Shade of Lust Episode 54


I was still thinking of Jessica’s unexpected visit when a call came into my phone. I slowly grabbed my phone and hissed as I saw Pamela’s new number on its screen.

‘’hi dear” she greeted.

‘’I’m not fine’’ I answered coldly.

‘’what’s the matter?. What happened?’’ she asked with concern.

‘’I thought we had an agreement?. Why are you trying to establish contact with Tracy?’’ I quickly asked. She kept quiet for a while.

‘’I was only trying to be friends with her, nothing else’’ she breathed.

‘’just keep away from her. I won’t warn you again’’ I threatened.

‘’don’t use that voice on me again. What are you even going to do about it? You always behave like a little kid’’ she hissed, leaving me extremely angry with her words. She really was fond of calling me a kid whenever she was angry with me and I hated being addressed in such manner.

‘’stay away from Tracy you old hag’’ I barked and hung up, breathing furiously. I just felt like smashing my phone out of anger. Tracy walked into my room that moment, without knocking, taking me totally unawares.

‘’I heard you scream my name right?, what‘s wrong?’’ she asked with concern.

‘’nothing, I was just talking with my cousin on phone. Can you imagine he sent Jessica here to talk to me? She just left minutes ago’’ I answered guardedly.

‘’for real!’’ she exclaimed.

‘’hmmmm seems like your cousin has finally lost it’’ she added while I shook my head, trying hard to appear calm as I thought of how to deal with Pamela..

‘’are you ready?’’ I asked, grabbing my car keys.

‘’yes let’s start going’’ she replied with a smile, bent and grabbed my father’s suitcase, together we headed out of my room, joking and laughing.

Yes for the moment, things seemed so cool between Tracy and I but my greatest fear was how long it would last. The poor girl had been so gullible to believe everything about me and I knew the day of reckoning just wasn’t far away any longer.

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Kelvin’s side of the story continues

Joe’s Gym

‘’so my brother that’s it. Jessica and I will be getting married this December and you will be my best man for the occasion’’ I informed Joe as he escorted me to my car after spending some time with him at his gym.

‘’are you really sure about what you are doing?’’ he asked seriously. I shrugged, shaking my head at the same time.

‘’I just don’t know brother. I just don’t know but I’m not getting any younger’’ I answered.

‘’how about your parents?, won’t your dad recognize her as the lady your uncle brought home before his death?. How are you going to explain it?’’ he asked intelligently.

‘’I’m yet to tell my parents but I will be travelling to the village tomorrow to see them. I don’t think my dad will recognize her but if he does, then she won’t have any choice than to deny knowing my uncle before my old man’’ I answered faintly.

‘’I hope you know what you are doing bro’’ he breathed, shaking hands with me.

‘’I pray I do’’ I muttered with a faint smile.

9pm, Jessica’s bedroom

‘’I tried talking to your cousin Jude. I tried everything to make him believe and listen to me but the kid was just too arrogant and obnoxious’’ Jessica complained to me as I was busy mapping out plans on how to meet my parents the next day.

‘’didn’t you hear what I just said’’ she asked, shaking me roughly.

‘’oh I’m sorry, I was just thinking of other things. Remember I asked you not to try meeting the boy but you insisted. He has every reason not to trust you. You are even yet to convince me on what exactly happened between you and his father. I won’t be surprised if you actually killed the man, at least I witnessed how you erased Cynthia so easily’’ I breathed, leaving her staring at me angrily. If looks could kill, her eyes would have suffocated me that moment.

‘’is that what you really think about me?’’ she asked. I simply ignored her question.

‘’I plan meeting my parents tomorrow to brief them about our marriage’’ I softly informed her, changing the topic. Her eyes instantly beamed with delight.

‘’I think its better I go with you. At least they can see me at the same time, do their assessment and ask questions’’ she softly chipped in as the anger in her quickly died down.

‘’what if my dad recognizes you huh?. Remember he saw you once?’’ I asked.

‘’leave that to me’’ she breathed confidently, leaving me stunned.
It was very obvious she already had thought about it. It equally was very obvious that she was so much in a hurry to get married to me.

‘’I hope you know without my parents consent we may not be able to get married?’’ I intelligently warned her. She left her eyes on me, saying absolutely nothing.

To be continued.