Road to Destiny – Thursday (01/12/16)



In today’s episode, 
All of Pedro and Amelia’s loved ones do all they can to make the ceremony a memorable one and they congratulate them ones again as they cut the cake but in all, Mariana looks so jealous and Blanca goes to ask her to at least smile a bit but she tells her to leave her alone and Blanca wonders why she has to even wear a white gown for the occasion and Amelia approaches to ask Blanca not to worry because she looks so happy seeing her sister at her wedding because she wants them to forget about the past and the two sisters shake hands.
Fernanda looks so happy for her parents and Carlos thinks they will love themselves even much more than her parents love.
Margarida after arranging her things, picks up her microphone and tells Tao that she is singing a song from her town and she hopes he loves it. Isabella asks Tao not to blame her in case anything happens because that will be his fate for trying to get fond of poor people but Tao says to her that, she can be a very good teacher but when it comes to public relation and business, she has no idea. Margarida starts her display and whiles Tao is enjoying, Isa looks so absurd and quickly, Tao jumps up to tell her that he is actually moved by her display because she looks so natural with a great flur and thinks the public will love her and she hopes so because in the academy, everyone hates her. 
Marco arrives to pick her for the wedding refreshment and Tao concludes that Margarida is the right girl he wants to use for his campaign and Isa looks shocked.
At the refreshment, Aldoniaz proposes love to Marissa but she thinks she can’t open her heart again because she is afraid but Aldoniaz wants her to think about it and Marissa wants them to give it a try.
Fernanda gets so late for school because of the ceremony and upon reaching the school, the teacher thinks she can’t allow her to sit in her class and Fer has to leave. 
The couple continues to enjoy their honeymoon and they don’t want to leave each other’s side forever and Amelia wants the whole world to see that they truly are a married couple.
Luis experiences a high fever and after being taken care of by the doctor, he is asked to go back to his cell to have his medication there but he thinks that will only end up killing him because they tried killing him and the Director asks for an explanation and he tells him that the bruises that he had was from the prison gang because he sent some of them to prison while practicing law and the point is some are guilty whiles others are innocent and that is why they want to kill him. So the Director accepts that he works at the kitchen and hopes that the Lord protects him there from his enemies.
The director then takes him to the kitchen and he warns the gang leader to accept the fact that, Luis is now going to work with them and he warns the director to be careful because Luis is a viper and not the good person he thinks. 
Fernanda arrives home to meet Carlos and the children playing and she joins and Pakito looks so happy that they are now together as a family.
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