Tarasha Episode 72


Tarasha sat quietly in the backseat of the Carera Cabriolet Porsche streaming the video from the monitor cameras in the house. She was well disguised with makeups as a dark girl and a black wig on her head, she still looked quite beautiful though. Soon, the door to the front seat was opened and someone stepped into the passenger’s side, Tarasha didn’t bother to look up but only glanced at her wristwatch and continued to look into the device. Five minutes later, the door to the driver’s side and the other side of the back seat opened. Cole and Aisha stepped into the car quietly. Tarasha minimized the collection of footages she was watching and opened another collection with four options. She selected the options one after the other and each showed the area where the four different cars were.

‘We’re good to go, ” she finally announced and looked up. Cole started the engine at once and drove off. They were allowed to enter into the compound of the Senate President’s mansion without going through any security protocols. No search was conducted on their vehicle neither was any individual searched. The compound was a very large one with several gardens in it. The atmosphere there was different as the ornamental shrubs and trees helped to purify the tensed air.

The wide parking space also had several exotic cars whose colours added to the beauty of the whole place. Their arrival was announced to the Senate President immediately they entered and he was out in front of the house to welcome them even before they parked their car.

‘Good evening sir,’ the team led by Mr Alfred greeted simultaneously. The men had only their handsets in their hands while the two ladies had small handbags with them.

‘Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen,’ Nasiru greeted back with a smile. He extended his hand for a handshake to Mr Alfred first and then the rest of the team. ‘You were in Lagos when I met with your colleagues,’ Nasiru stated with a smile when he got to the new lady.

‘Yes sir.’

‘What’s your name?’

‘I’m Evelyn sir,’ Tarasha replied.

‘Oh! Nice to meet you Miss Evelyn, how was your research job and trip from Lagos?’

‘The research was fine sir and the journey was also splendid.’

‘Nice,’ Nasiru gave a broad smile.

‘Thanks,’ Tarasha bent her knees slightly in curtsy as he shook her hands again.

‘You’re welcome,’ Nasiru said and turned to the whole team. ‘I welcome you all to my home. I hope you’ll have a nice time with me.’ He said as he ushered them into the house. ‘Do you have any bag inside your car that you’ll like to get?’

‘Not for now sir,’ Mr Alfred replied. Several guards were standing in different positions in the house but only one was following Nasiru from a distance, he was Nasiru’s personal bodyguard, huge and muscular. The guards and security officers were all dressed in the same uniforms except for the personal bodyguard who was dressed in casuals.

The assassins continued to take note of their environment.

‘Meet my darling wife,’ Nasiru introduced them to his wife as they got into the main living room. The guard disappeared into the inner rooms when the guests were about to begin to exchange pleasantries with the wife, he would be called if he was needed.

‘Welcome ladies, welcome gentlemen.’ Mrs Nasiru got up from the leather sofa to greet the guests. The living room was neatly furnished with comfortable sofas with colours and shapes of water bodies. Each chair and stool had its distinct shape which made the visitors wonder at the creativity of the designers.

‘Good evening ma,’ the visitors replied to her greeting in unison.

‘You’re welcome,’ she said once again with a broad smile. ‘We’re glad to host you to a special dinner tonight, my husband has told me a lot about you and your good works. I must commend you guys for the excellent job done in Katsina state with the Ata’s foundation and your innovative proposal also…’

‘Dearest,’ Nasiru cut in. ‘Why don’t you let them have their seats first?’

‘Oh! Pardon my manners,’ the woman apologized. ‘Please take your seats,’ she pointed them to the seats. Benny and Cole sat in the long sofa while Tarasha and Aisha took two different one seaters. ‘So we prepared both Nigerian and foreign dishes, I believe you guys would prefer the Nigerian?’ She asked with a smile.

‘Anyone you offer us ma, we’ll be pleased to take it.’ Mr Alfred replied.

‘Alright, let me prepare the table in five minutes, I’ll be back.’ Mrs Nasiru said and got up from the seat.

‘Ladies and gentlemen,’ Nasiru began after his wife walked away. ‘I’ll like to show you some other things after the meal, I want to show you to my study…’ A young lady about Aisha’s age joined them in the living room as he was talking, she walked up to Nasiru and gave him a peck on his cheeks.

‘Dad, good evening sir.’ She curtsied.

‘Good evening Fatima,’ Nasiru greeted, looking playful into her face. He then turned to the visitors, ‘here’s my first daughter, she schools in the UK and would be graduating in two months time. She only came for a short break.’ He introduced proudly.

‘Good evening,’ Fatima sang in a playful tone.

‘Good evening Fatima,’ they replied back, the ladies singing back in the same tone.

‘These are representatives of our partners from Canada who work with the Ata’s foundation, they’ve come to join us for dinner tonight and would be spending the night with us.’ Nasiru said to Fatima.

‘That’s nice,’ she replied with another kind smile at the visitors.

‘You have to go change now and join us for dinner,’ Nasiru said to his daughter.

‘Yea, sure Dad.’ She said and scurried away.

‘You have a nice daughter,’ Evelyn was the first to comment after the girl was out of sight.

‘Thank you,’ the man replied with his face beaming with smiles.

‘What course is she studying in school?’ Evelyn continued.

‘She’s reading cinematography,’ Nasiru stated.

‘Cinematography?’ Evelyn asked, widening her eyes in surprise.


‘That’s what I studied too,’ Evelyn said.

‘You studied cinematography?’ It was Nasiru’s turn to be surprised.

‘Yes, I did that in Canada.’ She stated.

‘Oh! Then why are you not in the movie industry?’

‘Well…’ She shrugged…Let’s say I got attracted to the pattern and passion of the charity organization.’

‘I see,’ Nasiru nodded his head slowly. He was beginning to like her, she sounded more jovial and easy to relate with than the others. ‘So you plan to work with the foundation all your life?’

‘Ermm… Yes but not as a full time staff though. At some point, I’ll have to leave them and work as a partner with them…’

‘Food is served,’ Mrs Nasiru finally returned singing and cleaning her hands with a hand towel.

‘Well, gentlemen and ladies. I guess we can continue our discussion after the meal.’ He took a look at each one of the visitor’s face before standing up.

**Fast Forward ~~ After the meal**

‘Thank you so much for the sumptuous meal,’ Mr Alfred said as they proceeded out of the dining room.

‘Come on, you’ve said that enough already.’ Mrs Nasiru replied.

‘I want to show you to my study now,’ Nasiru said and began to lead the guests through the house while the wife went there opposite direction. They continued to walk until they got to the door. He took out his keys and opened the room, then he ushered them in first before entering after and closing the door. He hurried up to their front and began to lead them round the place.

The study was a medium sized one, it had neatly arranged books in shelves and a large table with a long stool and a short chair in the middle. The shelves were broken into three sections, one opposite the door wall, one on each of the sides while the door wall had no shelves.

Most of the books arranged on the shelves in the first section were books which contained business tips and ideas, also there were business magazines and leaflets.

‘At first,’ vice President Nasiru stopped walking and turned to them. ‘At first, I thought you guys were fraudsters when my mum first told me about you. Then I sent someone to make a research and I found out that your company was real, but I still had to find out if they sent you people. That I confirmed before allowing my mother deal with you.’ Apart from Tarasha and Cole who joined Tarasha to do all the planning processes, how they got confirmed by the organization in Canada was something confusing to the other two. Only trust in the boss’ plan had made them go for the operation and carry out all her instructions without questions. Tarasha had a link in the foundation at Canada who on Tarasha’s orders had diverted all calls from Africa to the company’s lines to another line that Tarasha would answer herself in Nigeria. It was a pity that Nasiru Attahiru could not know that the same person who he had been discussing with on telephone was in the same room with him. ‘I want to tell you the story of the Ata’s foundation and how it began,’ Nasiru began to move to the next section.

‘I always keep the keys to the study myself because of this section, I don’t like anyone using the books in my absence. It contains some personal information, even my wife doesn’t know some of the deep secrets stored in these books, especially those ones.’ He pointed to three leather cover books stacked on each other. ‘Onwuli,’ Tarasha read something to herself from the cover of the book on top as she stretched her neck to look. She knew she had heard something like that from somewhere else. ‘But we don’t have any business with those books, this is the one I want you to see…’ Nasiru continued but Tarasha’s mind was far from what he was saying. She had her mind on the three books he pointed at on which she saw the familiar word. Then she remembered where she heard something pronounced like that, it was from Chief Gab when he was trying to explain to her the reason he wanted to kill Chief Jubril and the rest of his targets.

She stylishly moved closer to the books to have a closer view, then she saw some other names which she recognized, Jubril, Gabriel, Elvis, Nasiru were on the back cover too. Then the name of the minister of health who was her first assassination target was also there and two other names she had not heard about.

She developed interest in the book and began to look for a way to take it with her. She knew that Chief Gab was the one whose name was Gabriel and that the book would reveal more about Chief Gab’s deal with his targets which may also help her in taking out the last target.

‘Evelyn,’ Nasiru called her name suddenly, he had seen that her mind was far away from his discourse with the others. ‘What are you thinking about?’ He asked, focusing all interest on her.

‘Nothing sir,’ she lied and tried to cover up with a smile.

‘What’s nothing?’ Nasiru did not accept her reply as it was very obvious that she wasn’t listening to him.

‘Emm…I was just thinking as a cinematographer,’ she said with a forced smile. ‘I was thinking of what it would be like making films centered on the lives of people like you, it’ll really be inspiring to a lot of young people.’

‘Hmm,’ Nasiru swallowed the lie.

‘There might really be some horror part, you know.’ He said with a shrug, ‘some of us have gone through and done some funny things too.Well, I was saying that for Nigeria to be the country we all want it to be, then every Nigerian has to think and act in a positive way. The Ata’s foundation was a brainchild of my late father, blessed be his memory. He was so passionate about the children on the streets and under the bridges that every of his weekends were always spent visiting orphanages and motherless babies homes, some he used to visit kids in the slums and give foodstuffs to their families. But he didn’t have enough wealth or influence to come up with something like the Ata’s foundation then. I didn’t have the same passion like he had, the truth is…’ Nasiru stopped and turned to look at the faces of his listeners. ‘I never thought I would do something like this if not for my mother who insisted that I fulfill my father’s last wish. Now I have no regrets doing it, all my life. I’ve never been happier than I am now, seeing children and families given hope and life.’ He took a handkerchief and wiped his teary eyes. The visitors were surprised as they couldn’t figure out the reason for the tears.

‘I lived my younger days as a selfish person, I wasn’t really concerned with anybody else except gathering enough money and getting comfort for myself and my family.’ He began to confess. ‘I’ve hurt a lot of people in the past, a lot of families, a lot of children and even the whole nation. I wish I could erase everything but no matter how hard I try, I still…’ The remaining words were unheard as the tears covered them. The man wiped his face with the handkerchief again and cleaned his mouth. The visitors stared at his face in awe except for Tarasha who was indifferent about his emotional state. All she had in mind was how the man’s death was going to be executed and how the book was going to leave the shelf.

‘That’s why I am happy to see people like you,’ the man continued what seemed to Tarasha an epistle, ‘especially the younger ones.’ Nasiru paused and looked away from Mr Alfred to the three younger representatives. ‘I want to encourage you to keep doing what you’re doing, that’s the way to go.’ He said and handed a handshake to everyone except Mr Alfred who he gave a pat on the back.

‘I’ll edit and release this book for public readership soon, I believe it’ll inspire a lot of young folks like you.’ He said tapping the book which contained the Ata’s foundation history. He moved away from that section and his visitors moved with him, only Tarasha still had her mind on the section as they moved to the next. A knock on the door distracted all of them.

‘Who’s it?’ Nasiru spoke aloud.

‘May I come in sir? You do have a phone call.’ A gruff voice sounded.

‘Okay, come in’ Nasiru replied the gruff voice which he knew to be his personal guard’s.

‘Here,’ the muscular man hurried forward and handed over the phone to Nasiru. Nasiru stared at the phone’s screen for a while, looking undecided as to whether or not to return the call immediately. He was still trying to decide when it began to ring again. ‘Sir,’ he answered the call and excused himself from his guests with a hand gesture. He began to walk with the bodyguard towards the door.

‘Was that Don Dan I saw on the news today?’ Nasiru asked in a shocked voice while still walking out of the study. The Don Dan mentioned caught the attention of the rest of the team except for Tarasha. They looked at each other’s faces and made eye gestures, then Tarasha understood that the man must have said something with which they can relate. She took a quick glance around the top corners of the study to see if there was a camera in it, she found none.

‘Go and listen to him,’ she said to Benny who was disguised as Mr Alfred. ‘Carefully,’ she added with a warning look at him. Benny walked gently closer to the entrance where he could hear the man’s voice faintly. He folded his arm and began to stare at the pictures on the wall.

Tarasha took the opportunity to return to the previous section, she picked up the hardcover book which caught her attention. She noticed it was a very old book and it wasn’t complete, more than half of the pages had been detached from it. She flipped it open and the first thing she saw was ‘Arms Deal with Elvis Richards’. Before she could continue, she already saw Benny returning to the former position gently, she returned the book and also joined the rest at the new section.

‘I’m sorry ladies and gentlemen, I just had to attend to that. It was from the vice president.’ Nasiru explained as he walked back into the study. ‘Now this section, like I believe you’ve noticed already, is where I can find everything concerning the house of Reps and law in Nigeria. It’s my work and that’s why it’s the largest section. From the beginning to the end of the rack, you’ll find books that’ll educate you more about the Constitution of the nation. You may not understand some since you aren’t a…’ The man continued to rattle on. Tarasha was getting uncomfortable with the man’s unnecessary talks, she took out her phone secretly and began to set up some commands. After some few seconds, she dialed Nasiru’s number to distract him. Soon enough the guard came back with the phone and Nasiru excused himself again.

‘It’s time to split guys,’ Tarasha said to the team immediately the man went out of earshot. ”We have to locate an escape route now. Do you have your communication devices with you?’ They all nodded in positive to her question. ‘Then remain connected alw…’ She stopped as Nasiru returned back into the place hurriedly.

‘I’m sorry guys, I thought the vice President was trying to get back to me but it was a wrong dial.’ Nasiru apologized again. ‘My phone is here now,’ he showed them his phone and then dipped it into his pocket.

‘Sir,’ Evelyn called in a faint voice.

‘Yes, Evelyn.’ The man answered.

‘Ermm… I’ll like to use the restroom sir’ she announced, receiving planned awkward stares from the rest of the team.

‘Okay,’ Nasiru replied and took out his phone again. He dialed a first number but the call wasn’t answered, he dialed another. ‘Hello Joe, get to Fatima for me and tell her I need her in the study right now. Get back to me immediately you relay my message.’ He said into the phone and nodded in response to the call receiver’s reply. He cut the call and glanced at Evelyn.

‘Fatima would be here to attend to you in the next one minute,’ he said to her.

‘Thank you sir,’ she curtsied. They all waited patiently for the arrival of Fatima and true to the man’s word, Fatima arrived in a minute time. Evelyn was excused to go with Fatima while the rest remained in the study.

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‘Let’s go this way,’ Fatima said on seeing Tarasha facing the opposite direction as they got outside the study.

‘Please, I need to get something in my bag first.’ Tarasha replied.

‘What do you want to take there? I may have it in the house.’ Fatima said to her.

‘It’s a medicine I need.’

‘Ehen… Are you sure you can go there yourself or do I send a maid to get it for you?’ Fatima suggested, sounding concerned.

‘Let me get it myself please,’ Tarasha replied and kept moving in the same direction. Fatima followed her.


‘Like I was saying before the interruption, everything concerning the laws, Constitution and work in the Senate are contained here.’ Nasiru continued his talk. Not long after, Cole clutched his hands to his stomach and began to let out air from his mouth through silent burps.

‘What’s wrong?’ Nasiru asked in a very serious tone and with a serious look on his face.

‘I’m feeling a little bit uneasy,’ Cole managed to say. ‘I think I too have to use the restroom.’

‘Restroom?’ Mr Alfred turned to the Senate President and stared at him in a kind of accusing manner.

‘Ermm… It’s just a little issue, maybe you took something earlier today that’s your system is reacting to.’ Nasiru said, looking visibly disturbed. ‘Come with me,’ he said with a hand gesture to Cole and began to proceed out of the place.

~~ **5 minutes later**

Immediately Tarasha entered into the toilet, she turned on the communication device whose receiver was at her back and fixed the earpiece in her left ear. Then she rolled up her flowing gown and removed some metal devices from some attached pockets to her thighs. She dropped them in the sink and climbed on the water closet to see through the window. After taking some minutes to observe, she stepped down and walked back to the sink. Her device beeped.

‘Boss,’ Cole’s voice came through.

‘Cole, have you separated yourself from the rest?’

‘Yes, I’m in the restroom now.’

‘Any clear route seen from there?’ She asked as she took out a bug and a sharp blade-like metal from the devices placed in the sink.

‘There’s only a small farmyard at this place, it’s the boundary between this house and Cole’s car.’

‘Are you in the upper floor?’


‘What side of the house are you in?’

‘I don’t know where.’

‘Don’t you have a compass with you?’ Tarasha asked.

‘I have.’

‘Then use it to determine the position in relation to where our car was parked outside.’

‘Okay, I’ll get back to you boss.’ Cole said and the connection was cut.

Tarasha climbed back on the water closet and tore off the net with the blade like metal. She clipped the bug to the wall behind the window. Her device beeped again.


‘I’m at the left side of the upper floor.’

‘Okay, who showed you to the toilet?’

‘Mr Nasiru asked his personal guard to bring me here.’

‘Okay, there’s a pin among your tools there, it’ll induce temporary tranquilization when stuck into the man’s neck. Use it to…’

‘Hey! Hope all is well,’ Cole could hear the bodyguard shout from outside.

‘Hummp!’ Cole owled like someone struggling to let out fieces. He was sure the man heard him and was going to think he was having a hard time defecating.

‘What’s that?’ He could hear the Boss ask from the other side.

‘Nothing Boss, I’ll do as you instructed.’ He said in the usual low voice he had been using and cut the connection. He got up from the water closet and dipped his hand into the inner pocket of his jacket. He was able to take out the pin Tarasha talked about in a nylon. He unsealed it and placed it between his fingers. Then he pressed the flush button on the Water closet. He waited for another minute before he opened the door and stepped out.

‘Hope you’re feeling better now?’ The muscular guy asked.

‘Yes,’ Cole answered with a slight groan, still adjusting his trousers.

‘Okay, Alhaji Nasiru and the rest of your colleagues are waiting for you in the living room.’

‘Okay…’ Cole moved closer to the guy, half limping and half walking. He thought he could stick the pin into the man’s throat easily as he was sure the man wasn’t ready to defend any attack but he was wrong. The bodyguard grabbed him by the fist before the pin could get to his neck. The fury on the guards eyes was bloody as if he had been waiting for a prey to pounce on.

‘Where are you now?’ Tarasha typed into the chat box.

‘We are in the living room, waiting for your orders.’ Benny replied in less than twenty seconds.

‘Have your heard from Cole?’

‘Not yet.’

‘Okay, the next order would be from him. Now, where is the target? Is he close to you?’

‘Not too far, he’s some centimetres away, talking silently with his wife and some of his maids.’

‘Cole would call you soon, we won’t use a gun on the man but would silence him quietly with the poison. We’ll likely escape through the main gate also with his daughter as a hostage. Just wait for the next orders from Cole.’

‘Okay Boss,’ Benny typed in.

‘And, what did you hear the man discuss with the vice president on the phone?’

‘I think he and the vice president are involved in some shady deals, it’s like one of their boys sent on an errand had been caught earlier today.’

‘And who is Don Dan? You, Cole and Aisha seemed to have heard the name before.’ The reply this time took more than the usual time but Benny finally typed it.

‘He’s our former boss, I think it’s one of his other men that was caught in the errand they sent him.’

‘Okay, then.’ Tarasha turned off the phone’s screen and dipped into her inner pocket. She got up from the water closet, thinking. It was surely Don that she met ealier that day. That was why he could mention her name. But why and what does the Vice and Senate President have to do in Henry’s apartment? She asked herself. She began to return the tools she put in the sink. A knock sounded on the door.

‘Evelyn,’ she heard Fatima call outside.

‘I’m coming,’ she answered in a singing tone.

‘Please, take your time. I just wanted to find out if you’re okay.’

‘Thanks,’ Tarasha answered. She waited for sometime until she noticed a stop in the sounds of moving footsteps outside. She picked the two remaining metals in the sink and hid them back under her gown. She wanted to start proceeding out into the room when she remembered that she still had an instruction to give Cole. She searched the back of her gown for the receiver and speed dialed Cole. It took sometime for the connection to be accepted.


‘What are you trying to do?’ The muscular guard asked in a terrifying voice. He continued to squeeze Cole’s fist in his big hands and pushing him backwards. Cole struggled to resist and open his palms so he could get the pin out else he’ll be the receiver of the contents. Tarasha had emphasized that he stuck it into the man’s neck but that doesn’t mean it would have any effect when it enters through another part of the body. The only difference was that the former would cause the tranquilization to happen immediately. Cole managed to hit the man’s arm with the other fist but that made no effect on the man. The guy pushed him backwards swiftly and dished him a heavy blow on his face. Cole’s body spun thrice in a fast motion before he fell to the ground.

The pin had fallen already, where it dropped was not known to both of them. Cole began to see stars as his left cheek hit the floor. The device attached to his belt beeped twice. He managed to turn and accept the connection. The attacker also heard the beeping and bent to search Cole’s body.


Tarasha could hear Cole heavily panting at the other side, she knew at once that something had gone wrong.

‘Cole,’ she called and got no reply, except for his continued panting and then a gruff voice. She knew Cole was listening , so she gave him another instruction.

‘Cole, if you’re in trouble with the man, try to stay conscious and keep him busy and with the lowest possible noise. I’ll come for you if I can.’ She sat back on the water closet and brought out her phone hurriedly. She opened the tracking application and Cole’s tracker. In less than ten seconds it displayed his direction and point in the house. Tarasha stood up and pushed the flush button, it was time to get out of the toilet and act fast. The only problem she would have now navigating through the house especially as she was a total stranger in the house, she’ll be easily stopped by any of the guards or workers. She raised up her gown and brought out a small flat purse of the same colour with her gown, from the inner pocket, she had plenty of the tranquilizing pins in the purse. She clipped it to her cloth at the belly side and proceeded outside into the room.

Waiting for her outside was what and who she needed, Fatima was still seated on a stool, engrossed with her phone. Another young girl in a maid’s uniform had just entered into the room. Fatima gaze was placed on Evelyn as she stepped out from the toilet. She slowly got up from the stool and began to walk towards Evelyn.

‘Hello, are you okay now?’ Fatima asked Evelyn.

‘Ermm… A little better,’ Tarasha answered, squeezing her face like someone in pains. The maid got to where Fatima was previously seated and paused. Tarasha gave her a searching look, more interested in her uniform than anything else.

‘Do you need anything? That’s why I called the maid,’ Fatima said, seeing Evelyn’s interest in the maid.

‘Ermm… Maybe I need some water, but first…’ Tarasha continued talking and walked past Fatima who was coming to her. In a tired manner she walked, like a pregnant woman who was going in for labour. She got close to the maid and paused. Then she turned back and made a smile at Fatima which got Fatima staring at her in confusion. Then she placed her hand on the maids shoulder and then moved her hand to the maid’s neck. The maid fell down.

Fatima eyes widened in shock as she saw the maid fall but she couldn’t tell what really happened. Too shocked to speak or make any sound, she stared at Evelyn in horror. Tarasha turned and placed her eyes on Fatima’s face making funny looks at her to confuse her more. She knew better than to walk close to her, Fatima could scream and alert others in the house. She carefully opened the purse attached to her belly side and took out one of the pins. Then she tightened it in between the tip of her thumb and hit the nail of the index finger. She raised it up and launched it straight to Fatima.


Cole still felt a little bit relieved after Tarasha spoke to him. There was still hope of Tarasha coming to help and join hands with him to defeat the man even though she emphasized during their preparation that one of the reasons for the separate cars they had all came in was to give room for everyone to escape if there was any mistake by a party. She also stated strongly that anyone who made an error in carrying out their tasks would be made to face the consequences alone. At the same time he was still not sure how possible or quick it would be for Tarasha to locate him by the tracker because the house was not a familiar place to them. It would take someone who was familiar with all the rooms in the house to locate him fast and easily.

The guard had underrated Cole in someway, he was searching Cole’s body without protecting himself from attack. Cole could see the man’s chest and face unprotected from attack. He mustered up strength and stamped his feet on the man’s face. The man staggered back and held on to his eyes with a soft groan. Cole managed to get up and tried to follow up with a kick on the side of the man’s belly but it had very little effect as Cole’s kick weighed very little.

Soon, his opponent had recovered and they were both facing each other, the man had an evil smirk on his face while Cole had a serious and disturbing face. The man rolled his neck in the right and left direction, making a cracking sound, then he raised his head up and his fists in readiness to take out Cole. Cole though was feeling pains in his body joints and bones summoned courage and decided not to give up without a good fight. He raised up his fists too and began to bounce. The man’s evil smile deepen at his gesture but that didn’t disturb Cole, even if the man was going to break his bones, he wouldn’t make it an easy task for him. An idea crept into his mind, he remembered some of Tarasha’s words to them during one of their preparation.

‘No matter how big and tough an opponent looks, even if his body seems too hard to be weakened, there would always be a soft spot. It only takes the right value of the right strike at the right place on his body to take him down.’ She had said. Although she was speaking to Benny that day, he knew he could apply it in this situation. The only problem now was to find that right place and the right value of the right strike to apply, that was even if he had enough strength in his arms and legs for the intensity of the strike required.


Fatima collapsed within seconds and became unconscious of her environment. Tarasha quickly took out her phone again and switched on the screen, the tracking application was still running. Cole was being located to be at the left side of the house. Of course there was no door at the left where she was, she had to start looking for the way to the place. She ran her hands into her hair in utter disgust about the situation, it was the reason she hated working with half baked assassins who made mistakes at simple tasks.

She quickly bent down and began to remove the clothes from the body of the maid.


While Cole was still looking for the perfect place to attack on the man’s body, a jab landed on his face. He yelled as he staggered back and his head hit the door of the toilet. The door opened and he fell down inside the toilet. The guard stood still with his legs wide apart and fixed an evil stare at Cole. He dipped his hand into his pocket and took out a phone, he began to dial a number. Cole’s eyes widened as he saw the man take the phone to his ear, he couldn’t imagine what would be the result of the man’s call if it was successful. If the other guards and occupants of the whole house were alerted, that would mean failure for the whole operation.

He tried to get up but his strength would not let him be as fast as he wanted to. He held on to the door as a support and then quickly removed his shoe.

‘Jamiu…’ The guard was talking into the phone when the shoe hit his face. He squeezed his face and gritted his teeth angrily adding a threatening look and growl at Cole. Cole ignored his look and projected himself forward with his head to the belly of the man, both of them crash to the floor, Cole being the one more affected by the crash. The phone fell off from the man’s hand and scattered on the floor. The man angrily with a feet on Cole’s chest pushed Cole away. Cole found himself far inside the toilet again.

The guard got up immediately and charged towards Cole. Cole turned his head up and in a trance like way could see the man coming towards him, he could hear the heavy thuds made by the man’s feet on the floor. Cole closed his eyes in anticipation of another kick or blow that would take him out finally, he began to say his last prayers silently. The kick did not come but he felt a cold hand on his neck. The man dragged him up and raised him up with his neck, his legs sprawling far above the ground. Cole managed to open his eyes and stared at the man’s face. There was so much fury in the guard’s eyes.

Cole’s leg continued to dangle, he felt something hit his stomach gently and heard a soft sound of a metal hitting another. It was then he remembered that he still had some small knives and tools in the inner pocket of his jacket. The man began to tighten his grip on Cole’s neck, squeezing out life gradually. Cole tried to dip his hand into his inner pocket but was too weak to move the hand. He closed his eyes again in anticipation of death.


Tarasha was still walking around the house in the maid’s uniform helplessly. The tight skirt of the uniform was not helping matters, the curves of the pockets attached to her thighs were clearly revealed underneath and she could not walk very fast also. She couldn’t find a good way to the location the tracker was identifying and had been brought back to the same place she left the two unconscious bodies. The only place that she could have linked her to the location was the sitting room where Nasiru and others were in. But even if she decides to take the risk, she would be noticed before she gets to the sitting room because she wouldn’t be able to cover her face and walk quickly and she still needed to walk past guards and maids before getting there.

She closed the door to the room and rested her back to the wall, then she tried to connect with Cole again but the connection wasn’t accepted this time. That could mean Cole was engaged in a fight or had already been totally overpowered. She took out her phone and opened the chat box with Benny.

‘Cole just messed up, if you don’t get any instruction from me in the next five minutes, take an excuse to go outside the house and into the car with Aisha. There’s a bomb detonator where I sat, set it up to detonate in ten minutes time while you and Aisha make your way out of the compound following the direction of your escape cars. There’s a farmyard before your own car , so it’s better you both opt for Aisha’s.’ She typed in and closed the app immediately the message was marked delivered. Failing the mission wasn’t an option to Tarasha, Nasiru had to die that day. She even had an extra explosive she could couple together in case Benny failed in his task or had already been implicated by Cole already.

Cole had failed already, so he would have to bear the consequences of his failure even if it was death. For her, all she needed is to get outside the house and get to the extra car on her body. …

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to be continued