Shatta Wale Dares to diss anybody who dares his newly found mum



Yesterday on the Friday Popping
show with Dr Pounds and Nana Ama
McBrown on Pluzz 89.9FM , Shatta
Wale gave a surprise call to
acknowledge the actress.

He said, anyone who messes up
with Nana Ama McBrown has
messed up with me and i will
record a diss song for that
particular person.
He calls Nana Ama his mum in the
movie industry because she has
proven to the world that she is
capable of almost every role any
director will give her, whether a
masculine or feminine one.
If you want to begin a beef with
Shatta Wale, then you need to start
with Nana Ama McBrown.
If you touch Nana Ama McBrown
you have touched me because she
is my mother and i will not take it
easy with anyone who dares her.

Nana Ama McBrown has been
through a lot. He added.
Shatta Wale finally made Nana Ama
his official mum in the industry by
changing her name, Nana Ama
Mcbrown to Shattia McBrown.
Nana Ama was so much happy and
thanked Shatta Wale for sending her
this great message..

Before ending the call, Shatta Wale
addressed his Wanlov Kubolor act
by saying – Personally i have been
watching the video 5 times every
day after the show and the good
news is, its obvious every one
enjoyed that last moment before i
left stage.
Commenting on his white boxer
shorts, Shatta Wale said, those are
my own boxer shorts which will be
launched soon. I have spoken with
my designers and they are doing
their best to bring it out soon.

Source : ghjoy