Schooling Mr Bass-Episode 18


Samantha knocks and walks into the office , Jake Bass with legs crossed doesn’t look at her, Mr Shelton is seated, he is worried

“Good morning Mr Shelton, “

“Hello Samantha, please seat” she does, she doesn’t spare Bass a glance

“Mr Jake Bass has put me in a rather difficult situation , and I would want you to reconsider his offer, and everyone would be happy”

“And what would that be sir?”

“He has said he would redraw being a sponsor to our Gala events and others, and he would pull out from our future activities if I don’t relief you of your duties or make you be team lead for his charity event coming up”

Samantha smiles “And what is your decision sir?’’

He sighs “You are one of my best here Samantha and losing you would be a blow to the company, so I would love to plead to you to reconsider” he says

Well, as always this was it… men trying to rule the lives of another because of wealth and status.

“My mother used to tell me while growing up to never let anyone, make me feel less than I am, not to be devalued or treated as anything other than what I am and if I feel my peace of mind is being threatened and my state of affairs too, I should do what is in my best interest, and if walking away is in my interests I should do that, because no amount of money can buy happiness”

“So what are you saying Samantha?”

Jake Bass is staring at her with a smile on his face, this was the part where she would break down in tears and then apologize to him, then he would remain angry, and say he doesn’t care about her crocodile tears and then still ask for her to be relieved and then she would beg and plead some more and because he has the power to change destinies, he would tell Mr Shelton to give her back her job and then she would be at his mercy to do whatever he asks her to do… work long hours, on weekends and have no social live. That would teach her how not to be disrespectful to him.

He was Jake Bass, money talks, bullshit work.

He smiles to himself

“It means that… I am truly grateful for the opportunity you have given me and I do hope that you find capable hands to take over from where I stopped. Thank you sir, it had been a privilege to work with you,…I would tender my resignation within the hour, now if you would excuse me” she says getting up

Both Mr Shelton and Jake Bass’s jaws drops to the floor

“But but..Samantha “ Mr Shelton says baffled… he expected her to beg too, apologize to Mr Jake Bass, and all would be well. He didn’t want to lose her, no, she brought life back to his company, if she leave, it’s as good as going back to where he started… which was ground zero..No!

“Damn !! you are a stubborn little mule Samantha Brookes” Jake says , he shakes his head rubbing his lips

“I would rather not dignify your comment with a response MR Jake Bass, Mr Shelton if you would excuse me”

“Erm..please wait Samantha” he says, he closes his eyes and then opens it. He had two choices, let Samantha go and let his company go back to ruins or call Mr Bass’s bluff, and loose one of his big sponsors..

With Samantha, he can always get more sponsors, might not be as rich as Bass but it would take time, they would find.

So he made his decision “I am sorry Mr Bass, Miss Samantha, I will not collect your letter, you are a part of this company and you would remain so. Mr Bass I thank you for your continued patronage but if you deem fit to withdraw from our partnership, we won’t stop you. sometimes assets are better than wealth” he says, he might be making the biggest mistake in life but sometimes, one has to take the risks.

Wow !!

He should get up, storm out of here and do just that. He should… so he opens his mouth to tell him to make all the arrangements with his accountants.

“Very Well Mr Shelton… I do understand. My apologies. I do not like your decision but I believe one should not put one’s anger in front of delicate matters. I do very well want to continue our business relationship and I still want your best team head to handle my charity event, and if… erm..Miss Samantha is the best she should handle it, well of course it is up to her” he says

He doesn’t believe he was doing this… he, Jake Bass. Someone must have put juju juice in his tea this morning

Mr Shelton beams with smile, “Oh thank you Mr Bass. Miss Samantha ?”

She stares at him…

Not bad Mr Bass, at least you have realized one thing; not everyone would bend to your rules..

Mr Jake Bass schooling commences, JB 101

“if I am to be charge, I would like that I handle things my way, which means that Mr Bass would have to try as much as possible not to infringe on my working rights and that he gives me the space I need to do an excellent job..” Samantha says

“You would do whatever I ask you to, and when “

She smiles “No Mr Bass, I do whatever I want to and when, and if I have to do my Job… that is my call. And if we are finished here sir, I would leave”

“And the meeting we can have it now?”

Oh no Mr Bass

“11 am’’ she says walking away

Mr Shelton hides a smile, way to go Samntha , way to go

Jake Bass is frowning, Mr Shelton looks at him apologetically “I am sorry for her behavior Mr Bass, maybe she is on her period, Pms-ing?”

“Oh I doubt that, she just likes seeing me turn red. Well I have an hour or two before 11 am. I would take my leave “

“Very well Mr Bass”



“Come in shelly”

“Your 11 am is here Samantha” Shelly says

“Thank you” Samantha nods, but Shelly didn’t leave


“Erm I don’t know what you did or how you did it but, I just had a new found respect for you Samantha Brookes..” she says with wonder in her voice, Samantha smiles

“You have to show them that you are made of steel too right?”

Shelly returns the smile and leaves, in another minute she knocks and ushers in Jake Bass

“I believe you will have my time now Miss Samantha Brookes?”

“Do have a seat Mr Bass, how may I help you? tell me what sort of charity event you desire and I would try and bring your desires to fruition”she says with a very professional and straight face

He stares at her, seating next to her, for the first time he really looks at her and he realized something;

She made his heart skip

And he didn’t like that at all.