Tarasha Season 2 Episode 15

‘Boss, we’ve gotten her message now and we’ve sent the videos. What we’re waiting for is her reply to the videos.’ Don said into the phone.
‘Okay, I just rounded up a meeting with the Inspector General and he gave me some details I’ll be working on. So I’ll leave you to work on getting Tarasha’s two workers.’ Rex said.
‘Alright Rex,’ Don replied.

‘Make sure you feed me with details,’ Rex concluded and the call ended.

‘So what’s the plan?’ Stainless asked as he approached Don with two Mr Biggs polythene bags in his hands containing food packs. Don was still sitting at the table with the laptop.

‘No change in plan yet,’ Don answered.
‘Don’t you think Tarasha may want to interfere?’

‘You mean with Aisha and Cole’s parents?’

‘Yes,’ Stainless replied and sat close to Don. He handed over one of the bags to Don and placed his on the table

‘The boss says she won’t interfere,’ Don replied.

‘The boss says,’ Stainless repeated and chuckled again. ‘She might just show up surprisingly.’

‘No, I think the boss is right. She would know that she is the main target and wouldn’t want to show up but Cole and Aisha would be desperate to save their parents. It’s their desperation we want to take advantage of in this plot and we should not expect to deal with Tarasha.’
‘Well… Anyhow you say it,’ Stainless said, giving up on arguing. He opened the plastic rubber containing the food and wiped the spoon with the neatly folded tissue paper. ‘What about Stone, when is he coming?’ Stainless asked before taking his first spoon of the fried rice.

‘Oh! That boy? Let me even call him to find out where he is now,’ Don said and picked his phone on the table, trying to move the laptop with the other hand. ‘Stone, where the F are you?’
‘Homey relax,’ Stone replied in a gruff voice. ‘I’m on my way to Nigeria, I won’t miss the downfall of that girl for anything in the world.’

‘Where are you exactly?’ Don asked.
‘I’m in Nigeria already, I entered by bus and I was planning to call you when I get into an hotel.’

‘Are you in Lagos already?’
‘Yes, we passed the borders of contonou about thirty minutes ago. I think I’m in Badagry now,’ Stone replied.

‘Okay, holla me when you get to Mile 2, I’m in Lagos too.’ Don said and hung up. ‘He’s on his way,’ he said to Stainless who was already eating. He dragged his own pack of the food closer and was about to open when his phone’s screened turned on and it sounded. He swiped it open to see the notification. He smiled as his eyes met with the message and pushed the food aside. ‘We’ve gotten a reply from Aisha,’ he said with a crooked smile and pulled the laptop closer. He input the security password to unlock the system and clicked open his mail application. He stopped for ten seconds to read her reply.
‘Daniel, what do you want?’ he smiled as he read to himself. ‘She’s asking me what I want,’ he said aloud to Stainless.

The Boss’ word had lifted their spirits and given them more confidence. Aisha had quickly typed her message to Don immediately while the boss was still seated at the dining and eating. Cole had also resumed his food, he and Aisha were hundred percent sure of defeating Don, especially when they had Tarasha’s support.

Henry walked into the living room with his laptop noisily, attracting the attention of those at the dining. Tarasha flashed a look at him and their eyes met, she felt a pinch of guilt and quickly hid her eyes while Henry continued to one of the sofas.

‘Has he been served?’ Tarasha asked Aisha in a low voice.

‘Yes, he wanted it in his room.’ Aisha replied.

‘Okay,’ Tarasha flashed another look at him, he wasn’t looking towards them anymore, already seated and trying to balance his laptop.

‘Boss, don’t you think it’s dangerous having him around especially when you say he’s not going to work with us?’ Cole began in low tones, he paused briefly to see if Tarasha was listening. She was, she had even paused chewing to listen. ‘He poses great danger to us now that he’s allowed to use the computer, we all know what he can do with it.’ Cole added.

She let out a breath after Cole finished talking and chewed the remaining food substance in her mouth. ‘I don’t think Henry can do anything to harm me or to harm any of you.’ she said, staring towards where Henry was seating.
Cole stared towards Henry for more than a minute after she had spoken, he could only hope she was right with her confidence in Henry, he decided to focus his mind on rescuing his parents.

‘They want either of us to meet with them secretly in Lagos,’ Aisha announced aloud, distracting Tarasha and Cole who were still eating. She then focused her gaze on Cole’s face to hear his reply, both of them stared at each other’s faces for more than twenty seconds until Cole turned to look at Tarasha’s face, Aisha turned to her too.
‘If they want you to meet with them, then go.’ Tarasha said as she lifted the spoon to her mouth. ‘Go prepared,’ she added before taking the content of the spoon into her mouth.

Aisha and Cole returned their gazes to each other’s faces. The question in their hearts was which of them would go and meet Don.

‘Both of you can go, but make sure they are only aware of one person’s coming.’ Tarasha said, as if she read through their thoughts.
There was a brief silence, Cole had totally lost interest in the food leaving Tarasha to be the only one eating. ‘Boss, but how are we going to handle this?’ Cole asked in soft tones.
Tarasha ignored his question and continued to eat, Cole and Aisha just fixed their eyes on her patiently until she was done with the food in two minutes. ‘You’ve learnt enough already to be able to handle Don and his gang,’ she said, gently cleaning her lips with tissue paper. ‘Just go and get your parents back,’ she said as she rose up from the table. She walked away from the dining, leaving her plates behind. She paused when she got to the middle of the living room and paused to stare at Henry, Henry also stared back without saying a word. She bit her lips and let out a short deep breath before walking away.
Cole and Aisha were left alone to make plans and strategies on how they would save their parents.

‘Let’s play along with them, tell them you’re coming’ Cole finally spoke after five minutes of silence and deep thinking.
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‘I think he’s good enough, let him be employed.’ Frank said to Mr Sylvester.
‘He seems inexperienced to me,’ Sylvester replied.

‘But he has passed the tests given to him, his sample works also gives him a good record.’ Frank argued. ‘I think he should be given a chance.’
‘You think?’ Frank’s colleague stared at him in surprise. ‘I believe he deserves the job.’
‘You guys are vouching for him already.’

‘Yes sir, I think his credentials and samples are really very impressive. The only person that has been that impressive is Miss Kimberly.’
‘Okay then, he has a chance to prove himself.’
**20 minutes later**

Frank and Dotun had left the office of NSCC chairman, he now had his eyes fixed to his laptop, he typed occasionally and used the mouse more often. His office line rang, distracting him from his work.

‘Yes…’ he answered the call.

‘Sir, Agent James from the police headquarters is here to see you.’ his secretary voice sounded.
‘Send him in, I’ve been expecting his arrival.’ Mr Sylvester replied, using one hand on the laptop and the other to hold the phone to his ear. The call ended, he quickly concluded his work on the laptop and relaxed back into his seat to wait for his guest. A knock sounded at his door, few seconds after the call. ‘Do come in,’ he said into the transmitter.
The door opened and James stepped in, he closed the door and proceeded to the table at once. Mr Sylvester rose to welcome him. ‘Good afternoon Agent James,’ he greeted, extending a handshake to him.
‘Good afternoon Chairman sir,’ James said, bending a little in curtsy as he took the handshake.
‘You may be seated please,’ Mr Sylvester motioned him to the visitor’s seat politely.
‘Thank you sir,’ James replied and sat comfortably.

‘Yea, so what brings you here?’
‘Sir… I need to get some details about Kimberly E. Alex.’

5. 30pm
Chief Elvis stood patiently beside his car in the Vice President’s garage and stared towards the gate as the Vice President and his entourage drove in. Two of his security officers were standing behind him by the car. It took the cars about two minutes to drive from the gate of the large compound to the garage. Chief Rikau carefully observed and waited for the cars to halt completely before proceeding towards the car which carried the Vice President.

‘Good evening sir,’ Chief Elvis greeted as he got to the owner’s side of the car where Chief Elvis was seated.
‘Good evening Rikau,’ Chief Elvis replied, the door to his side had been opened and he already had one leg outside and his walking stick to help him step out of the car but he was attending to something on his tablet. He finished with the device a minute later and handed it over to the security officer standing beside the door before stepping out from the car.

He was simply dressed in a white shirt and black trousers, the top two buttons of the shirt was off exposing the white singlet under. The toe cap of his shiny shoes carried dust on them.
Chief Rikau stared at the Vice President patiently, waiting for the man to give a go ahead.
‘Rikau, you called that you wanted to see me.’ Chief Elvis said as he began to walk towards the house entrance along with Rikau.
‘Yes sir, I wanted to talk to you about James. He’s not cooperating,’ the Inspector General began in a bitter tone. ‘I got information that he went to the NSCC headquarters today.’

‘What did he go there for?’ Chief Elvis asked in a surprise tone.
‘I’m not so sure sir, but I think it’ll be to find out more about Kimberly.’ Chief Rikau replied.

‘I thought that boy would consider the fact that his father is involved in this,’ the Vice President stopped and heaved a sigh. ‘I even have worst news.’
‘What news is that sir?’ a thick frown appeared on Rikau’s face.

‘I’m just returning from the Presidential quarters, I had a meeting with President Emeka. His CSO and the CSA were also present.’ Chief Elvis spoke slowly while Chief Rikau kept staring at him impatiently. ‘I was asked to hands off Samantha’s case and allow the NIS and police continue their job without my interference.’

To be continued