Tarasha Episode 27


Chief Gab got up from his seat at once, he didn’t know what to expect, she didn’t even allow him talk before she ended the call. He waved off his bodyguard who was moving close to him thinking he needed something. He picked his smaller phone from the centre table and proceeded out of the living room to speak with the security men outside. He returned five minutes later after giving them orders and headed to the computer room. Edet was surprised on seeing the man walk into the room.

‘Good morning sir’ Edet stood up to greet.

‘Good morning Edet’ Chief Gab replied, taking his seat beside the young man’s chair. ‘Let’s see the entrance, I’m expecting a visitor’ Edet quickly responded to the instruction and the computer displayed the happenings outside. Nothing was going on except for the usual passage of vehicles in the estate. It was after twelve minutes that Chief Gab spotted a black range Rover driving from the left towards the gate.

‘Tell them to open the gate’ he said to Edet who picked up a landline and quickly dialed the men at the gate. The car was driven in in few seconds. The driver, a lady whose face was not visible due to her mode of dressing came out of the car, she had a bag strapped to her back. She was led into the house by two men as Chief had ordered them earlier. They led her to the large sitting room and took their leave. Chief watched her as she stood in the middle of the living room and brought out a tablet device from her bag, she begin to put in some commands. Chief decided it was time to meet her, he cleared his throat and adjusted his Agbada before walking out of the computer room with his personal guard.

Tarasha already brought out a gun by the time he entered the living room with his guard. His guard who was proactive brought out his own gun and pointed at Tarasha. Her facial expression was not clearly seen but the Chief could hear a chuckle, he motioned his bodyguard to drop the gun. Tarasha released four quick shots to the four edges of the rectangular room, destroying the planted cameras. She returned the gun into her pocket and faced the Chief.

‘Good morning Chief’ she greeted in a cheerful voice, ‘Happy new year’

‘Good morning Tarasha, same to you’ he answered, both of them still standing. He signaled to the bodyguard to leave the place and the guy quickly obliged. ‘Please have your seat’ he motioned Tarasha to one of the thick leather sofas. She removed the dark glasses on her face as she sat down but still left the mask which covered the lower part of her face and the face cap which covered her forehead.

Nevertheless, Chief Gab could still see her eyes, she wasn’t what he was expecting, she looked too young to be a professional assassin. He could place her between the ages of twenty to twenty five, she was in the same age range with his first daughter. He felt a pinch of guilt as he sat on the sofa facing her. He needed not to ask her what led her to becoming an assassin, he knew how it happened.

‘What can I offer you?’ He asked.

‘The truth’ she answered sharply.


‘The truth’ she repeated.

‘I mean something to drink or eat’ he said with a smile.

‘I want you to tell me the truth only’ she reiterated.

‘Well…’ He became speechless, he wondered what kind of conversation she came for.

‘Why are you killing all these people?’ He was taken a back by the question and he stammered, trying to find his voice. He thought Vladislav had told him that she killed without asking questions, she was bred to be like that. ‘I mean you don’t tell me what you have against these people you send me to’ She added, ‘most of them are loved by the people of your country’

‘I don’t think I am obliged to answer you’ he answered, getting up from his seat. That was true, he wasn’t mandated to answer her. She herself was to ask questions, she came to Nigeria to kill and wasn’t supposed to have pity for anyone that she was sent to or anyone that tried to stop her.

She thought she had lost all emotion until recently when she killed the Rivers State Governor. She remembered the look on his face, it was the look on the face of her first loved one that she killed. Her fifth assignment during her training, when she was just fourteen years old.

***FLASHBACK *** –

April 9, – The innocent looking fourteen year old girl stood only clothed with a black bra and very short black skirt in the extremely cold weather. That’s how they were being brought up; to be able to withstand any kind of weather, sometimes they were fully clothed in very hot weather.

Her body shook as a mean looking man placed something into her hands. She looked around her and found gazes of young girls of the same age as hers, some a little bit older. They were up to four hundred in number, young but had all lost their virginities to men who were old enough to be their fathers. All dressed in the same way, most were shivering in the cold while the others who were adapting quickly to the treatment stood still as they watched.

They all looked pale waiting for their colleague to go through her test, some of them had already gone and passed through the test while a lot were still waiting in line but one thing was sure they could not escape it. She stared at the dagger for a couple of seconds before making her way into the fighting cage. She could see her reflection on the shining metal, it was so sharp that it could cut through the body of any animal just by falling on it. That was the same dagger that she had been asked to use on a man who she had grown to love over the years. Loving was a crime in the clan; that’s what she had just been taught in her last lecture.

The hardened Roy had spoken to the girls in her class that loving or having affection for someone was wrong. Affection and love were only for the weak minded people. He also informed them that the topic he taught that day had practicals. The day was Tarasha’s practical day, she had to kill Stanley who had been like a father to her and other girls who stayed in their block.

Stanley Bob was a citizen of America, aged fifty eight. He was brought to the Nefary Clan ten years ago. He was kidnapped during one of his political campaigns when he vied for the post of the Senate President in his nation. Being known for good in the country, he was sure to win the election. His enemies had then contacted the Nefary clan to get rid of him. He was lucky not to have being killed but brought to their headquarters in Russia to work as one of the cooks for the assassins trainee and trainers. He didn’t know where in the world he was but he still nurtured the hope of getting out some day and returning to help his country but it seemed he has team out of luck already as the inevitable death stared at him in the face.

The cage was locked from outside immediately Tarasha got in. She looked at him from afar, he bent his neck and stared at her like the zombie that he had made, gnashing his teeth as saliva dripped down his lips. The man had already been injected with substances that made him lost his will; all he could see was Tarasha whom he used to love was now an animal to devour.

Tears flowed out in drops from Tarasha’s eyes, she remembered how the man had cared for her at a time she was sick, ignoring the death punishment he would get if caught. He had taken her to his room secretly and made a mixture that healed her and saved her from the child hands of death.

The zombie approached her violently with a rod in his hands. He struck the rod against her but she dodged, swerving to the right as the rod landed on the floor. She moved farther away from him but he surged forward against her with the rod, she kept moving backwards until her back touched the wall of the cage. He struck the rod once again, this time she bent down and it missed her head. She escaped by passing below his arm and ran to the other side of the cage.

The monster was relentless in his quest to devour the girl, he picked up his rod and charged towards her again. ‘Kill him Tarasha, what the hell is wrong with you?’ She heard Vlasdismir shout. She looked backwards to look at the angry man, she looked at the faces of her colleagues too as if to receive permission to kill Stanley. She couldn’t make out what they wanted from the look in their faces, they all stared at her like mourners.

The rod hit her face as she turned back to focus on her attacker, she fell down on the floor heavily, blood gushed out of her nose as the dagger fell off her hands. The zombie raised up the rod again to land it on her head the second time but she had quickly recovered. She opened her eyes just in time and rolled away quickly. She touched her bleeding nose as she got up, her head was banging already. It was then she gave up and decided to end the man’s life, he was going to kill her if she didn’t kill him first.

The man charged towards her again, she bent and gave him a kick behind his knee to take him down. The man only staggered as the kick from her tiny leg could not have much effect on him. He turned back and watched as she picked up her dagger. He widened his eyes and let out a loud growl as he ran towards her again. She slid and passed beside his legs, he almost fell as he missed his hit, before he could turn back to her, she had pierced the dagger into his side.

‘Don’t just kill him, I want his neck’ somebody shouted from outside the cage. Blood rushed down the left side of the zombie’s stomach as he fell on one knee, his rod fell off his hands. He turned back to attempt a last attack on Tarasha but she ran the dagger into his neck, his blood spilled on her face and into her mouth as she removed the dagger and the man fell down lifeless, his blood gushing out profusely. Her eyes was full of pity and remorse as Stanley fell, his head sidewards with his tongue out.

But it wasn’t over yet, she still had to cut off his neck and take it out to the boss. She trembled as she knelt down to disjoin the head from the neck. Tears had stopped dropping from her eyes by the time she was carrying the head out of the cage, she had lost every pity for the man already. She couldn’t have pity anymore, she wasn’t created to be with emotions.

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‘It’s okay Chief, I don’t really need to know ‘ Tarasha said, getting up from the seat. Chief Gab turned to face her, he began with so much aggression.

‘All of them are cheats and betrayals, they turned against me and stabbed me at the back’ Tarasha shook her head in a way as if to signify that she was unconcerned anymore but the man continued. ‘Several years ago, I and Jubril used to do business together with some other top citizens of the country. The truth is that most of our businesses were illegal’ The man paused and coughed, he fixed his gaze on Tarasha before he continued. ‘Everything changed when Retired Gen Mubarak Baruwa was about to come into government fifteen years ago, everybody was scared of him because of his relentless fight against corruption. Luckily for Jubril and some other of my associates, they got close to their new President and became his close workers. We held a crucial meeting immediately after the President was sworn in and we concluded that we needed to stop our illegal deals, but there was still one hanging; we had a fake drugs consignment that we needed to clear’ Chief Gab’s loud ringtone disrupted the conversation, he quickly ended the call and switched off the phone.

‘I was told to handle the last deal’ Chief went on, ‘but unknown to me and Onwuli my friend who was also not close to the new President like me. The others had planned to implicate us in order to gain favour from the President. All the deal’s document were released by them to the police force, I was caught and sentenced to ten years imprisonment. Onwuli was murdered with the whole of his family when he tried to fight for me, I came out of prison ten years later and found out that these people are now well celebrated in the country, I tried to fight back legally but I discovered that all documents that could implicate them had been hidden. I threatened to speak with the press but I had to shut up as they caused me more pain, my wife and first son were murdered the next day’ Tears began to drop off the man’s eyes, he returned to where he was previously seated and cleaned his face with a handkerchief. He waited for Tarasha to also sit before he went on.

‘Only Chief Nonso came to my rescue, he was one of the beneficiaries of Onwuli’s wealth, so he helped me when I was in prison and even more when I came out. He made me to understand that Onwuli had made him promise before his death that he would help him fight if anything happens to him, I can’t rest until I see these evil men reap the harvest of their deeds. Since the law can’t do it, then I have to do it my way’ he concluded and stared at Tarasha as he cleaned off his tears again.

She didn’t say a word, she only picked her glasses and put them on before walking out of his presence. If the man was hoping to evoke pity in her, then he had failed. She wasn’t moved by his tears, she only had to do her job; the only thing she was bred for, killing.



Cole and Benny came out of the car after parking it in front of a shop just before getting to the T-junction. They both stared at the abandoned warehouse some metres before them. That was the warehouse Don had sent them to after Tarasha had attacked and collected a particular package from two of the Nanl Gang members that had been sent on an assignment. The warehouse was abandoned after the sudden attack which involved them killing all the workers.

‘Let’s get closer and look for a way to get in’ Cole said, looking around to see if anyone was watching them.

‘We have to come back or wait till it’s midnight’ Benny replied, stopping Cole by placing a hand on his shoulder.

‘it’s not advisable we go in now’

‘We’ll wait’ Cole said,

‘I’m sure that it will be a very good place. It’s very big’

‘We need to find out what they do in the neighbouring compounds too’ Benny said, ‘and I think we’ll need use of that hotel by the side’ he pointed to a multiple storey building that was only separated from the warehouse by a building in the middle.

‘If we can get a room at this side’ Cole explained with his hands, referring to the rooms by the right side of the hotel whose windows would give them a good view of the ware house.

‘No wasting of time anymore, let’s go back home and get our tools ready’



‘They accepted it few minutes ago’ Greg said as Robin joined him in the computer room.

‘So have you gotten their location?’ He asked.

‘Yes, they’re in a ware house’ Greg answered, looking into his computer.

‘We have to get James to lead us there’ Robin brought out his phone and dialed James, he ordered him to come and meet him in the room immediately.

‘Did you get any view of the warehouse?’ Robin asked as they waited for James.

‘No, but I’m sure that’s where they are’ Greg insisted, showing Robin a thick spot on the screen which indicates the location where the bug directs its signal

‘Okay’ Robin took a seat beside Greg, ‘we are all going together, call Tony to come here now’ James came in when Greg was making the call. He looked smart and ready for action in his uniform which he only wears occasionally.

‘Are you ready?’ Robin asked him.

‘Ready sir, my men are also prepared’ James replied.

‘Good, we just got their location and you’ll be leading us there’ Tony came in as Robin was explaining.

‘Where sir?’ James inquired.

‘Here’ Robin motioned him forward, to view at the location on the computer screen, the address of the place was underneath the point.

‘Tan beverage warehouse’ James muttered with a frown. ‘This warehouse has been abandoned, nobody has been using it for more than a month now’

‘Huh?’ Robin raised a brow. Inspector Segun dressed in his uniform came into the room at that moment, he was in a rushing mood.

‘Sorry for disturbing’ he apologized when he noticed that he interrupted their conversation.

‘Segun, when last did anyone use the Tan Beverage warehouse?’ James asked him. Segun was surprised at the question, he cleared his throat before talking.

‘We went to that area about three weeks ago and I’m sure that it hasn’t been used since the incident in November last year’

‘Did you guys check inside thoroughly?’ Robin asked.

‘No, we didn’t’ Segun gave a short reply.

‘Well, it seems that the Assassins have been hiding there and using it as their quarters for operation’ Robin added. James was silent as he thought of the possibility of the assassins being in the warehouse truly. It was really possible that it was the same people that had carried out the killings that took place in the warehouse before it was abandoned, they could now be using the place as a point of operation. Where James still had mixed feelings was the fact that Greg had discovered the place easily, he hoped that they were not in for a surprise.

‘What incident happened there in November?’ Robin asked, directing the question to James.

‘The workers in the warehouse were attacked and killed by unknown gunmen, there was only one survivor’ James explained, ‘we later discovered that the manager had a kind of deal with the unknown gunmen but something went wrong between them ‘

‘So nobody has been found associated with that case?’

‘No one sir’

‘Well, we have to plan our attack now’ Robin paused and looked at Segun. ‘What did you come in for?’

‘I…I came to enquire about the arms we need’ Segun answered. Robin returned his gaze to James who took out a piece of paper from his pocket and stretched it out to Segun.

‘We surround the place and then announce to them from outside to peacefully surrender’ Robin continued after Segun had left. ‘If they refuse to come out, we may need to launch in tear gas to take the out first. Remember, it’s our target to capture them alive so we should try our possible best to do that’ …

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to be continued