Risen Devils Fallen Angel Season 3 Episode 13


But what Abigail? You are choosing your broke husband over me right? CEO almost yelled and pushed Abigail off his laps.

Not that baby, just that I don’t want to be asked unnecessary questions. Anyway, there is no need getting angry, I will do as you say. Abigail accepted the offer.

If you will, then call your boss right now, and resign over the phone. He instructed.

Baby you know that isn’t right! Resigning over the phone is too insulting! Abigail almost screamed.

Says who? You are talking like this because you don’t travel! Go to the advanced countries and see how things are done. Abigail, it is either you resign now and have full attention for me, or you don’t resign at all and loose me! CEO angrily spoke.

Reluctantly, Abigail called Selorm on phone.

Hello Abigail, how are you? Selorm asked.

I’m well sir. Sir, I called to resign from the company. Abigail humbly spoke.

Abigail, are you ok? With no formalities, you called to resign? Selorm surprisingly questioned.

I’m sorry sir, I will send my resignation letter via email to you soon. Thanks for your audience. She answered.

I can’t believe this! Abigail, doing this is too insulting. Anyway I can’t force you. It’s your life. Selorm unhappily answered.

Sorry sir, and thanks for understanding me. Abigail humbly spoke.

Before you hang up Abigail, may I inquire from you where your friend Mina stays at? I’ve been calling her for some time now, but she doesn’t answer my call. Selorm inquired.

Is everything alright sir? Or are you guys back together? Abigail questioned.

I can’t be with such a woman Abigail. Now answer my question, where does she stay? Selorm asked.

Abigail quickly gave him the directions to her house and dropped the call.

That’s my baby girl! Now bring me those boobs for a good treat. CEO applauded and pulled Abigail closer.

Slowly, he began sucking them like a baby. He fucked Abigail over and over again whiles counting money on her pussy with every round of sex.

Abigail beamed with smiles as she gathered the money into her bag.


Selorm called Joojo from his room and gave him the information.

Joojo, can you believe Abigail called me not long ago to resign? Selorm informed.

That is ridiculous! Is she alright? Joojo exclaimed.

I asked the same question Joo. Anyway, it’s her decision and I must respect it. Selorm stated.

Sure bro, she is of late doing sex for money. Joojo informed.

What! How did you know about that? And why did you refuse to tell me? Selorm almost flared up.

A friend of mine informed me bro. Joojo lied.

Joojo, I hate gossips! This should be your last time of spreading false information about people. It isn’t right. Selorm cautioned.

Anyway, I’m going out, I will see you soon. Selorm informed and drove out to Mina’s house.


Mina was called to the sitting room by her sister to meet her guest.

Selorm, what is your miserable ass doing in my couch? Get the hell up or I pour hot water on you! Mina threatened.

I’m sorry Mina, I only came here to make enquiries. Selorm humbly spoke.

Enquiries? Did I hear you say enquiries? Well, make it snappy and leave here! She screamed.

Mina, why on earth do you want to blackmail Joojo with a pregnancy? Selorm quizzed.

Blackmail? Is that what he told you? Well Selorm, I may be cheap, but I can’t be cheap to an extent of forcing a pregnancy on a man I’ve never had sex with. Mina began.

Selorm listen to me, I know I messed up by sleeping with Chris, but trust me, Joojo also slept with me that was why he went to the extent of getting an evidence against me to prevent you and I from getting involved. Mina confessed.

Slowly, Selorm with teary eyes walked out of the room.

Selorm, your brother is no saint! He is the risen devil in your home! He is cheap and weak! I ain’t the only person who has secrets. Mina followed Selorm with angry rants.

Selorm drove sadly home in tears.

Bro what’s up with you? You look down. Joojo questioned immediately Selorm entered the house.

Nothing really Joo. I am having a little headache. Selorm sadly lied.

Anyway, when did you say school is reopening? He inquired.

Next week bro. Joojo answered.

That’s alright, you must assume Abigail’s position till I get a replacement. Even though there are lots of letters seeking for that position, I ought to take my time and choose the right person. Selorm spoke.

Alright bro. Joojo unhappily answered and walked back into his room.

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Selorm kept mute on the pain his brother has caused him and tried acting normal.

He fell so sick and sad each day. Joojo tried taking him to the hospital but he refused. Even though the pain was severe, Selorm kept it within to maintain peace in his home.

Soon, school reopened and Joojo went back to school.

Theo reported the next day after Joojo did, and as planned, he didn’t share a room with Chris.

Joojo paid for his private hostel so that he could have his privacy with his girlfriend.

Thanks for this offer Joojo, you are a real brother. Theo showed appreciation.

He waited several days for Angela but she didn’t appear. He called all her lines, but they were off.

Theo, I am getting worried about Angela, I want to go to her home and check up on her. Joojo suggested.

That isn’t right Joo, let’s wait a while. Theo responded but Joojo couldn’t help it but to drive to her house.

He met the security guard at the entrance and asked him Angela’s whereabouts.

She’s gone to school. The security guard answered.

School? Since when? Joojo shockingly asked.

Since last week Tuesday when school reopened. But sir, who are you? The guard inquired.

Never mind, I will see you later. Joojo answered and drove off. He got back to campus almost in tears.

Theo, something bad might have happened to Angela and I want to involve the police. Joojo worriedly talked.

Report to the police as who? His father or mother? Theo quizzed.

Joojo, I don’t expect you to take this too far, just take it easy. If anything, first inform her parents. Theo added.

Three days passed and Joojo could neither eat nor drink. He kept weeping day and night.

To be continued…