Shades Of Romance- Episode 41


“now let’s get to why you guys are here” Chuck addressed us coldly, while we all listened with rapt attention.

“i’m solely doing this because you guys turned your backs on my late father. You all watched him die without raising a finger to help. You all stood and watched while the old man suffered horrible pain and hardship. All he needed was just three hundred thousand Naira {N300,000}. Roughly two thousand dollars or less for surgery. He begged you Chief Manuel, he begged you Tony, he equally begged you Emeka, but you all told him to go to hell. He tried everything possible to borrow money from you guys but no, his life wasn’t worth such amount of money.” he poured out hoarsely, drawing more fear from us with his outburst.

I instantly remembered his father. I remembered how the old man virtually knelt before me, begging for a hundred and fifty thousand Naira which he promised would be settled by his son Chuck whenever he comes home. I couldn’t give him the money because i was scared that i wasn’t going to get it back, because i never trusted Chuck and none of his other children were capable of paying back such amount. But seriously i never knew the old man was dying.

“oh now i see, you guys are now quiet huh?” he continued coldly, drew close to Chief Manuel, held him by the collar and jerked him up. Of course Chuk Noris had the strength of a horse.

“my dad came to you for help, after turning him back many times, you had to deceive him into giving you his only land, yet instead of the three hundred thousand Naira he asked for, all you could give him was a hundred and twenty thousand Naira, forcing him to fall on my old friend Tony” he coldly said to the scared Chief before facing Tony who couldn’t utter a single word.

“i’m always the bad guy. I’m the rascal in everything. But you Tony, you got me in the situation that made helping my father impossible. We ran a deal in Italy, you snitched on us. You snitched on your friends, made a deal with the Italian police, faked an ambush and made it look as if the authorities seized everything. You ran back to Nigeria to enjoy while we shed blood down there. Yet you found it hard to lend a hundred and fifty thousand Naira to my father after learning of his condition. Yes i’m always the bad guy” he said to him coldly before facing Jenifer and I….

“oh Lord what’s your own crime” Jenifer cried, holding me tightly. I closed my eyes and said my last prayers. I knew for certain that revenge never ends well.

Things were surely more terrible than I expected. We all deserved to pay. No doubt.

To be continued.