Sins Of My Parents Episode 10


Nora walked to her room ignoring the sounds of Nathan’s work outs in the gym. she went to the shower and stood in the middle of the falling water, enjoying the feel of the warm water flowing down on her body making her feel relaxed. The journey had got her feeling exhausted. she recalled the sarcasm in Nathan’s voice.

Nora then remembered her mother’s words of not coming between father and son. From what Joe had opened up to her she could feel that they needed each other so much.

“no” she told herself. It was better to ignore all the feelings she had for the good of everyone. she somehow understood Nathan could have noticed his father was getting close to her and was jealous.” Oh no!” she whispered to herself, “I cannot let this get out of hand”

She had not realised she had been standing under the shower for almost 40 minutes. she grabbed her towel and put on a small flared dress on her body. she knew what she had to do. She had to put a stop to the drama before it all got out of hand.

She first went to grab a meal from the kitchen, that night they didn’t sit at the dinning table as they always did. she was told Joe had gone to his room and asked not to be disturbed, “thats alright ” Nora told the maid

“what about Nathan has he eaten? ”

The maid shook her head “no he hasn’t,

I think he’s not doing well Nora” she added. “I know him very well I started working here the time he was still a baby. I helped raise him ” she explain her face displaying concern.

Nora had no idea the old woman she had been seen working around with the other younger woman had been working for the Miyoba for years and that she was the other person who knew the truths of the house. Nora looked at her surprised, “so you have been here that long?” she asked her

” you even know Nathan’s biological mother?

” yeah but not in person,” the maid smiled realising Nora somehow knew the truth. “I was hired when Nathan was still a little baby. I raised him before his step mom came by. oh she was an angel” the maid smiled sadly .she raised and loved Nathan from the time he was 2 years and some months until he was a man.”

She sat down and frowned, “poor Nathan he was so devastated it took time for him to recover when she passed on” she shook her head as Nora held a plate she was eating from.

” you must care so much for him I can see that” she told the maid.

” I do mam, I just wish both of them would live happily. Nathan is a good child his mother has no idea what she threw away.”

“yeah !” Nora smiled. “Let me see him before I go to sleep” she told her.

” that’s good” the maid smiled, ” it seems he likes you a lot”

Nora looked at her, she said nothing and headed towards Nathan’s room.

She knocked on his bedroom door and waited. Nathan opened the door and stood holding it then he asked her, “Yes”

Nora looked at him and shook her head. “won’t I come in?” she inquired holding her hands.

Nathan wore a small short and nothing upwards. he seemed not to mind that his half nakedness was causing Nora some discomfort..

Well come in then he said indicating her to go in. Nora went in and leaned on the table filled with books. Nathan cleared his throat. “mmmmmhm ?” he said looking at Nora who was by all means trying to avoid direct contact with Nathan, his masculine shape made her feel so uncomfortable. She however had to complete her mission, so she spoke up..

“Um listen Nathan, i noticed you are kind of upset with me for some reason. I just came to ask you to explain why and to say that if there’s something I have done wrong then all i can ask for is your forgiveness. am here to work and if we gonna live under one roof we need peace, especially for the sake of your sick dad. remember we cannot manage getting him stressed as that could slow down his recovery.” She struggled to explain.

All this while, Nathan watched her quietly. Instead he went and sat down on his bed.

“mmmn I see, not to worry Nora ” he finally spoke up “am not mad at you or anything….”

” Yes you are ” she interrupted, “please let’s drop all this act already.”

“Oh the act uh?” he said in a stern voice. ” you know what? I will tell you ” Nathan stood up sounding upset, “you think am happy seeing you and dad flirting all over my face? Do you have any idea how much it hurts seeing you ignore me like am a piece of s***? ”

“Nathan!” Nora almost talked

” let me finish Nora ” he raised his hands. “yes am mad, am mad because every time i see you my heart stops beating. your smile gets to me and I can’t control myself. Nora why do you hate me so much that you choose that.. that.. old man.. I mean my father over me?” He muttered. “Do you have any idea what kind of man he is? You think he’s an Angel because his tied to his chair? You are so comfortable being around a man old enough to be your father but you won’t even look at me.”

“Stop it Nathan! ” Nora almost screamed. “please stop all this nonsense now. I care for your father because I want him to walk again. It’s what I was employed to do here remember that? Don’t insult me I won’t take any more of this from you. if you won’t make peace with me I will leave this place tomorrow. I don’t want to come between you and your father.” she snapped.

“I will recommend another nurse for your father” she added upset and tears running down her face. she wiped the tears walked out and left him standing.

Nathan watched her leave and felt bad he had pushed it too far, he sat on the bed holding his head. oh God !” he frowned rubbing his forehead.

“Nora wait!” he called her following her to her room. she closed the door before he got to her. without knocking Nathan walked in and closed the door behind him.

“Nora am sorry ” he apologised watching her as she sniffed and wiped tears from her face.

” just leave me alone already Nathan please.” she told him pulling up the bedding to prepare to sleep.

“No I won’t leave until you hear me out, you can’t leave Nora” .

“Oh why not uh? Am just a nurse and anyone can replace me. So am out of here tomorrow.”she responded pushing the covers on the bed aside.

Don’t you do that Nora please ” Nathan begged, “my father needs you ” he said moving closer to where she stood holding her pillow, ” and I need you here too, don’t you see? I like you a lot Nora and it hurts when you are away. please don’t go.”

Nora shook her head but before she couldn’t say a word, he held her hand.

” please forgive me” he said in a very low tone.

“But Nathan.. I um , I can’t Nathan, I can’t do this anymore. I don’t want to hurt anyone here. you have to understand.”

Instead of responding, Nathan reached out and kissed her, she resisted and walked away, “stop doing this to me Nathan please” she told him trying to avoid his gaze by all means. But he held her to the wall, “tell Me the truth now do you have any feelings for me? ”

“Oh no we are not going that path Nathan drop this now ” she whispered, his face close to her face.

Nathan leaned forward and pressed his body on Nora’s, “please she whispered again.”

Nathan held her chin and raised her head,

“look at me Nora, you do feel something for me, just tell me already.”

“I can’t” she told him but her expression told him something else. He held her head by the neck and kissed her again. She felt his soft wet lips on hers and all the will to resist him was gone. She let him kiss her and closed her eyes.

Nathan withdrew.. “Nora won’t you kiss me back?” He asked almost begging.

“Oh God.. Nathan don’t make things more complicated I beg you.”

” I won’t let you go no matter what, this is where I want to be, don’t you see? Am Dying for your love.” he slowly and gently kissed her and he smiled as she kissed him back. Her hands wrapped around his back. Nathan held her tight as he enjoyed the pleasure of her sweet lips and the feel of her hands on him.

He slowly withdrew after a very long passionate kiss. Nora looked at him, he smiled, “you are so sweet my Angel, please don’t go okey?” Nora nodded her head without saying a word. He walked to the door and she held it to close after he was gone, before leaving he kissed her lips again, “I love you Nora” he told her and walked away.

Nora closed the door and hugged herself re-living the moment as she walked to the bed.

To be continued…