Tarasha Season 2 Episode 119


‘It’s all over the news now,’ Dan said to Dave with a sigh. His right hand was on the mouse and the left elbow placed beside the keyboard at the other side. His eyes were focused on his desktop.

‘Yea, it’s been appearing on my browser’s notifications too.’

‘We really need to act fast,’ Dan said.

‘Yes, we do.’

Both of them remained in silence for a while. Dave began to ponder on the message Lizzy had sent him. If Victor had said he had a meeting by 10pm EST, could it mean that he really had something to do at that time? If he truly did, then Dave was sure that it wasn’t a meeting. The assasin team could probably be preparing for an operation that night. But as things were, he knew Victor was in Abuja and Samantha was in Anambra; there was no way they could go on an operation together. And maybe Victor truly had a meeting, it could be an online meeting with Samantha.

‘Dave, the Chairman just approved our trip.’ Dan said to Dave enthusiastically viewing a text message on his phone.

‘So, can we leave right away?’ Dave asked, unimpressed.

‘The next flight is for tomorrow morning.’

‘Can’t we just leave by road today?’

‘No, why should we rush when there’s a flight tomorrow? We won’t still be able to do anything until tomorrow.’

Dave sighed. He totally agreed with Dan. His impatience was getting a better hold of him and he needed to get himself together before running into an error.




Eze Okafor opened his eyes as he felt something touch his hands, he turned his head and looked around from his sleeping position, he couldn’t see anything. The height of the bed he was laying in made him realize he was still in the hospital and he remembered that he had asked the nurses to turn off the lights in the ward that night before they left him. He had hated the idea of having to wait till the next morning but the Doctor had advised that he stayed for closer observation and as a medical personnel himself he decided to respect the doctor’s advice.

Even though he couldn’t remember how he landed himself at the hospital nor what transpired between him and Samantha Osman, the testimony of others he had heard about it made the experience so real to him. The only thing he wondered was what Samantha Osman took from him and why she didn’t kill him. The police had claimed that it was due to their quick intervention that his life was saved but he did not believe them. He thought it was because there was no reason for Samantha Osman or her sponsors to want his life. He rather would believe that they were his friends as the popular saying goes ‘an enemy of your enemy is your friend’. Samantha Osman was an enemy of his arch enemy, Elvis Richards,

He felt the touch on his fingers again and then a noticeable movement. He tried to sit up immediately but a strong hand held him down. He could now see the figure of a man above him. He was confused for a moment and before he could take any other action, he could feel something round like the mouth of a gun on his neck.

A tiny and dim light originated from the person’s mask to his face. He closed his eyes for some seconds until they were able to accommodate the light. He couldn’t see the face of his attacker because of the mask but he knew it was a man and that the man was putting on black clothes.

‘I have very little time here,’ the attacker spoke in a voice he had never heard. ‘Tell me where Samantha Osman has gone to and what you gave to her?’

Eze tried to talk but he found it difficult as his attacker was still pushing his chest down. It seemed his difficulty was noticed because the hand was taken off his chest at that moment and a small knife pulled out from nowhere.

‘I don’t know what you’re talking about,’ Eze finally replied, breathing heavily.

‘Come on, don’t play naughty.’ Rex replied in a strong warning tone. ‘You were with Samantha Osman yesterday morning, she couldn’t have left you without taking anything from you.’

‘I don’t remember anything, I don’t remember her face. I was only told she attacked me yesterday,’ Eze replied.

‘How is that possible?’ Rex asked, threatening him as he moved the hand with the gun towards the man’s forehead.

‘I swear, I don’t remember anything, she used benryl.’ Eze Okafor said as he felt the cold weapon on his forehead. He tried to raise his legs and move away but to his surprise he discovered that his legs were already tied to the bed.

The attacker bent down swiftly to pick something, making sure his other hand still held the gun to Eze’s head for the moment. He took off the gun from the after rising up and quickly located the man’s two hands. He pulled them together and began to fasten a rope around it.

‘Who are…’ Eze tried to shout but a heavy blow that sent his eyes spinning round landed on his face.

His hands were tied to the headboard in no second and he realized that his attacker had really come for business. It occurred to him that the attacker must have been in the room for quite some time but wasn’t noticed because of the lights which he had insisted must be put off. He didn’t known when his legs were tied and he realized that his hands would have been tied too if he wasn’t awake at that time he felt the touch on his hands.

‘Now, talk to me. What did Samantha Osman go with?’ the man held him by the chin and stared into his face.

‘I don’t know, I can’t remember anything.’ Eze insisted. He could feel the saliva in his mouth already mixed with blood but couldn’t turn his neck to spit it out as the man held his chin firmly.

‘Who do you think sent her to you?’

‘I don’t know of anyone, I found it hard to believe when I was told that she came for me.’ Eze replied.

There was silence for about ten seconds. The attacker released his chin and then brought his gun to Eze’s neck again.

‘In 2011 and 2014,’ you signed a document for NOTD pharmaceutical company and placed on it the seal of the Ministry of Health. Where are those documents now?’

Eze stared blankly at the ceiling for some seconds, then his eyes turned to his attacker’s face. ‘The documents are not with me, they’ve never been with me,’ he said, still keeping the spittle in his mouth.

‘Where are they? Speak out you a***ole,’ Rex cursed.

‘I submitted all of them to the Inspector in charge of their case in the year they were tried,’ Eze answered with a trembling voice.

‘Who is this Inspector and where can I find him?’

‘His name is Garuba Ahmed and he’s serving as a senator of Kwara South now.’

‘Does he live in Kwara state?’

‘Yes, he does.’

‘Where in Kwara state?’

‘I don’t know exactly where but I’m sure he stays in the capital,’ Eze answered.

‘Are you sure of all these things you just told me?’

‘Yes, I’ve not told you any lie.’

Rex took away the gun from the man’s neck and took out something from his pocket. He turned the man’s face towards himself and covered his mouth with a tape. Then he took out his phone and walked towards the window, dialing a number.

He opened the window and inhaled the fresh air as he put the phone close to his ears.

‘Hello Rex,’ the Inspector General’s voice sounded from the other end.

‘IG, do you know who the serving senator of Kwara South is?’

There was silence for some seconds.

‘Garuba Ahmed?’ the Inspector General sounded somehow surprised. ‘What’s up with him?’

‘Eze Okafor just told me that the sealed documents are with him,’ Rex replied.

‘Yesss… That’s very possible. Garuba Ahmed was the police officer who investigated the case in 2014.’

‘So you are affirming that he told me the truth?’

‘Yes, it should be the truth.’

Rex turned back into the ward and stared at the man on the bed for a while. ‘Do get every information you think I’d need about Garuba Ahmed and send it to me as soon as possible,’ he said into the phone as he began to walk back towards the bed.

‘Okay Rex,’ the IG replied.

The call ended and Rex dipped the phone back into his pocket. He took out a neatly folded handkerchief in a transparent nylon and tore off the nylon. Then he covered the man’s nose with the handkerchief.


Kwara State

Klubbspartakuz, Tanke, Ilorin.


Latest Nigerian afro pop songs were being blasted through the speakers as the scantily dressed women and sweating men rubbed their bodies against each other. Most of them were drunk and their dance steps didn’t match with the beat but they danced anyway and enjoyed themselves.

Klubbspartakuz, a section of the Princewill Luxury Guesthouse was located at Plot 131, Pipeline Road in Tanke, Ilorin. The nightclub was a place of attraction for most young men and women who liked to club and party and it was also an avenue to find ‘heavy loaded’ girls who were always capable of making a man’s night ‘wonderful’.

The night was Segun’s birthday celebration and like most spoilt rich kids, the guy had spent so much money in organizing the party. There was so much to drink and assorted meats to go with them. In attendance of the party was Segun’s friend, Toheeb Ahmed, the last son and last born of senator Garuba Ahmed. As usual, Toheeb who was a party freak and a womanizer had his hands wrapped around a girl’s waist and was screaming for joy as she rubbed her behind against him like her whole life depended on it. You couldn’t blame the girl, she knew he was a ‘big fish’ and knew how much she could get off him if she succeeded in making him take her to his hotel room that night.

The girl suddenly stopped the action on Toheeb and took away his hands from her waist. She turned to him and put a palm on her forehead with her eyes closed, it seemed as if she had developed a headache.

‘I’ll be back,’ she said with a squeezed face before walking away from his front. Toheeb continued dancing and looking around for another girl who was free for him to rock. That’s how he lived in real life, he had no girlfriend he was committed to. He believed in jumping from one girl to another and enjoying what every of them had to offer. He had what they needed -money- and he lavished it on them as far as they were able to satisfy him in bed.

Soon, he began to see two girls coming towards him from different directions. One was dancing towards him with signs of sweat all over her body, meaning she had been dancing for a long time. The other who was on low cut was holding a glass of drink and looked like she had just joined the party. He wondered if the new girls would be as efficient as the one who had just left him. He had loved that one and wouldn’t have allowed her go if she wasn’t looking sick.

He had noticed her dancing energy gradually reducing about two minutes before she eventually stopped, that was after another clubber had mistakenly collided with her while rushing through the dancing crowd. The person did not wait after the collision but moved faster and disappeared out of sight, but the two dancers were too lost in fun and didn’t pay much attention to it before they continued with their dance.

The sweating girl got to Toheeb first and was about to wrap her hands around his neck when the other one pushed her away gently with her palm, still holding the glass of beer in the other hand. The push seemed gentle but the affected girl had reacted by squeezing her face tightly and then holding her belly for some seconds. Then she turned and walked away weakly.

Toheeb was less concerned about what happened. It wasn’t the first time girls fought and injured themselves over him and he actually liked watching them do it. Besides, the girl on low cut seemed a lot more attractive than the other. The scent from her perfume alone which filled his nostrils made his knees quiver and sent some currents down his body, especially to his male organ.

He fastened his eyes on her thighs which were revealed under the mini gown. He could swear he had never seen one as beautiful as that. His hands located her waist as she began to do a dance on his body. She paused a bit and placed the glass cup to her mouth. She let out a sigh of satisfaction and then placed it to his mouth and made him gulp down the remaining contents of the cup. Then she bent briefly and rolled the cup away somewhere close to the chairs.

They continued the dance as she rolled her backside on his already awoken organ, he felt a feeling he had never felt before.

He opened his eyes widely and stared at her, the currents still racing through his body as his hormones rushed in excitement. His fingers found it’s way down her waist and was heading for her thighs. He located the tip of the gown and dipped his fingers in, moving them up slowly to locate her underpant. He couldn’t control himself again, all he wanted was to undress her and get to work.

She pushed his hands away quickly and faced him, she pressed her chest against his and placed a light kiss on his lips.

‘Let’s locate a room,’ she whispered in a sexy voice to his ears.

‘Alright baby,’ he said with a chuckle and squeezed her backside with his fingers. She giggled at the gesture and then pulled him by the wrist. She led him away from the dance floor.

She led him to the garage where his car was parked despite his protest for them to go into the hotel instead. He was drunk and had very little control over himself, he couldn’t resist much.

‘I booked a room in the hotel,’ he said in a drunken voice as she pushed his back against his car at the driver’s side.

She leaned against him and dipped her hand into his trouser. His eyes widened and his whole body vibrated in excitement as she gripped his organ.

‘Let’s go to your house?’ she whispered into his ear again.

‘But…’ he was about to protest but his body shook in excitement again when she fondled it with her fingers. ‘I..I can’t drive..like…this,’ he stammered.

‘I’ll drive, where are the keys?’ she asked. He pointed to his pocket and she dipped her other hand into it and took out the keys. Then she assisted him to the other side of the car and made him sit in the passenger’s side. She stared at him for a second. The drug she put in the drink was already working and he didn’t know what he was doing again. She had to get to the house quickly before he sleeps off totally.

She closed the door to where he was seated and quickly rushed to the other side of the car park. She opened another vehicle and took a bag from the passenger’s side before returning to Toheeb’s car. She threw the bag to the backseat and opened the car engine with the key, then she pushed the start button and the car came to life.

Unknown to Toheeb, he had been followed right from his father’s house at the GRA. Tarasha had followed him when he left the house that night by 10.30pm. She had seen his car been driven out of the compound while surveying the house that night. She didn’t know who it was in the car but she saw the person as an opportunity for her to get into the house. She had thought he was only going out briefly and was returning home that night but he drove all the way to the club. She followed him in and kept a reasonable distance for the first few minutes.

She saw his face properly when he stepped out of the car and recognized him from the picture of Garuba Ahmed’s family which she had seen while making a research on the senator. She took a few minutes to map out the strategy to use in getting into the house with him and then had to rush back to the hotel room she had put her bags at the GRA to change her clothes and also get the necessary drugs and tools that would aid her work.

Part of the drugs she brought with her were some poisonous pins which she kept glued to her wrist through the magnetic skin wristwatch. One of the pins had been used to pierce the body of the first girl who was dancing with Toheeb. Her weakness was slow and gradual because the pin didn’t penetrate into a place where the content could contact with her blood easily. The second girl had gotten weak instantly as the pin did not just pierce her arm but got stuck in the right place for some few seconds.

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Abdulkaldir Road, GRA Ilorin.


Tarasha pushed the horn for the fifth time and all she could still hear were the dogs barking in response. Only after the seventh time did a man appear behind the gate. He peeped briefly and quickly recognized Toheeb’s car. He walked back in and opened the gate only after two minutes, Tarasha knew he must have taken time to cage the dogs having seen a stranger in the car with Toheeb. She drove into the compound and stopped halfway, trying to locate where the garage was. She finally did and parked behind a Lexus Jeep carrying the senator’s name as the plate number.

‘Bros Toheeb, shey Daddy don say make you no dey come house by this time of the night again?’ the gateman spoke to Toheeb in Nigerian pidgin English as he approached them. He was asking why Toheeb returned at that time of the day when the senator had instructed for it not to happen.

‘Shut up!’ Toheeb slammed at him drunkenly. He had already opened the door and had stepped out before Tarasha could come to him from the driver’s side.

‘He’s tired, can I take him inside?’ Tarasha asked, now supporting Toheeb by the arm.

The gateman faced her for a second and then shook his head in disregard. He felt irritated with the way she was dressed sluttishly but he tried his best to hide his it.

‘Just dey go your own Aunty, I wan open the dogs back now.’ the Security man replied. He had asked in pidgin for Tarasha to leave immediately so that he could uncage the dogs.

‘She’s following me into my room, I’m going to **** her tonight.’ Toheeb said and roared with laughter.

‘I’m spending the night with him,’ Tarasha said to the gateman in support of Toheeb.

The gateman stared at her for a second, wondering how she didn’t feel embarrassed the way Toheeb talked about sleeping with her. She was a slut! He concluded in his mind.

‘Okay, make una pass back o. Oga go hear if una pass front.’ he advised and stood to watch as Toheeb directed the way and she helped him walk without falling.

He wondered how the senator would feel seeing the girl in his house the next morning. It wasn’t Toheeb’s first time of bringing a random girl home but the ungodly hour at which this happened was what the senator would likely get mad about.

…to be continued



From the previous episode, how did Tarasha escape after dropping Eze Okafor in the uncompleted building?