Serpent's Love Episode 6


The residents rushed in on her and before they could even convey her to the hospital, she had already given up the ghost. Hetty was gone for good. 
Another life lost after an encounter with Elorm meant more money, more favors.  It was time to hang out with the guys. They had more fun as they talked about their progress in life. Yaw and Phil rattled about the ladies they have been with and together they shared a toast for more encounter and more money. 
They noticed Elorm was a bit distant as he was usually  caught on several occasions lost in his thoughts.  
“Hey Guy, what seems to be the matter, you should be happy, what’s wrong” concerned Phil asked. 
“Guys there is something I need to tell you.” Elorm said. Phil and Yaw remained focused as they waited patiently for him to say whatever he had to say. 
“There is this girl I met at church about two weeks ago. I can’t just keep calm with her. Anytime I try to approach her, I just loose my grip. I don’t know but there is something so different about her. I think I like her.”  Elorm said. 
Yaw began laughing at him so hard that it even caught the attention of other people who were around. 
“Hey what’s so funny about this, this is not a joke” Elorm uttered. He was beginning to get irritated with Yaw’s annoying behavior.
“Take it easy ok. Look, women are all the same, just show her a little of what you’ve  got and she will crawl into your bed in no time.” Yaw said. “I’m sure with the way you are talking about her; she is really going to be worth more than the other girls. More money.” He continued and kept laughing. 
With what Yaw said, it got Elorm thinking more. Even if he finally succeeds in going out with Nana Ama, it should be a clean and healthy relationship but not for his ritual and mysterious purpose. To him, so far as he doesn’t use the handkerchief on her, then he is good to go.  So the hangout was over and Phil, Yaw and Elorm went to their various apartments. 
It was family day at Church and the entire congregation gathered at the Church premises for family games and socialization. Again, Elorm had taken most of the cost so was given a special recognition upon his arrival. That was the very day he made up his mind to take the bull by the horn and approach Nana Ama. 
He looked everywhere around him hoping to see her but she was nowhere to be found. He walked around the Church compound and saw that her car was also parked at the parking lot yet she was nowhere to be seen.  He went closer to the car and to his surprise saw Nana Ama sitting down on the floor just beside her car looking very sad.
Elorm just went close to her, observed her for a while and sat on the floor together with her.  
“What do you think you are doing” Nana Ama asked him before he could think of saying something.  
“You have your car to sit in, but for you to be seated on the floor here makes me wonder” Elorm said. For the first time, he was able to get  her attention. For the first time he was able to master courage and answer her accordingly.  Nana Ama was quite for a while. You needn’t  ask how she was faring, just with her appearance, you could tell that everything was not well. 
“You know what, if you don’t mind, let’s go for a drive. I’m sure it will ease you up.” Elorm suggested.  
Maybe Elorm was right, Nana Ama needed some sought of distraction. She was ready to go on a drive with Elorm.  Silence means concern; she didn’t answer him or say anything. Elorm stood up and went away to bring is car. 
Nana Ama finally hopped in the car and off they went. They went round the community, just exploring the serene environment. It was Elorm’s moment and time. His moment of getting closer to Nana Ama. The moment he had always dreamed of. 
“May I know your  name” Elorm asked.  Nana Ama looked at him and shook her head. 
“Why, what’s wrong” Elorm asked her. 
“Why ask my name when you already know it” She said. 
She was right; she knew Elorm already knew her name. She knew Elorm all this while was trying to get close to her, but she was just not up for it.
“Don’t you think it’s right to get it from the horses own mouth” Elorm answered. All of sudden, he was on top of his game and was answering every question Nana Ama asked as if he had already prepared for it. 
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“It’s Nana Ama” She answered “And yours?”
“I suppose you already know my name” Elorm threw her question back at her. 
“Perhaps, it will be best if I heard it from the horses own mouth” Nana Ama said using the exact same words Elorm used. 
“You can call me Elorm” He answered. They went on and on and the conversation became more enlightened. For a moment, Nana Ama seemed to have forgotten her worries and was enjoying the company of Elorm. Elorm on the other hand was just having the greatest moment of his entire life as he got to know Nana Ama more and  more. 
He didn’t want it to end there, he wanted more. How time flies when you are with the one you love and comfortable with. They finally had to head back to the church premises with smiles on their faces and all that.  When they got to the premises, just as Nana Ama was  coming out of Elorm’s car, she noticed a familiar ladies purse in Elorm’s car. 
“Whose is this” She quickly asked. Elorm thought that she was being insecure and indirectly asking him if had a girlfriend,but it was far from that, that was never the intention of Nana Ama, besides she was never bothered if Elorm had a girlfriend or not.
“It’s just a random girl I met some days ago. I think she might have left it after I offered her a lift.” Elorm answered.  Nana Ama took the purse immediately and opened it and saw the “ID” cards of the girl. 
“This belongs to Hetty” She said. 
“Yeah, that’s her name. Do you know each other” Elorm asked. 
Nana Ama looked at him and tears began rolling down her cheeks. 
“She is my late sister” Nana Ama revealed. 
To be continued. 
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  1. Oh Jeez.??…..dax y Nana Ama was sad
    Getting more interesting
    What happens nxt…dying of suspense!

  2. Oh Jeez.??…..dax y Nana Ama was sad
    Getting more interesting
    What happens nxt…dying of suspense!