Road to Destiny -Wednesday(21-12-16)



In today’s episode, 
Fernanda says to Pedro that, she looks very happy with Luis as he is now her family and Pedro thinks she can’t reject them like that to be with that man and Fernanda says he shouldn’t speak that way about her father because she loves him. She then left for School and Pedro looks so sad.
Pedro goes home to inform Amelia about seeing Fernanda and how she reacted towards him but he felt like she was being followed and in trying to speak with her, he detected that gradually they are losing Fernanda’s love but Amelia thinks she is only been manipulated by Luis that is why Fernanda will react so mean towards him so he should calm down but in all Pedro still looks so sad.
Pedro tells Marissa about seeing Fernanda and how she acted like nothing has happened. After, Pedro congratulates Marissa for finding the love of her life and of course she says Aldoniaz quickly found a place in her heart as quickly as possible because he is the man who has always been there for her throughout her life and Pedro thinks she has to make the most out of that love because no matter what life is so short for humans but Marissa tearfully tells him that, she feels she is very sick but the only thing that is keeping her alive now is the hope of finding Fernanda and her grandson for her to say goodbye to them since now she could hear death knocking at her door but Pedro encourages her to be strong.
Fernanda arrives home and Luis tells her to practice more of the musical notes because very soon they will have to leave to Twain to continue her studies there because he can’t risk being found by the police and Fernanda becomes anxious asking when they will come back and Luis says it’s a journey without return.
Fernanda stands alone and telling herself that even though Luis has tried his best to do everything to win her love but the truth is she can’t love him since her only father is Pedro and now she really wants to see him and hug him but circumstances prevent her until she finds a way to escape with Little Pedro.
Marissa tells Carlos that Pedro told her about seeing Fernanda and so the next morning, Carlos goes straight to the musical school to check if he could find her there and truly fate worked for him and he bumps into her there and in trying to speak with her, and since she knew again that she was been followed, she asks him to stay away from her because her son and her are both fine and Carlos seeing how nervous she looks asks her why she fears Luis but she tells him that she can never be afraid of her own father and Carlos says it’s because he is a swine and a monster but Fernanda warns him not to dare insult Luis because he is her father. All this while, Luis’s guards was recording every conversation they had and he quickly sent the video to Luis and upon watching it and seeing how Fernanda defended him before Carlos, he looks so happy and tells Alicia that now he can tell that his daughter loves him so much to even defend him against Carlos who is the love of her life and that means at last he can also say he’s beaten that gardener since she only has eyes for one father and that is him (Luis).
Camila tries to convince Mariana to dress up and go with her to see her dad because since they separated he’s never been the same and by so doing she can speak with Henan to settle their differences and be together again.
Fernanda’s loved ones are still putting heads together to find Fernanda and her child and Pedro states that he is going to do everything to save them. Marissa then pleads with him to calm down because Luis is a very wicked person who can be capable of harming any of them and if that happens, she wouldn’t know what to do. She almost witnesses a breakdown again and they all help her to have a seat.
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