Shades of Lust Episode 16


kelvin’s side of the story continues

‘’what do you mean by which relationship?” she asked with a slightly raised tone. I instantly sensed danger which I wasn’t ready to face that moment. I yawned and headed to my room

‘’I’m very tired Cynthia. We will talk later. I have to freshen up first’’ I muttered, leaving her with no choice than to let me be.

However after dinner that fateful evening, she brought up the topic again instead of going back to her house. My greatest wish really was to break up with her there and then but Cynthia was nothing but a venomous viper that needed to be handled with care. I still had a lot going on in my head and I knew breaking up with her that moment wasn’t a good idea. It wasn’t the right time to kick her out of my life.

‘’our relationship is okay by me. I just don’t know what you are trying to achieve with the topic’’ I breathed, throwing her a quick suspicious look. ‘’or are you pregnant?’’ I asked. She stared at me silently for some seconds before shrugging with resignation. It was as if she had something important to tell me but decided to keep it to herself after my comment.

However after some minutes of silence between us, she cleared her throat and spoke ‘’we have been together for a long time now but you are yet to introduce me to your family or even take a step in knowing mine. Am I wasting my time with you?’’ she asked seriously, leaving all her eyes on me.

Yes her question looked like a good opportunity to tell her my mind. She asked the prying question as if she was ready to accept any reply from me but I wasn’t a kid. I knew all she needed was an assurance that I would take our relationship to the next level. I knew she was never going to take any negative answer from me. I forced out a smile, reached out and held her hand.

‘’we are together because I still want to be with you. But there are some things you need to change. Your aggressive behavior turns me off a lot’’ I said calmly while a smile of relief appeared on her face.

‘’I love you very much Kelvin’’ she muttered softly. I looked down with guilt, saying nothing to her love declaration.

She ended up spending the night in my house, hoping for a night of passion between us but unfortunately I had no appetite for sex because I had a lot in my head. All my thoughts were on Jessica. I had to map out a strategy to gain her trust and unravel the mystery surrounding my uncle’s death. Early the next day, I invited Jude over to my house. I had a lot to tell him.

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Jude’s side of the story continues

Tracy and I held unto each other as we passionately kissed for the first time ever. It was so fulfilling, so thrilling and so sweet. I truly never wanted to spoil her. I never wanted to defile her but the passion between us that moment was so electrifying that I lost my head. I didn’t know when my right hand moved over to her left br.east but the instant my hand felt the softness, I quickly pulled back from her.

‘’no Tracy, not now’’ I stammered.

‘’yes you are right. We shouldn’t let what we feel take control of us’’ she breathed and backed me, perhaps out of embarrassment.

‘’so are you still going home with me?’’ she asked. I softly held her by the waist.

‘’I think you should first go alone. Maybe after some days, I will build the courage to pay a visit and by then you must have told your family more about me’’ I answered softly while she shrugged.

‘’very well then, that’s fine by me. I have to go prepare dinner’’ she muttered, turned and flashed me a quick smile which said a lot of silent words.

‘’let’s go together’’ I offered like old times.

She smiled once again and together we headed to her room where I kept her company throughout the rest of the evening.


Early the next morning, Kelvin gave me a call, asking me to come over to his house immediately.

‘’no excuses this time, It’s important’’ he added and hung up, leaving me with no choice then to meet him at his house by 8am.


I walked into Kelvin’s house full of curiosity. It was the first time he was ordering me to show up in such manner and I couldn’t help but wonder what it was all about. I walked into his sitting room, to see him busy with his computer. He smiled on seeing me and asked me to sit beside him which I did obediently.

‘’look at the screen. You see the lady there?’’ he asked as my eyes fell on a Facebook picture of a very attractive lady. ‘’she is Jessica Simon. She could be the key to the mystery surrounding your dad’s death. She was the last person seen with him the day he died. I have to show you this for you to trust me. For you to know that I’m working fully on your side’’ he muttered while I gnashed my teeth as anger boiled over me. I so badly had the urge to pay the gold digger a visit behind Kelvin’s back.

To be continued