Shade of Lust Season 2 Episode 65 Final


’I really don’t know my dear. I’m confused as ever. Pamela tricked me’’ I cried with great pain. Tracy dropped her eyes for a moment before shaking her head.

‘’maybe something held her up, that’s why she’s yet to return. She can’t abandon her child like that. She’s a woman for Christ sake’’ she muttered quickly, perhaps to calm me down but I was far from being calm. Even though I was already very fond of Juliet, I couldn’t imagine raising her on my own. It looked very impossible moreover she wasn’t my blood and I really couldn’t figure out what exactly to do with her.

‘’let’s wait till at least Sunday. That will give us ample time to wait for Pamela while figuring out the next option’’ she added while I swallowed hard. I couldn’t believe Tracy could be so calm and level headed. She was so nice and supportive and I had no choice than to calm down because she was clearly giving me the much needed support.

‘’I hope this won’t change the feelings you have for the little girl?’’ I asked curiously. She smiled, shaking her head.

‘’Juliet is a very nice little girl. She never asked to be in this situation. I love her and my feelings for her won’t change. She’s just like a little sister and daughter to me’’ she answered while my eyes melted with contentment. I drew forward and kissed her.

‘’thanks so much Trey. You are the best’’ I breathed.


The weekend sped by without any sign of Pamela. Her phone was still switched off and there just wasn’t a way to get to her. I had no choice than to conclude that she abandoned her baby and fled or maybe the senator truly got rid of her.

By Monday I became desperate. Of course I also couldn’t ignore the legal implications of having a child that wasn’t mine. It could blow back and land Tracy and I in jail. Already the south eastern part of the country was very popular with child trafficking and I knew no one would believe my story if it was to be blown up.

‘’I think this is time to tell your cousin everything about this issue. He is much older and exposed to help out’’ Tracy suggested as we discussed the issue in my room. I nodded in agreement even though I couldn’t imagine how to tell Kelvin everything about Pamela and the baby after having hidden it from him for so long. I knew he was going to be disgusted and angry but I still had no choice than to seek his help.

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kelvin’s house, Monday 10am

Kelvin was extremely surprised and shocked after listening to my story. That Monday was really my first time of seeing him after his wedding with Cynthia. Of course he just returned to the city the previous day after a week honeymoon with Cynthia. And yes he had every reason to be mad at me.

‘’I can’t believe you kept such a thing from me till now but I guess there is nothing I can do now than to advice and support you. First we have to go to the police and make a report just in case’’ Kelvin breathed after a long silence. I shrugged in resignation while Tracy nodded slowly.


state police headquarters Owerri

An hour later we found ourselves in a small office occupied by a female police officer. She was the officer we were directed to after making enquires. Kelvin, Cynthia and Tracy all went with me and I couldn’t have asked for more. They just gave me the support I needed and yes I was so grateful. I couldn’t imagine doing all these on my own.

‘’you guys made the right choice by reporting this matter. You can’t imagine how many people have landed in jail over a similar issue’’ the female officer addressed us with a smile after listening to my story. A case file was quickly opened and I was asked to pay a little amount of money for some documentations.

‘’So here comes this tough part. Will you want to give up the baby or do you wish to have her in your care till her mother is found. I hope you know the baby may not have the best of care once you give her up?’’ the officer asked with a smile after we were done with other necessary formalities. It really was a very difficult question to answer and even though I strongly had the urge to keep Juliet in my custody, I couldn’t make the decision alone because I really couldn’t take care of her on my own. I just found it hard to answer and all I could do was just to swallow hard.

‘’I know this doesn’t concern me and I’m not supposed to answer for my friend Jude but we can take care of the baby for the meantime while we wait for her mum to be found. I believe we can keep her for the rest of the year and if the mother isn’t found by then, we will give her up’’ Tracy suddenly spoke for me, of course surprising me with her words. I couldn’t say anything as I stared at her. Not many girls would make the sacrifice she was making and my cousin was equally shocked over her decision.

‘’well I and my wife are also capable of taking care of the little girl. We are not giving her up. Just find the mother as soon as you can’’ Kelvin added while Cynthia nodded in support, thus settling the issue.


And just like Juliet we ended up taking care of Juliet for the rest of that year. Pamela was never found and it appeared as if she never existed in the first place. Juliet equally grew to be a very charming and lively baby who made everyone she came across fall in love with her. Every passing day made our bond tighter, likewise Tracy who wouldn’t let her be away from her presence. She even took her home to her family during the xmas celebration of that year, something I never expected her to do.

‘’I know you are still too young to marry but you are old enough to know what’s good for you and you are financially capable to start a family. Why not marry Tracy this coming January?. Such a good girl never stays single for long’’ Kelvin kept pestering me all through the Christmas and all I did was smile over his words because I had my own big plans.

By March the next year, Tracy and I got ready for our Nysc. We both worked our posting to the federal capital city but unfortunately It only worked for me while Tracy was posted to Akwaibom state and we had no choice than to decide leaving Juliet in Cynthia’s care.


Our youth service went as quick and smooth as I wanted it to be. No drama, no funny issues. I equally used the opportunity to search for Pamela but all my efforts were fruitless. I couldn’t even get a clue whether she was still alive or not and it was just a big mystery to me.

On 14th February 2015, Tracy and I met at Kelvin’s house to celebrate a very special valentine. I finally proposed to Tracy that very day in the presence of Kelvin and a heavily pregnant Cynthia. They all cheered me as I knelt before Tracy to propose. ( Even little Juliet who was almost two years old, clapped in her own little way).

I had to propose to my Tracy before my small family because they were all I got and yes Tracy accepted to be my wife.

December 25th 2015, Tracy and I finally got married in a very lavish wedding ceremony sponsored by Tracy’s parents. The old couple had insisted on sponsoring our white wedding and I had no choice than to accept. I felt proud marrying from a good and wealthy family.

January 6th 2016, Tracy, Juliet and I left the country to start a family in U.S.A. Of course Juliet will never know of her real mum’s story till she becomes a woman. To us she’s our first daughter.

Finally it was time to live my dream.

The End


Please dearest friends, I hope you learnt something from my story? Never deviate from the right track due to family issues or frustration. Do know that all that glitters isn’t gold and when you make a mistake, accept your fault and try your best to fix it.

To my dear ladies always find a way in your heart to love someone with all sincerity and equally try making your relationship work to an acceptable level. Most times the future and failure of a relationship lies in the hands of a woman.


Story By Valentine (coolvals)

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