Shade of Lust Season 2 Episode 33


(Sunday morning)

I hurriedly packed up my things while Jessica watched me with disbelief. She just couldn’t believe I was actually leaving town without her. The look on her face showed all she felt that moment. I simply ignored her as I packed up, whistling a song at the same time to show my excitement which obviously annoyed her more.

‘’why are you doing this to me?. What joy will you derive in leaving me here all by myself after what we have been through together?’’ she finally breathed, trying to make me feel guilty with her words but unfortunately her words had no effect on me, I just wanted to be away from her for a while. I badly needed to think about my life in a quiet environment. Of course that was my excuse for not taking her along but then there really wasn’t any excuse for including Emmanuella on the trip.
Yes I had no tangible reason for accepting to take Emmanuella along but instead of having second thoughts about it, I looked forward in having a great time with her. An urge I just couldn’t understand.

Same evening @Le Meridien Hotel Uyo,

‘’wow what a beautiful room’’ Emmanuella breathed with great excitement as we stared at each other passionately. I shrugged, breathing deeply.

‘’seriously I don’t know what pushed me into agreeing to come here with you. My initial plan was really to spend my time all alone here and think about my life’’ I confessed, looking down. She drew close, kissed my jaw and felt my heartbeat with her palms.

‘’you did the right thing in taking me on this trip. How about we shower together?. I have a long story for you and after listening to it, you will realize that you did great in bringing me along’’ she muttered with a seductive smile, quickly pulling off her clothes. I hungrily stared at her unclad body for a while before slowly undressing and walking into the bathroom with her. Together we showered played and ended up making great love.

‘’jeez you are too strong and hot. Were you really trying to penetrate me through my or what?’’ she asked, breathing heavily when we were done with the rough play. I smiled and closed my eyes.

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‘’I have successfully tried every style with you but that. Can we go on with it?’’ I asked playfully. She laughed, hitting my chest softly.

‘’no wonder Jessica is losing her senses because of you. You are giving it to her the way she never imagined’’ she breathed. I scoffed.

‘’but you should be careful with her. She’s soft with you doesn’t mean that she still can’t bite when provoked. She duped and killed your cousin’s father’’ she softly revealed, shocking me with her words. I quickly sprang up from the bed with great attention.

‘’I really wasn’t very much honest with you at first but hear me out now’’ she added seriously, sitting up to return my gaze.

‘’Jessica made your late uncle believe she was in love with him and being his old account manager, it was very easy for her to get him where she wanted. She manipulated him so well that the man left his building in the village under her care. She simply used the money without doing much on the house and the man never knew.

The man equally sent money for a bungalow in town which she actually bought but turned to hers. It was just as if she used charms on him, because I never knew a man could be so gullible. He was her greatest hit and she never joked with him. When the man eventually returned to Nigeria, she took things to the next level. I don’t know what actually happened between them but she ended up killing him in his sleep.

She ran to my house that very night seeking assistance. I was to be her alibi in case the police asked questions, the plan was for me to claim that she spent the night with me and not with the man, but luckily for her no one asked a d–n question and the issue died a natural death.

However she kept me updated and that was how I knew about your cousin Jude and finally you. She is now manipulating you as well but what I really don’t know is the motive behind it. She has people everywhere and I just risked a lot by telling you this story. I could have told you about it earlier but just couldn’t because I really didn’t know which side you were on’’ she narrated, leaving me totally shaken with the story.

Jessica was definitely a killer but the question that sprang into my head that moment was ‘’what next?’’. What could I possibly do with Emmanuella’s story? Of course I knew the last thing she would do was to publicly testify against Jessica.

To be continued