Road to Destiny –  Monday (28/11/16)



In today’s episode, 
Fernanda asks Maribel if she is doing anything wrong by rejecting Luis but Maribel sees nothing wrong with it since it’s a normal reaction anyone in her shoes will exhibit towards Luis after all the evil he has done against her.
Havier and Margarida go to the market to get some stuff but she quickly run away immediately she saw the corps and Havier finds it so strange. She goes home quickly and Marco arrives to take her out on a date and she accepts but unfortunately, he also takes her to the market place and she tells him that if she had known, she wouldn’t have accepted the invitation. 
Luis is attacked and stabbed with a sharp edge by his gang leader in prison for not doing everything possible to get him out as he promised and after going to see the doctor, he advises him to report to the authorities whoever did that to him but he thinks there is no point in doing so because no matter what those people try to do to him, they can never break him since everyone has his own destiny. 
Amelia and Pedro tell Fernanda that they have decided to give themselves one more chance to love and Fernanda looks so happy for them and congratulates them once again.
Carlos insists once again that Fernanda accept so they get married but she still wants Camila to turn up before that happens and Carlos hopes she does soon because he quickly wants to have a family with Fernanda as fast as possible.
Fernanda goes with her mum to get her civil wedding dress since that is what she prefers stating that she is too old for that but Fernanda thinks she has to have a church wedding too because it’s a blessing to have a church wedding blessed by a priest since she and her father have been through a lot.
Carlos complains to his mum about Fernanda refusing to marry for the sake of Camila and it seems she doesn’t care about him anymore but her friends and Marissa asks him to calm down for her because there are many instances Fernanda has also bear with him and so he should support her and be grateful that he has a girlfriend who is so compassionate and is willing to postpone her wedding to looking for a friend and Carlos accepts.
Pedro and Maribel advise Fernanda to accept her grandfather’s fortune because with that, she can help with many needs and also help the needy in society and make them happy and so she goes quickly to tell her mum that she’s decided to accept the fortune but Mariana comes to challenge her that before she can throw her out of the house, she has to kill her first and Fernanda tells her that, she can stay there in the meantime but once she makes up her mind, she will have to move out and Mariana just stares at her ridiculously.
Fernanda goes out to look for Camila and fortunately, she sees her lying beside the railway and embraces her but Camila looks so embarrassed yet, Fernanda takes her home and upon Henan seeing her, his sadness turns into tears of joy and Mariana says “Henan, we found her, Fernanda and I teamed up and we found her”.
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