Ridge Street 25 Episode 2


(Keisha is in a casual wear and enjoying the sun as she bumps into a guy)
Hey! Can’t you watch where you are going?
Sorry Ma’am, Am sorry, it was an accident. 
“Accident” Indeed. You blistered my arm. (she shouts)
I said am sorry. I have to go if you don’t mind sorry.
Such a rude guy! I can’t believe what just happened.
Back at home, Keisha is cooking the evening meal. Her phone begins to ring.
Hello, Keisha here. 
This is Paddy Ma’am, I tried your other line but it was off.
Yes, I wanted to rest. What is it? 
Fingerprint has been matched Madam and it’s the owner of the main hospital of Ridge Street 25. 
You mean Mr. Ferdinand Akolakye?
Yes Madam, That’s the one am talking about. 
Ok, Get Nathan to start interrogations.
Sorry madam, I forgot to add that Licia said she would do that.
Ooh, it’s too dangerous she can’t go.
We told her that madam but she still insists on doing it and doing it alone.
Tell her to meet me at the office this afternoon at 12:30pm.
Yes madam
Licia, madam wants to see you at her office this afternoon when she comes.
Ok but did she accept my proposal? 
Well! No. 
Ohhh! That’s bad
Am joking, she would decide when she meets you.  
Ok, I hope she agree to that
Oh, here she is.
(All get up) Good afternoon Madam.
Afternoon (keeps moving towards her office. She turns)
Licia, meet me in the next thirty minutes (she walks in)
Yes Madam
(Thirty minutes later, Licia knocks on the door)
Come on in. Take a seat
Thank you Madam.
I heard you want to take on Ferdinand’s case,
Yes Ma’am. I really want to do it.
Ok then, I have to tell you this.
Am all ears Madam. Please go on
Well, he is my ex-boyfriend.
Really! What happened ma’am.
(looks up and sighs)
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He …………………………..
“he was the angle never seen before. He took me out lots of times. Bought me lots of things. I never had any idea he was a womanizer. Had lots of fun. Do you know what he did?. He raped me. I remember we went out one day and he took me to his house after. You know, I should have left but I was a fool. He asked me to sleep with him and I refused. He pretended to understand. He gave me a glass of water and I got up later on, in his room naked. I wouldn’t have cared because he was my fiancé but he left me. I was lucky. I never got pregnant but I had that pain in me because I loved him and still love him. One thing he doesn’t know is that, am like this because of him.
So madam, you mean to say he did that to you?
Yes. Don’t let his career and reputation deceive you. That’s why I don’t want you to do it. You are beautiful and I don’t want him to ruin your life.
I understand madam but I want to do this and I know i would succeed. Please let me do it.
Hmmm…… ok then Licia. If you insist but be careful and let us know about anything and call for back-up immediately
Yes madam. I will.
Good luck and God be with you.
(Phoebe calls to tell Keisha Jason and Nathan are in)
Welcome guys. Thank you madam.
Anyway, how are the investigations going so far.
At the crime scene Madam, we found a purse which belonged to our victim but had the fingerprint of our suspect all over it. 
Well, he is under investigations now so let’s lay low for now. I guess that means you guys  get a leave right?
Yes. Thank you Madam. We are grateful
To be continued