RESTLESS : The Hunt For Peace Episode 98


“You won’t follow me there, you would drop me off.” Henry finally said to Dave after a long silence.

“I can’t believe we’re really doing this,” Dave spoke aloud in a arguing tone. He was driving the car and Carl was sitting in front beside him, Jenny was at the backseat. “I can’t believe you’re giving yourself to them.”

“But boss, the man’s location was different from where he asked you to meet them.” Jenny also put in, in a bid to convince Henry to change his mind.

“I know, he’s got a plan.” Henry replied. “I’ll stop the plans or I’ll die trying to.”

“Your death wouldn’t make any sense, it’ll leave the mission unfulfilled and make them become stronger.” Dave inputted.

“I won’t die leaving them stronger,” Henry replied very slowly, mentioning the words one after each other. So many thoughts passing through his mind, making him almost absent-minded.

He suddenly raised his face up and widened his eyes, an idea came into his mind.

“Step on the brakes,” he ordered Dave.

“Huh?” Dave stared at him.

“You heard me right,” he answered. Dave obeyed, he pulled the car to a halt. Henry looked out for a while to check the closest entrance through the median to the other road side. “Go back in reverse or turn and drive to the u-turn.”

Dave obeyed and began to drive the car in reverse motion since there was no other car coming behind them.

Henry turned his face towards Jenny and stretched his hand to collect the tablet device from her.

“Dial Cole on your phone and place it on loud speakers,” he said to her before turning front again.

He minimized the running app on the tablet and opened a browser. He typed in a url into the navigation bar.

Dave got to break in the median and made a u-turn into the other road. “Should I proceed?” He asked Henry.

“Yes, keep moving. Our new destination is a kilometer away from here.”

“Hey Cole! The boss wants to speak with you,” Jenny said before bringing the phone closer to Henry.

“Cole, I need you to pay utmost attention,” Henry began without turning back to take the phone. His fingers were still busy on the tablet device.

“I’m listening boss,” Cole voice sounded out loud.

“Firstly, get up right now and start getting all the doors locked. You’d be too busy to keep an eye on everybody,” Henry said.

“The doors are locked boss, I’ll just get the keys closer.”

“You turn on your laptop and get it ready for connection to a virtual environment,” Henry stated.

“Okay, what environment do you need me to connect to?” Cole asked from the other end. It was obvious from the way his voice sounded that he had gotten up and was walking somewhere.

“I should be able to send you the details in fifteen minutes time but while you wait for the instructions, you would set up a secure environment for your laptop and disrupt all the CCTV connections around Bexford.”

“Boss, I checked earlier. They’re so many connections to the CCTV and I think the connections are from the FOX office, it could be difficult to hack and put the servers down.”

“That’s why you need to create a secure environment first so that they would find it difficult to locate you,” Henry replied. He paused for a minute and looked around to see how close they were to the new destination. He signalled with a tightened fist to Dave to pull over.

“The secure environment still wouldn’t make the servers stay down for long,” Cole said after a while of waiting for Henry to speak.

Dave pulled over.

Henry picked the tablet from his laps and handed it to Jenny while he took the phone she held closer for him. He turned off the loudspeaker for the call and then turned again to whisper something to Jennifer.

“Connect now to the CCTV live stream around the location you received for the man who called him, I need to know movement of cars around the area.” He instructed Jennifer before he turned back and put the phone close to his ear.

“Still there Cole?”

“Yes boss,” Cole replied. This time only Henry could hear him through the phone speaker.

“I know there’s no way to keep the CCTV servers down for long, it won’t take the FOX experts more than two minutes to get it back on but we need exactly two minutes twice to get some things done. So, we need you to disconnect right away for the first. Fifteen minutes after they get the servers back on, you disconnect again.”

“Ok, I’ll start the process in a minute.”

“Okay,” Henry ended the call and turned to Dave who was staring and waiting for him to give the next direction. “We’re going straight to the CCB – Communications Commission Of Bethanna. I need to get inside the place, the two of you has the responsibility of making sure no one stops what I need to do inside the place.”

“Alright,” Dave replied with a frowned face. He was yet to understand why Henry was doing what he was doing.

“Did you hear what I said to Dave?” Henry turned and asked Jenny.

She nodded affirmatively. “Boss, the man still has his location unhidden and there are no movements there apart from FOX vehicles.”

“Okay, let’s leave that aside for now, after I go in, you’re gonna send the exact details of the previous location to Cole.” Henry replied her. He turned back forward and glanced at Dave who had started the car engine again and was waiting for Henry’s order. “We have to wait until the CCTV connections go off,” he said to Dave.

Dave turned and looked at Jenny briefly. He turned back to Henry. “What if Cole has issues with hacking the server?”

“He’s gonna get it done but cannot just sustain it for long,” Henry replied. “Immediately, it goes off, you’d drive straight to the CCB which is less than a minute away from here. You park at the outside gate and we all step into the place, I’ll proceed into the building to create a virtual environment for Cole while you both ensure nothing disturbs me.”

“Okay boss, what…” Dave was about to ask a question when Jenny interrupted.

“The CCTV is disconnected,” Jenny replied.

“Now drive!”

Dave already zoomed into the road without waiting for others. He drove for just about thirty seconds before he located the CCB building. He parked about two metres after the gate. They all pulled on their FOX masks which covers from their nose to the jaw before stepping out of the car. Henry led them to the gate and he pushed the bell.

A man dressed in a white and black security uniform opened the gate and greeted. “Good morning sirs,” he sized up the officers with his eyes.

“Good morning sir, I’m FOX agent michael and these are my colleagues.” Henry introduced, raising his FOX badge up. “May we come in please?

The man seemed to hesitate for a while but finally step back and held the gate open for them to step in.

“Sirs, the CCB is closed today due to the curfew announced. Most of the workers couldn’t come to work and we are only here because we been here since last night.” The security man explained after his visitors stepped in.

“I understand that but the CCB main systems are still working even though the personnels aren’t at work, so we still need to get inside the building to do a check,” Henry replied the man.

The man’s gathered his brows. “There are only three people inside,” the man said in a questioning tone.

“Yeah, just one man is enough to answer my queries.” Henry insisted.

“Okay, let me take you in.” the security man offered.

“No, there’s no need for now. My colleagues will stay here with you while I meet with the man inside, it’s not my first time here so I know my way around.” Henry answered and immediately began to proceed into the building.

The security man watched Henry go for a while before he turned his gaze to Jenny and Dave who were staring at him.

Dave made a nod to the man, signalling for them to go to the security block while they waited for Henry. They met two other security officials inside the security block who were sitting idly. Jenny and Dave remained somewhere close to the entrance while the security man moved closer to join his colleagues.

Dave watched the man say something in whispers to his colleagues and after a minute of silent discussions, two of them men stylishly looked towards them at the entrance.

He saw the security man who attended to them out his phone and began to dial a number.

“Hey!” Dave shouted aloud, raising his hand with a finger up and waving it to tell the man not to make the call.

The security man squinted at him for a while and then glanced at his colleagues. They exchanged glances and their faces looked confused as they wondered why they would be barred from making calls.

“We are on a serious investigation here concerning the bomb threats today,” Dave began to say as he took some steps closer to them. “If anyone needs to make a call from here, I need to know who you are calling and what you wanna say to the person except of course you are planning to call your fellow bomber.”

He stopped at the center before getting to them and could see from the look on their faces that he had put some fear in them. He began to step back without turning, keeping his eyes on them especially the one who had wanted to make the call.

“The CCTV connection is back on,” Jenny whispered to Dave.

“Yeah, Henry says Cole should turn it off again after fifteen minutes, that means he plans to step back out in fifteen minutes time.” Dave whispered back to her.

“Why can’t Cole just put the servers down until we are through with what we are here for?” Jenny questioned.

“Almost impossible, there’s some glitches we found in the CCTV servers and that’s why we can get it hacked. Cole can’t sustain it down for more than two minutes, his location would be found if he tries to and putting the server down for the second time after the fifteen minutes is a risk, the more he tries it, the more his secure environment becomes weak and the more it’s easier for him to be found by the FOX.” Dave explained to her. He had some idea of the processes due to his work in the Anthanna security forces for years.

Jenny smiled lightly and nodded, not because she understood all that he said but because she didn’t think it was right to ask him more questions at that moment.

“Sorry sir, we are not opened today.” A man at the door of the building said to Henry as he was about to enter.

Henry raised his FOX badge and pressed on, pushing the man away from the entrance with a palm.

“Sir, there’s nobody in that can attend to you,” the man protested, still trying to stop Henry.

Henry stopped for a second and made a swift turn back. He grabbed the man by the neck and pierced him lightly at the back with a pin. The man fell unconscious. He dragged him and hid him behind a table in the reception.

He proceeded further hurriedly. It wasn’t his first time of being there, so he knew exactly where and how to get what he wanted.



Female Hostel C, University Of Bexford.

“I’m ready,” Samantha said in a determined voice immediately she answered the call.

There was some delay in response from the other side and when it finally came, it begun with a cough.

“Are you really ready to act according to the script in the document?” Hutton asked from the other end.

“Yeah, as far as you give your word not to kill the innocent students after I do.”

“You’ve made the right choice,” Hutton said with a chuckle. “So, I’ll give you fifteen minutes to record a seven minutes video and send to me.”

“Okay,” Samantha replied, heaving a heavy sigh.

The call ended and she dropped the phone on the table. She heaved another sigh before she tapped the space bar of the laptop. She maximized the webcam application and stared at it for some seconds. She then picked a female cap from behind the laptop and wore it on her head, she also picked a scarf she had placed on her laps and tied around her face, making it look like an hijab, she finally picked the dark sunshades and wore it to cover her eyes. She adjusted her seat and then clicked on record. The video recording started and she began to speak in a calm voice.


“Hello everyone, you can call me S. I’m a former agent of the Wolves named the invisible terrorist by the FOX. Few months ago, I got tricked into the Wolves organization.They told me it was a marketing organization and my job role was to handle deliveries for them. The packages I delivered were usually sealed and I never had any knowledge of the contents.

I have so much to talk about how the Wolves get people to join them and how they used me with threats but I have to say something more important today. I know who is behind the Invisible Terrorists, his name is Carl Winston.

She paused for a second and then continued after taking a breath.

“It’s not another Carl Winston, it’s the same man. The one who worked for the FOX, the one who was announced dead but whose body was never found. The FOX has a video showing how he was killed but that video was doctored. Carl Winston was never killed, he is alive and sound. He is terrorizing Bethanna and he hopes to kill a lot of government officials soon, including the President. Agent Rex is also alive but decapacitated because Carl Winston made him so.

Carl Winston plans to attack three locations in Bexford today and I’ve sent messages to the FOX and made calls for them to stop it. I don’t have full details but Carl Winston would himself set up the bomb meant for Henders Hotel by eleven thirty this morning. He would have it placed at the neighbouring building to the hotel, the shopping mall. The explosion would explode from the shared fence wall and is meant to destroy the mall building and also destroy and kill those lodged at Henders Hotel.

I have no further information concerning the explosions today except that it would take place in two other locations at 3pm and 6pm. These, I have sent the FOX the information already. This message should be treated secretly. Carl Winston has his men working in the FOX and would change plans if he gets to know about my video.

I would be revealing more details later but for now, I have to hide myself, he’s on a search for me.”

She heaved a sigh and tapped on the space bar to stop the recording. She closed her eyes and shook her head slowly. Her heart felt heavy but she had done what she needed to do to save the students from dying, it was only left for the man giving her orders to play his part.


CCB Building.

Henry walked out of the building hurriedly and headed for the gate. He had left three men unconscious inside the building in order to achieve his purpose there.

He began to search around for Dave and Jenny as he got closer to the gate and noticed they were in the security building. He changed his direction towards the place and soon joined them there.

Dave and Jenny stared at his face immediately he stepped in and he knew they were concerned how his task inside the CCB building went.

“It went well,” he said in low tones to them as both Jenny and Dave came closer to him. “Is it up to fifteen minutes yet?” he asked Jenny.

“Fourteen minutes, the CCTV connections should be done again in one minute.” Jenny replied and then unlocked her tablet device.

“After the connection goes off, we would continue our journey.” Henry said facing Dave. “You’d take me back to the junction so I can meet the Wolves man.”

“You’re still going there?” Dave questioned.

“I still have to, only a quick report from Cole can change that…”

“I’m yet to…”

Jenny interrupted Dave. “The connection is off again,” she announced.

Dave proceeded out of the building immediately and Jenny followed behind. Henry followed to the exit and stopped. He turned to the security officials sitting and watching them.

“I think you guys have to check the man inside, they asked for your attention.” he said before stepping out of the place.

He hurried out through the gate. Dave was already stepping into the car and Jenny was close to it. He joined them and sat in front with Dave who had started the engine immediately.

Dave turned into the road and headed for the u-turn few metres away. He turned back to the direction they were headed for before Henry changed it.

“Hey Cole, ” Henry said into the phone’s mouthpiece. “Have you been able to connect and create a virtual environment with the details I sent?”

“Yes boss, I have the central server for the communications commission of Bethanna running on my system.” Cole replied from the other end.

“Listen,” Henry cleared his throat. “Jennifer sent you details for an address, using the CCB database, you’ll check out for all calls made from that particular building in the address and you send me the details of all calls and the location of the call receivers. Understood?”

“Yes boss.”

Just as Henry ended the call, another phone began to ring, it was the phone gotten from the Wolves man. He picked it up and checked. As expected, it was “the boss” calling. He answered and placed it close to his ears.

“Hey! D–n you, it’s past eleven and you aren’t there yet?”

“I told you I can’t make it there quick, I still need twenty minutes to get there.”

“Bleep you! Don’t bother coming if you stay longer than that. The explosion can no longer be stopped when it’s eleven thirty am.”

The call ended even before Henry could say any other thing. He returned the phone to where it was kept.

“Boss, don’t you think we are getting into a trap?” Jenny asked out of concern.

“Why do you ask that?” he turned slightly to her.

“It’s his first time he has his location unhidden while talking to you, I suspect he’s got something up his sleeves.”

“You’re right, it’s a trap but he’s made the error of also trapping himself.” Henry replied. “He never thought of the option of the CCB. With the knowledge of his exact location, Cole is going to get from the CCB database all the calls he has made and the locations of those he called. If he isn’t at the mall and he wants me to be there, it means he has some people around the area waiting for me and it would mean he has been talking to them on phone. Cole would be able to give me the exact location where his men are around the mall.”

“Oh!” Jenny let out a breath. She raised her eyes and it met with Dave eyes in the rearview mirror. They now seemed to understand a bit of the movements Henry had asked them to make in the last couple of moments.

“Can he also get what they said on call from the CCB database?” Jennifer asked.

“No, the CCB does not go that far in intruding into peoples’ privacy, that’s only done on rear occasions investigating a dangerous suspect.”


Hutton let out another evil smile as he played on his phone the video sent to him by Samantha. He could still watch her through the live stream on the laptop. She had put her head on the table after the recording of the video without taking off the scarf and other things used to disguise her slightly.

He took another sip of tea from the cup in his hand as he watched the sent video. She had done a good job in the video. She spoke so calmly without showing it was against her will, he could tell she was really desperate to save the students from dying.

He was going to forward the video to the FOX in ten minutes time. He was sure the FOX would switch to action immediately and send troops to the mall. He had made plans and arrangements to delay Carl in the mall for the FOX officials to meet him there. And like he made Samantha say in the video, the bomb had truly been set up by the fence of the mall. The FOX would discover it after meeting Carl in the mall. They wouldn’t be able to defuse it with the little time left because the setup will require more than thirty minutes to be defused. The explosion would still rock, the only option the FOX had to save people would be to evacuate people from the hotel which would not be efficient enough as not everybody would be able to leave within the little time left. A lot of people including FOX officials would be killed in the explosion.

He also knew Carl Winston would not easily give in to be arrested by the FOX officials. The explosion was likely to still meet Carl on the scene but he however wasn’t expecting Carl to die. He believed Carl was an animal that always escaped death somehow and would escape the explosion even if he got severely injured. All he wanted to do was to make the FOX and the world believe that the man behind the killing of people was none other than Carl Winston.


Ten minutes after


Henry had his earpiece plugged in his left ear and a mouthpiece attached to his collar. He was ready to step out of the car even as he impatiently waited for Cole’s report, they were already so close to the junction he was to be dropped.

It finally came. He saw the mail notification on his android phone and clicked it open immediately. At the same time, a call from Cole came in. He answered it.

“Hey Cole, I’ve seen it.” he said into the attached mouthpiece as he opened the downloaded CSV document from the mail.

It opened and he quickly looked through the document. It showed a total of fifteen calls made from the main location to different other locations. He checked the details of the other locations and he saw none with an address close to the mall he was headed for.

He looked away and squinted for a minute, looking baffled.

What in the world could be the Wolves man’s plan? He asked himself.

Without any close address to the location. He would still have to get to the mall directly.

To be continued………