Schooling Mr Bass-Episode 20



“Oh you would look beautiful in this Samantha” Jamie says holding the dress out for Samantha

“Too red, I rather like something duller” Samantha picks out another dress, it was a silver dress with gold shimmering in front, a low back “ This would be nice but I think it is too revealing”

“Oh this is a killer, you should get this”  Jamie tells her dropping the red dress

“You think? besides I don’t want to kill anyone, well not intentionally “

“hmmm, what about a certain someone named Mr Bass”

Samantha groans “He, I would kill for free, do you know he has been coming unannounced to my office claiming he wants to check up on how the project is going, I mean it’s a frigging charity event and he had made it clear that he wants to be very detached from it, so I saw no reason to constantly have him come there, I made sure I made communications with his PA, Secretary and his accountant , the only time I have to speak to him is to have him sign out for money leaving the company. I am glad that we don’t get to sit and talk, he is so annoying, throwing his scent of bossing people, well… when he does that near me… I make sure to shuu him down like a bad little dog.” Samantha says

“Hmmm… and when you come to the Bass Industries?’’

“I just go there for the meetings if it’s really important, with him and other sponsors. Oh Jamie it is going to be a beauty, even if I know he isn’t grateful, the organizations, communities and orphanages seem to be happy, you know I had to be with them all the way, the infrastructures going on, the school items, medical supplies, cloths and food… shelter etc. You have to understand something, to really be of help you know, which he didn’t want to listen but its fine, they thought he was out of the country and I was representing him personally, but it would have been nice for him to take part in it, all the sponsors too. It is not about giving money to the poor, you have to help them mentally and for them to see that someone truly cares about them. Oh well.. a few of their representatives would be here and the media for their rich egos of course” she shakes her head, “I would take this” she tells the cashier who had come to her “And whatever my friend is getting”

“Oh Wow Samantha for real?”

“Yes Jamie, I get to buy you nice things too” she laughs, Jamie hugs her

“Aww thank you. So quick question, hypothetically do you in anyway like Mr Bass?’’

“Do I look like I like Mr Bass, and why do you keep asking me that of recent?’’

“Well I hear, well books states that opposites attracts and sometimes when people hate each other, they end up loving each other”

“Well, those books should be taken off the shelves and burned… I don’t like him… hell No. So quit asking stupid questions and lets go, I have to get to the Bass industries to make sure everything is set for tomorrow“

“It’s late Samantha, we close by 4pm remember?”

“Securities don’t leave till 9pm… just a quick stop, I hate to have any surprises. Like to put finishing touches to the place”

“Okay, so guess I’ll see you tomorrow?’’

“Of course, I have to be there, I guess Mr Bass would fight me on this one if I don’t show..” “what do you mean you won’t be there” he’ll thunder “ Samantha says laughing

“Hmmm….Mr Bass….”


“Oh nothing” Jamie smiles

Change is the only constant thing, she muses


Jake Bass leaves the chair he was sitting on, Betty had just left, Sophie ushers Veronica in before closing for the day.

“Let’s go Bass, you have had a long day and I would love to loosen up all your muscles” she says coming to wrap her hands around his torso

Aside his other flings, most of them he forgot their names and faces after a day or two. Veronica had been the most consistent, showing up whether he wanted her or not.

The last time he had been with a woman had been, what? two weeks ago, after he left the Shelton’s  Events company and he and that Samantha of a woman had had another banter.

He hates the way she riles him up, she never does anything he asks her to do unless he asks politely… he felt so angry.

She would only give him daily reports when she pleases and when he calls her to shout over the phone she tells him to apologize and when he doesn’t she cuts the call.

It was as though she was all out to make sure that he never gets his way when it comes to her, the other day in front of some people, he had asked her to be quiet and she had done the opposite, they were with  the sponsors …

Okay yes, at the end of the day she had gotten good and productive results, and she seems to be good at what she does, he gives her that but still.. it was infuriating that he isn’t able to tame her, every other person always wanted to do his bidding whether they liked it all not, especially women but she… she was something else, it was as though whenever she saw him, she told herself… if he barks she was going to bite.

She makes him so angry and yet, he had found himself thinking about her of late, of her sharp mouth, the way her nose flares when she was angry, the way she frowns when she is trying to make a point and the way she turns up her nose when she is being sarcastic.

Most of the time, half of it, he is angry when they are in the same room, one time Sophie had asked him if he hated being around her so much he could ask someone else to handle the event. He had said No, she was good at what she did and he wanted it to be perfect. And he wonders if that is the only reason.

And Betty his PA had begun throwing jealous feats, he didn’t know why. She said something about..the way he looks at Samantha. What the hell was that supposed to mean? He looks at her ‘no way’..

He sighs.

He would have to let her go soon, If she can’t put aside personal interests away from work. He told her before and the rest of them, no strings attached. It was just $3x. But Veronica seemed to enjoy rejection.

He sighs

Samantha was getting under his skin in a rather uncomfortable way and he didn’t like it. He had always done whatever he wanted and had his way… in every sphere of his life, being soft was for the weak but Samantha is making him take decisions and do things he would never be caught doing things he had vowed not to and every single day he tells himself that he was going to push her out the door when she makes him angry and ask someone else to take her place.

Instead he finds himself picking up his phone to call her office for reports and as usual before the call ends… he gets pissed.


This day’s, his head isn’t in the right  place and having any physical relation with women had suddenly lost it’s taste, right now… he wanted to be alone.

Something was wrong with him

“Veronica, let me walk you down, would have Todd take you home”

“But Bass, wait are you seeing someone because for two weeks straight you have turned me down”

“We are not exclusive neither are we an item and you have no right to ask about whether I am seeing someone or not” he holds her elbow and they go down

“You know you are an egocentric prick right?”

Samantha would say such a thing. Why the hell was he thinking about her

“Then you should do well to stay away from me. Todd take Miss Veronica home please” A surprised Todd nods
As soon as they drive off, he turns to see her walking into the building.

Speak of the Devil!!


“What are you doing here so late?“ she turns hearing the voice, then frowns

“It’s 8pm, not so late, besides I came to make sure everything was set for tomorrow” she told him

She smiles when she saw that indeed it was..

He didn’t say anything but watch her for another hour as she busied herself in the hall

“You know you don’t have to stand there, you can leave,”

“Leave you alone here?“

“Like you care, I can take care of myself besides the security is outside”

“Well since I am here now, I am responsible for anyone under my company, which at the moment includes you”

“Fine whatever, then you can go back to your office Mr Bass” she turns away fixing up the flower vase

“Why, does my presence bother you?”

“Not in the least, but you are hovering and I hate hovers”

He leaves where he is standing and walks close to her, unsure why



“Because you are in my personal space. Move Mr Bass”

“or else what, you would slap me again?”

“If I have to”

Well, maybe he wouldn’t mind the slap

He reaches for her, pulls her to him and crushes his lips to hers again.

He was waiting for the slap to come, but it didn’t.

She pushes him away, then without saying anything she grabs her bag and leaves.

He runs his hands over his face


He had no idea why he just did that again.

But why didn’t she slap him?

Something was wrong with him.