Simply Complicated Episode 14


Khalid smiled. It was nice to have Tayo around. His madness was soothing sometimes.
“That’s good. You finally want to get a proper job.”
“If I hear! You know me now. Na mumcee. Popcee is even better. He’s pushing for a bank job but not so hard. Mumcee is sha pushing for a job even if it’s as Dangote’s driver. That woman will drive me nuts someday.”
Khalid laughed and shook his head.
“Naah. You’ll probably beat her to it”
He proceeded to walk up the stairs with his bag and Tayo trailed behind.
“Ha! I no gree o. I’m the best of all her kids. She knows sef.”
“Or you have managed to convince yourself that seeing you’re the most non-compliant”
“Whose side are you on sef?”
Khalid laughed some more. Tayo was just a clown.
“Side? Dude, there are no sides o. I’m just saying”
They walked into his room and he dropped his bag. Evidence of Tayo’s presence was visible all over. From the unmade bed to the clothes scattered and empty SFC disposable packs. A half-empty bottle of coke was somewhere in the mess
“Ogbeni, you know say I no get housegirl abi?”
It was Tayo’s turn to laugh.
“Wetin you wan carry housegirl do?”
“Mumu! Who wan clean this place?”
“Oh! Na you na”
Tayo grinned and patted Khalid on the back. He collected the bag from Khalid, put it on the bed, opened it and proceeded to help him unpack. Khalid just shook his head.
“You came in last night and look at the level of damage you’ve done”
“Whatever jor. You should be grateful I’m here.”
“Oh I’m grateful alright. Your madness is soothing sometimes.”
Khalid laughed and walked towards the bathroom. I need to take a shower.
“Ahan. What’s all this wedding notes I’m seeing here? Bestman, Tayo? Who dey marry?”

He held up the notepad and waited for an answer. Khalid walked out of the bathroom and sat on the bed.
“Aisha and I are getting married in six months.”
“Wow! Are you serious?”
Tayo’s face lost all trace of humour for the first time since Khalid walked into the house.
“Yeah. We agreed on a date in Ghana. I’m going to see her mum tomorrow so we can talk about it.”
“Okay. Congrats.”
“Thanks, I guess.”
They were silent for a few minutes then Tayo spoke.
“Are you sure you’re ready for this?”
“I think so. I mean, I’ve got all these speaking engagements that fetch me money. I’ve got these organizations I consult for. I think I’m ready financially.”
“And emotionally?”
Khalid sighed. Tayo knew him too well. They had been friends for a very long time
“I had a panic attack in Ghana. I had another on our way back. I sent Dr. Olivia an email today. I’m hoping to hear from her soon. I really want to be with Aisha but sometimes I feel like I don’t deserve her.”
Tayo sat down.
“Have you thought about telling her about Seye?”
“You know I can’t do that-“
“Khalid, what happened, happened. That was six years ago. Maybe if you tell her, you won’t have all these attacks.”
Khalid shook his head.
“No way. I can’t do that. You seem to have forgotten Maryam. I tried to start the relationship with her on an honest note; laid all the cards on the table, yet she walked away. Maryam and I were great together but the relationship did not last more than six months and you and I know it’s because I told her the truth.”
Tayo sighed.
“Tayo, don’t bother. For the first time in six years, my life seems to have meaning. I need you to help me keep it that way. I love that I find peace with Aisha. Don’t make me lose that, I beg you.”
Tayo sighed again.
“Alright. I won’t raise this again. Let’s chill till Dr. Olivia gets in touch with you and we’ll see what she says.
“Thanks man.”
Tayo got up and continued unpacking. He brought out a pair of shorts and the huge grin returned to his face.
“God bless the day we became friends.”
He folded the shorts neatly and stuffed them into his own bag.
Khalid flew from where he was seated and grabbed the bag.
“You dey mad o! Drop my shorts jare! Wetin sef? Na only me get friend?”
They both laughed.
“Oluwa o! Such violence! Kai! Na only shorts o! Ahan! If na Aisha I wan move nko? Wetin go come happen?”
Khalid laughed and hugged the shorts.
“Try am first na. Na thunder go fire you be that!”
Tayo laughed and shook his head as he continued unpacking

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-Hey you, you didn’t go on your honeymoon yet you managed to forget me. Well done o.
Bode waited for a while but got no reply. Her recent update read “Hello Abuja!” but it was about thirty minutes ago. He dropped the phone eventually and went on to other business.
Three hours later, he finally got a reply.
-Hi dear. So sorry. Came back really exhausted. Been sleeping.
-Ha. Guessed as much. It’s okay. How are you now?
-I’m alright. What’s up?
-Nothing much. How was your trip?
-It was great o. I really enjoyed myself. It was really nice to finally get a break off work. I did dream about my supervisor once. She was chasing me back to work with a cutlass. ?
Bode laughed out loud. Aisha was so silly.
-HAHA. LOL! For real?
-Nah. Just kidding! ? How are ya?
-I’m great. Missed you while you were away. I had to ask myself if I was sure I hadn’t grown feelings for you.
Bode read his message and surprise washed over him. Did he really just send that? He had just let his fingers type, did not let his brain process the thought before he typed it out and hit the send button.
let’s have your feedback. Ladies, if you were Aisha, would you honestly want to know that Le boo had been responsible for someone’s death? Even if it was indirectly and had taken place years ago? Plus how would you react to such news?

Guys, if you were in Khalid’s shoes, what would you do? I’ll be waiting expectantly to hear from you people.

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To be continued


  1. Khalid must confess to Aisha, who knows, maybe she will forgive him. It not gonna be easy for her but i know she will forgive him cos of her love for him. Bode shld also forgive him for the death of his sister n move on

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