Shades of Lust Episode 29


‘’I prepared something delicious for you. Let’s go to the dining table or do you want to first freshen up?’’ Pamela asked, trying hard to make me feel at home but unfortunately my mind was far from being at ease. All I wanted was to reach a good compromise with her. I just couldn’t bear the idea of her having my first child.

‘’I didn’t come here to freshen up or to eat. I came for something serious. You are not having my child, are you?’’ I asked coldly. She laughed and shook her head.

‘’you know most times guys always like playing the victim when it comes to issues concerning unwanted pregnancy. I really don’t understand why you are trying to look innocent. You very well knew my marital status, yet you had the mind to approach and make countless love to me without protection. The result of our action pops up and you finally remember that I’m not worthy of you. We really have a lot to talk Jude. I advice you calm down, let’s go to the dining room. We will talk after dinner’’ she said softly, flashing an annoying smile while I slowly calmed down.

Of course she was very right with what she just said. She wasn’t to be blamed for what we did together.

At the dining table I nervously ate the fried rice she served me halfheartedly. My mind was just so occupied with many thoughts. I couldn’t help but realize that moment that my journey to Abuja was nothing but useless. Pamela had her plans already figured out and my visit was never going to change a thing.

‘’dear lord I’m just being more stupid with each passing moment. What is wrong with me?. Why can’t I think things before acting?’’ I prayed and pondered in my mind. I really was so pathetic and silly. I couldn’t believe it was all happening. It looked more of a dream to me than reality. Pamela soon reached out to hold my left hand.

‘’Jude you shouldn’t look so worried. I’m sorry for dragging you into my mess. The last thing I would do is to hurt you. Nevertheless you have to listen to what I have to say and support me’’ she breathed softly. I stared at her, saying nothing.

‘’I grew up in the worst kind of family a child would ever have. My Nigerian father so much abused my mum, to the extent of strangling her before my eyes. He ended up with a life sentence in the states and I had to grow up in three different homes. I won’t bore you with my childhood tales but you have to know that I did anything to survive back then until I met my husband the senator.

A friend actually introduced me to him for a one night stand but he ended up falling in love with me. He got me a new apartment, brushed me up and changed my life. He finally had to ask me to convert to his religion and marry him. My friends all encouraged me to go on with him but I never loved him. The only attraction he had was his money. I was advised to marry him, have a child for him and get a divorce after some months.

Unfortunately it was all easier said than done. After the quiet marriage, he tried making me part of his household but his wife and children were far from being accommodative. They tried every trick to get me out of the house until the old man had no choice than to get me this house. He couldn’t even get me pregnant and that’s my only ticket to freedom and equally the main reason I needed you.

You have all the features I want my son’s father to have. What’s left for me to do now is to convince the senator that I’m pregnant for him. He still loves me and I already have made good use of the opportunity to milk him very much. I will have my child in the states and I will never come back to Nigeria. The old man will only learn the truth when I decide. So nothing you will ever say to me will make me to lose your child.

The best you can do is to leave the country with me. We can start all over. I have more than enough money for that. Of course I know you won’t allow your child to grow up without knowing you’’ she slowly opened up, leaving me feeling so sick and nauseous. I just didn’t know what to say or how to react.

‘’so you are using my child for a dangerous game. You just don’t know what you are getting yourself into. You can’t play a politician and live to tell the story’’ I muttered, dropping my eyes. ‘’moreover I still finding it hard to believe your story’’ I added, frowning deeply.

‘’tomorrow is my birthday. I will be twenty seven tomorrow. How about we make plans’’ she suddenly changed the topic as if we were done with the current situation. I sprang up furiously.

‘’I will never be part of your games. Not anymore. I’m leaving’’ I shouted at her.

‘’you can’t be serious’’ she replied, smiling and licking her lips.

‘’I have enough money. I can lodge in any hotel’’ I barked seriously, heading out of the dining room.

‘’there is someone I will like you to meet. She told me something strange when I asked her to check you out. Your life could be in danger Jude’’ she suddenly muttered, stopping me with her words. I turned and faced her seriously.

‘’are you trying to play another trick on me?’’ I asked. She scoffed and shrugged.

‘’I’m not begging you to stay back. You can leave if you want to’’ she breathed and stood up with a drawn face. I stared at her suspiciously, not knowing the right decision to take.

‘’The lady told me that the same wind that blew your father away is now dangerously hovering above you’’ she added, eyed me and headed out of the dining room while I stood still like a palm tree. I felt she was trying to get in my head. I felt she was trying to use my weak point against me. I felt she was playing a mind game on me but still I was very curious to know the meaning of what she just said. I couldn’t just leave after what she said about my life being in danger.

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Kelvin’s side of the story continues (same evening)

I was driving out of Joe’s gym when my phone rang and it was Jessica calling. I smiled as I answered her call.

‘’Hi dear. Guess where I’m?’’ she said sweetly,

‘’hmmm tell me’’ I begged.

‘’I’m in front of your house’’ she answered.

‘’oh dear me, I will be home in few minutes’’ I replied, smiling broadly.

‘’I’m waiting, better hurry’’ she added and hung up. I smiled to myself as I sped up.

Jessica was nothing but a she devil. I just couldn’t have enough of her.

On getting to my house, she came forward and hugged me, softening my heart tremendously.

‘’I prepared a special beans-cake (moi moi) at home and I had to bring it over here for us to eat together. It actually took me all evening to prepare but the stress is worth it’’ she said happily, pecking me. I swallowed hard with great eagerness. I couldn’t wait to have the delicious meal. The last time I ate such food was two years ago in the village.

In no time we were enjoying the super delicious beans-cake with pap mixed with milk. I really felt like proposing to her that moment. Of course the fastest way to most men’s heart is through the stomach.

‘’I have something to ask of you?’’ she suddenly breathed when we were done with the meal.

‘’what is it you want?’’ I asked curiously.

‘’I want you to introduce me to your cousin Jude’’ she demanded, leaving me totally stunned. I almost choked with surprise.

To be continued