RESTLESS : The Hunt For Peace Episode 91


Jenny drove in through the gate after being given a pass by the security officials. She proceeded to the garage and parked her vehicle quickly. She stepped out and opened the back door close to where the man was resting.

“Wait here for me, I’ll get the nurses to help you in now.”

She left the door opened and proceeded quickly into the hospital. She remembered Henry’s instruction that she should not use more than ten minutes in the hospital.

A minute after, she stepped out of the hospital and stopped at the corridor, waiting for the nurses to join her. She glanced back through the opened entrance and saw the nurses coming already with a stretcher. Her eyes incidentally went in direction of the gate as she made her way down the corridor and she noticed a scuffle there. She saw two vehicles drive in roughly after what seemed like a struggle at the gate, a Mercedez bus and a Toyota bus. She stopped as she got down the corridor and followed the movement of the vehicles with her eyes.

“The man is in that car,” she pointed the nurses to her vehicle and began to take some steps backwards.

She noticed the men in the second car looked like thugs. She wasn’t sure what the men had come into the hospital to do but she felt some fear that they may just be connected to the man chasing after Henry, maybe they had seen Henry when he put the sick man in her car. She ran back into the hospital and ran past the reception ignoring the nurses at the desk who tried to stop her. She stopped for a second in the hallway and looked back towards the entrance to see if anyone followed her in. She struggled to get a good view as some staffs of the hospital who were surprised as to why she ran in had gotten into the hallway too and were obstructing.


The Mercedez bus which Hutton was in stopped right beside the car Jennifer parked, making the nurses who were trying to get the patient flee for the fear of the vehicle hitting them.

“Get the girl,” Hutton glanced back to the men as soon as the vehicle parked. They opened the door and all jumped out and also beckoned on men from the second bus to follow them into the hospital in search for the girl.

Hutton patiently watched his men go in. Then he looked to his side and saw the man in the backseat of the car parked beside him, he couldn’t get a clear view and decided he had to go down. He took out a hat and a dark eye glasses and put them on, he also took out a nose and mouth cover and put it on. He opened the door and slowly stepped out of the car. About four men were already waiting around.

He looked a bit taller than his usual self as he took his steps slowly with a confident demeanor. He stopped in front of the opened door and stared at the man in the backseat of the vehicle. The man also stared at him.

“Should we take him?” One of the men asked, stepping forward to get the man.

Hutton raised his hand up. He was boiling with anger inside him but he managed not to make it show in his facial expression or even his voice.

“We have been deceived,” he said calmly. “This is not the right man,” he began to take out his phone and turned back to the bus. He looked at the face of one of the men. “We must get that girl.”

The man he spoke to turned and signalled to three other men who followed him to join the first six that had gone in.

Hutton walked back into the front seat of the bus and took off the hat and other things he had put on before stepping out. He took out his phone after and dialed the number of the man leading the chase on Henry.

“Hey, have you caught up with him?”

“No but we have his car in view.”

“Was it only that man you saw at the home of sacrifice?”

“No, he was with two other men who tried to stop us,” the man replied.

“Where are the two other men?” Hutton asked.

There was silence for some seconds.

“Ermm, they chased after us for a while but I think they turned back later.”

Hutton chuckled.

“You didn’t confirm that the patient who was put into the car you have been chasing,” Hutton stated, it sounded more like an accusation.

“Ermm, we saw the target man carrying the patient into the backseat, we were watching from the bugs installed around the Home Of Sacrifice and also from afar.”

“You did not observe well, he took another patient in the car. The other two men must have gone to pick the right patient.”

There was silence.

“Keep chasing him until I give a different instruction.”


Hutton’s men began to ransack everywhere in the hospital. They had coerced the nurses to tell them which way the girl went and they followed after but saw no signs of her. They began to check every corner and every room, starting first from the Doctor’s officers downstairs. After checking the doctors’ offices they proceeded to the labs and ransacked, checking under the tables and behind the shelves and in course scattering the items and apparatuses without care.

Some men proceeded further and took their search into the patient’s wards, both male and female wards. The doctors and hospital staffs were unable to stop them because of the weapons the men wielded.


07: 59AM

El Deols, Anthanna

“Good morning Sheila,” Adrian greeted, his eyes following Sheila she walked into the living room.

“Good morning Adrian,” Sheila replied with a sigh as she looked around her living room. There were three other men standing at different corners with her personal bodyguard inclusive.

“I had a hard time getting in, the men won’t let me.” Adrian complained bitterly.

“I’m sorry dear, it was my father’s instruction for no one to be let in. The officers won’t even listen to me, I had to call him and plead with him.” she apologized.

“I understand, I would have done the same if I were him.” Adrian replied. “So, who could be responsible for these killings?”

“I don’t have an idea,” Sheila answered. “It’s so confusing.”

“What’s the police saying about it


Henry could see his pursuers vehicle so close to him already through the side mirror. He was just two minutes drive away from where he was leading them to get beaten. He again thought about Jenny and believed she should be done with her task. He wondered why she hadn’t called him yet like he instructed her. He picked up his phone and checked to see if there was any text message from her but there was none. He switched to the dial pad and dialed her number.


It took Jennifer a total of three minutes to take off her clothes and makeups and also change into the patient’s wear. She settled into the chair beside the bed and faced the small drawer. There was a cup of tea and a plate containing some sliced bread on top of the drawer which also doubled as table. She could hear the sounds from the rough searching of the men and she could tell that they were getting close. She held the cup of warm tea up and began to stir gently.

Someone barged into the ward few seconds later and she looked back, acting shocked. Another man followed the first man in and they proceeded towards her, checking the corners and under the bed.

“Did anyone come into this room?”

She shook her head with a frightened look on her face. The two men were on their way out of the place when the phone she kept on the bed began to ring. The men stopped and turned back.



Unknown Hotel,

El Deols, Anthanna.

“There’s some problem sir,” Florence said into the mouthpiece of the headset. She was pacing gently about her room.

“What problem?” Aaron asked from the other end.

“There’s a heavy presence of security officers around the girl’s house,” Florence replied.

“What do you mean by heavy presence?”

“The building is surrounded by nothing less than fifteen men from the Federal Security Service and I can envisage some more inside,” she answered.

“How did they know you were coming?”

“I think the deaths were linked, I was almost stopped by police officers last night.”

“You have killed the first two men directly linked to Frank, you can return.” Aaron replied.

“Huh?” Florence could not believe her ears, she had thought he would insist for her to continue in her quest to kill the man.

“Yeah, return to Bethanna.”

“Oh! Alright,” she heaved a sigh.


Sheila’s Apartment

Sheila and Adrian were watching the eight o’clock news when Emery Jack entered flanged by two bodyguards.

“Dad!” Sheila got up to hug her father as he proceeded towards her.

“Hey dear,” he hugged and kissed her on the cheek. “How are you?”

“I’m fine, how was your flight?” She asked.

“Smooth,” he answered and stared at his daughter’s face for a while as if to check if she was okay. He turned his gaze to Adrian who was already standing up to greet him.

“Good morning sir,” he bowed slightly.

“Good morning Adrian,” Emery greeted back, offering him a handshake.

Adrian smiled as he looked at the man’s face, surprised that he knew his name.

“Hope you are fully recovered now?” Emery asked.

“Yes, thank you sir.” Adrian replied. He concluded in his mind that Sheila must have told her father a lot about him.

Emery made his way to the three seater sofa and settled in it while Sheila sat behind him.

“Have the police officers come here this morning?”

“Not yet Dad, but they called that they would be coming.” Sheila replied.

Emery Jack picked out his phone and dialed a number.


Somewhere in Bethanna

“Hello,” Henry heard Jenny said in low tone.

“Have you gotten out Jenny?” he asked.

“I’m getting better already, thanks.” She replied.

“Getting better? What are you talking about?”

“I’ll be out of the hospital in a few days,” she answered.

Henry instantly knew that something had gone wrong.

“What’s wrong Jenny, do you have everything under control?”

“No, but I’m trying to.” She answered. “I’ll be alright.”

“Are you sure Jenny?”

“Yes, I will be alright. Thanks for your care,” she answered.

Henry ended the call. He took a glance at his side mirror and saw the cars still giving him a close chase. He had already gotten to the destination he was leading them to. He made a turn from the road into a large compound through the wide opened gate and drove further in to the center before he made a sudden swerve and held the brakes. He turned his neck slowly towards the gate to watch the cars driving in after him. He stretched his hand to the back to pick the long gun and quickly loaded it. He refilled his revolver also. By the time he looked up, six cars had already surrounded him.

He waited patiently and watched as they stepped out from the cars one after the other. He only saw guns with two of the men, the others had other weapons with them. They began to encroach his vehicle slowly. He could tell from their motion that they were out with a mission to capture him. He pulled up his mask and put on his cap. He put his revolver in his pocket and slowly stepped out, putting his hand in the air. He closed the door and turned slowly around, his eyes scanning all the men.

“I don’t have him in this car,” he said aloud.

“We know fool,” the man who led the chase moved closer to him, he was one of the two holding a gun. He got so close to Henry and touched Henry’s chest with the tip of his gun. He turned briefly to the left and then the right, giving two men signals.

Henry watched as the men he signalled marched forward. He knew they were coming to capture him. He took a glance left and right and then sharply grabbed the man’s stretched hand by the wrist, he stretched it to the right as he delivered a punch into the man’s belly. The man’s finger pulled the trigger and fired a bullet into the man coming from the right hand side.

Henry pulled him closer and grabbed him by the neck with his right fist, he turned him one-eighty degree slamming his back to the car. He pulled out his gun as he delivered a knee kick into the man’s belly. He landed a kick on the chest of the second man who was coming closer and fire two shots to two other men at a distant. He bent to dodge a bullet after taking the gun from the leader’s hand. He delivered another blow to the man’s belly and grabbed his g—n with the right hand, he placed the other hand below his chest and rolled the man over, slamming him to the ground. He turned quickly and fired a two more shots.


Jenny placed the phone back on the bed and only glanced at the men’s face like nothing had happened. She kept on stirring her tea until they turned back and walked out of the ward. She continued stirring for some more time, listening carefully to the sounds and shouts she was hearing from outside the place. After the noise in the passage subsided a little, she dropped the cup and hurried quickly to the door. She listened again before she opened the door carefully and peeped. She closed the door back quickly as she sighted some of the men at the exit of the corridor. They had their backs turned to her direction and did not hear the sound of the opening door.

She walked back slowly, thinking of what next to do.

“Sir, she’s no where to be found” Hutton rolled down his window to hear from one of the men.

“Search for her, pick one of the hospital staffs to join the search with you.”



El Deols, Anthanna.

“Sorry we came behind our proposed time,” the officer apologized after they were being allowed to sit. The police officer who led was the same who led the questioning at Sheila’s firm.

“It’s okay Inspector, I’m ready to answer whatever questions you have,” Sheila replied him. She still had her father sitting in the same sofa with her and Adrian sitting not too far away.

The officer had come with another police officer who stood at the entrance. Two other men were sitting beside the police officer but they were dressed in a different uniform and had their faces partially covered.

“The reasons we actually came late is because we had to settled some things with the FOX men here,” the officer said, making reference to the men beside him. “They’ve been on an investigation on the first murdered man Frank and they seem to have gone ahead in the case than the police. So they would be asking the questions.”

He stopped talking and glanced at the man sitting close to him to signal that he had handed over to them.

“So these men are from the FOX?” Emery Jack put in before any other person could talk.

“Yes, they are.” the police officer nodded in confirmation.

Emery Jack narrowed his gaze at the faces of the two specially dressed men. He kept his focus on their eyes especially. He noticed Sheila staring at them also.

Daniel cleared his throat. “Miss, I’ll like to go straight to the point. Did you have any direct contact with Frank before his death?”

Sheila took a while before she answered the question. The mention of the FOX organization had reminded her of the word FOX had brought memories of Henry back to her mind.

“No, I never did. Mr Charles and Moses made the contact with him,” she finally answered when they were all began to wonder why she was staring only blankly.

“Can you tell me about this particular product Mr Frank was interested in?”

“Well, I was told he was interested in more than one of our products but he was not ready to agree with the terms and that’s why the process of the total transfer was delayed.”

“Was there no specific product he was more interested in?”

“Ermm, I think he took more interest in a particular product and that was the major reason he contacted us. It was a sensor I personally built. It’s an electronic device,” Sheila answered.

Daniel took out a folded piece of paper from his pocket and opened it. He got up and proceeded towards Sheila.

“Do you recognize this?” He asked as he returned to his seat, taking steps slowly without turning back.

Sheila stared at the paper for some seconds and squinted at Daniel’s face.

“This is it,” she said. “How did you get it? We only sent pictures of the inbuilt structure to him.”

“We got it from those Frank works with,” Daniel replied.

There was silence for a while..

“You built it personally, why and what was it built for?”

Sheila stared at him blankly, she wasn’t ready for the question he had just asked. There was no way she would tell him why she built it. There was no way she could say she had built it for Henry, or Carl Winston and why she had built it was something she couldn’t say also. It was one of the items she had wanted to show Henry when she travelled to Bethanna.

All eyes were on her, waiting for her response. It would be difficult to respond with a lie, she believed the FOX man had an idea of what the device was built for already. She sat there still unable to open her mouth or even look at anyone’s face.