Schooling Mr Bass-Episode 25



For  every year for a while, she had spent her birthdays practically alone since she moved away from home, going to school, getting a job and moving out of state eventually in pursuit of a better life.

Most of the times, it has been she and Jamie, they have been friends for as long as she could remember, and when she wasn’t home with her parents celebrating her birthday, she was with Jamie as they screamed at the top of their voices doing a karaoke, and later they cut her cake, and then drive around town having fun and when there was a boy it would be three of them. It has always been like that, and days Jamie wasn’t around, just like today she was going to spend it alone… watch a movie, open her gifts, lick ice-cream and then later at night, she might just go into town and listen to jazz, then come home and eat her cake after blowing out the candle saying wishes that never comes true.

Another day, another year gone, another year added and she wouldn’t feel slightly older. She felt the same, just the extra number added to her years.

And today was going to be one of those quiet birthday days, until Jake Bass happened, showing up on her doorstep.

She shakes her head as she picked up her bag, throwing a few things inside it, she pauses in the process..

“What are you doing Samantha? You don’t like him, you said so, so what if he showed up with a letter telling you stuff, doesn’t mean he has changed, but you don’t care right, not like you guys had anything or felt anything for each should just tell him ‘Good for you’ and slam the door on his face, what are you doing Samantha?’’ she asks herself sitting down


“But really Samantha, there is no harm in going out, besides, you were going to be home alone, watching boring Tv, eating your cake alone and being lonely while even Jamie is out with some boy wonder and you would be alone  alone..alone” she bites her lips “He did say sorry, and it’s not as if he had any bad intentions, I’ll slap him if he tries to get all Jake Bass on me. He said he just wants to do something nice for me for a harm right? Besides it’s my birthday, I should cut him some slack right?”


Jake is…

She bites her lips..

Behind that door waiting on her.

“Should I go? Should I not go? Go or not to go. Go or not to go?’’ she bites her lips again “Stay home, alone…or go out? Doesn’t mean I have to like the guy… I still don’t like him. Just for my birthday. Nothing else, accept his apologies and that is it.” she grabs her bag, her phone, takes a deep breath and opens her door, Todd and Bass still stood there waiting

“Let’s Go”


“So where are we going to?”

“Well, can I be honest?” he turns to her, yes, he missed seeing her face, her stubborn chin and the way she is always on guard. He was glad he ran into Jamie , if not he wouldn’t have been here and neither would she. He wasn’t sure if he could get to her, wasn’t even sure she would want to even look at his face, but he had to try, sitting behind his desk and wishing he could call her never did anything, tossing at night thinking about her never did anything either… he wanted to see her, talk to her and not even trying to make that happen was frustrating.

Jamie was God sent and without thinking  changes his plans and he was finding his way to her place.

“Better try and fail than not try at all and be wondering ..what if ?”

He had asked himself what he was thinking but… he was done being the stuck up, rich billionaire who has been in control, he just wants to be Jake Bass, who despite being rich wouldn’t mind having to tilt to the side and for Samantha, he didn’t know how she fit into this but he would be damned if he doesn’t find out and this was him, finding out.

“Erm, you are staring Mr Jake Bass” Samantha says

“okay I was intending to go away for the weekend and already made plans to that effect so… when I found out it was your birthday I wanted to do something nice and-’’

“Who told you it was my birthday, you don’t have that information.”

“Erm it’s a highly classified information and if I tell you I would have to kill you” he winks

She smiles “Oh, really now…” she thinks … was it Mr Shelton? Shelly …hmm….JAMMIE!!!! I am going to kill her “Oh I think I know your informant”

“Nah you don’t , but anyways, I already had flight booked and a hotel etc… it was just going to be a quiet trip and I figured… why don’t I book another and ecetera’’

“Where are we going to Mr Jake Bass” Samantha’s mood changes

“Please Samantha, just let me make this day for you … almost perfect, it’s your birthday right… I just want you to have smile on your face, if that’s the only thing I do today, please I would love to. I know we started off on a wrong foot, we literally have our boxing gloves on most of the time and I admit it is partly my fault… I am sorry Samantha Brookes, really and let me make it up to you… today, with this…I really am not the person you met a couple of months ago… I took your advice and I am glad I did… let me thank you, please?”

What’s the worse that could happen right?



“Still didn’t tell me where we are going to?’

“For starters…all the way up” he smiles as Todd pulls at the airport, “Trust me?’’ he gives her his hand

“oh boy, do I have a choice?”

“Technically no!!’’ as she places her hand in his, he links it with his and they walk into the airport, less than a few minutes they were in the plane and flying .

In less than an hour they had landed..

“You didn’t have to fly us first class you know?’’

“I know, I wasn’t trying to impress you with anything, you don’t get swayed like that… but I already booked it before I came to you”

“And how did you know I would come with you”

“ I didn’t, I took a risk…glad I did” he says as he ushers her into the building.

“so what’s next?’’ she says wowing to the beauty of the hotel.. ‘’what is this place?”

“It’s one of the best hotels in the country if not the world, only the elite can come here, special delegates from the governments, Princes, Queens ecetrera… anyways they are having a ball tonight, and I was invited and you my dear, I would love to have you as my plus one”

“Are you serious, you didn’t mention anything about it… have just jeans and tops and a dress..most definitely not a ball-friendly attire” she says frowning

He laughs …”you can wear anything and still look pretty” he tells her

“Right, and who would be in attendance of this ball?”

“Oh..some special delegates, Queens, Princes, Presidents..the whole elites..the royal family maybe” he smiles

‘’oh no Mr Bass, You go enjoy your ball while I enjoy this magnificent hotel…there is no way I am going there wearing jeans” she says

He laughs “Nonsense!! Don’t worry, that is no problem. So tell me, what do you want to do in the meantime?”


“Well… for the little I have known you, you would hate to be imposed upon, for me, I would love to take you out on a boat cruise, see the Eifel tower, early dinner at the most amazing restaurant, flowers, chocolates and you know… but that Is me… but I would want you to do what you want… so tell me”

She looks at him..

Yes, this wasn’t the Bass she knew… seeing him asking her opinion was strange, very strange, she had to smile


“Yes anything”

“Even if It’s utterly ridiculous?’

He bends his head to the side “Yes but would I regret this?’

She laughs “ You won’t… C’mon’’ she drags his hands and pulls him back outside as the doors opens up for them “Wait… our bags?’’

“They would attend to them..take it up to the rooms and stuff” he says indicating to the waiting men

“Great, do you guys have a map for visiting tourists?’’

“Yes Ma’am. You need it? We have special guards and chauffeurs for you Mr Bass, a security detail that can take you anywhere you want and-‘

“Nope, he wouldn’t be needing that” Samantha cuts the waiting man

“But Mr Bass, it isn’t safe for someone with your prestige to be moving around town unguarded and without any detail sir, please wait, I call them for you”

“Mr Jake Bass?’ Samantha looks at him “You said anything “

He sighs sinking into her eyes “Its fine, thank you. I guess she would be my guardian angel today” he says taking the map from the man who is dumbstruck..

“Yass!!!” Samantha exclaims pulling him to the gate and out

“So what next Samantha?“

She turns to look at him, he was all suited up, very classic man. Good thing she was on jeans and top and wedges. she takes off her jacket, and puts her hair up in a ponytail, she had a one hand bag she slashed over her shoulders. Then she turns to him

“Do you trust me??’’ she was close to him now, he frowns

“Now what?”

“Do you trust me?”’

“Do I have a choice?”

She laughs “Technically no “ she winks at him, it warms his heart

“Fine I trust you”