Shades Of Romance- Episode 44


It really was a terrible experience trying to find our way out of the thick forest. The land was so wet, slippery, water logged and dangerous.
Joe led us on and on, but the more we walked the more confused and lost we got. At a point it looked as if we were just going round in circles.

“seriously i thought we could find another way out, instead of the path i took when coming for you guys. It was just a silly mistake, now we are lost” Joe finally said with resignation as we got to another bush path that led to nowhere.

“no we can’t be lost, let’s continue moving” i insisted and took the lead, but unfortunately i never knew a deep hole filled with water just like a bad gutter was ahead. I simply walked into it and almost drowned.
My terrible shout instantly filled the air, rattling everyone including forest animals.

Joe, Jenifer, Tony and the Chief quickly assisted in getting me out, but my scream not only rattled forest animals but equally gave away our position to Chuk’s men who were now looking for us.
A gunshot was fired at our position just as i was dragged out of the pit. Dozens of lights quickly flashed from afar, signalling us to run as fast as we could.

To cut short the long story, we finally found a way out after roaming the forest for almost three hours. Chief Manuel got his leg broken, after slipping as we crossed a small creek. Jenifer equally had long scratches all over her body but it wasn’t life threatening nor poisonous. The rest of us were fine but exhausted.

“we are not yet safe. This is a small village and the guys after us are probably from this area. We need to hide to till dawn” Joe said seriously, breathing hard as he looked around.
“i just don’t know where we can hide, we still have lots of time before dawn approaches” he added as he checked his phone, which still had no signal.

Quietly we moved into the village, looking for a place to hide and luckily for us nobody saw us until we got to a small catholic church in the middle of the village.

“thank God” i breathed as we got to the open church, almost running inside with excitement.

“not so fast. This is the only open place we have seen so far. Even a child will search here when looking for us. I bet the guys will be here, if they can’t find us in the forest. Let’s go to the locked chapel behind. We will break in and lock it from inside. Nobody is silly enough to break into a chapel, so i think we will be safe there if eventually the thugs show up” Joe said seriously.

“holy Mary!, break into a chapel?, God forbid” Jenifer cried.

“God is very Merciful. He will understand” Joe answered, moved forward and broke the chapel lock without hesitation. We all went in, locked ourselves inside and hid, praying for dawn to approach quickly.

An hour later, we heard noises and saw torch lights being flashed at the Church….

“They are here” Tony breathed.

To be continued