Schooling Mr Bass-Episode 16


He stares at her for a few minutes, unsure on what to do, no one had ever refused to go meet Mr Bass, how does he tell him?.

Then his phone rings…


“Yes sir?’’

“Has she arrived?”

“Yes sir”

“Are you on your way?”

“No sir”


“She erm..she erm sir I mean” he trails off

Samantha rolls her eyes and takes the phone away from him “Good morning Mr Bass, Samantha brookes here “

“Samantha Brookes, I do believe my driver told you that-‘’

“Mr Bass, you had called Mr Shelton to fix a meeting with me and it would be in your company office by 9am. On a Saturday morning, which ordinarily should have been my free day, you should know that since your company isn’t open on a weekend but you choose to disrupt mine, yet again as usual, in any case, I have agreed to meet with you and I get here, 8:45 and where are you? at home doing God knows what and then you ask your driver to take me to your residence? What am I? Your booty call?  Mr Bass, again, you forget that I will not be ordered, not by anyone or even you. That being said… please we should meet when and where you have originally stated. This is 9am already and in the next thirty minutes I would be going home and I would please ask that you do not contact my boss again, there are a few others that can do what you require, it doesn’t have to be me”

“Miss Samantha Brookes you will not-“

She cuts the call and gave the phone to Todd..

“I am going to be here for 30 minutes, and if Mr Bass doesn’t miraculously show up I would leave” she says going to sit down

Todd is staring from her to his phone and then back to her.


“Did she just cut the call on me?” Jake Bass stares at the phone, he wished he had her number to call her and shout her head off, but he didn’t. How dare she give him an order, him, Jake Bass take orders from a woman? No way

“Hello Todd” Bass says as Todd picks “Kindly tell Miss Samantha that if she doesn’t follow you as I have ordered I will place a call across to Mr Shelton and she may not like the outcome “

Todd is away for a few minutes , “Hello Sir? Erm… she said you can go ahead, it wouldn’t be the first time to be fired by her Boss for no just cause”

What in the world?’ he frowns holding the phone tight

“Tell her that she wouldn’t be able to get another recommendation to work in another place, and that I would make sure that she is miserable “

Another few minutes

“She says you have about 25 minutes left Sir”

“WHAT NONSENSE!!!’’ Bass shouts

“I … I am sorry sir”

“Tell Miss Samantha that , I will not spare her arrogance, tell her that…”

“sir I am sorry but she says you bark more than you bite and that you have 24 minutes left and that sir am so sorry I really don’t want to deliver the rest of her message to you sir”

Jake Bass is fuming.

“Fine tell her I am not coming” he cuts the call

First she undermines his authority, while they were working together, then in front of his guests and staffs, and then now his driver…

Ohhh Samantha brookes, he squeezes his phone ..

Well to hell with her, he wasn’t going. If she doesn’t come here as he has commanded he isn’t going. He would just get another person to run point man for his charity event.

Who the hell does she think she is.. Because he kissed her? A kiss he regretted and she slapped him.
Oh he was going to show her why he was called Jake Bass and no woman alive can make him bend his rules or give him orders..

He wasn’t stepping a foot out of his door, it was hell with her. For her punishment, let her wait, get tired and leave .


“9:30 on the dot” she says getting up

“Okay Todd, let your boss know that I have left and he should please do well to not call me again, he can call the office directly and speak to Shelly if he needs someone for his event’’ she gave him a card..,

“please call me a taxi”

Todd nods

He escorted her outside, flagging a taxi and she enters “Have a good day Miss”

“And you too” she smiles turning away as the car pulls away

Another car pulls up a second apart, Bass comes out , Todd was so surprised he does a double take

“Sir ..erm Mr Bass I thought you said, erm…”

“Where is the ingrate?”

Todd frowns, “She just left sir..”

“Where, what direction?”

“A red Taxi with a billboard sign of a cliffhanger on it, down south… about 1 minute ago”

Bass enters back into the car and takes the same route, if he was lucky he would meet her before she disappears


Samantha alights from the car, pays her fares and walks to her door, she opens it and gets in, shutting it behind her

In less than a minute, she receives a knock, frowning she takes off her shoes and removes her jacket…
she wonders if it was Jamie, it was only Jamie that knew where she stayed, she didn’t have much friends and she had never invited them over, or maybe it was one of the neighbors ..

Knock knock knock

“Be right there “ she says going to the door, if it were Jamie she would have bellowed at the top of her voice for her …

As soon as she opens the door she had shock registered on her face, then she peers outside and then back at him, then she frowns “ Where did you come from?”

“From my car apparently”

“What are you doing here… and did you follow me and why?”

“That is not important..”

“Right. Mr Bass we were supposed to meet at your office which you changed rather suddenly and I do not like last minute changes, especially when I am not pre-informed. Then you went ahead and said you were not coming but I gave you 30 more minutes by waiting. It is now few minutes before 10,  think by right, the meeting has been cancelled so… why are you here, I think it’s called a crime when you follow someone to their residence without informing them”

“Look Miss Samantha, I do not appreciate that you refuse orders, I mean what sort of woman are you, so what if I changed the time and meeting place it still doesn’t mean anything”

“Oh it does Mr Bass, in my books”

Such feisty attitude, he shakes his head

“Well, wouldn’t you invite me in Miss Samantha, I think it’s highly inappropriate that I am standing here and having your neighbors peep out their windows and doors. We can discuss why I wanted to have a meeting with you” he says looking around as a few heads popped out

Samantha smiles ruefully, and here he was again, throwing orders , he doesn’t learn

“Mr Bass, you called for a meeting and you alone disrupted that. I dropped a card with Todd, your driver, you can call the number on it and speak with Shelly, she would attend to you”

“I do not want to speak with Shelly or whoever she is… Mr Shelton had told me you are top of his best team and you will be the one to be in charge of my event, Mr Shelton and I have already agreed and I am paying him a lot of money for the organization and a tad more. So Miss Samantha, would you invite me or should I invite myself?” she didn’t say anything, he takes a step forward and she stops him with her finger, shaking her head

“Mr Bass, if you want to have another meeting with me, call my office and book an appointment , I would check my schedule and I would get back to you ‘”

“You must be out of your mind if you think I would do that” he thunders

She laughs “No you must be seriously insane if you think you can boss me around” she nudges him backwards by poking her finger to his chest, as soon as he stepped back she smiles “Have a good weekend Mr Bass and if you knock on my door, I will call the police and tell them I have a serial stalker at my door”

“Miss Samantha I will not allow yo-‘’

She shuts the door on his face, he hears it lock twice.

He squeezes his fists in anger, ready to bang on the door, but people were staring … he puts on a fake smile, adjusted his suit, walks back to his car and drives off

If she thinks he was going to do that, she was mistaken.

Why the hell does he even have to use her for his charity.

She was rude, annoying, she was very unladylike, talking to him that way, no respect

Admit it Bass, she ruffles your feathers..

Damn it !!

He hated her

DAMN IT!! He swears again