Schooling Mr Bass-Episode 26


She raises her hand up touching his suit,. She removes his button and places her hand into it, she didn’t mean to touch his chest it just happened , she blinks, then she quickly removes his suit off his shoulders “I need you to take this off”

He does so reluctantly …she looks at him placing her finger to her jaw tapping tentatively ..”Erm, not yet’’ she unbuttons two buttons of his white shirt to reveal his neck bone and a slight teasing of his chest, then she takes his hands and rolls up his sleeves .

While she was doing this, she was smiling. Done, she steps back..

Her heart skips a beat. There was something sexy about a guy wearing a white shirt with a rolled up sleeve. Maybe not any guy, maybe there was something sexually appealing with Jake Bass with a rolled off sleeves.

“You are staring” his lips tugs into a smile

“Was not” she grabs his jacket and hers and drops them over her bag..

“lets go..Mr Jake Bass’

“Hmm now that I am not looking like the billionaire that I am, how about we drop the Mr to my name”

“You first”


“Bass, I like Bass”  she flags a taxi and bends, showing him the map she took for  Jake’s pocket… pointing to it .

Then she straightens up, opening the door

“Lets go champ”

“Where to?”

“Oh… to heaven!!!’’ she laughs as they slid into the car and the car speeds away

He takes them into the city..

They ate from the road side, danced to the music of people playing drums, guitar and tambourines on the streets, chased birds in the square, stopped to buy ice-cream and then she messed up his nose in the process, he chases her to get revenge, listened to poetry and then later jazz.

They went to the park, they rode the car-hanging-cart, he won her a teddy bear shooting balls, she won him a baseball cap.. and when he wasn’t looking she took a coloured pen and wrote ‘Bass’ on it.

When they left the park they went karaoke-ing .. he didn’t want to sing so she stepped on stage… and bellowed out to the songs off keys. Got everyone laughing, including him.

He still wouldn’t sing, so she clears her throat and tells the crowd “My husband is shy ladies, can you please bring him up stage, he is a horrible singer but I bet he would make you smile”

Then everyone cheers him on… he still wouldn’t get up “Do it for our twins ?”’ she gave him puppy eyes as she touches her stomach.

“C’mon man, babies love songs while they are in the womb, I would know, I have children of my own” a lady beside him says

‘‘C’mon daddy!’’ Samantha coos

Bass shakes his head, mouthing “oh I’ll get you back for this” to Samantha, but she was laughing mouthing back “Oh you can try…”

When he mounts the stage, the cheering stops as he stares into the crowd…

“Don’t worry husband, we won’t laugh … hard, I promise” she screams

The cheering continues “Well..this is for you ..WIFE” he says

The crowd goes “Awwwwn’’

Samantha was having  a good day, her plan was to laugh and boo the hardest when his cricket voice comes over the mic, she grabs an apple and began to eat… waiting for the horrible voice.

Then he picks a song , by Brain Adams and began to sing.

The whole room grew quiet.. she didn’t notice when her mouth hangs open… she blinks

When he was done… he gets a standing ovation… he takes a bow… thanks them and walks down with people clapping his back and whistling, he stops right in front of her.

“So… WIFE, you were saying? I wonder what we should name our twins.. Sam and Jake jnr perhaps or no I have  a better idea, ‘Never-assume-anything for the boy and the mummy’s-face-right-now” he winks at her . then he takes the apple from her hand and takes a bite, his face breaking into a wide smile.

“Why didn’t you tell me you can sing?’

“You never asked” still smiling

“Whatever” she turns away, feigning anger, grabbing her teddy, puts the cap over his head and pouts.

They are walking  outside now, a man carries a basket of roses on his bike calling people to buy, he stops him while she is flagging a taxi, she enters waiting for him, he slid’s in beside her..

“A beautiful Rose for a beautiful lady” he gives it to her, she shakes her head..

“Okay, I will just throw it out the window then” He winds down

“Oh don’t you dare, its mine.Thank you’’ she take it, sniffs it and smiles

“where to now?’’

She is smiling and winking at him “the skies.”


They combed the city within five hours..and during this time, while she laughed, danced, jumped and chased him with a duck.. he found himself laughing more, being free… he found himself feeling things he had never felt..

And there was a moment when she stood close to the rail while they threw food to the ducks… when she laughed as a little child jumped on her body because he was scared, when she went about as though she didn’t have a care in the world… when she held his hands and ran with him ,causing him to chase after her.
There were moments when he loved the peace and serenity she brings to him, how despite disrupting his perfect world, he liked the beauty within the mess… the beauty that had a heart, a face, a name-Samantha!.
He touches his chest, rubbing it for the hundredth time that day.

“Samantha, what are you doing to me” he breaths staring at her as she stares at the sky….without thinking he pulls the rubber off her hair and allowed it flow

‘’Hey, what are you doing?”

‘’letting it breath, sometimes things being out of control is just the best thing that can happen to persom” he tells her, they were standing close now, face to face..

“What do you mean?’

“I  don’t know Samantha I swear I don’t know’’ he whispers, he touches her face..caressing it..

Her heart is beating fast, the way he was looking at her … she read him before she sees him lean towards her..
He was going to kiss her..he was going crazy staring at her.

Then his phone rings..

Sighing ..

“Yes, sure,okay”

She bites her lips … saved by the phone

“We have to head back, have less than 30 to be at the Ball and we still haven’t gotten you a dress”’

“A dress?”

“A ball worthy dress Samantha”

He takes her by her hand and flags a taxi for them


He waits for her as she tries cloths on, she takes 45 minutes before she could pick one out.



“we’ll take it”

“Wait, I thought you said you renting it?’’

‘’I lied”


“ Look, it’s your day, take it as a birthday gift..” he says as they leave the boutique

“To the Masquitic Hostels and Suites please “ he tells the driver..

“Thank you” she says.

“No Samnatha,thank you”


As they got  into the hotel, they were shown their separate rooms… he told her to meet him downstairs in a few minutes once she is dressed.

It’s another twenty minutes and he is  still waiting, the ball is in full swing… he was going to send someone for her when he turns to see her walking down… in a beautiful red dress, her hair poured to her left shoulders and a red lip stick to match her dress.

This time,his heart did  back flips ..and he knew, without a doubt, he didn’t just like her,that it wasn’t lust either.he had fallen in love with this woman who has turned his world into a beautiful chaos, and for the first time in his life…he wanted it all.

“Samantha, I want to tell you how I feel”