Tarasha Episode 71


‘Where do your bosses stay in this place?’ Ken asked the culprit as all the vehicles halted in front of a dark tanned coloured gate.

‘There are two buildings in the compound, the two are former ware houses. The one at the left is empty while the one at the right is not, we stay most times at the warehouse on the left.’ Ken took an Ak 47 and jumped out of the van.

‘Spread out boys, take positions.’ He shouted his orders. The remaining officers in the same van as Ken pushed out the handcuffed culprit and he led them to the gate. The officers from the two other vans also spread out like they were asked to, only one officer was left in each van.

By this time all motorists and pedestrians were already out of sight and the shops and stores around were closing up at the sight of the multitude of officers. Soon, the officers broke into the compound and raided the whole place but to their disappointment, they were only able to come out with a few weapons as members of the gang had fled the place before their arrival.

‘I told you that you were only wasting your time,’ the culprit said in a mocking tone to Ken as they proceeded to the station in their vehicles. Ken gave him a searching look, restraining himself from landing him a slap.

‘We’ll get all of you,’ Ken replied back.

‘Most of our men aren’t even in town and you can never get the boss, Stainless. I’m sure he’s gone far already.’ The culprit continued in the same tone.

‘Stainless?’ The name sounded familiar to Ken. He nodded and remained quiet for sometime, trying to remember where he had heard the name before.

‘Yes, Stainless.’ The culprit replied confidently after thirty seconds.

‘Stainless is your boss?’ The culprit paused and chuckled, a smile appeared on his swollen face on seeing the change in Ken’s face and tone. Ken now remembered who Stainless was, in fact, perfectly well. Stainless was a culprit who had once been nabbed by him but was set free on order from the Inspector General and replaced with another criminal. Stainless was also an assassin and a drug dealer, one whose name was mostly noised about for criminal activities during the election period.

‘But what were you people doing in that house? What was your mission there?’ Ken barked.

‘I told you I don’t know anything about it, I was only asked to stay where you met me.’ The culprit replied. He had already given up his hopes of not being imprisoned, he knew that there was no escaping for him in the case.

‘Don’t worry, you’ll confess when we treat you the right way.’ Ken threatened and got up from the seat, walking towards the entrance of the van as he held the handrails. He wondered what connection the Stainless team had with Samantha Osman, or could it be that Samantha Osman was part of Stainless’ gang? Several questions like this continued to pop up in his mind until his phone rang. He took out his phone and answered immediately,

‘Agent sir’.

‘Officer, where are you guys now?’

‘We’re heading back to the office.’

‘What did you find?’

‘Nothing, all the men were gone before we got there.’ Ken answered.

‘Okay, I’ll meet you at the office then.’ Dakolo said and the call ended.

Ken turned back and stared at the culprit who was staring into the air absent-mindedly. He had to find a way to hide his part played in the previous case of stainless else he would be asked questions as to how Stainless was out in the streets still carrying out his criminal activities when he had already been sentenced to death by the court of law.


‘But Don, you didn’t tell me that we were going to meet with Samantha Osman.’ Stainless queried Don who was sitting on the couch comfortably and sipping from the wine glass. Don took a glance at Stainless and then returned his focus to the television screen. He saw how furious Stainless was, pacing round the living room as he gulped down contents from the wine bottle occasionally.

‘…two of the men were seen to have escaped while two others were caught and one shot dead by the police officers.’ The reporter continued. ‘We’re yet to confirm what the culprits were searching for in Henry E.G’s apartment, who happens to be on admission in the hospital for an undisclosed condition. This is the first time suspected assassins from the deadly Samantha Osman group has been caught and we hope that by this, the police would be able to find quality information and lead to the head of the Assassin gang herself. The police officers have also raided the operation house of the gang and found nothing there except for some few weapons. It’s Jamiu Sado and I’m reporting for TVC.’ The reporter concluded. Videos of the raided operation house of the stainless gang was shown after the reporter stopped talking. Videos of Henry’s house, his neighbours and the paper company were also shown, then the breaking news transmission ended

‘They even think my boys are from Samantha Osman,’ Stainless complained bitterly, placing his hand on his forehead.

‘Isn’t that better than tracing it to you?’ Don said in a less concerned voice and stood up.

‘But they traced it to me already, they were at my caban.’

‘But they didn’t find you or anything implicating,’ Don said harshly and sat down again.

‘My problem is you didn’t tell me that we were coming to meet Samantha Osman, you only told me that you wanted to ransack someone’s house.’

‘I didn’t know that she was going to be there, weren’t you there when I came to ask if you were hearing the strange sound.’ Stainless looked at Don for a moment and shook his head, Don wasn’t apologetic at all. He was still speaking to him with the same bossy attitude he always used when they were under the same masters. Although Don was far better than Stainless in his pattern of execution since their younger days, Stainless always wanted Don to treat him as an equal now that they both had their separate gangs and were doing quite well.

For Don, it was different. Stainless was the next after him when they were in the same gang, so he still saw Stainless as his junior every time. Even their works had quite differentiated them. Don had executed some high profile jobs and had never been behind the police bar for any while Stainless had been caught by the police on his first attempt on an high profile job.

‘Let me even tell you now, the reason why the Vice President got my number from you was to bring me down to tackle Samantha Osman.’ Don revealed and paused to stare at Stainless’s face. The shock on Stainless’ face was obvious, he now understood the reason why the vice president kept on referring to Samantha Osman during his call and why he refused to reveal the reason he wanted to contact Don. ‘Or are you scared of her?’ Don asked with a crooked smile.

‘Scared?’ Stainless thought for a while before replying. ‘Why should I be scared of someone I have no business with.’

‘But you have a business with her now, she has seen your face.’ Don said with a tormenting smile. Stainless body trembled at the thought of Samantha Osman coming for him. He had developed a fear for her since the day he got the news of her first operation. He first thought she worked with or for Don but later dismissed the thought when he heard about the connection of her operations with other assassinations outside the country and when he also got news that Don had left the country.

The fear grew to the peak after he heard how she defeated Robin Hood without making mistakes.

‘That girl does not look like the Samantha,’ Stainless argued, remembering the face of the harmless looking girl he saw at the entrance when he went to warn Don about the police.

‘Hehe,’ Don chuckled, ‘you’re judging by her appearance? Did you see the way she went off the fence, can you be as swift as that? That’s a well trained personnel.’ Don said, making a mocking face at him. Stainless took in a breath and turned away from Don, he took another gulp from the bottle. ‘Now that she’s also after you,’ Don got up and walked to Stainless’ front. ‘You can join me to find her or stay back till she comes for you.’ Stainless continued to stare at Don, biting his lips with utter disgust written on his face. He wondered why he had allowed money becloud his sense of reasoning. He had at one time vowed not to join Don for any operation again when Don had cheated him and his boys with their pay but because he knew that the vice president was the one Don was running errands for in Abuja, he decided to go because he knew it would involve huge payments.

He opened his eyes widely as something came into his remembrance. He fixed his gaze on Don with an accusing look.

‘How did you know she is Samantha Osman? Are you friend with her? You were discussing with her before I came.’

‘Why shouldn’t I know?’ Don asked back, surprised at the question. ‘But I wasn’t discussing anything with her.’

‘Why didn’t you think it was someone else? Maybe another lady who’s an assassin.’ Stainless’ look turned into a suspicious one. Don stared at him in disgust, trying to find a suitable answer for the question.

‘Of course, I’ve been on her case for sometime now, so you don’t expect me not to know how she looks.’

‘You’re a liar Don,’ Stainless accused, he took out his gun and pointed it at Don’s face.

‘Hey homey, what’s the matter with you?’ Don’s eyes widened in surprise, but he was still confident that Stainless could not shoot the gun. ‘We’re supposed to be planning together not quarreling.’

‘F**k you Don,’ you never make a good partnership.’ Stainless barked. ‘You are a deceptive dog.’

‘Be careful man, don’t insult me.’ Don warned.

‘Fool, you deceived me and you’re deceiving the Vice President. I’m gonna submit your d–n a*s to him after I finish you off.’ Stainless threatened and cocked the gun.

‘Come on,’ Don shouted in a pleading manner on seeing the Stainless’ seriousness. ‘I’m not deceiving anyone.’

‘Then tell me how your girlfriend works with her, she’s on the wanted list of the police. When I saw her pictures on the news, I thought it was the Nanl Gang who carried out the attack but on a closer look, I concluded that the Samantha must be working with the Nanl Gang. It was after the assassination of Robin Hood that I started to doubt your involvement because I knew you ran away to Cameroon.’

‘Which girlfriend are you talking about?’ Don was lost for a moment.

‘Aisha! I think you still feel I’m joking with you.’ Stainless said and began to fasten his grip on the trigger.

‘No, don’t. I’ll tell you everything, just put down that gun homey.’ Don said in panic but still managed to keep a bold face on.

‘I’m not your homey dummy, I don’t roll with b——s like you anymore. Stop calling me that and start talking now.’

‘Okay, the truth is that I gave her some of my men including Aisha to cook for her.’ Don began. ‘Samantha is working for one of my clients and they paid heavily for them.’

‘So you and Samantha works for the same client?’


‘Well, I don’t believe you, you gave your girlfriend to another assassin?’

‘No, Aisha was supposed to be my spy there.’

‘And then what happened?’

‘Tarasha threatened her…’


‘Sorry, Samantha threatened her and she got afraid. She’s working faithfully for her now.’

‘Interesting, that means you were not able to manage your followers. You had traitors like you in your gang.’ Don was speechless, in his mind he had totally surrendered but he didn’t allow it show on his face. He knew Stainless had enough reasons to kill him, he had deceived and cheated him on numerous occasions but he always thought stainless would not have the boldness or will to do it but with the rage now showing on Stainless’ face, he knew anything was possible.

‘Let’s resolve this amicably, put down your gun.’ Don finally found his voice, he still continued to speak boldly.

‘Fool, go rot in hell.’ Stainless finally pulled the trigger.


Cole, Benny and Aisha, already dressed in their disguise form, listened to the news on TV silently, taking glances occasionally at their boss who was sitting behind and still making up. She was also paying attention to the news.

‘…this is the first time suspected assassins from the deadly Samantha Osman group has been caught and we hope that by this, the police would be able to find quality information and lead to the head of the Assassin gang. The police officers have raided the operation house of the gang and found nothing there except for some few weapons…’ Tarasha got up as this part of the news got her attention.

‘Hey, record that.’ She said to Cole who was holding the remote control as videos of the ransacked Gang house was shown. Cole followed the instruction and began to take a record of the rest of the news.

‘It’s okay,’ Tarasha said after the reporting ended. Cole stopped and saved the video. He, Aisha and Benny stared at her waiting for the next instruction she would give concerning it but she just went back to her seat quietly and continued with her makeup.

‘After killing the Senate President, we still have a lot of work to do tomorrow morning.’ She began after five minutes of sitting quietly. She got up and began to walk towards them, brushing her hair backwards. ‘Cole would need to find out something in a hospital for me while Benny would locate the area that was shown in the news; the one I asked you to record and Aisha would…’ Tarasha paused for a while, staring at Aisha’s face, she smiled. ‘Aisha would stay and wait for instructions from me.’

‘Are we returning back to the house after tomorrow?’ Cole asked.

‘No,’ Tarasha replied sharply. They couldn’t return to the house yet, it wouldn’t be right for them to find out about her brother Jeffery. ‘You’ll remain here, I have some things to clear in the house.’

‘Okay,’Cole replied and got up from his seat. ‘Is it time for us to go now?’

‘Yes, we’ll leave in ten minutes time. Remember everything you see can be an instrument, don’t neglect any. And make sure that we maintain eye contact always, we’ll be doing most of our communication through the eyes especially when our hosts are there. Once we find the escape route and the best escape plan, we’ll take the man out and leave.’ Tarasha began to explain their plan. ‘Remember we’ll leave first in four different cars and park them at the four sides of the house. Then we’ll converge into the car where the weapons are and go into the house with that,I believe there’ll be no search on us but even if there is, we have our weaponry protected.’

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