Love And Revenge Episode 2


Lex opened the door of the bathroom and stepped out with just a towel tied loosely at his waist and another he used in toweling his head. Ann was sitting on the bed, unclad save for her gystring and lacy bra.
He sighed ‘i want to spend the night alone’
‘you don’t mean that do you?’ she said licking her lips seductively.
‘i mean it’ he said moving to the wardrobe ‘and excuse me, i need to put on my pyjamas’
‘like you haven’t dressed up in front of me before’
‘Ann!’ Lex said turning around furiously ‘seriously, you are turning into a nymphomaniac nowadays. Can’t you just leave me alone? You are a s-x addict Ann’ He said and flung open his wardrobe, took his pyjamas and went into the bathroom.
By the time he came back, Ann was sobbing.
‘what did i do wrong Lex?’ she whispered as tears flooded her face ‘is it my fault that i’m trying to make you happy? Is it my fault that i’m trying to satisfy you? Is it my fault that i love you so much, is it?’
‘Ann, it’s not……’
‘just say it, say you don’t love me anymore and i swear that i’m going to walk out of your life. I have a family’
Lex felt weak. He didn’t like hurting Ann, the truth was she really loved him with all her heart and all she wanted was the best for him. She had been a virgin when he met her, an innocent pastor’s only child but he deflowered her, not only deflowered her but brought her into a life of drugs and crime. She had run away from her home in Maiduguri when he wanted to relocate to Asaba, Delta State.
He loved her too, when he thought of all the sacrifices she had made and all the things she had gone through because of him, he couldn’t help but love her more and more. He couldn’t live without her. She had been the wonderful helpmate since his ten years of knowing her. She was wonderful. She would do anything just to make him happy.
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Maybe he didn’t love her the way she loved him but he loved her, he loved her so much and she was more than determined to help him accomplish his revenge mission even though she knew it might get bloody. He had promised to marry her but truth be told, he wasn’t ready for marriage. Even though they lived together like husband and wife, having s-x anytime and anyway they want it, cooking meals and eating together, sometimes sharing the same bed, he wasn’t ready to walk down the altar with her and say the ‘yes i do’ thing.
LEX: Ann, please stop this tears, i didn’t mean it that way.
ANN: You don’t love me anymore Lex, after all i’ve done for you. After all the sacrifices, all the risks that i’ve taken for you, you still don’t love me. I’m like a burden to you right? No problem, whatever you reap you will sow.
LEX: Ann, you know everything you are saying is not true. You know how much i love you.
ANN: Say that to the birds.
Lex sighed. He was too tired for this. He wasn’t ready to nurse a crying baby tonight. Today had been hectic. Being Ciara Anderson’s manager wasn’t easy. The girl was bossy and could treat her manager as her slave. Just one day he was already tired. Assuming he wasn’t doing this for revenge, he would have backed off. The girl was too proud, rude and arrogant, behaving as if she was the only beautiful girl in the whole wide world.
Lex went beside Ann and took a pillow from the bedside.
LEX: You can sleep here if you want, i’m so tired. I need rest and i obviously can’t get that with you here. I really don’t know why you think i don’t love you especially when i choose not to have s-x with you. You are a lady Ann and you should learn to keep your pride, when you always beg a guy for s-x, you lose your respect. You are mistaken for a cheap sl.ut! I’m only trying to protect your dignity because i love you, because you are not a s-x toy that should be used whenever i feel like. Goodnight.
He left the room.
Ann’s tears increased. Was she that cheap? It pained her that the love of her life thought of her as someone who was cheap. She shook her head in hurt, God knows that all she did, she did for love. She thought s-x could make him happy. But something was clear to her now, the love of her life found revenge more important to him than her. And it was painful.
She never denied him anything he wanted, even when she found it inconveniencing, she would always do it as far as he wanted it. She had even gone as far as sleeping with an Alhaji just because he asked her to. Sometimes she wondered if he even valued her. She doubted it.
She opened his drawer and brought out a wrap of whitish substances and sniffed it. It calmed her down and she dozed off with the thought that Lex would never do away with her because he can’t do without her.
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To be continued……