Shade of Lust Episode 53


’so what do you plan doing with the suitcase?’’ Tracy asked as if she was reading my thoughts. I shrugged and looked into her eyes.

‘’I want to leave it in your care Trey. You are the only person I can trust with it at the moment. Please help me keep it safe in your family house till I’m ready to take it back’’ I begged. She shrugged, breathing deeply.

‘’very well then. I will keep it safe for you’’ she accepted, leaving a smile of satisfaction on my face.


I couldn’t take Tracy back to Enugu that very day, instead we decided to spend the night in our hostel and yes it really was a wonderful moment. We played, joked and romanced each other till late in the evening when Tracy threw me into panic with very shocking information.

We were about settling down to sleep around 10:44pm when she suddenly offered her phone to me.

‘’A lady added me on facebook yesterday and this morning she sent me a message that she’s your old friend in America. She said she added me through you and wants us to be friends. I really don’t know what to make of it because you haven’t mentioned any such friend to me and I kind of feel that this is the work of a scammer. Just look at her profile’’ she complained innocently while I scrolled through the facebook profile of the lady she showed me and just like I feared the lady was no other person than Pamela.

For some seconds I couldn’t say a word. I was completely dazed. I just couldn’t fathom the reason she was trying to be friends with Tracy on facebook. Yes she could easily have added her by going through my facebook friends list since she already knew her first name.

‘’’’ I breathed inwardly.

‘’do you know her?’’ Tracy asked curiously.

‘’she is a scammer. You won’t be surprised that the dude pulling this stunt is living in the same hostel with us’’ I added with a smile while she burst into laughter.

‘’you are funny dear but the person must be very stupid to think that I will even bother to reply the messages he or she left’’ she breathed.

‘’simply block the profile’’ I cunningly chipped in.

‘’no I won’t block it. Let her just keep fooling herself’’ she muttered, surprising me but I said nothing.

I couldn’t sleep that night. All my thoughts were on Pamela. I thought she was already very comfortable where she was. What’s her motive in trying to be friends with Tracy?’’ I wondered, resolving to call her the next day to know what her plans were.

By 9am the next day, Tracy left for her room to get some of her clothes while I took my bath and freshened up, ready to take her back home. As I was putting on my shoes, I heard a soft knock on my door. At first I thought it was Tracy but the pattern of the knock really wasn’t hers.

I slowly opened the door to get the shock of my life. Standing before me was no other person than Jessica. I couldn’t believe it. I couldn’t believe myself. She simply was the last person I ever expected to pay me a visit.

‘’hi, I see you aren’t too pleased to see me. May I come in?’’ she asked with a polite smile. I stared at her indecisively for a while before backing in, giving her the space to walk into my room. of course I had a lot to say to her. I had many scores to settle with her.

Her eyes quickly fell on the suitcase I carelessly left under my reading table while I instantly regretted letting her in but surprisingly her face gave no expression as her eyes briefly fell on the suitcase.

‘’you already know that I’m getting married to your cousin and I have heard rumors that you have grudges with me. I’m here for us to talk like adults. You can ask me anything you want’’ she said confidently, slowly sitting on a plastic chair beside my reading table.

‘’how did you get here?’’ I managed to stammer.

‘’your cousin gave me the help I needed to locate your room’’ she answered quickly.

‘’why did you kill my father?. I know you killed him’’ I asked, clenching my fists.

‘’I have no reason to kill your dad. He was a good friend and benefactor. I had no reason to kill him. The evening before he died, I was with him in his hometown to check out his building which was under construction. he wanted me to get a new contractor for him. Yes I know I did wrong by not showing for his burial and all that stuff. I was only trying to protect myself. Moreover supposing he was murdered, he wouldn’t have been buried so fast without the police getting involved’’ she answered calmly. But unfortunately she failed to convince me.

‘’you killed my dad and succeeded in getting my cousin to your side. Yes you are good at deception but you have to watch your back. We can never be friends and If I fail to get justice over my dad’s death, I will take justice with my own hands’’ I threatened, shocking her with my words. She quickly got up, perhaps out of fear.

‘’very well then, my conscience is clear. I tried to be open with you but your mind is already clouded with hatred. I will leave now but be careful over the kind of decision you make with anger. You are too young.’’ She breathed and left, leaving me totally shaken and enraged.

I couldn’t believe she really had the guts to pay me a visit. To make me believe she was innocent.

To be continued