Tarasha Episode 38


Danjuma began to fasten all the locks and close every light entry into the house. He never imagined that a day like this would come. When he was transferred from Lagos state to Maiduguri in Borno state seven years ago, the country was not experiencing any visible terrorist attack then. All of a sudden the group sprang up from nowhere, it was rumoured that they’ve been underground since the regime of the former president, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo.

The area he and his family stayed in Maiduguri was believed to be safe from these attacks but recently their environs had began to feel the heat. The Boko Haram group became more noised around the world when on the night of 14 – 15 of April 2014, they kidnapped over 270 girls at the Government Girls Secondary School in the town of Chibok in Borno State.

Since then a strange kind of fear had beclouded Danjuma’s heart but he refused to voice it out as the Man of house. He resorted to praying and hoping that the terrorism would end soon. He ran around the house piling up heavy loads at the door of the main entrance to the house. In case the attackers break through the door, the obstructions would give him more time to escape with his family. Before he knew it, several voices had already assembled at their doorstep, banging on the door.

Danjuma ran around the house, trying to find where the rest of his family were hiding. Gbam! There was an explosion. A metal plank hit Danjuma on the back as the loads he placed at the door scattered about from the effect of the grenade. He fell to the floor bleeding profusely. Seven men with hoods covering their faces barged in through the exploded entrance. One of them sighted Danjuma immediately and charged towards him. The terrorist dragged him up.

‘Where your family?’ He asked in pidgin English, demanding where the rest of Danjuma’s family were hiding. Danjuma stared at him helplessly without saying any word. The man dragged him on the floor and proceeded with the rest of the crew to search the rooms. After five minutes, two of the terrorists returned with the mother and five kids to the destroyed living room. Rikau who seemed to be the leader of the team dropped Danjuma on the floor and licked his lips as he sighted Lydia open thigh in her gown. He motioned towards her with a evil smile.

‘Drop am for floor’ he ordered the terrorist holding her by the collar. He smiled wickedly again before he knelt down beside her and stretched his hand underneath her gown. She tried to resist but he slapped her face hard and blood rushed down her nose. He smacked his lips and pulled out her tight underwear, dipping his finger into her privates. She screamed.

Danjuma stood up with the remaining strength left in him and charged towards the molester but was stopped halfway when someone hit his back with a metal rod. He fell down flat.

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Rikau left Lydia temporarily while two of his men held her down for him. He removed a dagger from his pocket and motioned towards Danjuma. Another two of his men lifted Danjuma upright for their Boss’ attack. The dagger was pierced into Danjuma’s left eye and the ball was plugged out. The children screamed in horror as they saw this. The second boy couldn’t take it anymore and rushed to Rikau and dealt him punches at the back. His attack was short lived as machete was ran through his neck and his head fell off immediately.

The rest of the children sobbed uncontrollably as two other men pointed a gun at them to keep them down. The eldest son, who was sixteen at that time began to offer emergency prayers to God amidst tears. Rikau continued his evil and pierced the dagger into the second eye. He plucked it out too.

‘These heads and blood is for god’ Rikau laughed scornfully. ‘Dear god in heaven, accept our sacrifice. We know you are pleased when we kill unbelievers and spill their blood to you. Please prepare a nice place in heaven for us as you have promised’ He screamed and thrusted the dagger into Danjuma’s belly before he returned to complete his unfinished business with Lydia.

She screamed uncontrollably as he molested her viciously. He got up after satisfying himself, he spat on her and watched she panted heavily. But he was still not satisfied yet. He turned his gaze to the children and gave another wicked smile, motioning one of his boys to bring Omotara forward. He licked his lips wickedly again.

‘Comot her cloth’ he ordered. The boy wasted no time in carrying out the order. His strength was too much for Omotara to resist as he undressed her in less than two minutes. Rikau stared at the underdeveloped body with an evil eye. His eyes were fixed on her b—–s which were just shooting out.

Someone held on to his legs tightly as he motioned forward. He turned back to see Lydia pleading for him to leave his daughter. His anger was kindled the more. He signalled to two of his men and they dragged Lydia up. He used his dagger to tear off her cloth which was already soaked in blood. He pulled away her bra and squeezed her b—-t wickedly with his hands. He took his dagger close and sliced the left side. Her screams echoed through the whole building as the men laughed sardonically.

‘My god, this is for you. We thank you for your provision’ he shouted as he drank out of the blood oozing out from her body. ‘Our god is great! Our god is great!’ The rest of his men chanted happily. Rikau ordered his men to drop Lydia’s body on the floor and he turned back to face the horrified girl as he dropped the dismembered part.

‘Lay her on the floor for me’ he commanded. Joe, the youngest boy escaped from where he was kept and raced to Rikau who was already bouncing on the body of his sister. Two quick bullets were sent into the boy’s forehead and he fell down immediately. The shooter did not stop at that, he matched towards the lifeless body and detached the head with his machete. His evil act was followed by another round of chants ‘god is great! god is great!’ Omotara’s screams filled the atmosphere as Rikau handled her with no pity.

Her two brothers, the eldest and Jerry the immediate younger one , remnant of her family watched in tears helplessly as their sister was abused by the wicked hood wearing man. …

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to be continued