Tarasha Season 2 Episode 127


Ilorin, Kwara State.


Dan, Dave and the junior NIS officer sat at different angles of the large office room, each studying different files and documents.

‘I don’t still understand why the deceased’s wife hasn’t been questioned by the police officers yet,’ Dave said as he walked slowly to the center of the office with an opened file in his hands, reading as he walked.

‘I learnt it’s an instruction from the Inspector General not to trouble her yet until she’s fit enough,’ the junior NIS officer replied.

‘But that’s delaying investigation, isn’t it until the investigation has been tried that we can determine whether she’s fit or not? But right now, there has been no trial whatsoever.’ Dave complained.

‘The Police and the rules they make sometimes have no sense in them,’ the junior officer shrugged.

Dave flashed a look at Dan who seemed not to be interested in their conversation.

‘Dan, what’s up? Have you found anything? Dave asked.

‘Not yet bro,’ Dan replied without looking up.

Dave walked to Dan’s seat and took a minute to look at what Dan was doing. Dan was reading something totally different from the case at hand. He had abandoned the case file on the table after not being able to come out with anything significant.

‘Dan, we need to ask the man’s wife some questions.’ Dave said in a tired tone. He drew a chair closer and sat down.

Dan finally looked up, ‘Let’s reach the Chairman, he can give us a directive that will override the one given to the police not to question her.’

‘How soon do we expect a result after we do that?’

‘In one hour time, that’s if the Chairman believes that we should be allowed to see her.’



‘Do you think it makes sense to conclude that the same Samantha Osman who killed Eze Okafor also killed Garuba Ahmed?’ Dan asked as they walked back into the NIS office. He dropped his key on the table and sank into the chair.

‘Of course it doesn’t make sense,’ Dave replied him. ‘The woman claimed that Samantha Osman came into their house at midnight with their son and she left after taking a document from the man without hurting anyone.’

‘I really doubt if the person who visited them was Samantha Osman,’ Dan said.

‘You doubt? Why?’

‘Don’t you see that the timing does not make sense? Samantha Osman was seen at the hospital in Nnewi as at the same time the woman claimed he was at their home.’

‘So who do you think we should believe? The security officers who claimed they saw her without providing any proof or this lady, her son and gateman who all confessed that she got into their house at midnight?’

‘The both parties have no proof, we can’t judge with what they tell us.’ Dan replied.

‘Yea, you’re right.’ Dave replied, even though he already took sides with a party. ‘But… I don’t see any reason Mrs Garuba would come up with a lie.’

‘I don’t think she wanted to lie too, I think she was deceived. She most likely was visited by someone else who claimed to be Samantha Osman.’

‘What if the security officers at the hospital also saw someone else?’

‘They saw her face and identified her to be the same woman in the pictures we released. But Mrs Garuba said the person who came to them was putting on a mask and that makes her unable to identify the face and the son does not remember her face. He claims he was drunk then.’

‘I don’t think that guy was just drunk, I think he was drugged.’

‘Humn… That’s another thing we need to look into,’ Dan interjected. ‘If their son Toheeb could still remember that he brought a girl home that night and the only thing he doesn’t remember is her face, there’s a higher possibility that Samantha Osman wasn’t the girl. This I say because; normally, Samantha Osman would drug everyone that saw her with benryl for them to forget their encounter with her.’

‘Hmm… And what if she was rushing and forgot to do that? Just like she did forget the numerous identity cards in the car.’

‘I don’t think those Identity cards can implicate her, that’s why she’s didn’t bother to take them. Now that she knows they must have gotten into our hands, she would dissociate herself totally from all the companies whose cards she framed. But forgetting to give benryl to them is something unlikely to happen with her, she never wants them to remember what she did with them.’

‘Anyhow we see it, we still need physical proofs like you rightly said.’

Dan sat upright and took a quick glance at his wristwatch. ‘We’ve got to see that officer that was with the senator when he was attacked,’ he said.

‘We were told he’s conscious already, let’s wait till we’re called that he’s fit enough to talk to us.’



‘So, he didn’t tell you about anyone visiting his house midnight that day?’ Dan asked Inspector Kehinde. Dave watched in silence while Dan conducted the interrogation.

All three were seated in Inspector Kehinde’s residence. The Inspector had been discharged from the hospital few hours ago and had gone straight to his house to take a rest. The Secret Agents had gone to meet him at home without prior notice, cutting short his rest.

‘I believe he was planning to but he didn’t get there before the man who attacked us came in,’ Inspector Kehinde replied.

‘What are the things he told you before the man came?’ Dan questioned further.

‘He was only talking about how he needed to tighten his security as the election approaches and that he’d like if I lead his security team or recommend someone to do it,’ Kehinde answered.

‘And that was all you guys discussed?’

‘Yes, that was what we discussed until the interruption.’

‘So, do you think the attacker was sent by Samantha Osman?’ Dan asked.

”Ermm…’ the man’s face twitched a little bit uncomfortably. ‘The officers who got his remains already confirmed that they got it in Samantha Osman’s car.’

‘But do you think that is accurate?’

‘Of course, it is. I believe they made such declaration with necessary proofs and I don’t even have a say in it because I was in the hospital while all that happened.’

‘Alright,’ Dan said and took in a breath. ‘What else do you have to help us with?’

‘I’m afraid I have nothing else, I have no other information apart from the one I’ve given you.’

‘Okay,’ Dan replied. He adjusted himself on the seat and flashed a look at Dave. Dave shrugged as a signal to him. ‘Thank you so much Inspector Kehinde, we would like to take our leave now,’ Dan said and got up to his feet. Dave followed suit.

‘It’s my pleasure sirs,’ Kehinde said and got up to shake the men’s hands. He followed them to the door and opened it for them. ‘Rest well sirs,’ he said and bowed slightly as Dan stepped out first. Dave stopped briefly at the entrance and turned to look at the Kehinde again. Kehinde frowned as their eyes met, feeling uncomfortable with the stare. ‘Till we see again Inspector,’ Dave said with a smile before stepping out to join Dan.

‘I still believe the lady that visited them at midnight wasn’t Samantha,’ Dan said as they stepped into the car.

‘That’s the most logical thing to believe right now,’ Dave said in reply, even though he didn’t believe. He stepped into the passenger’s side and closed the door. He knew the Inspector was hiding something and he needed to find out what that thing was.

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Victor parked his car in the compound and stepped out hurriedly. He found himself inside the house without wasting time and was welcomed with Patricia’s embrace and a kiss on his lips.

‘Pat,’ he said, looking at her smiling face with so much seriousness. Her hands were still wrapped around his neck and his on her waist. ‘What happened to you?’

‘Nothing,’ Patricia replied, still smiling.

‘But… But you called me to meet you here immediately and you said it was urgent.’

‘Yes, I did call you to meet me here right away and I said it was urgent.’ she replied. They were still locked in the embrace.

‘So what happened?’

Patricia broke away from his hold and walked to the three seater sofa, she picked a neatly folded A4 paper on it and brought it to Victor. She stretched it forth to him at first but quickly withdrew her hand as he tried to collect it.

‘Guess what’s in it first?’ she said, still smiling.

Victor sighed, staring at her face tiredly. He had thought something bad had happened to her when she called him on phone and asked him to meet her at the house immediately. With the urgency that sounded in her voice, he had left what he was doing to rush down to her. She had gotten into the house before him as he already gave her own keys to the doors in the house.

‘Guess…’ she urged when she saw him still looking at her speechlessly.

‘Ermm…’ he began to rack his brain. ‘Are you pregnant for me?’ he blurted out. That was the only thing coming to his mind.

‘Oh no! I’m not pregnant, how could I be?’

‘Hmm… Okay,’ he replied and began to think again. He wondered why she asked him ‘How could I be?’, then he remembered that she had always used protection anytime they had sex and even brought out an extra for him always when he forgot his own. ‘I don’t know what it is Pat, just spill it out.’

‘Okay,’ she blinked her eyes playfully for a moment and then gave him the paper. ‘I just got a new job with Bevi International.’

‘Wow! That’s great,’ he forced on a smile as he read through the employment letter which she had printed from her email inbox. ‘Congratulations,’ he said and spread his hands out to hug her again.

She stayed wrapped her hands around his body and located his lips with hers. She stopped after a brief kiss but still remained locked in his embrace. ‘I want you to congratulate me better, that’s why I called you here,’ she said and began to take off the buttons of his shirt slowly.

He tried to speak up and resist but she covered his mouth with hers again. Soon, they were on the sofa, half unclad and kissing each other desperately. Patricia reached out for her phone which had been placed on the sofa earlier, she unlocked it while kissing him and navigated to her call register, she dialed the last number on the list. She then dropped the phone back and continued fully with him.

The remaining clothes on their bodies were taken off soon and the real action began, both forgetting caution this time.

‘Just tell me loudly how you love me,’ Patricia said amidst her loud moans as he moved to and fro on top of her.

‘I love you Pat, I love you with my life.’ Victor repeated aloud as she requested.



Inspector Kehinde’s Residence.

‘Who is it?’ Kehinde asked in response to the sound of the bell.

His wife who was seated by his side and resting her head on his chest reduced the television volume with the remote control.

They could hear a response from the person at the door but couldn’t hear the words clearly.

‘Please honey, let me check the person.’ Kehinde said to his wife as he got up and proceeded towards the door. He wondered who could be at the door at that time of the night. He had checked the time on the wall clock before getting up. It was only fourteen minutes before the gate guarding the whole house would be locked. He concluded in his mind that it must be one of his neighbors in the building. It was one of those days he wished he already lived in his own house where he could lock the main gate at anytime he wants and create a limit to the time unwanted visitors had access to his door.

He peeped through the door hole and saw the visitor. He became instantly worried as he wondered what the reason for his coming could be.

‘Agent, what do I owe this visit tonight?’ he asked as he opened the door halfway.

‘Good evening Inspector Kehinde,’ Dave greeted.

‘Good evening Agent, what can I do for you?’ Kehinde replied in a tone that made it obvious to the agent that his presence wasn’t welcomed.

‘We need to talk Inspector,’ Dave replied unperturbed.

‘What do we need to talk about?’

‘You have to let me in or come out.’

‘Look Agent, my family is already asleep. We have to discuss anything we want to do right here,’ Inspector Kehinde said in low tones.

‘Honey! Who’s there?’ the Inspector’s wife called from inside.

‘It’s one of our neighbors,’ Kehinde replied back. ‘I’m coming in a minute time,’ he said before turning back to Dave. ‘One minute Agent, can we proceed?’

Dave stared at him for some seconds, he didn’t want to go about his mission brutally, he would have dealt with the Inspector for not regarding him well enough.

‘Inspector, I want to know what Senator Garuba Ahmed said to you before his death.’

‘I think I already told you and your partner earlier today when you visited, what else do you want me to tell you?’

‘You and I know that you didn’t say the truth,’ Dave replied. He paused for three seconds to stare at the man’s face. ‘I know for sure that Senator Garuba Ahmed confided in you and you’re scared to tell just anybody what he said to you and that’s why I’m here, you need to tell me, because I’m one person who is committed to unveiling the truth.’

The Inspector stared at him in silence for a while, then bit his lower lip slightly. ‘No one would say he isn’t working for the truth, every Agent and officers claims to be committed to the truth.’

‘You need to trust me Inspector, I’ve been on this case for a long time. I believe that Samantha Osman did not kill the Senator and I know you believe that too. I also believe that she didn’t kill Eze Okafor.’

Inspector Kehinde pondered deeply on the Agent’s last sentence. That was the first person after Senator Garuba Ahmed who he heard saying confidently that Samantha Osman wasn’t the killer of Eze Okafor. Maybe the Agent was the right person to tell the truth after all, seeing the possibility that the Agent knew the same thing the senator knew that made him defend Samantha Osman before his death.

He stepped out of his house and closed the door. ‘Yes, senator Garuba Ahmed confided in me. He told me about Samantha Osman’s visit to his house at midnight.’

‘Did he tell you details?’

‘Yes, he did.’ the Inspector replied, leading Dave away from the entrance to a quiet place. ‘The Senator also believes that she didn’t kill Eze Okafor, he was confident about it just like you are.’

‘What do you think made him confident that way?’

‘I think it was the meeting with her that changed his perception about her, he thought she was fighting for a good cause.’

‘And what do you think about it? Is she really fighting for a good cause?’

‘I don’t believe she was fighting for a good cause but I believe she didn’t kill Eze Okafor if it was really her that visited the senator that night. I heard the details of the news this night and comparing the time of Eze Okafor’s death to her visit to the Senator’s house, it couldn’t have been possible for her to be in two places at a time.’

‘Did the senator tell you what document she came for?’

‘Yes, some documents which were signed long ago. They are documents incriminating the Vice President, about some illegal businesses he carried out as the deputy governor of Lagos State.’

‘He didn’t mention the illegal businesses?’

‘He called them deals, I think they were done with the Vice President’s pharmaceutical company.’

‘Does the Vice President own a pharmaceutical company?’

‘I don’t know of any but if senator Garuba Ahmed said so, then it must be true.’

‘Did he have any idea what Samantha Osman planned to use the documents for?’

‘He mentioned a buried case against the Vice President and said the documents are the proof of the Vice President’s guiltiness. He believed that Samantha Osman is trying to make the Vice President pay.’

‘Hmm… That’s interesting,’ Dave drew in a breath deeply. He remained silent for a moment as he tried to connect the new information with the data already stored in his brain. ‘Do you still have something else to tell me?’

‘No, I think I just told you all I know.’

‘Thank you very much Inspector, Thank you for trusting me. I’d advise that you keep this information you have carefully for now, it could bring you into danger.’

‘I know Agent, thank you.’

‘Goodnight Inspector,’ Dave said and offered him a handshake.

‘Goodnight Agent,’ Inspector Kehinde replied and turned back to his apartment. His wife was already waiting for him at the door.





James pondered on the day’s event as he walked to his apartment. All through his stay in the office that day, his mind had been on his father’s case and the file Samantha Osman brought. It was obvious from Samantha Osman’s relentlessness that his father was guilty. And even if his father wasn’t guilty, he had expected that the man report the file to the police himself.

He couldn’t think of where to start in investigating the file’s veracity and he was afraid to even start. He was so sure of his father’s guilt.

He got into his house in a few minutes and turned on the light. Just like it happened a few days ago, Samantha Osman was seated in the same position and dressed in the same way, the only difference was that it didn’t come too much as a shock to James and he didn’t try to bring out his gun.

‘Welcome, James Elvis.’ Tarasha said without looking up, she was playing with the gun in her hands and staring at the floor. ‘I came to make a report against the Vice President to you and I see you’ve not done anything about it yet,’ she said and looked up briefly. She faced down again. ‘I know I may not succeed if I take him to court myself, and so I’ve decided to wait till Monday night to see your actions on it. But if you don’t act, I’d release the evidences I have to the media which includes the original copies of the documents in the files I gave to you and a lot more. So the course case would be your father and the public. ‘

She picked a file from the floor and rose up to her feet. She stared at the file for a moment before she began to proceed towards the door. ‘I’ll give you till Monday night, don’t forget.’

She left him on the spot like she did the first time and drove away in her car. The new file she brought along contained more documents against the Vice President. She had planned on giving them to James like she did with the first file but she changed her mind just to protect Dr Ekwueme. The file and documents were prepared by the doctor himself, so she wondered why he gave it to her when he knew it would put him in trouble as he himself was involved in the child trafficking crime.

To be continued


Answers to the last questions.
1. She saw the switch before entering into the building after the Queen left her.
2. Rex and Darya used their opponent’s injuries (weaknesses) against them.

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