She located another zip at the left side of the jacket and pulled it open. The front covering of the jacket fell off and revealed an explosive device set up under. She tapped the green button on the remote control and a green light appeared at the side of the jacket.

The officers were now terrified

She stepped some distance away from him and stayed close to the wall. She held up the device and turned the screen to the officers, a timer with green dotted line was reading and it remained one hour, twenty nine minutes and thirty eight seconds.

‘The bomb would go off if anyone comes 0.5 metre close to him or when I push this red button,’ Tarasha explained to them even though she believed they should know what it meant as trained security experts.

The officers could not mutter a word. Only Agent Waziri was bold enough to pull out another gun and point at her. ‘You are not going anywhere, we are not fools here.’ he threatened.

Tarasha smiled. ‘I didn’t tell you,’ she said as she began to unbutton the shirt of her police uniform. Under the shirt was a different explosive device which shocked the officers more, they knew what it was. ‘This kills all of us here and several others in the area when mishandled or at the touch of a bullet,’ Tarasha added with a smile.

Agent Waziri slowly lowered his gun.

‘Her body has to go with me,’ Tarasha said, pointing to Madam Henrietta’s body on the floor. ‘Come on, get up Steph, stop crying over what you can’t change.’ she said in a reprimanding tone. Then she turned back to the officers, ‘One of you would carry her on your shoulder and follow me to my car.’

Stephanie refused to get up and continued to cry. She had thought Tarasha had come to help Madam Henrietta get out and did not expect that Tarasha would shoot her so carelessly. She now understood and agreed with what Dave had always told her. She realized that it was dangerous to work with an assassin even if you had a common enemy. Samantha truly did not have a good heart as Dave had told her.

The officers were angry but had no choice. They couldn’t do anything about the DPO. Moving close to him would cause an explosive which would affect a large part of the police building and kill them and several officers alongside the DPO himself while shooting Tarasha or trying to hurt her will cause a more dangerous explosion which would destroy the whole division C facility and many other neighboring buildings.

‘Move away guys,’ Agent Waziri shouted at the officers staring at them and pointing their guns at Tarasha. ‘No one should make a move,’ he further warned as he walked beside Tarasha. The officer who had gone to bring Madam Henrietta to the DPO’s office was carrying her on his shoulder while the third officer was carrying Stephanie on his shoulder. Tarasha had drugged Stephanie when she began to act stubborn.

‘I need the gate open for my car to come in,’ Tarasha said to Agent Waziri and he in turn have orders for the gate to be opened.

Tarasha waited for a while after the gate was opened and soon a Jeep was driven in by Cole. The officers followed and laid Madam Henrietta and Stephanie into the car while Tarasha sat in front with Cole.

‘I’ll push the red button the moment I notice any police car following us,’ Tarasha issued a final warning to Agent Waziri before she closed the door.

They all watched in silence as they drove out and no one could make any move due on Agent Waziri’s instruction. The Agent began to hear some murmurings behind him from the junior officers. He made a sharp turn to the back and gave the officers a furious stare. He took a moment to stare at the dead bodies on the floor which numbered up to fifteen, then he looked up again.

‘Did anybody contact other divisions for reinforcement?’ he asked aloud.

The murmuring became louder, only one officer spoke aloud clearly. ‘We can’t make calls, the signal reception on every phone is poor.’

Agent Waziri was silent for a while, he took out his phone and checked, there was still no signal. ‘I think the network lines were hacked for this purpose.’

To be continued