Tarasha Episode 74


Tarasha tried her best to avoid the stares she was getting from the rest of the team as Cole drove them out of the house in one of the Senate President’s cars. Except for the Senate President’s eyes which were staring in fear, the others were expecting an explanation for their new change in plan. But Tarasha wasn’t ready to talk much, they would understand the new plan as time goes on.

‘Park there,’ Tarasha pointed to a small empty space as she ordered Cole who took a glance back and then pulled over immediately.

‘Everyone should step out.’ She added. She started by stepping out first and then the others followed her. Cole who was still in the guards uniform was the last to step out. ‘Our car is parked six metres away from here, we’ll leave this here and get into that.’ She explained and then held the Senate President’s hand in hers, she began to lead the way. ‘Come on smile, we ain’t flogging you.’ Tarasha said to Nasiru who gave a forced smile immediately.

Before leaving the Senate President’s house, Tarasha had promised the guards that the man would be returned to them before twelve noon the next day. She also made Nasiru force his guards not to report to the authorities or alert the guards outside. It was also easy for them to drive out of the house because Cole was putting on a guard’s uniform and the cap to cover his face, the guards outside all thought that the Senate President was going somewhere not too far with his guests as the man was made to smile at them and promise to return soon as they drove out through the gate.

They got to the car in less than one minute, Tarasha took out the keys and handed it over to Cole. She and Aisha entered into the backseat with the Senate President in the middle.

‘Drive to where Benny’s car was parked,’ Tarasha said after Cole started the car engine. ‘When we get there, Benny and Aisha would get into the car and follow us. We may need to go different ways later on but you can always locate this car with the tracker.’ In five minutes time, they got to where Benny’s car was parked, Benny and Aisha did as they had been instructed.

The cars followed closely behind each other, they kept driving straight forward without making any turn for twenty minutes. Tarasha was quiet, so was the rest of the team where they were. Only Nasiru had begun to shiver uncomfortably and Tarasha noticed.

‘What’s the matter?’ She asked, even though she was sure why the man was trembling. Nasiru’s lips vibrated for sometime without making any word, then after forty seconds he was able to find his voice.

‘It’s past thirty minutes already and the bomb hasn’t still been deactivated,’ he said half stammering. Tarasha smiled and stretched her hand to pick a device behind them, on the screen were two timers not reading and regulators beside them. She typed in a password and turned on the first one which had six minutes left and used the regulator to increase the time to twenty minutes.

‘I turned off the bombs before, thank you for reminding to switch them on.’ She said with a smile before returning the device. Nasiru’s trembling increased and he started mumbling words to himself, Tarasha listened carefully and found out that he was reciting words from the Quran. She laughed in her heart and sat properly, she stretched out her hands and began quote some prayers from the Hisnul Hasin loudly. Nasiru paused and stared at her in shock.

‘You’re a Muslim my daughter,’ he said in a shaky voice.

‘Who the hell is your daughter? Don’t you get that no God is going to come save you here?’ Tarasha slammed. ‘The gods you serve are murderers themselves, more brutal than the ruthless assassins ever.’ The man was shocked at her words and decided to remain silent, even Cole glanced back at Tarasha after she spoke.

Nasiru dipped his two palms in between his knees, he shut his eyes and kept making prayers in his heart. After sometime he stopped and summoned more courage to talk.

‘Please you can kill me or do anything you want with me but don’t harm my family. My wife and daughter are still in the house.’ Tarasha chuckled,

‘who told you I was going to kill you? I know your life doesn’t mean anything to you, that’s why I want to take the lives of those that mean much to you.’ Tears rolled down the man’s cheeks and he rubbed his palms together in a pleading manner,

‘please don’t do that. Punish me for whatever offence I must have committed against you. I know I’m a man with multitude of sins and blood in his hands, please punish the offender and leave the innocent ones to live.’ Tarasha pulled her bag from the back and opened it. She began to search in it for the book she had taken away from the study in the man’s house.

‘Wipe off your face now and keep quiet until I ask you to talk. If we’re stopped by the police or anyone else on the road, consider your wife and your daughter gone.’ She said to the man. Nasiru quickly wiped off the tears and cleaned his nose, he sat properly and relaxed his back.

‘Good,’ Tarasha continued after he was settled, she had found the book but she hid it under her bag on her lap. ‘Now answer my questions quickly,’ she paused and checked the bomb timing device at the back, six minutes was gone already. ‘You have twenty three more minutes to answer my questions and save your wife and daughter, hope you would cooperate.’

‘Yes, I will.’ The man nodded in agreement.

‘Good boy!’ Tarasha smiled and smack her lips. ‘The Vice President called you on phone while we were in your study, what was your discussion about?’ Nasiru took in a deep breath and sniffed,

‘he called to inform me that Don, one of our boys was almost caught by the police today.’

‘Your boy, how is he your boy?’ Tarasha asked, sounding more interested in the conversation.

‘He used to work for us several years ago but we stopped calling him for…I mean I stopped calling him for jobs, I had no need of his services again since I stopped the bad activities we were once involved in.’

‘Hmm… ‘Tarasha chuckled, ‘we’ll come back to those your bad activities. But why did you call him back?’

‘I didn’t call him back, Vice President Elvis did. He called him when he…’ Nasiru paused and drew in another deep breath, staring at Tarasha’s face in fear. ‘He called him back when we got scared of your presence in Nigeria, he saw that you have taken out all the remaining people that we used to work together and we were expecting that we will be your next targets.’ Nasiru continued with his face and voice full of regrets. ‘Elvis has always been the one who has the boys under direct control, so I don’t know much about their activities apart from what he tells me. I just know that he called back Don to find you before you get to us.’

‘Interesting!’ Tarasha licked her lips like she was enjoying his story. ‘So you brought Don for Samantha Osman?’ She asked, staring at his face, he nodded in agreement. ‘Then what was he doing in Henry E.G’s house earlier today?’

‘We got to find out that Henry worked closely with you, so he tried to get to Henry, so that he could get to you through him.’

‘How did you find out that Henry worked closely with Samantha?’ Tarasha asked, putting on a serious look.

‘We get our information directly from the police, Chief Elvis is working with them on your case.’

‘On Samantha Osman’s case you mean?’ Tarasha corrected him.

‘Yes, Samantha Osman. Are you not her?’ Nasiru asked.

‘I am, but I’m so many people also.’ Tarasha paused and faced the road. ‘Take the left turn,’ she said to Cole and then picked out her phone.

‘That’s out of town boss,’ Cole stated in a bass voice.

‘Yes, I know. We’re going back to the first house we landed in Abuja.’ She replied. Cole spoke back no more and he turned as he was ordered to, he took a look at the side mirror to see Benny who was driving behind them, he made some signals to him with his fingers.

‘Aisha,’ Tarasha spoke into her phone. ‘You and Benny should go back to the hotel where we came from, gather all your loads and tell me when you’re through gathering them.’ She ended the call and began to search for something in her bag. she would need to blindfold the man so that he wouldn’t have idea of where they were going to.’

~~~ 11.30pm

Agent Dakolo hissed severally as he stretched and turned round the bed to look for his phone which was ringing for the second time, he finally found it, the call was from the office. He shook his head partly in annoyance as he sat up. He had been busy all day and worked overtime. Now, it was time to rest and someone was still disturbing him from the office. He was very sure in his heart that it was a matter that couldn’t wait till the next day.

‘Hello,’ he said as he answered the call reluctantly.

‘Agent Dakolo, there’s an emergency right now.’ A female voice came through, Dakolo readjusted himself as he heard the word ’emergency’ and noticed the urgency in her voice.

‘We just got a call from the Senate President’s mansion that the man has been abducted over an hour ago by a group whose leader claimed to be Samantha Osman.’

‘D–n!’ Dakolo cursed as he flew up from the bed, not waiting to hear what the caller still had to say. He proceeded at once to the wardrobe to select the clothes he would put on.

‘Are you still there sir?’ He heard a shout from the phone he dropped on the bed as he tried to button his shirt. He picked up the phone again,

‘sorry, I didn’t hear the last thing you said.’

‘They implanted a bomb around the Senate President’s daughter’s body. She’s still tied to her bed as at now and can’t move until the bomb is deactivated and removed.’ The female voice repeated aggressively.

‘Shi*t! Thank you, how many men do we still have left in the office?’

‘Less than ten sir.’

‘Okay, mobilize them into two vans. Let them take all the highly sophisticated weapons with them. But first, mobilize the head of the anti-bomb squad.’ Dakolo ordered before ending the call. He dialed Ken’s phone number immediately, it took sometime for the call to be answered.

‘Agent sir,’ Ken’s sleepy voice spoke.

‘Ken, the Senate President has been abducted by Samantha Osman. They’ve also installed a bomb around his daughter’s body, meet me there as quick as possible.’

‘Yes sir,’ every note of sleepiness had been eliminated from Ken’s voice by the news.

‘Make sure you carefully take note of anything you see on your way.’ Dakolo added before ending the call.

~~~ 11.30pm

Tarasha, Cole and Nasiru had arrived at their first Lodge in Abuja, the same place they had to leave when Henry found out about it. The Senate President was sitting in the three seater old rickety sofa while Tarasha sat on the sofa opposite his. The place had become so dusty again within the brief period it had not been occupied by anyone.

‘Mr Nasiru, what would you like to take?’ Tarasha finally broke the silence. Nasiru shook his head in negative, folding his arms like someone who was freezing in the cold. ‘Tell me, so that I would tell the rest of the team to get it for you on the way.’ Nasiru still gave no reply.

Tarasha got up, taking her bag along with her, she was still dressed in the same gown she wore on the man’s house. She sat close to him on the arm of the sofa the man was seating.

‘Since, you don’t want anything. I guess you’ll like to speak up before I blow up your daughter and the whole house.’ She threatened, bringing out the timing device. She had prolonged the time to two hours.

‘I’ll tell you anything you want,’ Nasiru finally spoke, realizing that his daughter still had the bomb tied around her body.

‘Good,’ Tarasha smiled and took out a book. She wiped off the sweat forming on her forehead, cleaning the makeup with it. That part of her face began to show its real colour. She took out the book from her bag, ‘these books documents some of your secret deals, isn’t it?’

‘Yes, it does.’

‘And all these people whose names are written here,’ she pointed to the part of the front cover where the names were inscribed. ‘They were in your group?’

‘Yes, we all did illegal businesses together peacefully until some of us change political parties.’

‘How many of them are still alive?’

‘Two of us… Ermm maybe three. I’m one of the persons alive, the vice President is also alive, you killed thre…’ He cut short his statement as his eyes met with hers, he noticed that the colour on her forehead had changed.

‘Who is the third person alive?’

‘Gabriel, I’m not sure if he’s really alive. The last I heard of him was when he was released from prison, it was said that he suffered from stroke and had run to hide himself in Benin Republic.’

‘Hmm… Why didn’t you help him? Wasn’t he your former business partner?’ Nasiru paused and sniffed in mucus, he took a deep breath and stared at Tarasha’s face, trying to find the best way to answer.

‘Gabriel is our enemy.’

‘Our? What do you mean by our?’

‘He betrayed us; I, the Vice President, Chief Jubril, Chief Nnamdi and Kelechi Edwin. He betrayed us.’

‘How did he betray you?’

‘Ermm…’Nasiru began to stammer as he couldn’t find words to support his accusation.

‘Hehe,’ Tarasha got up and stood at his front, then she squatted and looked into his eyeballs. ‘You’re still lying to me Mister, I guess you don’t know what I can do.’

‘We actually betrayed him,’ Nasiru finally confessed. ‘Elvis Richards brought the idea of sending him to prison and wiping out his family.’

‘So you wiped off someone’s family and sent him to prison?’ Tarasha got up slowly, ‘and now you’re trying to do charity up and down to cover your sins right?’ Nasiru gave no reply, tears began to drop down his cheeks.

‘Just kill me now, I know I have to pay for my sins. I’m ready.’ Tarasha took her gaze away from his face as Cole walked into the living room at that moment. She walked away to meet Cole, she said something in his ears before returning. Cole returned back to carry out her orders.

‘We won’t kill you,’ Tarasha said to the man. ‘We’ll keep you alive until you stop cooperating. If you cooperate till the end, we’ll let you go but drop you on another country.’ It sounded like a miracle to Nasiru as his eyes lit up with hope. ‘We’ll need you for a video tomorrow.’ Tarasha added.

‘A video, would my face show?’

‘Of course it would,’ Tarasha replied with a short laugh. ‘Or do you prefer dying?’

‘No, I prefer the video.’

‘Good,’ Tarasha clapped her hands.

‘Now, get up. Let me show you the room you’ll pass your night.’ The man got up and Tarasha led him to a room, she made him sit on the bed and handcuffed his left hand to the wooden part. Tarasha’s phone rang.

‘Hello… Okay, just come.’ She spoke briefly and ended the call. Then she dropped the phone just beside Nasiru. She bent to pull off his shoes.

‘We’ll record the video tomorrow, don’t try anything silly.’ Tarasha said before turning back. She walked out of the place leaving her phone behind. As soon as Nasiru could no longer hear her footsteps, he picked up the phone and dialed a number in a hurry.

‘Hello… I don’t know where I am now but I’m still with the assassins, you can get this location by tracking this phone call… Yes, I’m safe for now. They promised not to kill me if I cooperate with them.’

‘Have you blocked all access to this location?’ Tarasha asked as she stepped into Cole’s room.

‘Yes Boss,’ Cole replied, taking a quick glance as she journeyed towards him. She sat beside him in the bed and then laid back flat. ‘Hope you used the right IMEI?’ She asked, rubbing her palm on her forehead.

‘Yes, I did.’ Cole replied and the room went silent for few minutes. Cole was acting as if he was busy with his laptop but he wasn’t concentrating. His mind was in Tarasha’s body which laid beside him. He glanced down her thighs once again and took in a deep breath. After a hard day’s work like this, a girl with Tarasha’s kind of body would have been the best thing to refresh his body. He wished he could have her right away.

He turned his face back to the laptop and cautioned himself in his heart. What he needed was rest, he thought to himself. How on earth was he even thinking about s-x when his whole body was still aching? He had only managed to escape death from Nasiru’s personal guard, he should be thanking God for his life.

‘He should have finished with his phone call,’ Tarasha said and stood up swiftly.

‘Yes, he’s done.’ Cole said after minimizing a window to check the call monitoring app.

‘How many minutes is the recording?’

‘Forty nine seconds,’ Cole answered.

‘He made only one call?’

‘Yes, only one.’


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‘Inspector,’ Agent Dakolo called from his car after pressing the horn twice when he saw Ken at the gate entrance.

‘Sir,’ Ken turned around to answer. The agent drove away to park somewhere suitable but very close.

‘How long have you arrived?’ Dakolo asked as he stepped out of the car and locked the doors hurriedly.

‘Just now sir, not up to a minute.’ Ken replied, walking towards the man.

‘Has the anti-bomb squad arrived?’

‘Not yet,’ Ken answered, shaking his head to emphasize his point.

‘Are they not supposed to be on standby?’ Dakolo asked no one in particular, taking out his phone as he hurried towards the gate. Just then, they could see the headlights of two vehicles coming towards them. They recognized the vehicles as the police vans.

‘I think a lot of them are not used to being called up by this time of the night,’ Ken replied.

‘That’s… Hello,’ Dakolo turned away from Ken as his call had been answered. ‘Where is the anti-bomb squad? They’re nowhere to be found yet… Okay, they have to hurry up and get here as soon as possible.’ He ended the call and turned back to Ken. ‘She said they had to come to the office first from their house to pick some tools, they’ll be here soon since there’s no holdup in traffic.’

Ken and Dakolo walked up to the security men standing in front of the gate and began to ask questions.

‘How did it happen?’ Dakolo was first to talk. A man with a stout figure was the person who replied him, he had a thick Hausa accent.

‘About two hours ago, we saw the Senate President drive out of the house in one of his favorite cars. The first thing that got us suspicious was that neither his personal security officer nor the assistant were with him but we saw a man in our uniform driving the car, so we thought it was one of us. We thought it was only three of the guests that were with him since we didn’t know the driver of the car was disguised, we believed that there was still one of the guests in the house. What made my suspicion rise more was…’

‘Inspector Ken,’ Dakolo cut the man’s talk. ‘Please excuse me,’ he said politely to the guard and turned back to Ken. ‘Go in with some guys to check the situation in there.’

‘Okay,’ Ken said and moved back to select the boys that were going in with him. ‘Please go on,’ Dakolo said to the guard after they had given way for Ken and four police officers to enter. The stout figure guard cleared his throat and continued,

‘as I was saying, I began to suspect something fishy when the man did not return in thirty minutes time. I knew he could not go out for that long if he wasn’t with his security officer. Then I tried to call his personal security officer but the call wasn’t answered, I had to go in to ask of him. That was when I noticed the unusual quietness in the house, I saw Mrs Nasiru laying on a chair in the parlour while the nurse was attending to her. The other guards explained that the Senate President’s guests which he had been preparing for all day turned out to be assassins, they were led in here by Samantha Osman.

We later found Mr Nasiru’s personal security officer and one other guard in a room upstairs unconscious.’

‘But why didn’t they call immediately they noticed that the guests were strange people? How on earth were they able to penetrate into this kind of tightly secured house without an alarm being raised? How did they get into a room with the man’s daughter and still had the boldness to fix an explosive on her body? That means they must have spent much time here’

‘They came in some minutes after eight o’clock and we didn’t conduct any search on them, that was the instruction we got.’

‘Interesting, I need to…’ Dakolo was interrupted by a loud horn. The anti-bomb squad had arrived.

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“Madam, hope they didn’t hurt you’ Ken asked Mrs Nasiru with so much concern shown in his voice.

‘She’s okay,’ the nurse attending to her replied. Mrs Nasiru was seated on the settee with a worried look on her face as she was been administered drugs by the nurse. They only injected her some substances to make her so weak and she’s fast recuperating from the weakness.’ The nurse explained.

‘Please can she talk to us now?’

‘Yes, but I won’t like you bother her with so many questions or anything that’ll bring anxiety.’

‘Okay, thanks.’ Ken dragged a footstool and placed it close to the woman, he sat on it and waited for the nurse to finish attending to her before he started.

‘I’m sorry about the unfortunate incident madam, but the police are ready to bring back your husband to you hale and hearty. That’s why you need to provide us all informations you have to help our work.’ He explained and then paused for a few seconds as if to get the woman’s approval before starting the questions. ‘Ma, did you also meet with those guests?’ Mrs Nasiru didn’t reply immediately but continued staring at Ken’s face with a pitiable expression on her face. Then she sniffed in and exhaled.

‘I met them, I served them, they ate on my dining table.’ She replied in a low voice with so much grief.

‘Who did they say they were?’

‘My husband told me that they were Nigerian delegates from a charity organization in Canada. They had come to work with the Ata’s foundation in their vision of eradicating poverty. He said that they had a plan to organise a conference to educate the elites in the country on the relevance of helping the less privileged.’

‘Is that all you know about them?’

‘They organized a food campaign for people in the slums of Katsina sometime last week where they distributed several bags of rice, cooking utensils and other food stuffs.’

‘That means they’ve been like partners with the Ata’s foundation?’

‘Yes, but just recently.’

‘Okay,’ Ken paused and quickly typed in some things into his Android device. ‘Did you notice anything strange about them when they arrived?’

‘No, they looked like normal people. We thought they had only come to pay us a visit and return to their lodge tomorrow morning.’

‘Then how did it all change?’

‘It all started after the meal, I was preparing their rooms with the maids while my husband was showing them around the house. It was surprising for me when he called that I should come downstairs immediately. He told me that it was like their systems were reacting to the meal they just took, asking if we had put something unusual to spice up the food as two of the guest had already been rushed to the toilet.’

‘Oh! I see…’ Ken’s phone rang, he checked his screen and then excused himself from the woman.


‘Inspector Ken,’ Dakolo’s voice came through, ‘please take care of the situation while I go in search of the assassins or any clue they must have dropped closeby. The anti-bomb squad has arrived already and will be with you shortly.’

‘Okay,’ Ken replied and the call ended. Just as he was about to return the phone into his pocket, three men dressed in anti-bomb squad uniform walked into the living room.

‘Inspector Ken,’ one of them called.

‘Inspector,’ Ken walked back a little and received a brief handshake from the leader of the squad.

‘Where’s the girl and have you seen the bomb, how it was attached?’

‘No, I’ve not seen her.’ Ken replied. One of the guards walked towards them quietly,

‘she’s still in the room’ he said pointing in direction of the way to take.

‘Okay,’ the leader of the anti-bomb squad said and they followed the guard.

‘What’s this thing I’m hearing about bomb?’ Mrs Nasiru asked, looking seriously worried and tensed. She had not been allowed to see the same picture her husband had seen that made him scream then, so she wasn’t aware of the danger their daughter was in. She had also been sedated for a long time and the guards didn’t tell her anything about the bomb or her daughter when she woke, they only told her that her daughter was fine and outside the house.

‘Where’s Fatima?’ She asked, fidgeting all over.

‘Don’t worry ma, Fatima would be fine.’ Ken replied, oblivious of the fact that she wasn’t aware about her daughter’s plight. ‘The police are in charge of the situation.’ Ken returned back to the stool and sat in front of her.

‘What happened to her?’ She asked stretching her two hands forward, her face clearly showed her ignorance about the matter.

‘Nothing madam,’ this was when Ken realized that she didn’t know a bomb was tied round Fatima.

‘I was told she was outside,’ the woman said, struggling to get up.

‘Yes, I met her outside.’ Ken said, trying to stop her. The nurse also ran forward to them and tried to put the woman back to her seat.

‘No, I want to see her now, I want to see my daughter now.’ The woman was adamant and she pushed the nurse away. Ken followed, trying to convince her to wait and relax but he tried his best not to touch her. She didn’t take more than six steps forward before she collapsed.


Dakolo sat in the front seat of the van with the driver as they rode recklessly. The roads were very free at that time of the night, so there was a very little possibility of an accident. Dakolo’s eyes were wandering all around the place, searching for the car with the description that he got from the guards. Although he knew it was a fruitless search as the assassins would have gone a long way with it already, that was if they did not change the car like he expected them to. He had it in mind that it was possible that the assassins could have killed the man and left his body in the car somewhere.

His phone rang and he checked the screen, it was from Ken.

‘Inspector Ken.’

‘Agent sir, where are you?’

‘Just a few distance from the house. We’ll be coming back now to the house. Have you gotten any information from the woman?’

‘I got only a little and she’s even unconscious now but the security staffs here said that they received a call from the Senate President some few minutes ago but the number which he used to call was not displayed. Also all their trials to track the number has been futile.’

‘Okay, I’m coming back now. Get every information about the call from them. Then call the office and relay it to them, let them track it and tell us the location the call came from.’

‘Okay sir,’ Ken said and the call ended.

‘Please take the next turn back,’ Dakolo said and returned to the phone to his pocket.

‘Wait!’ He shouted suddenly again. ‘Isn’t that the Bentley Jeep they described to us?’


‘Boss, the police are everywhere in Asokoro, a lot of patrol cars are going around.’ Benny said as he stepped out out of the car and Aisha from the other side.

‘Hope you didn’t have troubles getting here,’ Tarasha replied, walking back to the entrance of the house. She had been the one who opened the gate for them to enter.

‘No, we were seen as late night travelers, there were no weapons in my car.’

‘Good,’ Tarasha chuckled. ‘Hope you got the bulbs I asked you to get?’ She asked as she opened the door for them to walk in. She walked in after them and closed the door.

‘No boss, all the stores were already closed.’ Benny replied, keeping a sorry look on his face.

‘Dumb reason, I wasn’t expecting you to buy it, I know you couldn’t get by this time of the night. I was expecting you to uninstall them from any house or place you see them. Now we’ll have to wait till late morning to record the video.’ Tarasha said and walked away into the room where she left Cole.

Benny stood motionless for a while, Aisha was smiling at him. He couldn’t imagine that she was expecting him to steal bulbs at that time of the night when the police were raiding all over.


‘Has he made another call yet?’ Tarasha asked as she entered into the room.

‘No boss, I think he’s being careful not to raise suspicion.’

‘Who did he call?’

‘He called his home, he told them that he was safe for now and wasn’t going to be killed. He asked them to track the call and find his location.’

‘I need him to make more calls, I want him to call the police officer who gives them information.’

‘Hmm…’ Cole hummed, wondering how that was going to help them.

‘Most importantly, I want him to call the Vice President. I need to confirm if all the stories he told me were true.’ Tarasha added.

Benny walked into the room, taking off his shirt, unaware of Tarasha’s presence. He flung the shirt away, only for it to land on his Boss’s shoulder. Benny quickly dropped to his knees on realizing what he had just done. She took the shirt away and threw it on the floor. She gave him a crooked smile.

‘Don’t worry, you’ll return the man’s dead body to his house tomorrow.’ She said it with a serious tone, although she didn’t mean it.

‘Huh?’ Benny opened his mouth in shock, he felt the punishment was too severe for him. Any other punishment would have been better but this would definitely get him caught by the police.

‘Boss, what about the assignment you said we were going to handle immediately after this?’ Cole asked, trying to help Benny out of the situation.

‘I’ll handle that, but I won’t attack, he will be expecting me now. I’ll either wait for him to find me or send you guys to him later. It’ll be easier for you to handle since he was your boss.’ Tarasha said and walked out of the room. Benny who did not understand her words turned to Cole who looked like he understood better.

‘She’s talking about Don, he was hired to find and kill her.’ Cole explained to Benny. …

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to be continued