Shades Of Romance- Episode 33


“but Mr Emeka i can’t just let you go, my hands are tied. This is a kidnap case” the officer dragged, as if he was so scared of making any decision.

“you have no strong evidence against me or do you?” i asked offensively. He kept quiet, avoiding the question.

“It’s your decision to make, i have already told you my mind” i added strongly, while Jenifer drew close to him.

“please i beg of you, allow us to go home, Emeka isn’t the criminal you are looking for. Seriously we were just returning from my hometown when your men dragged us here. For Christ sake do the right thing” she begged, using her feminine power to work magic on the confused officer.

“fine, you guys can go and return early tomorrow, but first i need your phones and secondly i will assign an officer to keep an eye on you. He will go with you guys. Please make him comfortable” he addressed me, but i still shook my head in protest.

“my phones, what for?” i asked with a raised tone.

“my love, give him your phones, you have nothing to hide” Jenifer begged, came forward and collected my phones.

“do you need mine as well?” she asked the officer as she dutifully gave him my phones.
We finally left the state police headquarters an hour later, after my phones were seized and a young corporal assigned to go home with us.
However Jenifer’s phone wasn’t taken and she equally was much more relaxed and in control of her feelings. I Seriously was pissed.

“first thing tomorrow, i must have a serious chat with Tony. I just don’t understand anything again d–n” i hissed as i drove while Jenifer tried her best to calm me.
Ooh and that night was one of the most disturbing nights of my life.
As early as 6am the next day, i freshened up and prepared myself for the long day ahead. My plans were first, to visit Tony, find a way to learn some things from him before reporting to the police station.

Jenifer however was very scared over my mood and tried her best to convince me in allowing her accompany me which i flatly rejected.
“i’m so scared honey, now not only Tony and your people are against you but equally the police. How bad can things get. Please i beg of you be very civil and diplomatic when seeing Tony, the police or anyone. I’m scared, i fear you won’t return” she cried, shaking my spirit with her words.

“take care of the house sweetheart. Don’t go anywhere, just lock yourself inside, and when Joe shows up, tell him to keep an eye on my gas stations, i won’t want anybody planting anything there to set me up” i seriously said to her. She nodded with tears in her eyes, drew forward and kissed me.

“i feel responsible” she sobbed. I swallowed with pain, turned and left without another word.

Seeing her cry always made me feel bad, then her words, “i fear you won’t return” kept ringing in my head as i drove out of my house that early Monday morning with the policeman assigned to watch me, breathing down me neck.

To be continued…