RESTLESS : The Hunt For Peace Episode 92


“Sheila,” Emery Jack called on seeing his daughter mute and looking lost in thoughts. “Is everything okay?”

“Yes,” she sighed and shook her head as she looked up.

“You’re not talking,” Emery squinted at her.

“I’m fine,” she replied. “The question only made me remembered Henry.”

She turned her face to the officers and met the eyes of the questioner. She looked away for a second.

“I began to work on it when I had my friend Henry here with me, he started development classes and was more interested in VIU mechanisms. So I started a project for him but he left shortly after I started, he didn’t even get to know I was on a project to teach him. After he left, I decided to add it to our products in the company.”

“You mean you had a friend Henry who stayed here with you?” Daniel questioned.

“Yes,” Sheila answered.

“Can I get to know more about him?”

“I helped him after an accident and he had to stay here for a while before going back to his family.”

“You said he never knew about this device?”

“Yes, I couldn’t tell him before he left.”

“Okay, can you tell me the main reason why you designed this particular device for him?”

“I said it already. While he was here recuperating, he also started taking coding and programming classes, he had some interest about VIU mechanisms. I also took interest and began to work on the area.”

“Do you have any idea what Mr Frank wanted to do with it?”

“No idea, I was only told he visited and requested of something of such.”

“Okay ma’am, thanks.” Daniel nodded gently and began to connect all the answers she had given him in his mind to know his next line of questioning.

Sheila heaved a sigh after being able to say what would stop the officers from asking further questions about Henry. She glanced at her father’s face and could see the look in his eyes, she knew she had more questions to answer from her father.”


The men were unwilling to give up in their search, they began to search all the rooms and offices they had searched previously with the hospital staffs now following and helping them to check and confirm the patient’s in the wards were real patients.

The same two men accompanied by a nurse barged into the ward Jennifer occupied. They saw the chair empty this time and no signs of the patient they had seen earlier.

“There was a girl here,” one of the men said as he moved towards the empty chair. He saw the cup of tea and bread on the drawer and they looked untouched.

The other man walked towards the toilet door, he paused at the entrance and bent to check under the bed from where he was. He saw nothing. He held the knob of the toilet door and turned but it did not open. He turned again more forcefully but it still did not open.

He pulled out his gun and fired at the lock before the door gave way. He walked in to find an almost completely naked middle aged woman on the floor beside the covered water closet with her hands and legs tied and her mouth gagged. A white jacket and blue jean trouser hung carelessly over the wash hand basin. The man recognized the white jacket and blue jean, even though they had not seen the lady’s face well, they had seen what she wore perfectly when she was on the corridor of the main entrance.

“D–n it! She was the girl here,” he said as he cocked his gun and turned back towards the door.

He hurried to the door while his partner walked to the toilet to check what he saw. The partner followed him hurriedly leaving the nurse alone with the woman.

The nurse was shocked to find the patient in the state she was. Her chest was uncovered, revealing her breasts, only her pants were left on. She moved closer and began to untie the poor woman.

“She still lurking somewhere around, she’s dressed in the blue patient’s wear.” the thug said into his phone to inform the other men.


“Please, this patient is in a critical condition,” Jenny could hear a female voice say as they entered into the ward. She had left the section she was previously totally and she was now in the intensive care unit section, hiding in the toilet of a ward. The patient in the ward was unconscious and on life support.

She got up from the water closet where she sat and hid beside the closed door of the restroom, she put her hand in her pocket to hold her gun in readiness. Soon, the door of the restroom was opened just like she expected. She remained behind the opened door and couldn’t see the man that opened it.

“There’s no one here,” a male voice said and the door was closed.

She heaved a deep sigh, relieved that the man did not bother to enter the rest room.

She waited and listened until she heard the main door of the ward closed before she stepped out of the restroom. She walked quickly to the door and paused to listen. The corridor was quiet, a sign that the men searching for her had left the section. She opened the door carefully and looked out boldly to avoid causing suspicion in case anyone was watching the door. She saw only one person in the corridor and the woman was holding a mop and a mop bucket.

“Please, I need some help here.” Jenny said in a low and draggy tone, pretending to be weak.

The woman looked at her. “Should I call a doctor?”

Jenny shook her head. “No please, I only want to pick something but I can’t bend.” she said with a sad look.

The cleaner motioned forward without suspicions. Jenny took a step back and left the door for the cleaner to come in.

The innocent cleaner dropped the items in her hand beside the entrance of the ward and pushed the door gently in. She had taken just two steps in when she was grabbed and pushed to the wall. Jenny closed the door gently with a hand and held the woman by the neck to the wall with the other hand. She took out her gun before releasing her grip on the woman’s neck.

“Go this way,” Jenny ordered, pointing towards the toilet.

The panicking woman walked slowly and stopped at the entrance, trembling.

“Get in and take off your overall quickly,” Jenny said to her. The woman obeyed.

Jenny took a quick look around the ward before she proceeded into the restroom to join the woman. She took off the patients’ wear and took the cleaners’ uniform from the woman. She struck a blow with the butt of her gun to the woman’s head to make her unconscious and placed her carefully on the ground. She then changed into the cleaners’ uniform and proceeded out of the ward. She picked the mop and bucket where it was placed by the woman before heading in the same direction the cleaner was headed in before being called.

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Henry wasted no time in dealing with the men. With a gun and his fists, he got eight killed and fifteen severely injured and unable to stand in fifteen minutes. The remaining three men included the leader of the chase whom he had purposely kept conscious and two other men who were already halfway beaten to unconsciousness.

One of the men who had been forced to land on his butt seconds past managed to get up on his feet again and rushed to attack Henry. Henry dodged his launched blow and grabbed him by the arm close to his shoulder. He grabbed his neck and lifted him up. He turned and slammed him to the bonnet of the car close by. He pulled him again and turned towards the second one running so fast towards him, he pushed him towards the approaching one and followed after.

The fall of the man in front of the one running made him almost loose his balance and before he could look up, two kicks landed on his chest and he fell to the floor on his butt and almost rolled over but managed to stay on his butt. Henry stepped closer to him and stamped his foot heavily on his chest, making him land the back of his head on the ground on the floor with dust covering his face and chest.

Henry turned immediately and walked to the leader of the men who was laying sprawled on the floor, part of his face covered with blood from his bleeding nose. Henry checked his trouser pockets and took two phones; an android whose screen had been cracked during the fight and the a smaller cellphone. He held the phones in his left hand and pulled the man by the collar halfway up, he dragged him to his car and placed him on the ground behind the boot. He got into the car and took out ropes and a tape. He taped the man’s mouth and tied his hands and his legs together before putting him into the boot.

He got into the car and checked his phone, he saw a text message from Jenny.

“Trapped in the hospital, I was followed in by two buses full of men.”

“Shi*t!” Henry cursed under his breath. He had seen the possibility of men following her but he hadn’t thought it would be as soon as that. That was the reason he had isntructed her to leave the hospital immediately after getting the sick man from Kebba in. He tried to recall if he saw someone watching while he dropped the sick man into Jenny’s car, he hadn’t noticed any. The other possible way was through the CCTV cameras. He had thought of that even before they embarked on the task to rescue Rex but there was no way his team could have hacked the Bethanna security cameras server while in South Husan and even if it was hacked, there was no way they could have kept the server down since they were all busy with other things.

He put the car key into the keyhole and was about to turn when the small phone he picked from the man’s pocket began to ring. He picked it up and stared at the screen. The caller ID displayed was “The Boss”. He took in a breath calmly before he answered the call. He placed the phone close to his ear without saying anything.

There was also an unusual silence from the other end as if the caller was expecting the receiver to speak first. Henry took a glance at the phone’s screen just to be sure the call was still connected.

“Carl Winston,” Henry didn’t expect to hear his name, he frowned. A chuckle followed from the other end. “Impressive! You have in no way reduced in strength over the months. Remaining alive despite the number of bullets that were sent into your body and being strong enough to pull such a wonderful and intelligent move today shows you’re still as hard as ever. Bravo!”

There was silence for a few seconds. Henry checked the screen of the phone to see if the call was still connected and if he could record the call but the phone had no such feature on the cellphone.

“I know you must have put down all the men who chased you and you must have gotten Rex to a safe place already. I only want to tell you that you’d hear from me again, soon enough.”

“Who are you?” Henry asked but the connection went off immediately.

He thought of dialing the number back but he knew the call would probably not be answered. He also had to get out of the place he was before the security officials get there to meet him.

He started the car engine and made a reverse motion until he got out of the area surrounded by vehicles, he turned and zoomed out of the place, heading for the hospital.


Hutton took out his other phone and dialed the number of one of the men that had gone into the hospital. He placed it close to his ear while waiting for the call to be answered.

“Hey! Have you found her yet?” He asked immediately the call was answered.

“Not yet but we would get her for sure,” the call receiver replied.

“Stop the search, get all the men to come out immediately, we’re leaving here in two minutes.” He ordered.

“Boss?” The call receiver seemed surprised at the order.

“Get everyone out, anyone not here in a minute would be left behind.”

“I’d give the instruction right away.”

Hutton ended the call and dropped the phone. He placed his tablet device on his laps and unlocked it. He opened his tracking app and selected the profile tracking the number he had just spoken to Carl Winston with. It displayed the moving position of the item on the map. The direction of the tracked object confirmed to him that Carl Winston was on his way there.

He knew Carl Winston would be aware he was being tracked but would be ready to face whatever was in the way. He felt like waiting to challenge Carl Winston to his face but concluded it was not yet the right time and right place for them to meet.

Soon, almost all the men who went in to search for Jenny stepped out of the hospital. The Mercedez Bus in which Hutton was drove out first while the other bus followed a minute after.


Jenny peeped from where she was, behind a wall, over ten metres away from where her car was parked. She had gotten there by passing throught the back exit of the hospital to the backyard. She could see the second car driving out and she couldn’t believe her eyes. She had thought with the intensity of their search that the men would not give up until they found her but they had chosen to end their search abruptly for reasons best known to them. She picked out her phone and dialed Henry’s number.

“Jenny, where are you?” She heard Henry ask her.

“Still in the hospital, I just watched the men leave now, all of them, they stopped searching for me.” She replied.

“Stay hidden for now, don’t step out until I’m there. I’m only seven minutes away.” Henry instructed.

Hutton was silent as they drove back in the vehicle. He however felt no sense of loss or defeat, the anger he felt when he found out Carl had deceived them by taking another man instead of Rex had completely left him. Even though he didn’t get to capture Rex and the lady at the hospital, he still had Samantha and Wilson with him and he had also found out an important information about Carl Winston’s team which Wilson couldn’t give him and which Samantha wasn’t ready to give, that is, the number of efficient men Carl Winston had working with him. Two men had been spotted at the home of sacrifice, a lady at the hospital and Samantha in his custody – four fighters. He knew Carl Winston’s pattern of always getting all his men involved and was sure there wasn’t any other left somewhere else..

He noticed the deficiency in Carl’s team – the lack of backup for the lady at the hospital and the absence of any of Carl’s men trying to use the CCTV database at the same time as he, even though that would have not worked because he was keeping the CCTV cameras server up. Now that he had such information about Carl Winston’s team, his plan to use Samantha could be made to work more perfectly. It wasn’t a waste of time after all.

To be continued…..