Beloved, all the arm robbers and thieves will be available for *”cross over operations”.*

The world will enter the Church tonight, not all of them will be arrested by the power of the Holy Spirit. But I pray that every church auditorium will be Charged tonight and the move of the Holy Spirit will cause a transformation in the lives of all the worldly people who will enter the church.

In line with the above, we must take precaution and be ware of the following security tips so that we can have a smooth transition:

1. Make sure there is someone left at home or make sure the house is secured if everyone will have to leave for Church services.

2. Don’t carry too much cash on you or expensive jewelry, appear simple. It’s a service to cross over not a fashion or wealth exhibition.

3. Don’t pack your car anywhere and anyhow just because you want to go and rush into the church to “cross over”. And don’t leave laptops and other valuables in the cars.

4. Take notice of the people who will be sitting at your back, left, right and front. If you are not comfortable please change your location.

5.Don’t leave your phones or bags on the pews and then run to go and dance in front of the church. You may think that angels came to pick them but hey, the Angels will be too busy tonight and may not have time to protect your bags and phones. Even in the heat of the dancing, beware of that group that moves from church to church only to dance and then leave.

6. Please make sure your children are in safe hands, Either Sunday school teachers or other caretakers as I do in my Church.

7. Please don’t walk at places that the lightening is very poor. Such places are dangerous especially where there are no street lights and people don’t move around.

8. Make sure you walk in groups if you will have to walk home especially the youth. When I was the youth leader we used to divide ourselves as guys and accompany all our ladies to their houses before we go home.

9. When driving home, make sure that no strange car is following! Make sure you watch through the rear-view mirror to see if no one is approaching you from behind before you get down to open your gate.

10. Make sure your doors and gates are locked before you go and sleep.

It’s a happy hour but the enemy is still at work.

God bless you and we continue to have good relations and exchanges in the new year.

Happy New Year


*V. A. Thomas*
*Human Capital Developer*