Shade of Lust Season 2 Episode 64


‘’I can’t believe you let her go without her baby. What if she fails to return?’’ Tracy asked while my heart jumped. I couldn’t imagine taking care of Juliet all on my own for the rest of my life.

‘’you mean she may not come back for her child?’’ I asked with fear.

‘’I don’t know. I really don’t know what to believe anymore’’ she breathed with resignation.

‘’but she shouldn’t have embarked on that journey if she’s actually concerned about the little girl’s health’’ she added thoughtfully.

‘’I wonder what made you allow her to leave in the first place, since you are not even capable of taking care of the little girl for one night’’ she muttered with a smile as she kissed little Juliet who kicked her legs happily.


It really was a memorable night for us. Tracy and I spent the evening playing and taking care of Juliet like one happy family. It looked so sweet and wonderful. I couldn’t help but yearn to start a family with Tracy. The girl was nothing but a wondrous soul. She cared for Juliet as if she was her daughter. She just took out her time to play, feed and bath the baby and yes she did a very good job of it.

Wednesday was equally as eventful as the previous evening. We spent all day taking care of Juliet but as dusk approached and Pamela was yet to neither show up nor call, I became very worried and tried calling her to know her whereabouts but unfortunately her phone was switched off. I just didn’t know what to believe that moment as a thousand and one questions raced into my head.

‘’could it be that she abandoned her child in my care and disappeared? Or could it be that her ex husband finally got rid of her? Or could she still be on her way back?’’ I wondered over and over, hiding my thoughts from Tracy. But I couldn’t hide my fears from her for long because she soon became curious to know what was holding Pamela and I had no choice than to tell her that Pamela’s phone was switched off.

‘’oh no, I hope she’s coming back?’’ Tracy cried with great worry while I swallowed hard.

All through that evening I kept trying Pamela’s phone but wasn’t able to get to her and just like we all feared, she failed to return that very day like she promised. I just felt so silly and clueless. I couldn’t help but wonder what to do with Juliet.

Thursday morning, I arrived at the hospital to get the DNA test result from the doctor who was kind enough to attend to me and equally read the contents of the result.

‘’I’m sorry Jude but just like you feared. The baby isn’t yours. I guess you now have to discuss things with her mother’’ he informed me as he put back the result sheet into an envelope before handing it over to me. I just couldn’t say anything. I was so speechless and weak. Of course I now had to deal with a lovely baby that wasn’t mine and equally think of how to find her mother who tricked me and disappeared. The worst of it all was that I clearly didn’t know where and how to find Pamela because I knew little or nothing about her. I equally couldn’t head to Abuja to confront a serving senator of the federal republic who she claimed was her ex husband without being sure of my facts.

I arrived at my house looking so stupid and used. One look at me clearly told Tracy everything. She simply dropped little Juliet on the sofa and threw her hands round my neck.

‘’Juliet isn’t my daughter’’ I managed to breathe.

‘’so what do we do now?, you know this is a serious issue?’’ she asked solemnly.

To be continued