Many will say they are loyal friends
But who can find one who is truly reliable
-prov 20:6
“I will be there in few minutes, am very sorry dearie.”
Jadesola managed to mutter, she has just broken her first
rule “never fail to make an appointment”. Here she finds
herself on the way to Smridu hotel to meet her friend…
She called a taxi and in few minutes she was standing in
front of the hotel.
“What is your room number please?” She said as she
walked to the gate.
“Room 108, please.” The voice on the phone replied.
It didn’t take her few minutes to find her Friend’s room
because she had been there before (on an annoying date
with her ex-fiancee).
She knocked and her friend’s cousin opened the door,
and as she took a step inside the well decorated and
exquisitely designed room. “I wonder if the interior
decorator had been a French or a Spanish because this
room is definitely not a Nigerian idea”, she thought.
“I missed you love” Eunice managed to mutter while
almost strangling though hugging her friend.
“I thought you were not going to come anymore, after
waiting for over an hour I decided to go to the airport
alone and…”, she said with a tone of disappointment
“Am sorry…though I know its not worth the excuse, I ac-
tually slept off”, Jadesola let out before her “well known
for her ability to hold your hand and hammer the nails into
it” friend crucifies her for not making it to the hotel to
accompany her in picking her cousin who is getting
wedded the coming week.
“Honey pie don’t tell me you are still on Bolaji’s case… .
Cos I thought you have moved on” Eunice said to her
friend with her two hands on her waist.
Taking a deep sigh. Jadesola thought maybe she should
let out what has been happening to her all day or face the
major reason why she is here… Anyway she chose the
“Eunice!!” she said with a questioning look. You haven’t
even introduced your cousin to me yet. She said turning
to see the only seemingly third party in the room.
“Am very sorry boss”, eyeing her coldly though in a jovial
mood. Meet my most annoying but lovely cousin
Funmilayo. And Funmilayo meet my best friend Jadesola.
She did a quick introduction while Jadesola in turn
offered a handshake only for the both of them to discover
Funmilayo hadn’t heard a thing they had been saying.
The two ladies laughed at themselves for the little drama.
And then Eunice said… “Does this remind you of
someone?” Jadesola looked up to the ceiling in a thinking
mode. And with a naughty grin…
Mozambique hall please” Jadesola said smiling
sheepishly to the town gboro bus driver as it is fondly
Yes! after many pleas and persuasion to her dad, she had
forfeited her admission to Unilag to study law for her
admission to Obafemi Awolowo University. To her there is
absolutely no other school she would want to attend in
this country if its not Great Ife.
And here she is standing in front of the school of her
dreams, carrying one big luggage and a Ghana must go
bag containing her foodstuffs and her utensils. Unlike
many girls, she loves to cook.
Still smiling as she boarded the bus after the conductor
has helped her with her stuffs, she met another lady in
the bus, and she being the jovial and friendly type said
“Hi, am Jadesola, are you new here? cos am new too and
am going to Mozambique hall…” She held out her hand,
only to see the girl raise her head and say “Can I help
you?”. It then dawned on her that the girl had an earpiece
on her ears all along and had not heard a thing she said.
“I was just saying hi”, she said and tried to force a smile.
Well that was her first impression of Gloria. Or let me say
her first impression of the school. She was no more in
secondary school and why has her six month experience
in Unilag not taught her that? Well, she had been
optimistic that OAU is a lot better. And here she had a
snob already on her first day in school…
The bus became full in a few minutes and she started her
second journey through the gate of OAU. The first time
had been when she came for her postutme and the only
thing that took her away from her thought was the driver
saying anglomoz!! She looked right and left… People
started alighting from the bus, she carried her load, and
in few seconds, fellowship members, well she recognised
them with the tag hanging from their neck, ran towards
her to help her with her load. She got to the portal and
checked in. M103 was the room allocated to her…
Like a coke that just escaped the torment of the freezer
she gave a deep sigh and made her way to her new room
following the fellowship guys who helped her with her
load. When they got to her room… She thanked them but
only after they gave her the complimentary card and
introduced themselves as brother Segun, brother Peters
and sister Wunmi. The three of them, from the Redeemed
Christian Fellowship.
We will be holding a tutorial for freshers at ODLT2 this
evening by 4pm, sister Wunmi finally said. It is free dear.
She added when she saw the shrug on her face then they
“I love RCF.” A tiny but melodious voice said which made
Jadesola turned to see who owned the voice, but the
sight she beheld was just too good to be true…
“I am Adebori Eunice Jolaade and you are?” asking an
obvious question, Jadesola did a little introduction of
herself and like the biblical David and Jonathan, this duo
hit off their friendship, they gisted about their journey to
Ife and their various reasons for choosing the popular
university. Jadesola being a good orator narrated her
story so well to the amazement of her new friend. But just
when she got to the part of where she met a “snub” on
the bus that conveyed her to her hall, she raised up her
head only to be confronted by the very person she was
talking about.
The look on her face made Eunice turn around, and
screamed ” Omobolanle!!, babe when did you arrive?”
And not allowing her guest to answer to the question, she
faced Jadesola, who was having the “I hope she didn’t
hear what I said about her” look on her face, and said
“meet my bestie, Akinduwo Omobolanle Janet a.k.a four
“Its nice meeting you again, and sorry for my reaction on
the bus earlier” she said with a smile that could smoulder
a live chicken, offering Jadesola her hand.
“Its nothing anyway, its a pleasure knowing you too”.
Jadesola said taking the handshake.
“By the way, Jolaade ain’t you ready for the tutorial yet? I
thought you told me it was scheduled to hold by 4pm,
that is why I rushed back from town where I was enjoying
myself with my so naughty brother” she said trying to
crack a not-so a joke in a serious tone.
Erhmm… Yes we are just getting ready, and by the way its
just 3:30pm just relax while we dress up. Eunice(Jolaade)
said with a grin on her face, her so serious friend has
come to spoil her fun as usual.
The girls dressed up and were soon on their way to their
tutorial class, they decided to walk it down to the
academic area instead of taking a bus. Bolanle who was
a student of Medical Rehabilitation stopped at the famous
White House for her own tutorial class, while the duo who
were both in English language moved further towards
Oduduwa lecture theatre pupularly known as ODLT for
their tutorial class…
And just as they were about to cross the road, Jadesola
saw something that changed her life forever….