Tarasha Season 2 Episode 205


She got up from the seat and walked to the left side of the control room, she pushed a red button on the wall and a loud alarm which would be heard in every room of the building began to sound.

She walked back to the control system and navigated to the control panel. She clicked on the All System option among the list of displayed softwares. She right clicked and clicked on uninstall. She then removed a USB drive connected to the system and walked out.


30 minutes later.

‘Damn it!’ Rex cursed as he walked back into the living room. There was no one in the house contrary to his expectation. He wondered how they had been able to evacuate the place so early and easily, it was meant to be a surprise attack. Their quick escape only meant that the attack was expected or that Samantha’s team got alarm of the attack so early. Rex wondered how this was possible because he had arranged the plan and timing so well.

‘No one is here boss,’ Stainless said aloud as he walked into the living room with two others behind him.

Rex glanced at him. ‘it’s obvious they made preparations for our attack and I’m still trying to figure out how they knew we were coming,’ Rex said.

‘Probably, our entrance wasn’t neat enough.’ Stainless put in.

‘That wasn’t it, if it wasn’t neat, it was quick and swift enough.’ Rex said thoughtfully. ‘They couldn’t have all moved out so quickly.’

‘I think they began to prepare when they knew we had the woman with us,’ Stainless said.

Rex did not agree with him but did not give a reply. ‘Let’s get out of here,’ he said in a voice of command to all of the men there.


Time: 7:46AM

Stephanie and her mother were still asleep on the only mattress in the underground hideout. It was just a room but was large enough for all of them. Dave could be seen sitting unconsciously with his head bowed on a wheelchair. Cole was sitting on a plastic chair, the doctor, Tomi and Mr Matthew were also sitting on three other chairs beside him while Nicholas was sitting on the bare ground with his back rested on the wall, all of them were fast asleep except for Cole who was watching on the orders on Tarasha. An electric lamp was at the front corner of the room giving some brightness to the whole place. There was a staircase at the other corner of the room but there was no visible door or opening to show that the staircase led to another room or somewhere else. The ceiling was made of a material which had a larger percentage of reinforced concrete composition.

Cole was dozing off when he heard a humming sound, he looked up and saw a little space of the roof above the stairs opening. Tarasha stepped in from there and climbed down the stairs. The opened space closed back slowly like it opened.

Mr Matthew and Nicholas also opened their eyes as she approached them. She stopped before getting to Cole and took a glance at Dave. ‘We’ve got to get him out now,’ she said to Cole. ‘We’ve checked carefully and they’ve all left.’

‘How do we go about it?’ Cole asked.

Tarasha turned her face towards the doctor and called his name. She called it four times before the man stirred awake.

‘We’re taking him away now, is there anything else you need to do before we take him?’ she asked the doctor.

The doctor did not it answer immediately, he was still very sleepy and his brain couldn’t process her words quickly. He stretched and yawned on the chair where he was. He shook his hands and feet to ease off his joints where he felt some strain.

While Tarasha was waiting for the doctor’s response, the space at the roof opened again and Henry stepped in from above. He dusted his hand against each other and placed them on his waist, he took a cursory look around before fixing his face on Tarasha.

‘I’ve got the car ready,’ he announced.

Tarasha glanced at him and shook her head in approval. The doctor got up from his seat and walked towards Dave.

Everyone’s attention as drawn towards the mattress as they heard a yawning sound. Stephanie had just woken up and forgotten where she was, she had sat up and was stretching her body also. She opened her eyes to see Tarasha standing and everyone else around, she seemed baffled for a moment but quickly looked at her side and heaved a sigh of relief on seeing her mother still asleep.

‘Good morning everyone,’ she mumbled incoherent words as she looked around again. Her eyes landed on the Doctor and Dave. Every other person also had their eyes in the same direction.

‘I think he’s fit to be taken out now,’ the doctor said after checking Dave’s eyes with a little medical torchlight in his hand. He also checked his pulse and warmness of his body. ‘The medicine had no adverse effect on him,’ he added before standing straight and facing Tarasha.

Tarasha took a glance at Nicholas and Henry, she made signs to the both of them. ‘Let’s get him out now, I’ll drop him off myself.’

TIME: 10:43AM


The Vice President sat in his office tiredly, two men were seated in front of his table and discussing a matter with him which he listened absentmindedly to. He literarily was forcing himself to stay awake. The stress from the rigorous journey the day before was telling on him. He had traveled by land all the way from Lagos overnight, he got to Abuja in the early hours of the morning and had no time to rest properly – the sleep he could do in the car was not enough to help him rest- he only freshened up quickly to prepare for the meeting. Here he was in the meeting and most of the things that were said were not getting into his head, he couldn’t wait for the meeting to come to an end.

His phone began to vibrate on the table and got his attention for a moment. He only took a glance at it and then returned his gaze to the men. It stopped ringing for a while and then began to ring again. He reached for the phone and then checked who the caller was, it was President Emeka.

‘Excuse me please Gentlemen, His Excellency is the one calling and I’m sure he has a very important information to pass across.’ he said to the men to excuse himself. They nodded and mumbled some words to show their approval, not that he needed to answer the call anyway.

‘Good morning your Excellency,’ he greeted as he got up to his feet and walked to the window at the right.

‘Good morning Chief Elvis,’ President Emeka replied, his voice sounded full of worry. ‘Well, I’m calling to tell you this for the respect I have for you. The law makers would be discussing you today and I’m sure they would come up with the decision for you to stop your work as the Vice President until all the allegations made against you are proven to be false. I would advise you as a friend to declare your decision to pause your work before they make you do.’

Elvis Richards was confused for a moment, he couldn’t understand why the President was asking him to go on an involuntary suspension. ‘Sir, I’m yet to understand why they will stop me from working yet. Most of those accusations are only mere speculations drawn from stories which haven’t even been verified as true.’

‘Chief Elvis Richards, these ones aren’t mere speculations and would not be regarded as that. The person who is telling the stories is not a kid who doesn’t know left from right and I really hope the allegations are not true because it would be the biggest embarrassment our nation has ever received, the world would turn against our government and I’m very sure our party would not be able to produce the next President. I advise you once again to formally declare that you’d put a stop to all your activities as the Vice President from this moment. Have a nice day Elvis Richards.’

‘But sir…’ Elvis Richards tried to argue his case but the President did not wait to listen before ending the call.

He heaved a sigh of frustration as he took the phone off his ear and turned. He met the men’s eyes staring at him inquisitively but they looked away on meeting his eyes. He looked at his phone again, he saw the sign for many notifications at the top bar. He swiped down the notification bar and saw some notifications from his browsers and text messages.

‘Samantha Osman releases New Video,’ the first notification read.

‘Inspector General Rikau tells how he killed for The Vice President in New Video.’

‘Breaking News: Inspector General Of Police confesses to be a murderer.’

Everything about the atmosphere changed immediately he read the notifications, he needed no one to tell him that Rex’s plan had failed. His body began to tremble and his bladder was suddenly full. He managed to walk to his seat and sank into it uncomfortably.

‘Is anything wrong sir?’ one of the men asked. They had noticed his discomfort and that he was sweating suddenly.

‘Yeah… Eve..very thing is fine, ‘ he replied with a deep breath. ‘We have to end this meeting here, I have got to do some other things.’

‘Sir, but we are not through yet.’ one of the men argued in a serious tone.

‘Yes, I know. But we have to stop here right no,’ Elvis Richards insisted.

‘Sir, I think we should finish this. The deadline for this project is this week and we can’t let today pass without making significant progress.’ the first man who had asked him if everything was okay said in a calmer voice.

‘Please, just go, we can’t continue today!’ Elvis Richards shouted in a loud voice.

The men sprung up to their feet immediately and slowly made their way to the door. The first man opened the door and allowed his second to step out first, he turned back to the Vice President still holding the knob of the door. ‘Sir, when should we come for the continuation of the meeting?’ he asked, almost in a pleading tone.

‘I said get the hell out of this place!’ Elvis Richards shouted in a louder voice and banged his fists on the table. The man stepped out immediately and closed the door.

He continued to tremble and his hands hovered about the table without knowing what to do for a moment. He finally picked his phone and clicked on the first notification from the youngicee website. It loaded completely in few seconds and he scrolled past the texts on the webpage to the video. He clicked on play and adjusted his phone to landscape view.

His door opened at that moment and Ayo stepped in. He flashed an angry glance at Ayo and shouted at him. ‘Out!’

Ayo bowed in fear and stepped out quickly.

The Vice President continued with his video. It started the usual way with masked Samantha Osman addressing the viewers and introducing the remaining parts of the video. Then the Inspector General continued his confession. He started from how the Vice President contacted him during his work with the Boko Haram Insurgency Group and how he paid them hugely to carry out murder of different people and how he gave them specific instructions on what to do with the victims and when to molest the women, take the kids and when to kill all the victims. He mentioned some specific instances and examples of their popular victims. Then he ended the video with how the Vice President helped him escape punishment with the other terrorists.’

Elvis Richards could not hold the pain. He felt some tightness in his head. He began to feel some difficulty to breathe and some pain in his chest. He tried to open his mouth but couldn’t shout for help. He continued to struggle to balance himself until he fell off his chair.

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Rex heart was full of anger as he continued to stare at the phone in his hands. He felt like smashing it on the floor but he managed to control himself. He had just finished seeing the video again, for the fourth time. He had been monitoring and had seen it immediately it was posted on the blog. He knew he had failed again, but it was bigger this time and he couldn’t bear it. He had not just failed his client -the Vice President- but he had failed himself and failed the whole clan. The mission had become more than just a client’s job to him, it was now his personal mission, he had to regain the glory of his clan and the order of the senior Tigers. He was not going to let go Samantha Osman even if his client did not want her dead anymore, he had to make sure she dies and dies in his hands.

He stared at his phone again. He closed the video player and switched to the contacts lists. He scrolled to Nicholas’ number on the phone, he wondered why Nicholas had not reached him again. He began to think Nicholas was not totally faithful to him, maybe Nicholas had informed Samantha that he could be coming the last night.

With or without Nicholas’ cooperation, he had resolved in his mind that he would not rest until Samantha Osman breathes her last.

To be continued