Sonnie Badu explains why he employed a ‘bodyguard’



In recent times, several men of God and religious heads have come under severe attacks and criticism for hiring the services of personal security men popularly known as bodyguards who ‘protect’ and walk with them all the time despite a very popular reference to Psalm 127:1 in the Holy Bible that states “………..Unless the LORD watches over the city, the watchman stays awake in vain.”

Although, this might sound funny since we are made to believe this, it is quite understandable that such people need some sort of physical protection wherever they go hence the new trend and renowned Ghanaian gospel musician Sonnie Badu has for the first time revealed why he hired the services of a personal security.

Appreciating his favourite security man in an Instagram post, the Adonai hitmaker stated;

“My favourite security man I call him airforce 1… #blackbelt, I am blackbelt too” and oh, who knew the gospel musician was security conscious as well and had a black belt too?.

He continued to explain why he employed a security man stating his wrist watch was once pulled away as he performed bring to bear the fact that not everyone in the presence of God was a “BornAgain”.

” But seriously I did not think I needed that until my watch one time got pulled off, that’s when I realised no be all be BornAgain Ooo..”, he wrote.