Tarasha Episode 26


*10am* ‘Happy new year!’ The president said on top of his voice as he ended his new year speech on national TV. Benny switched off the TV at once.

‘Why?’ Cole asked him, referring to his sharp flinging away of remote control.

‘Why not?’ Benny said as he got up from his seat. He walked to Cole who was laying down on the sofa and stretched his hand for a handshake. Cole sat up and took the surprising handshake, looking to Benny for explanation.

‘Happy new year’ Benny finally said, ‘we’ve been too busy monitoring and plotting how to drop Robin and James that we’ve forgotten to congratulate ourselves on the new year’ Cole laughed out loud,

‘happy new year man’ he stood up and engaged Benny in a brief hug.’You know Robin is working tirelessly too’ he said as he sat back smiling, it felt good to get emotional once in a while.

‘Yea, I know but I think we have the advantage’ Benny sat close to him. ‘He thinks that his presence in Nigeria is only known to the police force’

‘That’s true’ Cole commented. He put up a serious face as something went through his mind. ‘But how did boss get the information? Am not aware we have any informant in the police force’

‘Hmm’ Benny hummed almost silently.

‘Happy new year guys’ Aisha announced loudly, interrupting their discourse as she walked in with a tray of wine and glass cups. She wore a sleeveless black top and a white mini skirt. She dropped the tray on a short stool in front of Benny, sorting out the cups and pouring the drink into them.

Benny felt blood rush through his body faster as he watched Aisha’s mini skirt lift up at the back, revealing her pant view. This was the only year he hadn’t celebrated the new year with a girl on his bed, so he felt like grabbing her from the back to have a quick one. His eyes met Cole’s who gave a short laughter, he quickly took his gaze away.

‘Is someone planning to get us high very early in this new year?’ Cole joked as Aisha turned back handing the glasses to them.

‘This won’t get you high, I’m not aware that one cup of alcohol gets men drunk’ she replied and dropped into the sofa they sat on, sitting in their middle.

‘D–n!’ Benny cursed under his breath as a bulge formed in his trousers on seeing Aisha’s exposed laps. He quickly repositioned himself to avoid embarrassment, Cole who knew his plight gave out a slight smile. Benny wondered why Aisha was having an effect on him, he had seen her expose her body more than she did now without feeling a thing, maybe it was because of his recent longtime suppression of his urge for s-x.

Something beeped loudly interrupting the jolly mood of the three, Cole knew at once where the sound came from. He dropped his glass and headed towards the new computer room, Benny and Aisha followed him with their glasses still in their hands. The new computer room was a big one but almost empty as it was only set up temporarily, all two computers were in it. Cole wished that they could continue to use that house as their office but the boss has said that it was only for a short while.

‘What’s that?’ Benny impatiently asked Cole who was in control of the computer.

‘Someone is trying to trap us’ Cole smiled as he said.

‘What do you mean?’

‘They’re trying to locate us’ Cole specified. He turned and faced Benny, ‘we need to go out today and find somewhere we can receive our visitors.’


‘The command has been sent’ Greg announced.

‘Are you sure they would accept it?’ Robin who was sitting beside him asked. James stood up from the chair he was seated and moved closer to the computer. He took care as he walked not to collide with anything on the way.

The room was poorly lit; the bulbs were switched off and only the reflection from the computer desktops screens provided the faint lightning.

‘The command I sent would look harmless to them, I used the same proxy as they used so they would not suspect anything’ Greg explained. ‘They’ll only think that their system is malfunctioning’

‘How soon are we expecting their reply?’ Tony, the third man on Robin’s team asked. He was the tallest in the team, he had a baby face which made people take him for granted not knowing that he was a specialist in nabbing killers.

‘It has delivered already, I believe they would reply whenever they get the message’ Greg answered. James had doubts in his mind as he thought about their new discoveries. It wasn’t that they didn’t have a good computer team in the Nigerian police, in fact their team had been ranked among the top five in the world. So he wondered how Greg could have hopes of locating where the bug directed signals to in just two days, something that the Nigerian police had worked on for weeks. He secretly prayed and hoped that it was not a trap set by the assassins.

Robin Kahn on his own was confident, his team had never failed in handing assassination cases, he trusted Greg to do the right thing. He also couldn’t but praise the Nigerian team secretly in his heart, the progress his team had made so far was based on the work the Nigerian officers led by James had started. The US officers had not even made much progress like the Nigerians had done in the investigation. The only thing he believed Nigeria needed was a better Information technology and networking team.

‘It’s time to prepare our guys, we would need to attack very soon’ Robin said getting up from his seat. He turned to James, ‘prepare ten of your besst men’ Robin said, stressing the word ‘best’ to lay emphasis.

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Tarasha loved this game, it was her favorite. She was going to see some policemen killed very soon by Cole and Benny. She loved the way guys were handling the situation. Cole had called her earlier on to report their progress, how that they were planning to lure the police team by redirecting them to somewhere else where an attack would be launched on them.

She also been busy searching for information about the new target too. She discovered that the man being a former IG had a lot of officers guarding him. They had two options; either to deceive the man and bring him out of his protection or go through his heavy security and kill him. Anyway it was, what she knew was that she and her team would be moving to Abuja once the Robin’s matter is taken care of. Now she had someone to pay a surprise visit to.

She looked into the mirror to see if her makeup was properly done, she released the band holding her plaited hair together and allowed it to fall freely and cover her face. She stood up from the bed to get a full view of herself; she was dressed in a tomboy collared shirt and Jean trousers, she added a black face cap to match with her black boots.

She paused for a while after which she took out a small mask which only covered her mouth and jaw region and also added a dark eyeglasses. She didn’t forget to take ‘her baby’ – the Walther PPK – before driving out of the house five minutes later. She headed for Gravl avenue.

‘Tell your guards to open the gate once they spot a black Range Rover coming, I don’t like waiting outside’ she said into the phone. …

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to be continued