Shades of Lust Episode 6


After grabbing a small knife at the kitchen, I slowly calmed down to weigh the consequences of my decision. Yes I was determined to stab Kelvin. I was determined to kill him like he did to my dad but after killing him what next?, I asked myself over and over. Of course I knew killing him won’t be any easy and covering the crime equally won’t be an easy thing. Then living with such deed in my conscience equally could kill me. I wasn’t a killer. It wasn’t in my blood. But I just couldn’t let him get away so easily. I so was totally convinced that he killed my dad for money.

The suitcase and documents in his room were enough evidence to seal my mind. I slowly went back to the bedroom, packed up the documents and headed to the sitting with the suitcase in my left hand. I really was confused. I just was in a hopeless state.

Luckily, I didn’t wait long before Kelvin walked into his apartment with a well built lady. His reaction on seeing me with the suitcase was so revealing. He simply froze with great surprise as his eyes fell on the suitcase. He couldn’t say a word. Of course what was there to say?. He wasn’t expecting to see me and so had nothing prepared to tell me. It was my chance to strike him dead with the knife. It was the opportunity I needed to avenge my father’s death but as the opportunity stared at me on the face, I realized that it wasn’t easy to take a man’s life.

My hand trembled but I held onto the knife strongly with my right hand while the suitcase rested strongly in my left hand. The lady with him stared at me suspiciously, too stunned or perhaps confused to say a word. I hissed, threw down the knife and walked out of the apartment without saying a word to anyone.

‘’Jude, please wait. I have to explain’’ I heard Kelvin beg as he ran after me but I wasn’t ready to listen to him. I wasn’t ready to listen to his explanation. I couldn’t bear listening to his reason on why he killed my father.


Kelvin’s side of the story I really wasn’t pleased going to the police station to bail out Cynthia but it was something I had to do in order to continue enjoying the numerous benefits I had with her. Cynthia was a seamstress and a big time trouble maker. A no nonsense lady who was scared of no one, but then she equally was as strong as a tiger on bed which made her very precious to me. Anytime we had sex, it was nothing but a competition on who would get tired first. She really was very valuable to me and her sexual prowess made me blinded to her faults even though sometimes I was forced to meddle in to her business just like I was being forced to come bail her out from police custody.

On getting to the police station, I learnt she was involved in a fight with a neighbor who threw dirty water in front of her shop. It really was a little issue which dragged into a fight, forcing a police team passing by to cash in on the opportunity to make some money by detaining the two women. I ended up spending five thousand naira I never planned spending.

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‘’I’m so sorry dear. I’m sorry for making you spend your hard earned money this afternoon. It’s just that the silly girl refused listening to my pleas to stop throwing dirty water in front of my shop. Imagine after washing her plates and cleaning up her restaurant every morning she would throw the water in front of my shop because she comes very early in the morning when no one will see her. I just couldn’t take it anymore and had to slap her’’

Cynthia apologized and explained as we left the police station but my mind wasn’t on her explanation. All I wanted was to go home and get done with the documents I was in the process of checking out before I was invited to the police station.

‘’I know you are very angry with me?. I’m very sorry. How about we go to your house and see who has the strongest appetite for sex today?’’ she pushed on, arousing me with her words as her left hand slowly reached for my trouser zip, putting a smile over my face.

‘’hmmmmm, let’s get home first’’ I breathed and softly pushed off her hand from my trouser.


The joy on my face however disappeared the moment I walked into my apartment to see Jude holding the suitcase with one hand and a kitchen knife with another hand. I simply was at lost on what to say or do. I wasn’t expecting him; I wasn’t prepared in any way. I knew I was wrong to go through his father’s things without first consulting him. I knew he had every reason to feel bad and suspicious but then all I did was done out of good faith, moreover he was too young to understand.

I tried to talk but just couldn’t. Luckily, he threw down the knife and ran out of the apartment with the suitcase which had the evidence I needed in investigating his father’s death, forcing me to run after him with no success. I returned to my sitting room to face Cynthia who had a thousand and one questions to ask me but I was in no mood to speak to her. Jude really was spoiling things without realizing it.

To be continued